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January 5, 1900


Mrs. J. J. Smith was quite sick this week.

Mr. Rich moved to his new home Saturday.

There was a dance at Earnest Dawdy's Friday night.

Born, to Deputy Sheriff Hugh Phillips and wife a girl.

Ashby school opened Monday after a week's vacation.

Deputy Hugh Phillips has rented land from J. J. Smith.

J. R. Wylie sold a span of mules to W. E. Moore last week.

Miss Vera Moore spent a few days with Mrs. Arnett this week.

Miss Madie Dunbar and Mrs. Addie Coble visited Hawley Tuesday.

C. E. Smith and wife, of Hawley, are visiting homefolks this week.

Miss Dora Moore is spending a few days with W. E. Moore and family.

T. F. Dickert and son, John, were hauling posts from Mr. Meeks' this week.

Mrs. Ella Arnett is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wylie Kuykendall.

Mrs. Smith's renter, Mr. Jones, became dissatisfied and moved to Mr. Pool's place.

T. C. McClary and family left for east Texas Thursday. We all regret very much to lose them.

Dr. Moore has failed to rent his place and says he will have to get married if he can't get a renter.

There was a party at Dave Baxter's Friday night. The young people always enjoy themselves at Mr. Baxter's.

Prof. Jennings and Earnest Dickert returned to Cash's creek Sunday and some of our girls are looking lonely.

John Dickert, Ham Moore, Prof. Jennings and Earnest Dickert spent a few days on the bay this week fishing and hunting.

John Spoor went to Caranchua Wednesday to be present at the marriage of his niece, Miss Ida Harris, to Mr. George Owens.

Quite a large crowd met at D. Dunbar's Thursday night and tendered Bro. Calloway with a nice supply of the necessaries of life.

J. A. Shirley, D. Powell, Rev. Powell, Willie Cornelius, Earnest Smith and Jas. Partain attended the pound party at D. Dunbar's Thursday night.

The crowd who attended the Christmas tree at Caranchua from this place were Misses Madie, Anita and Kate Dunbar, Mrs. Addie Coble, Misses Ida Dickert, Oce and Vera Moore, Minnie and Lizzie Phillips, Lucy Nicholson, and Messrs. Earnest Dickert, John Spoor, E. P. Wells, Hugh Phillips, Clarence Nicholson and Dr. Moore.         LYGIA.


Green Savage visited Wharton last week.   

Pelton Smith visited Bay City Friday.

Fred Vogg was seen on our streets last week.

Will and Elma May went to Bay City Friday.

Next Sunday is Bro. Payne's day to preach here.

Miss Jane Harris spent Friday night with Gay Savage.

George Williams was in this neighborhood Sunday.

M. P. Cartwright is banking turnips for winter use.

Will Alerson has moved to Big Hill where he will farm this year.

Will Alerson marketed a load of cotton in Bay City Tuesday.

Miss James, of Big Hill, visited J. W. Miller and family last week.

Green Savage, Jr. of Matagorda, was in our neighborhood Monday.

Green Savage is feeding several head of his Brahma bulls this winter.

Miss Minnie Hull returned home after a pleasant visit to Miss Gay Savage.

R. L. Cartwright and wife and Willie Eidlebach spent Christmas in Bay City .

Boggy Lillies has wilted and gone. We suppose they could not stand the cold weather.

M. P. Cartwright butchered a fine watermelon January 1st, 1900 . How is that for Boggy?

Little Hamilton, son of Green Savage, was severely scalded on the head Monday night.          BACHELOR.



Trespalacios school began to-day.

J. E. Pierce went to Galveston last week.    

A social was given at C. E. Smith's Wednesday night.

Mr. Rowls and daughter, Sarah, visited El Campo last week.

Freddie Powell, of Houston , spent Christmas with the homefolks.

J. H. Logan spent several days last week in Edna with his little girls.

William Harris, from Caranchua, was trading in Hawley New Year's.

Miss Katie Deck, from the east side, spent Christmas with Mrs. T. E. Partain.

The dance at E. E. Dawdy's Friday night was enjoyed by all present.

W. M. Downer and family of Cash's creek visited Hawley friends New Year's.

Mr. Hughes went to El Campo for the school teachers Saturday returning Sunday.

The dance given at Joseph Pybus' Wednesday night proved quite an enjoyable affair.

Next Sunday is Rev. Calloway's day to preach at Hawley. Let everybody try and attend.

Quite a number of Hawley's young folks attended the social at Mr. Phillips' New Year's night.

Joe Lothridge, of Columbus , returned home to-day having spent several days visiting friends here.

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is here, let everyone begin it with good resolutions.

Quite a crowd of young folks from Hawley and Ashby gathered at Mr. Baxter's Friday night and played games 'till they began to get sleepy.

J. L. Herman, brother of Mrs. Rowls, left Thursday for Muscogee, I. T., where he will spend the winter. Mr. Herman expresses himself as being much pleased with Matagorda county and her people.

 (Too late for last week.)

Fine weather, at last.

J. R. Rowls hauled cotton to the gin Friday.

James Keller spent Christmas day with Mr. Poole.

August Duffy returned Saturday from Port Lavaca.

J. L. Pybus and C. C. Mason went to El Campo Thursday.

J. F. Garnett, of Victoria , is visiting his son, Jed, of this place.

Mrs. Joseph Pybus and son, Fred, were in town Friday shopping.

J. R. Rowls and family spent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Dawdy.

Mrs. George Duffy and little daughter, Annie, visited here Saturday.

Mr. Downer was up from Cash's creek one day this week trading.

H. E. Moore and family attended the Christmas tree at Caranchua.

Quite a number of Hawley's young people attended the Christmas tree at Ashby.

Schooner J. E. Pierce came in this week loaded with corn for our merchant H. E. Moore.

John and Orille LeCompt, from the mouth of the creek, were in town this week shopping.

The leading feature of the week was a social given at Mr. and Mrs. McSparran's. All present report having spent a very pleasant evening.

Mr. J. Herman and niece, Miss Sarah Rowls, are visiting Mrs. P. R. Dawdy at her home on the Colorado river .

W. H. Wheeler passed through Saturday. Will says he won't attend the Christmas parties. Why is that girls?

Invitation are out for a dance to be at the home of Joseph Pybus, Wednesday night, December 27th. your scribe is the happy possessor of one.

Bob Murray left Thursday for the Indian Territory to look after the business affairs of his brother, Jim, who died at that place on the 19 inst.

News reached here Wednesday of the death of Jas. Murray, son of Mrs. A. Duffy of this place, which occurred in the Indian Territory . Jim was an energetic young man and a general favorite with all. The bereaved ones have our heart-felt sympathy in this, their sad hour of trouble.   ROSEBUD



Dr. Foote paid Bay City a visit Sunday morning.

Ernest Calhoun visited Bay City on business Saturday.

Jim Phillips was out from Matagorda again Saturday.

W. A. Matthews attended the dance at Bay City Monday night.

E. L. Lawson paid Matagorda a business visit first of the week.

J. B. Dugar of Coulterville passed through town first of the week.

Chas. and Dick Morris were attending to business in Wharton Tuesday.

Jno. Matthews is improving his warehouse with a new roof this week.

E. J. Kilbride and J. S. Mayfield spent a few days at Kilbride's ranch this week.

Simon Johnson and Dan O'Connell attended a social hop at George Johnson's Monday night.

Green Stewart and family returned to Matagorda Tuesday from a visit to Jesse Matthews and family.

Geo. Kilbride came over from the Robbins ranch Friday and spent a few days with friends on Caney. Wonder what George is buying buggies and chickens for?      UNCLE JACK


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