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July 7, 1918


From Friday’s Daily.

Miss Pearl Morton, who has been for several months at San Benito and Brownsville , is in the city, the guest of Mrs. Jesse Matthews.

Miss Mays Jacobs of Greenville , S. C., is in the city on a visit of some duration with her sister, Mrs. D. A. Switzer.

Mr. J. C. Willis of Wharton spent today in Bay City on business.

Mr. O. E. Hatchett has secured a contract to build a fine new school house for Prairie Center and will begin work at once.

Mr. Simon Lewis has returned from an extended trip to friends and relatives in Alabama and Georgia and says that while he enjoyed the trip he was glad to get back home.

Mrs. Robbins and Mrs. Lewis and children returned yesterday from a week in Brazoria County , which they report had a glorious rain on Tuesday, covering all points except the immediate coast, which is parched as never before in their knowledge. Of especial important is the relief to the crops on the State farm and Gulf Prairie, as it means the interest of all the people of Texas .


From Saturday’s Daily.

Mrs. W. L. Penny of Houston is in the city on a visit to her parents, Judge and Mrs. Jesse Matthews.

Judge S. J. Styles has appointed J. A. Elmore county auditor, vice H. M. Elmore who was accidentally killed last week, an account of which was published in the last issue.—Wharton Spectator.

Mrs. C. J. Green and granddaughter returned yesterday from Yoakum after visiting Mrs. Green’s daughter, Mrs. C. W. McClelland.

Mr. H. C. Hunt of Buckeye spent today in the city on business.

Mr. Jack Walker of Markham was a business visitor to the city today.

The Tribune has received an interesting letter from our good friend, Dooley Franz, who is now at Paris Island . He and Everett Bond are the only two Texans there, but they are having a good time and enjoy it, although there’s no place like Texas for them.

An interesting photograph was recently received by Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Keller of this city which was taken during a visit of the king and queen of England to the city of Lincoln , an interesting account of which appeared in the London Post, of April 10. Mr. Phil E. Davant, 1st lieutenant in the American service, a son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Keller, had been appointed one of the national honor guards which acted as escort to the royal party. Lieutenant Davant’s picture was shown in the group immediately next to their majesties, an unusual honor as the portraiture readily reveals. The wife of Lieutenant Davant, who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keller, is making her home in Bay City with her parents during the period of the war.



From Monday’s Daily.

Mrs. James F. Perry of Freeport is visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Perry, leaving Wednesday for Gonzales.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Blackburn returned to Sugar Valley yesterday, bringing W. D., Jr., whose eyes are improving constantly, after the serious accident in May.

Mrs. Ellen Cherry left Saturday for Temple , where she will undergo an operation.

Mrs. Allen Stinnett and little daughter spent yesterday in Buckeye, the guests of Mrs. Robinnett, who left today for St. Louis , en route to her home.

Mr. S. S. Moore of San Antonio is in the city on a visit to friends and relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Cox of Granger, Williamson County , are in the city on a prospecting tour.

Mrs. R. E. Scott of Pittsburg is in the city for a day or two, after which she will go to Sweeny to visit her sister. Mrs. Scott will then return to Bay City for a visit of several days.

Mr. W. A. Furber of Markham was a visitor to the city today.

Judge F. H. Jones has returned from a business trip to Dallas .

Mr. G. M. Reed was a business visitor to Bay City Saturday.

Johnnie May Williams, who has been visiting home folks at Matagorda, passed through the city Saturday on his return to Camp Ellington . He is a member of the aero squadron and is being trained in aviation.

Mr. C. S. Wiseman and wife of Wharton were visitors to Bay City Saturday. “Doc” was on The Tribune force for several months prior to going to Wharton where he is now at work for the Spectator.

Commissioner’s Court met today in regular monthly session with Judge John F. Perry presiding and with Commissioners Louis Huebner, J. B.  Hawkins, Henry Sanders and Charley Cabaniss present.

Dr. G. S. Hessenbruch, of the Gulf Sulphur Co., spent Saturday in the city on business.

Rev. J. P. Gilliam began a revival meeting for the Baptists at Cedar Lane yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Erickson and family leave Wednesday morning for a several weeks’ visit to Lake City , Minnesota .

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Guy Eidman was over from El Campo to get some Oakland cars for the El Campo trade. He says the automobile business is brisk and the demand much greater than the supply.



From Tuesday’s Daily.

Mr. J. C. Webb of Rogalusa , La. , who has been in the city on a visit to J. E. Thompson and family, has returned to his home.

Miss Pauline Thompson has returned from a very pleasant visit to friends and relatives in Palacios.

Miss Marguerite Thompson is visiting in Palacios.

E. F. McDonald, who does a general rental business, informs us that there are more people residing in the corporate limits of Bay City than in five years. The demand for good residences exceeds the supply. He also has applications for business property well located.

Mr. J. M. Greenwood, who has been employed in the government shipyards at Orange , spent a few days in the city this week with friends. He said much work is being done in Orange and a large force of men is employed in the several shipyards there.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kelly of Oil City , La. , arrived here last Tuesday via automobile on a visit to Mrs. Kelly’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Patterson, near Orangedale. They say that in all the trip the best roads they found were those of Matagorda County .

Corporal Merlin Vogelsang arrived home last night from Austin and will spend a few days here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. M. Vogelsang.

Mr. N. M. Vogelsang left today for San Antonio and Uvalde on business.

Mrs. Ada Mohle and Miss Merle Mohle, who have been in the city for the past two weeks visiting Mrs. Mohle’s daughter, Mrs. Carey Smith, left today for their home in Lockhart.

Papa Schill requests The Tribune to say that the town clock, which has been on bad behavior for the past two weeks, is now in good shape and will give no more trouble.

Miss Dell Conger, who has been assisting in the office work for her father for the past several years, has gone to San Antonio to do stenographic work. She is succeeded in the office here by her sister, Mrs. Lenora Gibson.

The members of the Commissioner’s Court visited Matagorda last night to attend a mass meeting of the citizens which was held for the purpose of launching a move to build a first-class 16-foot highway from Matagorda to the sulphur fields. The meeting was a successful one and The Tribune has been informed that a petition asking for an election to provide for bonds for the building of the road will be submitted to the court Saturday.

Misses Irene and Pauline Gibson came in Wednesday to spend the 4th with their parents and will remain until Sunday when they will return to Bay City to resume their studies.—Francitas Bee.



From Wednesday’s Daily.

A fine boy has made his appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie McDonald of Markham .

Mr. Warren Baker, who underwent a severe surgical operation at Galveston ten days ago, is reported convalescent at the John Sealy Hospital of that city. Mrs. C. F. Baker is in Galveston attending him.

Mr. H. J. Bolton of Wharton is in the city for a few days on business.

Mrs. S. A. Nance and children of Bastrop are in the city visiting Mrs. Nance’s sister, Mrs. P. A. Bond.

Miss Cara Garrett left today for Palacios where she will visit for two weeks, after which she will go to Chicago for a summer course in music.

Mrs. W. S. Holman and children have returned from a visit to friends and relatives in La Grange .



From Thursday’s Daily.

Mr. E. P. Layton of Matagorda was a visitor to the city today. He says his part of the county is badly in need of rain.

Mr. George B. McKissick of Ashby was a visitor to Bay City today.

Miss Nannie McGehee of Wadsworth spent today in the city, the guest of Mrs. Nannie Franz.

Sheriff Bert Carr and Judge John F. Perry are in Austin this week on business.

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Bates have been the guests of the Kraft Eidmans for some days.

Mr. Crawford Barnett was summoned to McComb , Ohio , last night on account of the death of Mrs. Barnett’s mother. Mrs. Barnett has been with her mother for the past few weeks.

Dr. C. P. Jones, who has been called to the service of his county, left today to report for duty.

Miss Mary Rugeley left this morning for a visit to San Antonio .


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