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Article Recounted in The Matagorda News


Mr. A. C. Bruce has a copy of the Matagorda Reporter dated September 14, 1878, which was nearly 34 years ago, when the town was no doubt still suffering from the effects of the destructive storm of 1875. The paper was four pages, two columns to the page and the pages eight inches long. Poetry, proverbs and Joseph Berg's oyster saloon advertisement fill the first page. The paper was edited by Thomas A. Taylor who was also, according to an advertisement, principal of the Matagorda Male and Female Institute. Brief announcement is made of the death by lighting of Benjamin Moore while working near a cattle pen on the Trespalacios during a storm.


It is also announced that the equinoctial storm is due between the 17th and 22nd, and a blow may be looked for the next week.


The candidates' announcement column will probably be of most interest to the older settlers: R. G. Cheesman for County Judge , Jas. H. Selkirk for County Treasurer , J. L. Croom for County Clerk , W. S. Stewart for Tax Assessor, Jesse Hobbs for Hide and Animal Inspector, Walter A. Ives for Sheriff, Jos. T. Fry for Floater Representative, and Wm. Vonweg for County Commissioner, while Sheriff Frank Rugeley, Sr. states that on account of a promise to one of the candidates and desire to retire to private life he would not be a candidate for re-election.

The Matagorda News, October 4, 1912



Goodwin Sterne visited _____ Mrs. H G. Evans of Hugo, Oklahoma this week.


Scott Phillips and W. C. Berg, Jr., are leaving today for Massey Business College at Houston.

Miss Mollie Wadsworth arrived here Wednesday and remained with her niece, Mrs. W. A. McNabb, through the illness and death of the baby.

The many friends here of Mr. and Mrs. A. Wadsworth McNabb deeply sympathize with them over the death of their infant daughter who died at 3 o'clock this a. m. It will be buried this afternoon in the family yard at the Matagorda cemetery.

To dwell with Him who gave;

Another little darling babe

Is sheltered in the grave.

God needed one more angel child

Amidst His shining band,

And so He went with loving smile

And clasped this precious baby's hand.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1912



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