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Submitted by Shirley L. Brown

This article appeared in the May 24, 1913, issue of the Daily Tribune which is in the Newspaper Archives of the Matagorda County Museum, Bay City, Texas. It was printed in the Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication, Oak Leaves, Vol. XIV, No. 1, November, 1994 and is used by permission.

The following is a list of Notaries Public of Matagorda county which have been appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate.  District Clerk Lloyd has notified the appointees, and before they become notaries they must qualify as provided by law:


Austin, Wm. E., Bay City

Barber, I. N., Bay City

Barnett, F. J., Palacios

Bateman, E. E., Palacios

Beadle, L. E., Beadle

Benge, R. W., Bay City

Best, S. T., Palacios

Bonner, Thos. H., Palacios

Brooks, W. H., Palacios

Burkhart, A. C., Matagorda

Burkhart, Harry, Bay City

Byrd, Mrs. M. E., Van Vleck

Carpenter, W. C., Bay City

Carter, C. M., Bay City

Cash, Wm., Bay City

Conger, Adele L., Bay City

Conger, J. W., Bay City

Corbett, John M., Bay City

Cornelius, F., Midfield

Culver, G. B., Matagorda

Duller, Chas. F., Blessing

Eidman, C. S., Bay City

Erickson, C. A., Bay City

Feather, M. K., Palacios

Feather, R., Markham

Foulks, W. C., Bay City

Gaines, John W., Bay City

Gaumer, W. B., Midfield

Gibson, C. E., Wadsworth

Giffee, J. W., Bay City

Gregory, W. W., Gainesmore

Hawkins, E. L., Bay City

Hensley, A. D., Bay City

Keller, J. P., Bay City

Keller, A. B., Palacios

Lewis, R. R., Bay City

Lewis, Emma, Bay City

Lewis, Thos. H., Bay City

Lewis, J. C., Palacios

Linn, Jno. E., Bay City

Magill, J. W., Bay City

McCain, J. B., Collegeport

McCamly, W. L., Bay City

Metzger, Callie M., Bay City

Millican, A. H., Bay City

Murphy, M. J., Jr., Bay City

Newton, C. A., Palacios

Perry, S. F., Palacios

Perry, Jas. C., Palacios

Perry, Guy F., Palacios

Pierce, A. B., Blessing

Rader, H., Markham

Richards, O. E., Gainesmore

Richards, I. C., Gainesmore

Roach, Jno. H., Blessing

Robertson, G. B., Blessing

Rugeley, F. L., Matagorda

Rugeley, Rowland, Bay City

Serrill, Geo. E., Bay City

Shelton, W. J., Bay City, Van Vleck

Smith, Thos., Markham

Smith, B. H., Palacios

Sterne, Goodwin, Matagorda

Thompson, M., Bay City

Thompson, A. D., Bay City

Trull, B. W., Bay City

Tunnell, J. Ross, Palacios

Waldron, Lillian, Bay City

Weardon, Josiah, Bay City

Wild, O. E., Bay City

Williams, J. A., Bay City

Williams, Louis H., Bay City

Wilson, W. D., Bay City

Wilson, W. L., Bay City

Yeaman's(sic), Linn, Citrus Grove

Zedler, Edwin, Bay City


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