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September 9, 1899

Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the Newspaper Archives at the Matagorda County Museum , 2100 Ave F, Bay City , Texas .



By Rustler.

Jesse Matthews is still a widower.

Rustler has again come to the front.

Mrs. John Matthews is on the sick list this week.

J. D. Rodgers, of Galveston, was on Caney Saturday.

The rain last Sunday prevented having Sunday School.

J. G. Dennis is ailing again this week - chills and fever.

W. E. Harris, the drummer was talking to our merchants this week.

E. L. Lawson is on the sick list this week. Nothing serious, however.

A. Currie, of Curryville, Sundayed with Caney people and visited Bay City on Monday.

I've good excuses for missing my two last letters but am not going to tell you what they are.

A little colored child died on the Joe Matthews plantation Tuesday, She was subject to spasms and died in one.

Mrs. John Matthews accompanied by her son, Jube, spent two or three days in Brazoria this week, visiting relatives.

Jesse and W. A. Matthews were out early Sunday morning making it hot for Bruin. Only a few killed though on this trip.

E. L. Lawson visited Bay City on Monday and he was taken worse on his return and had to send to Bay City for medicine Tuesday.



By Merchant.

We had a nice rain on Monday.

J. H. Rainey was in twice this week on business.

Dr. J. W. Brown visited the county capital Tuesday.

N. M. Vogelsang was in town Monday on business.

I. W. Brown lost his noted race horse, Whiskey Jake, last week.

Cliff Yeamans of Bay City, was in town several days this week.

The boll weevils and cotton worms are having a good time on the cotton this week.

Mr. Caldwell, representing Rosenfield Notion Co. was doing our merchants on Wednesday.

J. A. Elmore is still hauling cedar to Bay City.



By Jim Plecute.

W. J. Phillips is having his house reshingled.

The parents of Dr. Gober are spending awhile with him.

There is quite a stir among the oyster men getting ready for the season.

J. F. Holt and family, of Caney, spent several days in our city the past week.

Since my last we have had a good rain which has much improved things.

Capt. Thomas Cherry, of the peninsula, is shaking hands with the citizens of our city.

H. K. Ogden and wife who have been spending the summer here have returned to Wharton.

The Essay arrived in port this a.m. from Lavaca with a load of merchandise for our merchants.

John T. Sargent will take his daughter, Katie, back to Dallas to attend school on next Monday.

The Wm. Dunbar, Dee Baxter master, is taking on a load of oysters for F. V. Gentry, of Port Lavaca.

W. B. Wadsworth will take his son Albert to the Llano school and expects to start off with him Monday.

The schooner Mary Lynch, Geo. Raymond master, is discharging a cargo of lumber for Capt. Henry Cookenboo.

Dr. Gober had a hurry call to Kenner's Prairie Monday to see Mr. McKee who is suffering from an attack of black jaundice and is not likely to recover.

I am informed that the oystermen will test the validity of the law requiring a tax of $5 on each pair of tongs. It looks like an imposition to exact the said amount when the state and county do not derive once cent of it. Now where does this money go? The commissioner gets a salary of $1800.



By Nemo.

Miss Lula Ayres is sick.

John Ayres has gone to Port Lavaca.

Miss Olivia Phillips is on the sick list.

I. F. and Walter Ayres went to Cedar Lake Saturday.

Ernest Zuch is spending a few days here with friends.

We had several good rains this week, which will bring in a few mosquitoes.

Ed. Gibson, of Lake Austin, was visiting friends in this neighborhood last Sunday.

Will Bell, accompanied by his wife and little boy, spend several days on the beach last week.

Walter Ayres went to Matagorda last Sunday night for Dr. Gober to come out to see Will McKee who's is dangerously ill at the home of Will Bell.



By Daisy.

C. Zipprian spent Sunday with home folks.

J. B. Dugar made a trip to Velasco this week.

LeTulle & Vaughan are gathering corn on Dr. Box's place.

S. J. Coulter and Frank Kingsley went to the beach Sunday.

Walter Ayers, of Kenner's Prairie, was in Coulterville Sunday.


By Shaker.

J. W. Keller was in for the mail.

Mrs. T. W. Blair was in town shopping.

Miss Sallie Rowls was over for the mail.

Will Bell has been sick for the past week.

Jim Fleury was here on his way home from Bay City.

J. W. Queen, from Carancahua, came in with cotton.

W. M. Kuykendall and lady were in from their ranch.

R. Gill Kuykendall was in the city buying cottonseed.

J. S. Phillips, of Cash's Creek, was in the city shopping.

W. H. Glenn, from Carancahua, was in town this week.

Scott Yeamans has accepted a position with H. E. Moore.

An ice cream supper was given at Mr. Pool's last Monday night.

Mrs. B. A. Yeaman's, of Cash's Creek, was in town shopping Monday.

Mrs. Will McSparran and two daughters were in this week shopping.

C. E. Smith, Geo. Duffy, and Ernest Smith were in from on the creek.

Mrs. Will Bell and Miss Mary Wheeler were in town shopping.

Dr. Scott was called over on the river to see Theo. Bundick who was sick.

Miss Kate Blair came over to see Dr. Scott to get a poisoned hand treated.

Will Wheeler came to town Monday to buy a plug of Lucy Hinton tobacco.

J. I. Phelps was in from Cash's Creek. He said things looked well in his vicinity.

Wm. Downer, Mr. Huse and B. F. Hodges were in the city from Cash's Creek.

Dr. Scott was called to Ashby to see Dr. Moore who was suffering from a sore foot.

T. E. Partain passed through this week on his way to Cash's Creek to look for some fat cattle.

W. T. Blair was in from Carancahua. Tommie says he will make more cotton than he will pick.

W. A. Gaither, from Carancahua, was in the city and said he was not ready to leave the county yet.

J. D. Moore, of Bay City, and J. Phillips, from Matagorda, were in the city this week on business.

Wm. Harris, was over from Carancahua. He has been employed to run the engine in J. P. Pierce's absence.

There was a social on Cash's Creek at J. S. Phillip's on Friday night and everyone seemed to have had a fine time.

Judge Hamilton was over from Bay City on business pertaining to the different schools on this side of the river.

H. F. Moore and family went to Carancahua Sunday to spend the day with Mrs. Moore's father, Capt. Logan.

T. W. Blair, A. H. Wiley, Misses Kate Blair, and Lettie McFarland, of Carancahua, were in the city Monday shopping.

D. Baxter, of Trespalacios, J. W. Nicholson, of Ashby, and S. T. White and J. S. Phillips, of Cash's Creek were in town this week.

J. E. Pierce left for Galveston Sunday. Mrs. Scott went with him as far as El Campo where she expects to have some dental work done.

J. E. Pierce sold and delivered 520 fine steers to Capt. Borden, of Galveston. Wiley Pearson came out to receive them. They will be shipped to Cuba.

F. G. Miller passed through town this week on his way to Carancahua to look at some oats raised by some of the Blairs. He thinks that small grain will do well here.

Rev. Callaway preached here Sunday morning, and went to Carancahua to preach in the evening and at night. Why is it that more can not come out to church here?

J. J. Thompson and family passed through town Monday on their way to Montgomery. We hate to see such men leave this county. But it was hard on some of the young men. One had fever all night and another gave up just as they passed Hawley and had to have the Doctor prescribe for him. How was it with you Fred?



By Pansa.

Hay hands and cotton pickers are busy.

Dr. Moore's foot is very much improved.

R. Gill Kuykendall went to Victoria this week after horses.

Miss. E. I. Moore is visiting her niece, Mrs. R. Gill. Kuykendall.

Miss Nonie Keller is visiting her sister, Mrs. W. D. Williams.

Farmers are jubilant over the prospects of a big cotton crop.

There was cottage prayer meeting Friday night at W. E. Moore's.

W. D. Williams and family visited Saturday and Sunday at Hawley.

Schooner J. E. Pierce arrived Wednesday with merchandise and lumber.

Uncle Jack Elliott and wife are visiting at El Campo and Wharton this week.

Howard Dunbar and family returned to Port Lavaca Sunday on the J. E. Pierce.

Steamer El Vaquero towed the Empress down to Johnson City on Tuesday loaded with gin machinery for J. P. Pierce.

Last Thursday the neighborhood was startled by news that Aunt Rosa Farris was dead. She was found lying on the ground face downwards, as if she had fallen from her chair in the doorway - and had, from all appearances, been dead several hours. Her health seemed much better and the neighbors had seen her the day before. She was very old - no one knew her age. Her remains were laid to rest in the Wilson Creek cemetery. Peace to her ashes!



By Little Girl.

Peaches are all gone.

Harvest time is here.

Geo. Owens visited at Ashby last week.

September has come; lookout for storms!

August Duffy, of Hawley, attended services here Sunday.

Eugene Hodges, of Cash's Creek, was here on business Wednesday.

H. E. Moore and family, of Hawley, visited relatives here Sunday.

John Blum, of Van Cleave's Camp, visited here Saturday and Sunday.

W. L. Blair hauled a bale of cotton to J. E. Pierce's gin at Hawley on Monday.

F. Cornelius, accompanied by his daughter, Miss Julia, visited here Tuesday.

Carl Curts, of Louise, and Miss Kate Blair, of this place, went to Hawley Friday.

Mrs. C. M. Rolling, of Buhler, visited her niece, Mrs. J. L. Jordan and family this week.

Cal. Wolfe has returned to this neighborhood and will be employed by Capt. J. L. Logan.

Scott Yeamans has gone to Hawley, where he will be employed in the near future, by H. E. Moore.

Rev. Callaway came over from Hawley on Sunday afternoon and filled his regular appointment here.

I. G. Lords, a good old time Methodist, and one of Bay City 's best citizens, was in our neighborhood Monday and Tuesday.

Mrs. Mattie Dobbins, of Galveston , is visiting her father, Capt. J. L. Logan and family and expects to remain an indefinite time.

Roscoe Rolling, one of Buhler's most popular young men spent Saturday in this neighborhood shaking hands with friends and acquaintances.

Misses Minnie and Lizzie Phillips,  two of Cash's Creek's most esteemed young ladies, attended services here on Sunday. They were accompanied by their brother Johnnie.

A Bible-reading was organized in our Sunday school last Sunday. It will add new interest to the school, as well as being instructive to the scholars. Let all bring Bibles and take part for we all need to study the good book.


Bro. Gartrell is up and out.

G. M. Sadler was in town Thursday.

I. G. Lords is out, selling fruit trees.

P. M. Bowie was in the capital yesterday.

E. L. Lawson was in from Caney on Tuesday.

Jim Rugeley went to Wharton on Monday.

Tomorrow is Bro. Callaway's day in Bay City .

Geo. Austin visited Wharton a day or two this week.      

Dr. J. E. Irvin, resident dentist, Wharton , Texas .

A. Curry was in Bay City on Monday and Tuesday.

R. W. Fullwood has gone to Lampasas on business.

The temperance society meets at the church to night.

Jim Phillips, of Matagorda, was in the capital Thursday.

Business meeting of the Epworth League next Monday night.

Dr. J. W. Brown, of Hardeman, visited Bay City on Tuesday.

Dan O'Connell and lady were shopping in Bay City on Tuesday.

Geo. Bedford and Johny Franz were up from Matagorda Thursday.

Jas. Mayfield and the ladies were in from Tanglewild on Tuesday.

Miss Sadie Fitz, of Houston , visited friends in Bay City this week.

The Stockman's Association is expected to meet in Bay City today.

Bay City schools, white and colored, begin Monday week - Sept. 18th.

When in Wharton call on F. Blizarde. He will sell you groceries right.

The first two loads of telephone poles arrived in Bay City last Saturday.

Rev. Dr. Birkhead filled his appointments at the court house on Sunday.

Louis Huebner and Richard Kehrer were up from the Huebner ranch on Monday.

W. L. Brown, of Hardeman, was shaking hands with Bay City friends on Saturday.

Bro. Callaway and Bro. Payne preach at  Boggy and Caney at 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Alex and Will Elmore, of Hardeman, were in Bay City two or three times this week.

Wm. E. Austin was quite sick during several days of last week, but is out and at work now.

J. W. Gibson, the nurseryman, came in from Angleton on Sunday and has been here all week.

Mr. Smith, an attorney from Houston , was looking up some records in the court house on Tuesday.

One of Jim Rugeley's fine bay mares died Sunday, having all of the symptoms of spinal meningitis.

Capt. John B. Phillips, of Matagorda, was looking after business at the court house on Wednesday.

There are no pleasanter or squarer business men than Gifford and his salesmen. Go and deal with them.

F. Blizarde is located east of the Wharton court house square and sells groceries just as cheap as anybody.

Judge Brown, of Pledger, has transferred a couple of criminal cases to Squire Traylor for trial in this precinct.

A little son of John Pettit, colored, had his right eye knocked out by the explosion of a gun on Friday of  last week.

Bro. Payne did not preach last Sunday night, but turned his congregation loose to attend services at the courthouse.

Miss Jessie Bedford, of Matagorda, came up with Dr. Birckhead on Saturday and spent a couple of days with her friends in Bay City .

A letter from Sherman informs the editor of The Tribune that there is another heir to his millions. Mrs. Minnie Foster has a fine boy.

Be good to yourself and trade with the Gifford Mercantile Co., who guarantee you Houston prices.

Miss Ida Thompson, who has had a long spell of slow fever is still quite sick at her father's home two miles south of Bay City , is better.

Judge Hamilton made a business trip to Pierce Station Tuesday, returning the same day. He left on Wednesday to meet his appointments on the westside.

Huebner Bros.' barn must be a mammoth structure indeed, judging by the quantity of lumber they have hauled out of Bay City Lumber Co's. yard.

A card from Bro. Hensley informed us that he was too sick to come down from Pledger to attend Sunday school last Sunday. He has gone to Port Lavaca to recuperate.

L. Peine, the old reliable watchmaker and jeweler, of Wharton, solicits the patronage of Matagorda county. He is a fine workman and a fine man and will treat you just right.

Mrs. Ora Farber and two children left on Wednesday morning for Caldwell , Texas , where she expects to reside in the future. J. C. Carrington accompanied them as far as Rosenberg .

H. K. Ogden, the jolly artist, passed through Bay City Wednesday on his return from Matagorda to Wharton to remain permanently. He honored The Tribune with a pleasant business call.

J. O. Smith, a millwright of Wallis , Texas , and an old time friend of Rev. Z. Payne, was in Bay City this week, and overhauled D. P. Moore's grist mill and put the same in thorough order for first class work.

J. E. Frymier has a nice advertisement in this paper and he is a nice man and has one of the largest furniture stores in south Texas . He wants your trade and will make it to your interest to give it to him.

B. A. Ryman passed through Bay City Wednesday on his way home from Galveston . He said that the market was overstocked with cattle and while he found sale for his cows he left his calves and yearlings unsold.

One of Victor LeTulle's neighbors says this is the first crop season he ever saw close with Victor's teams fat; but now they are all rolling fat and he has a large number of fat hogs - all due to eight acres of alfalfa. Plant alfalfa!

Isaac C. Sheppard, a prosperous colored farmer of the Coulterville country, during a business call at The Tribune office on Monday stated that he has a fine crop this year, but that the frequent rains are doing some damage to cotton.

John A. Culver was up on Monday completing arrangements to start the Boggy school next week. Miss Mary Campbell, of Port Lavaca, will be in charge. Mr. Culver says there is no cotton in that country to pick, and children can begin school now as well as later.

Being composed of such men as Bolton , Gifford, and Huston, and having the Lowery round bale system in charge of Judge Geo. R. Brown, of Pledger, the Wharton Gin & Milling Co. will be sure to catch all the cotton trade that goes from this county to Wharton.

Gov. Sayers has issued a call for a Texas State Industrial Convention to assemble in Dallas on Oct. 20th, to devise ways and means for the establishment of factories in Texas to work up its boundless raw material in the shape of cotton, wool, hides, timbers, minerals, etc. Judge Hamilton is asked to appoint not less than three delegates to represent this count. Following are Judge Hamilton's appointees: From Precinct One, B. A. Ryman, W. B. Wadsworth, Green Savage, and J. F. Williams; From Precinct Two, P. M. Bowie, L. P. Coulter, Jacob Smith, and Frank Hawkins; From Precinct Three, Louis Huebner, E. S. Rugeley, J. A. Barnett, and J. G. Dennis; From Precinct Four, S. P. Johnson, Angus Williams, Dr. J. W. Brown, and J. H. McCrosky; From Precinct Five, Nolan Keller, T. C. McClary, J. R. Rowls, W. T. Blair and J. L. Logan. Credentials will be mailed to these delegates next week.

Jim Bruce, of Matagorda, made Bay City a business visit this week.

Amos Lee visited the Northington model ranch, 12 miles above Wharton, this week with a view to bringing about a dozen fine Jerseys to Bay City .

The largest real estate deal recorded here for some time is the sale of a little over half a league of land by A. H. Pierce to J. T. Sargent for $9,184.

To rent: 395 acre ranch, 40 acres in cultivation - good improvements. Price, one hundred and fifty dollars a year. See or address, Simon P. Johnson, Sr., Bay City , Texas .



From the Spectator.

We regret to learn that G. A. Harrison is confined to his room with chills and fever.

Edgar Rugeley came in from Bay City Thursday and reports everything flourishing down there.

We regret to learn that G. C. Duncan was badly hurt last week by a horse kicking him in the face and chest.

Vance Duncan, of Egypt , in the city Tuesday en route to Ashville , N.C. where he goes to attend school.

Mrs. Jesse Matthews, from lower Caney, passed through the city Monday, going to Houston to visit friends.

J. and Arthur Gordon, sons of County Judge Gordon, left for Cloud Chief, Ok., Monday, where they will reside in the future.

Mrs. John McCrosky, accompanied by Miss Clifford Abell(?), took the train for Hot Springs , Ark. , Monday, where they will spend some time for their health.

Miss Tenie Hardeman, of Matagorda county, visited friends and relatives in the city this week, and took her leave for Brackett Tuesday where she will reside in the future.

Rev. John Mare tendered his resignation as pastor of the Baptist   Church Wednesday night and it was accepted to take effect November 1st. We regret to lose Bro. Mare from our midst but wish him success in newer fields.

      From the El Campo Eagle.

Col. Ed. Partain was in town from Deming's Bridge on Wednesday transacting business and mingling with friends.

Such information as is obtainable indicates the location of the Swedish Lutheran college in El Campo. A liberal bonus has been offered for this educational enterprise.

Alvin Madden's infant died in Houston Wednesday, where it had been taken to be treated.

Prominent farmers from the Hahn ranch neighborhood report crop conditions as materially improving. Cotton is now putting on and holding its fruit, and the corn yield is proving much heavier than was anticipated.

        From the Louise Leader.

We learn with regret, from a private letter, that Mrs. H. F. Brown and son Loyd have been very sick in Illinois ever since leaving Texas . Miss Lettie, however, is improving and has left all trace of malaria far behind.


The Matagorda and Wharton Counties
Cattlemen's Protective Association

Offer the following rewards for information leading to the arrest, conviction and punishment of any person or persons for the following offenses, whenever the same are committed in connection with the property of any member of said association:

    Theft of cattle by a white man                                                             $500.00

Theft of cattle by a negro                                                                      250.00

Cutting wire fence (when a felony)                                                       100.00

Burning pasture or grass (when a felony)                                           100.00

Butchering beef without complying with the law                                   50.00

Skinning cattle or having possession of hides unlawfully                    20.00

Leaving gates open or tearing down fence                                          10.00

Following is a list of the members of this association:

Frank Rugeley, C. D. Kemp, Huebner Bros., D. P. Moore, S. T. Taylor, W. T. Taylor, W. B. Wadsworth, Ed Kilbride, Dr. A. M. Pelton, C. W. Burkhart, C. B. Culver, Stewart Bro's., John F. McNabb, Green Savage, J. A. Lawson, Holt & Bruce, Fred S. Robbins, B. A. Ryman, Wylie M. Kuykendall, John Matthews, Frank Hawkins, J. H. Rainey, John T. Sargent, Fred McC Robbins, R. M. Winston, George T. Sargent, R. G. Kuykendall, M. O'Connell, M. O'Connell, Jr., Dan O'Connell, E. H. Phillips, J. F. Williams.

                                By order of the Executive Committee.

J. F. HOLT, Secretary                                   W. B. WADSWORTH, Chairman.


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