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Obituary and Cemetery Index
Matagorda County, Texas


Shirley L. Brown, Matagorda County Genealogical Society member, has created a cumulative index for the Matagorda County obituary books located at the Bay City Public Library. The letter or number in the first column after the name is the volume of the obituary book and if the Matagorda County cemetery was included, there will be an abbreviation in the second column (see cemetery list below). If the second column has OC, that means that the burial was "Out of County" and will have to be determined by reading the obituary. Most of the obituaries are from The Daily Tribune and Bay City Tribune, Bay City; Palacios Beacon, Palacios; and the Victoria Advocate, Victoria and are  photocopies of the actual image. In some cases, a transcribed version of the obituary was included when the original was illegible. There are instances when there is an entry in the cemetery column, but no obituary is available. Please do not request an obituary for those with only cemetery listings. This is not an exhaustive index of all known burials in the county. Please also check the individual cemetery lists on this site at the link below. The larger county cemeteries, Cedarvale, Roselawn and Palacios are in this index only if there is an obituary available or if is a military burial.

If you would like to receive a copy of an obituary for a single name found in this index, please send $2.00, a SASE, the name and volume to:

Matagorda County Genealogical Society
c/o Bay City Public Library
1100 7th Street
Bay City, TX 77414

NOTE: Please include $1.00 for each additional single name requested.  Some obituaries are included in multiple books and may be the same obituary in some instances. If there are multiple book references, all will be checked for that single name and multiple copies will be made if the obituaries are different. Do not request an obit if the obit column is blank. For questions email before mailing a request.

Matagorda County Cemeteries

Matagorda County Obituaries Online




 The letter or number in the first column after a name refers to a particular obituary book. Use the index in that book to find the page number for the obituary.


              A         African-American Obituaries of Matagorda County

              B          Obituaries from Matagorda Co Tribune, 1899-1951 (abstracted by Betty Seerden)

              F          Funeral Notices – Jim Sisk Collection

              G         Funeral Notices – Mary Sexton Collection

              P          Palacios Cemetery Obituaries – Mary Sexton Collection

              1          Obituaries of Matagorda County

              2          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 2

              3          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 3

              4          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 4

              5          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 5, Year 1999

              6          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 6

              7          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 7, Year 2000

              8          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 8

              9          Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 9, Year 2001

            10        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 10

            11        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 11, Year 2002

            12        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 12, Year 2003

            13        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 13, Year 2004

            14           Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 14

            15           Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 15, Year 2005

            16        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 16, Year 2006

            17        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 17, Year 2007
            18        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 18, Year 2008

            19        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 19, Year 2009

            20        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 20, Year 2010

            21        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 21

            22        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 22, Year 2011

            23        Obituaries of Matagorda County, Book No. 23




The 2-letter code in the second column after the name indicates the cemetery. This is a work in progress; therefore, if a cemetery is not indicated after a name, please refer to the obituary. Eventually, codes will be given for every individual whose burial location in Matagorda County is known.

AF       Allen, Basil, Family Memorial Site

AL       Allenhurst Cemetery

AN      Andrews Cemetery

AS      Ashby Cemetery

BA      Burial Association Cemetery

BE      Berean Cemetery

BO      Bowie Cemetery

BT       Bethlehem Cemetery

BU      Bundick Family Cemetery

CG      Chamblee/Shamblee Grave

CH      Chastun-Hanson Cemetery

CM      Caney (or Matthews) Cemetery

CP       Collegeport Cemetery

CR       Cornelius Cemetery

CV       Cedarvale Cemetery

DE       Deadrick Cemetery

DF       Duffy Cemetery

DG       Downer Grave

DN       Duncan, John, Cemetery [unknown slave burials]

EC       Edison Cemetery

E3        Edison Cemetery No. 3

ET        Elliotte, Thomas W., Grave

EV        Eastview Cemetery

GA       Gatson Cemetery

GF        Green Family Cemetery

GH       Grove Hill (or Pledger) Cemetery

GM      Gainesmore (or Kit Williams) Cemetery

GP       Grimes-Poole Cemetery

HC       Hardeman Cemetery

HD       Hudson Family Cemetery

HG       Hardeman Graves

HK       Hawkins Cemetery

HN       Hudgins Cemetery

HR       Harris Family Cemetery

HW      Hawley Cemetery

JF        Jefferson, Antwine, Cemetery

JG       Johnson Graves

JJ        Jones-Jackson Cemetery

KC      Kuykendall Cemetery

KH      Kehrer-Huebner Cemetery

KL       Kelley Cemetery

KN      Kenner Cemetery

KV      King Van Cemetery

LC      Lacy (or Tres Palacios) Cemetery

LF       Lee Family Cemetery

LO       Liveoak Church Cemetery

LT       LeTulle Cemetery


MA      Matagorda Cemetery

MC      Mathews Cemetery (exact location unknown- not Caney-Matthews)

MF      Midfield Cemetery

MG      Meyers Grave

MK      Markham Cemetery

MO      Mt. Olivet Cemetery

MP      Mt. Pilgrim Cemetery

MT      Morgan-Tilley Grave

NC      Norman Cemetery

NF       Nolte, Frank, Grave

OC      Out of County, see Obituary

PA       Palacios Cemetery

PG       Pleasant Green Cemetery

PH       Phillips Graves

PO       Powell Cemetery

PR       Partain Cemetery

RA       Rainey Cemetery

RB       Red Bluff Cemetery

RC       Richardson Cemetery

RH       Rugeley-Hawkins Cemetery

RJ        Rugeley, John, Plantation Cemetery

RL       Roselawn Memorial Park

RO       Robbins Family Cemetery

RT       Reinke-Tobeck Cemetery

SA       Sargent Cemetery

SF        St. Francis Cemetery

SG       Scholten Grave

SH       Shiloh Cemetery

SJ        St. John’s Cemetery

SM      St. Mark’s (or Bell Bottom) Cemetery

SP        St. Peter’s Catholic Cemetery

SV       Savage Family Cemetery

SX       Sexton Cemetery [burials unknown]

TH       Thompson Family Cemetery

UA       Union Baptist (formerly Rockwest Baptist), Ashwood

UP       Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Pledger

VG       Vine Grove Cemetery

WC      Wilson Creek (or Moore) Cemetery [Hadden Family]

WF      Williams Family Cemetery

WH      Wheeler, Daniel, Cemetery

WJ       Williams, John, Cemetery

WL      Williams Cemetery [on Peninsula]

WR      Warren Cemetery

WS      Williams Grave

WT      Williams, Thomas Jefferson, Cemetery

YG       Yeamans Grave

YM      Yeamans Cemetery



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