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Matagorda County Tribune
Markham Column
April 11, 1919


Special to Tribune.

Markham , Texas , March 30.--The Markham Mother's Club met in the school auditorium March 7, to complete organization and outline plans for the year's work. The following officers were elected: Mrs. Hudson, president; Mrs. Keller, first vice-president; Mrs. Barber, second vice-president; Mrs. Gideon, third vice-president; Mrs. Bryant, secretary; Mrs. Ridinger, treasurer.

The report of the committee on constitution and by-laws was read by Mrs. Keller and adopted by the organization. This club has for its object "The study of the welfare of childhood in the home and in the school and the betterment of the community in general." This work should appeal to every mother in our midst and we are expecting great results. We unanimously voted to apply for membership in the County Federation of Women's Clubs.

The next regular meeting will be April 10, in the school auditorium, at 3:30 o'clock p.m. All mothers are urged to come at this time and spend 30 minutes in visiting the school.

In the declamation contest at the school house Friday night Miss Ora Longuet was awarded the senior medal and Gordon Cabaniss the junior medal. These two and Evelyn Modisette will represent our school in the county meet.

Mr C. V. Cabaniss, accompanied by his family, Dr. Simons and Mr. Will Cabaniss, left for San Antonio Sunday morning in a private car. Our entire community is saddened by the prolonged illness of this man and we are trusting that this change may send him back to us greatly improved in health.

We are rejoicing with Dr. and Mrs. Thurston over the safe arrival home of their son, Jack, from two years' service in the English army. Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock , in the school auditorium, Jack will entertain his friends with a "war talk."

Matagorda County Tribune, April 11, 1919


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