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Palacios Beacon

Collegeport Article

April, 1935


By Harry Austin Clapp

Several have asked why we call our new community house MOPAC HOUSE and from where did we get the name. Mopac is the nickname of the Missouri Pacific Railway Company just as the Katy is nickname for the Missouri, Kansas and Texas. The Missouri Railway Company gave the old depot and freight station to the Collegeport Community in December 1933. The building has been wrecked, the material moved to a block of ground owned by the Collegeport Industrial League and erected into a fine community house. This houses the Woman's Club Library, provides a reception room, a kitchen and an auditorium. It is a well and strongly constructed building not one 2x4 timber being used every rafter and studding being 2x6. Mopac House will be opened Saturday, May 4th, 1935 at one o'clock in the afternoon with a luncheon which will be served by the Woman's Club at fifty cents. The proceeds to be used for the purchase of new books for the library. A splendid speaking program is being arranged with Mr. Roy Miller of Houston, A. D. Jackson of the Texas A. & M. College and others as principal speakers. It is hoped that Palacios will be well represented with a speaker who will take up the causeway project. Preparations are being made to serve 150 at the luncheon. At night a dance will be held to which the people of the county are invited. We hope the parents will attend and enjoy the dancing along with the young folk. MOPAC HOUSE will be open house May 4th.

The Palacios Beacon?, April 1935, Harry Austin Clapp Scrapbook 3


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