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Matagorda County Tribune

Collegeport Article

October 14, 1910


Spends a Few Hours in Bay City and
Proceeds to Collegeport at
4 p.m.

Personally conducted by G. M. Magill, secretary of the company, the regular homeseekers excursion party of the Burton D. Hurd Land Co. arrived in Bay City via the Gulf Coast Line shortly after noon today. The party numbers 100 homeseekers, occupying four special tourist cars, and brass band of Red Oak, Ia.

At the station the four special cars were left by the regular train to give the strangers opportunity to inspect the county seat and metropolis of the county in which they expect to locate. Headed by the band a dozen vehicles were loaded to capacity with the eager and curious visitors, many of whom had never before trod ground beneath the surface of which Jack Frost never penetrates, and while the band played, the procession covered the principal streets of the city, from which the strangers could view the business houses and many of the homes and premises of our prosperous people--premises where the orange and lemon tree and the rose and cape jessamine grow.

Afterward they were conducted to the Cash orange, fig and pecan orchard, where five acres of orange trees are loaded down with almost matured fruit and where from five acres of fig trees revenue has been derived this year warranting a valuation of $1000 an acre.

At 4 o'clock the party boarded their cars and were taken to Collegeport running as a special train from here. There they will be shown the town and acreage properties of the Hurd Company tomorrow and Tuesday night will join with the citizens of Collegeport in a celebration on account of the completion of the railroad to Collegeport.

For this occasion it would be very well for business men and other citizens of Bay city to arrange for a special train from Bay City to run to and from Collegeport that night, so that we may also participate in the celebration and show our interest in the progress of the new community which is growing up so near us. This step would also encourage the management of the Gulf Coast Line in the matter of making Bay City one of the termini of the Collegeport branch--a matter in which every business concern of the town is vitally interested.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 14, 1910


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