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Obituary and Cemetery Index
Matagorda County, Texas

Surnames Rod-Ry

Obituary and Cemetery Index Instructions Including Cemetery Abbreviations

Rodd, Bettie                                                   7    OC

Rodden, James Frank “Pooch”                            MF

Roddy, Harry R.                                                  RL

Roden, Elsie                                                19    MF

Roden, Johnny                                            11    MF

Rodgers, Felix K.                                           8    OC

Rodgers, Frances Knight                              14    RL

Rodgers, L. D. C. "Tommy"                           3    OC

Rodgers, Louise Crain                                 24    OC

Rodgers, Lucille Bullard                              19    CV

Rodgers, Marvin Andrew                             11    OC

Rodgers, Robert Max "R. M."                        2    OC

Rodgers, Roland Randolph, Jr.                      3    RL

Rodgers, Vesta V.                                                 SJ

Rodgers, Willie                                                      SJ

Rodriguez, Abelino                                      19        

Rodriguez, Acencion                                     4    OC

Rodriguez, Adam Briseno Jr.                       28    OC

Rodriguez, Alberto R., Sr.                            22    RL

Rodriguez, Alexandra “Alex”                      20    PA

Rodriguez, Alice GonzalesFN                        G    PA

Rodriguez, Anna Marie Gusman                  18    OC

Rodriguez, Antonio G. “Tony”, Jr.              15    PA

Rodriguez, Arnulfo Espinoza                        1    CV

Rodriguez, Bernardo                           G, P, 21    PA

Rodriguez, Bertha                                        16    CV

Rodriguez, Catalina “Katie”                           4    OC

Rodriguez, Celia                                            4    OC

Rodriguez, Celso                                           8    CV

Rodriguez, Charlie S. “Carlos”                      5    RL

Rodriguez, Christina Ann                              5    CV

Rodriguez, Christopher Cano                         4    OC

Rodriguez, Damacia V.                                11    OC

Rodriguez, Daniel, Jr.                                    4    RL

Rodriguez, Deanne                                        9        

Rodriguez, Diana Charles                              9    CV

Rodriguez, Elda Anguiano                                   RL

Rodriguez, Elida V.                                     16    OC

Rodriguez, Elma                                                  RL

Rodriguez, Emilia Ramirez                            4    RL

Rodriguez, Enriqueta                                           CV

Rodriguez, Eufemia                                     20    OC

Rodriguez, Eva                                              P    PA

Rodriguez, Eva Maseda                               18    OC

Rodriguez, Fidel V., Jr.                                15    CV

Rodriguez, Florencio Benito “Benny”           4    RL

Rodriguez, Frances Perez                             24    PA

Rodriguez, Francis Sanchez                           4    RL

Rodriguez, Francisca                                          MA

Rodriguez, Francisco                                   12    OC

Rodriguez, Frank Briseno                            24    PA

Rodriguez, Gloria Gonzales                         10    CV

Rodriguez, Gloria Ruiz                                  7    RL

Rodriguez, Guadalupe [d 1935]                    B        

Rodriguez, Guadalupe [d 1963]                   10    CV

Rodriguez, Guadalupe “Lupe” Aguilar        28    PA

Rodriguez, Guadalupe A. “Wally”               16    OC

Rodriguez, Guadalupe Villarreal                P, 7    PA

Rodriguez, Guillermo J.                           4, 10    OC

Rodriguez, Israel Trevino                                     RL

Rodriguez, Jasmine                                        7    CV

Rodriguez, Jaxon Ryan                                25    CV

Rodriguez, Jesse [d 2002]                            11   HW

Rodriguez, Jesse M.                                             CV

Rodriguez, Jesus [d 1996]                                  HW

Rodriguez, Jimmy                                     G, P    PA

Rodriguez, John [d 1977]                              4    OC

Rodriguez, John H. [d 2012]                       24    PA

Rodriguez, Jose Angel                                         CV

Rodriguez, Josefina Diaz                         P, 11    PA

Rodriguez, Juan [b 1877]                              P    PA

Rodriguez, Juan [d 1997]                          G, 4    PA

Rodriguez, Juan [d Jun 1989]                      10    OC

Rodriguez, Juan G. “John” [d Dec 1989]      1    RL

Rodriguez, Juan H., Jr. [d 2010]                  20    OC

Rodriguez, Juan Perez [b 1903]                     P    PA

Rodriguez, Juanita A. “Janie”                 G, 10    OC

Rodriguez, Juanita Trevino                          12    RL

Rodriguez, LaVerne Hickl                           16     SP

Rodriguez, Leona Ramirez                            4    CV

Rodriguez, Leonard Flores, Jr.                             RL

Rodriguez, Lorel Bee Schafer                        1   HW

Rodriguez, Lucilia “Lucy”                           20    OC

Rodriguez, Luis, Sr.                                     10    CV

Rodriguez, Lupe Alamia                              22    PA

Rodriguez, Malori Dawn                                     CV

Rodriguez, Manuel David, Sr.                      16    PA

Rodriguez, Marcella Solis                            15    OC

Rodriguez, Maria G. Rocha                         16    OC

Rodriguez, Maria H. “Mary”                        12    OC

Rodriguez, Maria Louisa                              19    RL

Rodriguez, Maria P.                                     14    OC

Rodriguez, Maria Quinonez                         13    CV

Rodriguez, Maria Solis                                   4    RL

Rodriguez, Mary Helen Cadriel                   15    RL

Rodriguez, Mary Lou Martinez                    15    OC

Rodriguez, Mesario J. “Chico”, Sr.              17    OC

Rodriguez, Miguel Perez                                      CV

Rodriguez, Mike                                        P, 8    PA

Rodriguez, Nicholas Dimetrie                        4    CV

Rodriguez, Paula G.                                       9    OC

Rodriguez, Pedro “Pete”                              11    OC

Rodriguez, Pedro H.                                    14    CV

Rodriguez, Pete H.                                     P, 7    PA

Rodriguez, Pete H. [d 2008]                        18    CV

Rodriguez, Porfirio “CC Red”                       P    PA

Rodriguez, Porfirio, Sr.                                10    CV

Rodriguez, Rafael                                         B    CV

Rodriguez, RalphFN                                       G    PA

Rodriguez, Ramon                                       16    OC

Rodriguez, Ramon G.                                          RL

Rodriguez, Ramona FrancesFN                      G    PA

Rodriguez, Rebecca Bustos                         17    RL

Rodriguez, Ricardo                                      19        

Rodriguez, Robert E.                                           CV

Rodriguez, Rogerio G. “Roy”, Jr.                20    CV

Rodriguez, Rogerio R.                                          RL

Rodriguez, Rosa Garcia                                 4    RL

Rodriguez, Rosenda “Sandy”                    P, 8    PA

Rodriguez, Ruben [d 1946]                           B    CV

Rodriguez, Ruben C. [d 1951]                             CV

Rodriguez, Ruben R. [d 2002]                     11    CV

Rodriguez, Ruben, Sr. [d 2010]                   20    RL

Rodriguez, Santiago “Sandy”, Jr.              G, 9    OC

Rodriguez, Savina B.                                   28    PA

Rodriguez, Sidney                                         4    CV

Rodriguez, StevenFN                                      G    PA

Rodriguez, Ubense “Ruben”                        13    OC

Rodriguez, Vence                                          4        

Rodriguez, Verulo Carbajal                         12    RL

Rodriguez, Victoria Zamora                         22    RL

Rodriguez, Vincente Moreno                       11    OC

Rodriguez, William G. (Guillermo)              25        

Rodriques, Erminia                                       B    CV

Rodriquez, Celso                                         14    CV

Rodriquez, Joe, Jr.                                       10    CV

Rodriquez, Jonathan                                      P    PA

Rodriquez, Juan                                            B    CV

Rodriquez, Linda                                         14    CV

Rodriquez, Rafeal                                        14    CV

Rodriquez, Rudy                                           8    OC

Rodriquez, Vincente                                    21    CV

Roe, Barbara Ann Olson                              26    CV

Roe, Carrie Mae                                      B, 14    CV

Roe, Dorothy L.                                           11    CV

Roe, Edna Petra Bakke                                17    RL

Roe, Flora E.                                                  6   MA

Roe, Foch Wilson “Pete”                               4    RL

Roe, Guy Walter                                                  CV

Roe, Henry Giffin, Sr.                                   3   MA

Roe, Henry Griffin, Jr.                                13        

Roe, Hilda “Tootsie” Johnson                     19    CV

Roe, Jimmie                                                  B        

Roe, John D.                                   B, F, 2, 23    CV

Roe, John H. “Johnny”                                12    CV

Roe, Johnnie Ernest “Butch”                       20    CV

Roe, Lee Roy                                                      CV

Roe, Lori Eileen                                      1, 10     RL

Roe, Mary Ann                                              6    CV

Roe, Pearl Alice                                           23    CV

Roe, Robbie B. Walker                            1, 10     RL

Roe, Robin Levern                                  1, 10     RL

Roe, Steve, Sr.                                             15        

Roe, Thomas Carroll "Sonny"                       3    CV

Roe, Willis Guy                                        B, 2    CV

Roecker, Earnest Milton “Butch”                   9    OC

Roecker, Leona Margueritte Alexander       17    RL

Roecker, Louise Marie Heintz                       9    OC

Roecker, Morris Willie, Sr.                          17    RL

Roecker, Richard “Richie” Emil                  18   HW

Roemer, Mark Allen                                    15    OC

Roemer, Scott Wayne                                  26    OC

Roesing, Elisabeth Forrestier                        14        

Roesler, Elizabeth                                        14   HW

Roesler, Fred A.                                  1, 2, 10   HW

Rogers (Rodgers?), Murray E. (Mrs)              B    CV

Rogers, Albert James                                   12    OC

Rogers, Alton A. “Red”                               24    OC

Rogers, Antonia Antoinette “Nettie” Richers 19   RL

Rogers, Bennett Lee                                B, 14    OC

Rogers, Chad Anthony                              1, 2   HW

Rogers, Christopher Alan                               9   HW

Rogers, Christopher Louis                           11   HW

Rogers, Clara                                                 3    OC

Rogers, Delmar                                            14    EV

Rogers, Earl H.                                          1, 2   HW

Rogers, Elmer Lawrence “Skinny”                6    RL

Rogers, Eugenia Alberta Schuelke                 1   HW

Rogers, Evelyn Simpson                              23    PA

Rogers, Felicia Delight Beckwith                   8    RL

Rogers, Gary Lynn                                        8   HW

Rogers, Geraldine “Gerry” Brown               25    CV

Rogers, Gladys M.                                         5        

Rogers, Glenna Mae                                    26    OC

Rogers, James A.                                           B    OC

Rogers, Joe Ellis                                          16    CV

Rogers, Joseph William                                 P    PA

Rogers, Katherine Salinas                            11    OC

Rogers, Kenneth Charles                             15    OC

Rogers, Lois Sowell                                       5    RL

Rogers, M. E., Sr.                                         10    PA

Rogers, Mary Alice Caskey                           6    OC

Rogers, Milton (Mrs.)                                B, 1     PA

Rogers, Milton E.                                   10, 21    PA

Rogers, Nancy Delle                                    23    PA

Rogers, Naomi Elizabeth                     G, P, 10    PA

Rogers, Nora Pringle                                    20    CV

Rogers, Otto Horace “Doc”             G, 1, 8, 21   HW

Rogers, Paul Richard                                     3     RL

Rogers, Rebecca L.                                      10        

Rogers, Roland Randolph                                    RL

Rogers, Sallee Pickel                                            RL

Rogers, Sarah Thompson                             23    PA

Rogers, Wayne R.                                        17   HW

Rogers, William T.                                         4    CV

Rogers, Wilma Eileen Harmer                              RL

Rohan, Milton                                              20    OC

Rohus, Blossom Edwina Limahai Sonnier   13        

Roiko, Fred                                                    P    PA

Rojas, Alejandro                                            P    PA

Rojas, Antonio U., Sr. FN                               G    PA

Rojas, Fernando C.                                        P    PA

Rojas, Fred O.                                                P    PA

Rojas, Jose G.                                                     MA

Rojas, Leroy, Jr.                                          10    PA

Rojas, Mary Innes                                         B        

Rojas, Sara G.                                               B    CV

Roland, W. H. (Mrs)                                B, 23    OC

Rolen, Gerald DavidFN                                  G        

Roller, August V.                                           3    OC

Roller, Dorothy Sue                                       6    OC

Roller, Lillian                                               18    OC

Rollins, Bertie Lea Simons                           17    OC

Rollins, James Willie                                   10    EV

Rollins, William                                           10    OC

Romas, Gregory                                      B, 23    OC

Romberg, Laura Todd                                    6        

Romero, Jose Candelerio                                     RL

Romero, Maria Guadalupe                           17    OC

Romero, Matilda Pena                                 15    CV

Romero, Robert D.                                        4    CV

Romig, Richard I.                                        11    OC

Romine, Virginia M.                                      7    CV

Rondthaler, W. D. “Rondy”                  B, F, 3    CV

Rooks, Brianna Nicole                                   9   HW

Rooks, Cecil                                                25        

Rooks, Charles Eugene                                  4    OC

Rooks, Mary Ellen Knapp                           15        

Roome, William Wade                                 26    RL

Roosevelt, James                                         12    UP

Rooth, Adrian Roscoe                             3, 14    CV

Rooth, Eric Leonard                                    10    CV

Rooth, Gertrude Elaine “Pete”                       5    CV

Rooth, John                                                 28        

Rooth, Michael                                        B, 10    CV

Rooth, Oscar Leonardo                                  5    CV

Rooth, Ramon Riley                                      1    CV

Roots, William Donald                                  4    RL

Roper, James A., Jr. [d 1945]            B, 14, 21    CV

Rorex, Iola Mae Stroud Pesak                      25     SP

Rorig, James C.                                            24        

Ros, Joe                                                       27    RL

Rosales, Aurelia Luna                                          RL

Rosalez, Reyes Tony                                   16    OC

Rosas, Adelmo                                            16    EV

Rose, Arthur Alvin                                              CV

Rose, Bert                                                      3    CV

Rose, Evelyn May Thompson                      22        

Rose, George Nelson                                     B    OC

Rose, Henry                                                   3    CV

Rose, Ira S., Sr.                                                    CV

Rose, Jimmy Ray                                         13    OC

Rose, Lawson Daniel [d 1950]                B, 23    CV

Rose, Lizzie Porter                                       14    CV

Rose, Michael Lee                                         3    OC

Rosenkranz, Jeanette Dunn                         13        

Rosenstrauch, Jacob                                      B    OC

Rosenthal, David                                           1    OC

Rosenzweig, H.                                             B    OC

Rosenzweig, Libbie                                 B, 14    OC

Ross, A. M. "Pappy"                                      3    OC

Ross, Arthur                                                        EV

Ross, Arthur [d 1963]                                  10    OC

Ross, Bill                                                       P    PA

Ross, Bill (Mrs)                                             B    OC

Ross, Cornelius                                                    EV

Ross, David Earl                                          25        

Ross, Dessa (Mrs. Don)                            G, 3    PA

Ross, Donald W.                                        P, 8    PA

Ross, Dorothy Gertrude                                 3    OC

Ross, Edna Gertrude Hampton “Grandma” 19    RL

Ross, Emeolia Bailey                                   12    EV

Ross, Esther Blott                                          B    OC

Ross, Fortune E.                                          14    PA

Ross, Fred                                                      4    OC

Ross, Gail Gene                                                   RL

Ross, Glenna Elizabeth                                  P    PA

Ross, H. B. (Mrs)                                          B    OC

Ross, Hardy                                              G, 3     PA

Ross, Hardy [d 2007]                                  17    PA

Ross, Harvey Lee                                          1     RL

Ross, Jewel                                               B, 3    OC

Ross, Martha Jane                                         B    OC

Ross, Mildred Rodenberg                            14    OC

Ross, Nellie                                                         CV

Ross, Otis F.                                                  2    OC

Ross, Ruby                                                P, 4    PA

Ross, Sallie Elizabeth                                     P    PA

Ross, Timothy J.                                            2    OC

Ross, Will Howard Sr.                                 26    SH

Roth, Shirley Marie                                      25    OC

Rothe, Aline                                                  3    OC

Rother, A. (Mrs)                                            B        

Rother, Alie Owens                                       4    OC

Rother, Alois F. *                                        14    CV

Rother, Doris McBride                                 13    CV

Rother, Emma L. *                                        1    CV

Rother, James Aloysius                               28    CV

Rother, John F.                                              1    CV

Rothermel, Franklin W. “Larry”              6, 14        

Rothrock, RuthellaFN                                     G    OC

Rountree, James Edward “Jim”                   13    RL


Rouse, Archie F.                                                  CV

Rouse, Artlisa Belle Basch                           22  

Rouse, Delilah Jane                                 2, 10    CV

Rouse, Eugene O.                                        12        

Rouse, Mable Louetta                                  14    OC

Rouse, Maxine Fay                                              RL

Rouse, Rex Noel                                            4    OC

Roush, Davis Benton “Ben”, Jr.                  19        

Routt, Milton                                               10    OC

Rowan, S. Ford                                             B    OC

Rowell, Howard Derick                               15        

Rowels, John R.                                      B, 10    PA

Rowland, Alma Louise Westbrook              18   HW

Rowland, Anne Lee                                       6    OC

Rowland, Daniel Charles                             18    OC

Rowland, Gerald W.                                    17    CV

Rowland, Gerry                                             1   HW

Rowland, Mildred Alene Delvige                   7    CV

Rowland, Penny Jo                                      20    OC

Rowland, Susan Lanham                             22    CV

Rowland, Tom                                               9   HW

Rowles, John R.                                             2    PA

Rowles, Marguerite Josephine           B, 10, 23    PA

Rowtan, John “Butch” FN                              G    PA

Rowton, Alva Milton “Junior”         P, 1, 6, 14    PA

Rowton, C. E. (Mrs.)                                      8    OC

Rowton, Georgia Anice                                 P    PA

Rowton, Johanna “Johnnie”                        28    PA

Roy, Andrea Nicole                                     11    OC

Roy, Cleveland, Sr.                                        6    PA

Roy, Donnell                                               13    PA

Roy, Holland                                                 7    OC

Roy, James Edward                                   P, 8    PA

Roy, Johnnie                                               21    PA

Roy, Lawrence                                              P    PA

Roy, Lois B.                                                25    PA

Roy, Mary Ella Hebert                                 18    PA

Roy, Noelie                                                   5    CV

Roy, Queen Ester                                           5    PA

Roy, W. R.                                                           EV

Royall, Elizabeth Mills                                        MA

Royall, Jake, Jr.                                           24    OC

Royall, Richard Royster                                      MA

Royster, Albert Charles                                10    EV

Royster, Albert Joseph "Froggie"                   1    CV

Royster, Berta Lee Ardesta                            7    EV

Royster, Essie                                                      EV

Royster, Ira Miller                                                EV

Royster, Iris Mae Catchings                           6    CV

Royster, Phillip                                                    EV

Rozner, Allyine Meyer                                17    OC

Rozner, George E. “Mr. Nice Guy”             19    OC

Rubalcaba, Patsy Marie                               14    OC

Rubio, Diane H.                                           16    OC

Rubio, Guadalupe Zuniga                         G, P    PA

Rubio, Lucille                                                9    OC

Rubio, Maria Garcia                                    12    OC

Ruby, Billy                                                  14        

Rucka, Eugene J. “Gene”                            17    OC

Rucker, Beatrice Wickens                            13        

Rucker, Gladys Anita Hardy                          6    CV

Rucker, John William                                    P    PA

Rucker, Tonya Rilynn                                 14    RL

Rucker, William Casseday “Cass”                 3    CV

Rudasill, Ralph Clay “Buddy”                     21   MA

Rudd, Carrie Yeager                                    20    RL

Rudd, Elijah                                                         RL

Rudder, Mary Lou Hammock                      13        

Rudder, W. G.                                               B    OC

Ruddick, Elaine Marie Lundin                     24    OC

Ruddick, Geoffrey                                      27        

Ruddick, Linda Sue Boring                                  RL

Ruddick, Perry Lee                                      25   HW

Rudin, Evelyn Ercell Martin                        13    CV

Rudin, Hans Robert                                       1    CV

Rudin, Truman Willis                                    2    CV

Rudolph, Chris                                            14        

Rudolph, Irwin Chris                                     2        

Rudolph, Kenneth                                         2    RL

Rugeley, Andrew                                                 MP

Rugeley, Annie Bateman Warren                        WR

Rugeley, Annie Walcott                          B, 23    CV

Rugeley, Ashton                                                  RH

Rugeley, Birdie                                        1, 14        

Rugeley, Carrie Robbins                            1, 2   MA

Rugeley, Collis                                              5    MP

Rugeley, Daisy Scott                                      4    MP

Rugeley, Edgar P.                              2, 10, 21    CV

Rugeley, Edith May                                             RH

Rugeley, Edward (Mrs)                                 B        

Rugeley, Edward Salmon                              1    OC

Rugeley, Eliza [d 1988]                                       BA

Rugeley, Eliza M. Robbins                                  RO

Rugeley, Elizabeth Elmore (Mrs. H. L.)     B, 2    CV

Rugeley, Ethel Mae Tippens                          5    CV

Rugeley, Ethel Ophelia                                        EV

Rugeley, Ethel Robbins                                       RO

Rugeley, Frank                                              8    CV

Rugeley, Frank Lewis                               B, 2   MA

Rugeley, Helen T.                                               WR

Rugeley, Henry [d 1936]                      B, 1, 2    CV

Rugeley, Henry Lowndes [d 1925]     B, 1, 10    CV

Rugeley, Henry, Jr.                                        1    CV

Rugeley, Infant of Annie B. Warren Rugeley     WR

Rugeley, Infant of Annie B. Warren Rugeley     WR

Rugeley, Irma B. (Mrs. T. L.)                         8    CV

Rugeley, James Abercrombie                        2     RJ

Rugeley, James Walcott                        B, 2, 3    CV

Rugeley, Jane Irvin                                             WR

Rugeley, John, Sr.                                                 RJ

Rugeley, Leeandrew                                            BA

Rugeley, Lola Louise                                    B     Oc

Rugeley, Mary                                          B, 2    OC

Rugeley, Mary Susan                                   10    CV

Rugeley, Matilda Moseley                             1    CV

Rugeley, Meda Mangum Ottis                      14    CV

Rugeley, Mildred                                      B, 2    CV

Rugeley, Pattie                                          B, 2    CV

Rugeley, Robert                                                  WR

Rugeley, Roland                                                  BA

Rugeley, Roosevelt                                        7    MP

Rugeley, Rowland                                         1    CV

Rugeley, Samuel L.                                              EV

Rugeley, Sargent Walcott                               2    CV

Rugeley, Smith                                              1     RJ

Rugeley, Stanley R.                                     14    OC

Rugeley, T. Lee                                                   CV

Rugeley, Victor                                                   BA

Rugeley, William Wadsworth “Waddy”     1, 6    CV

Rugerio, Francisco Perez                               4    CV

Ruiz, Adela                                                    P    PA

Ruiz, E. S.                                                     B        

Ruiz, Helen                                                         CV

Ruiz, Juan N., III                                           7    CV

Ruiz, Mauro                                                 17        

Ruiz, Miguel                                                  9        

Ruiz, Nicanor J., Jr.                                     11    CV

Ruiz, Ortencia V.                                           9    CV

Ruiz, Ricardo “Richard”                                3    OC

Ruiz, Tomas Zarate                                      11    PA

Ruiz, Ynocencia Martinez                             4    CV

Runk, J. C.                                                     3    OC

Runk, LaVerne Hattie Schobel                    25    OC

Runkle, John                                               23    OC

Runnells, John Sumner, II                           18   HW

Runnells, Louise Gale                                  18   HW

Runnells, Mary Withers                           1, 14   HW

Runnells, Thomas Pierce                             17   HW

Runnels, Jessie Mae                                             UP

Rupe, Clara B. Jones Rehak                      1, 6    RL

Rupe, James Elsworth, Sr.                             6    RL

Rupe, James Samuel                               B, 23    PA

Rupe, Jessie Ailleene                                           RL

Rupert, Alice B.                                             8   HW

Rupert, Annis T. & Infant                                  HW

Rupert, Gary                             G, 1, 2, 10, 21   HW

Rupert, Norman E.                                         4   HW

Rupert, Sandra Yoann                                 13    OC

Rush, Carl P.                                           B, 23    OC

Rush, Carleene Jensen                                 13   HW

Rush, Dean Travis                                       15   HW

Rush, Eugene                                                 2    CV

Rush, Eugene Thomas, Jr.                             5   HW

Rush, Irene Lois Uherek                              24   HW

Rush, Jean Romaine                                      9    OC

Rush, Louise Cowart                                   26   HW

Rush, Milton                                             B, 2    OC

Rush, Phyllis Ann Giles                               22        

Rush, Rex Richard                                       22        

Rusk, Frank Rochel                                            MA

Russell, Baker Leroy                                     4   HW

Russell, Dennis Nide                                   28        

Russell, Dorothy “Marie” Clark                   25        

Russell, H. S. [d 1926]                                 21    OC

Russell, Homer [d 1928]                           B, 2    OC

Russell, Howard Lewis                                11    CV

Russell, James Edward                                  7        

Russell, Myisha Mae                                      2    OC

Russell, Otis                                                   2    CV

Russell, Scott Thomas                                    7        

Russell, Vivian R.                                          1    OC

Russell, Willis Roy                                        5    OC

Russom, Odie Booth “O. B.”                       22    OC

Ruston, Gracie Agnes Campbell                  19    RL

Ruston, Hugh Andrew “Red”                               RL

Ruth, Charles Oran                                        3    RL

Ruth, Fannie Marion (Mrs. C. O.)              B, 2    CV

Ruth, Frankie D. Anderson Yountz                      RL

Ruth, John A.                                                7    OC

Ruth, Ralph Edward                                    10    RL

Rutherford, _____ (Mrs.) [d 1854]              10        

Rutherford, A. [d 1929]                                       UP

Rutherford, Abel, Jr.                                    25    CV

Rutherford, Abel, Sr.                                   15    LO

Rutherford, Agnes                                         B    CV

Rutherford, Annie [d 1982]                                 UP

Rutherford, Barbara Ann                               4    LO

Rutherford, Bill                                           10    RL

Rutherford, Charles W.                                23    OC

Rutherford, Clara Faye Garrett                      4    RL

Rutherford, Cody Richard                           10    CV

Rutherford, Eddie Glenn                               5    LO

Rutherford, Elma Irene McQueen                        RL

Rutherford, Eunice V. Slaughter                          RL

Rutherford, G.                                                     UP

Rutherford, George Allen                              4    MF

Rutherford, Gracie Lee Coleman                   6    RL

Rutherford, Howard                                             RL

Rutherford, Howard Richard “Butch”         28   HW

Rutherford, Kenneth                                    11    UP

Rutherford, Larry Donnell                           12    SH

Rutherford, Lee Dell “Mule Skinner”          17    RL

Rutherford, Lois Faye                                    5    MF

Rutherford, Maggie J. (Mrs S. R.)              B, 3    CV

Rutherford, Maxie                                               UP

Rutherford, Mozelle                                     A    GA

Rutherford, Ola                                                    UP

Rutherford, Roy Edward, Sr.                       12    RL

Rutherford, Sam R.                                             CV

Rutherford, Tom Lee                                           UP

Rutherford, Willard Don                               A    LO

Ruthstrom, Nils B.                                       17        

Ruthven, Donald C., Sr.                               10    OC

Ruthven, Duncan                                B, F, 14    PA

Ruthven, Mabel                                         P, 8    PA

Ruthven, Sarah Elizabeth                          B, 2     PA

Ryan, Archie Edgar                                              RL

Ryan, Luella Mullen                                      3     RL

Ryan, Mary Lou                                            9    OC

Ryan, Paul Edgar                                         18    CV

Ryberg, Andrew WilliamFN                            F    CV

Rye, Barbara Carr                                          3    CV

Rye, Vim X.                                                27        

Ryman, Agnes Ellen Butter                     1, 14     SF

Ryman, Alpha C.                                           3    CV

Ryman, Anna (Mrs. Baltis A., Sr.) [d 1899] B, 2 MA

Ryman, Annie Petrucha [d 1944]            B, 14   MA

Ryman, Ardine “Nanny” Knapp                  25    RL

Ryman, Arthur David                                    1     RL

Ryman, Arthur James                                  17    RL

Ryman, Averille Frank                                  8    CV

Ryman, Baby                                                      MA

Ryman, Baltis Albert                                 B, 2   MA

Ryman, Barbara Elaine                           B, 14    CV

Ryman, Betty Jean                                       11    RL

Ryman, Blanche Pentecost                            4    CV

Ryman, Carl                                            B, 23    OC

Ryman, Carroll Walker                           B, 10   MA

Ryman, Charles Natherial, Jr.                      18    RL

Ryman, Charles Natheriel, Sr.                       1     RL

Ryman, Charley Nell                                   11   MA

Ryman, Charlie Bert                                1, 21    CV

Ryman, Christine Rene                                  3     RL

Ryman, Clyde Eugene, Sr.                             1    CV

Ryman, David Louis                               B, 14    CV

Ryman, Eddie G.                                           1    CV

Ryman, Elmer Harry                                    24    RL

Ryman, Elsie Clara                                      25    CV

Ryman, Emily Alice "Tootsie" Davis             1     RL

Ryman, Ernest Mark                                      3    OC

Ryman, Ethel A.                                       B, 1    CV

Ryman, Eugene Thomas                                1     RL

Ryman, Floyd F.                                                  CV

Ryman, Frank (d 1936)                         B, F, 2   MA

Ryman, Frank Paul                                        9   MA

Ryman, Frank Ray                                        1     RL

Ryman, Fred E.                                             2    CV

Ryman, George Carroll                                       MA

Ryman, Harvey Vinson                           B, 10     SF

Ryman, Henry Davis                                     1    OC

Ryman, Henry, Jr.                                               HR

Ryman, Infant son of John & Louisa                 MA

Ryman, Ira E. "Jack"                                     1    CV

Ryman, Irma Odessa                                     1    CV

Ryman, James Nye                                        6    OC

Ryman, Jannie Valerie Crow                       24    RL

Ryman, Jennie May [d 1968]                        1    CV

Ryman, Jennie Williams (Mrs B. A.)             B   MA

Ryman, Jesse Merle                                       1    CV

Ryman, Joan Horn                                       15   MA

Ryman, John                                                      MA

Ryman, John (Mrs)                                       B        

Ryman, John C., Sr.                                      1     RL

Ryman, John Douglas                                   1     RL

Ryman, Kathryn “Katie”                             11    CV

Ryman, Katie Irene Anderson                       3     RL

Ryman, Kenneth Ray                                    1     RL

Ryman, Lawrence Doil                                  1    CV

Ryman, Lloyd E.                                           2     RL

Ryman, Louisa [d 1876]                                     MA

Ryman, Louise Walker [d 1986]                   1   MA

Ryman, Mabel Mae                                 B, 10    CV

Ryman, Maggie                                             1    CV

Ryman, Mary Eunice Anderson           1, 8, 10    RL

Ryman, Mary Mahavier                                      MA

Ryman, Myra Vernelle Folmar                    19    RL

Ryman, Myrtle E. Thompson                               RL

Ryman, Nancy Jane                                            MA

Ryman, Nannie McGehee                             1    CV

Ryman, Ollie Hatchett                                 10    RL

Ryman, Ollie Raymond                                 9   MA

Ryman, Pearl Schulte                                   13    RL

Ryman, Peter                                                 B   MA

Ryman, Philip                                               B    CV

Ryman, Priscilla D. Fletcher                          1     RL

Ryman, Randolph “Randy”                         18        

Ryman, Robert                                            10   MA

Ryman, Robert Eddie                                    3     RL

Ryman, Russell Leon                                    3    OC

Ryman, Samuel Carol                                  10     SF

Ryman, Sarah Ann “Bobbie” Rector           16    RL

Ryman, Sophie Butter (Mrs Frank)     B, 2, 14   MA

Ryman, Stella M.                                         12    OC

Ryman, Sunshine Dickinson                         1    OC

Ryman, Tommy R. “Tom”                                   RL

Ryman, Vernon Edward                                B    CV

Ryman, Virginia Bell                                     1    CV

Ryman, Walker Bowie                           10, 21   MA

Ryman, Walter Nolan                                    1    CV

Ryman, Wilda Mary                                    25   MA

Ryman, William Eddie                                 26    RL

Ryman, William Paine                                 22


*Rother, Alois F., disinterred from Reinke-Tobeck Cemetery and reinterred in Cedarvale Cemetery.

*Rother, Emma L., disinterred from Reinke-Tobeck Cemetery and reinterred in Cedarvale Cemetery.


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Jul. 2, 2017