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Editor Shrinks From This Task


I dislike writing the obituary of an old lady. It seems too futile trying to set down in writing the things she did. She was born, grew up, joined the church, was married, became a mother and passed to her reward. The dates of her birth, marriage and death are mentioned for they are high points of her existence. The story of her life is pitifully short.


The life story of her husband would record the facts of his existence and also of his business life. Perhaps, too, it would tell of political triumphs and of what he had done for the town. The stranger who might read it would understand that the town had lost a valuable citizen. We cannot tell, in writing, the obituary of a woman of all the triumphs and disasters of her life. They would sound too petty. When as a bride she and her husband set up a home she assumed responsibilities that she had never known before. She learned to spend hours doing toilsome work that was never finished. Day after day the same thing had to be done and she became an expert at doing them. But those things did not deserve mention in the final story of her life. They were not outstanding.


She risked her life each time a child was born. There was a family for her to care for. But we can't give credit for that. Mothers have been doing that since the dawn of time.


She brought her children into the world and she washed them and dressed them and loved them and kissed away their tears. She bandaged their injured fingers and toes. She nursed them through sickness and she smoothed their paths through life and all the while she was encouraging her husband and helping him to become successful.


She made his home cheerful and restful. She listened to the stories of his troubles and encouraged him to try again when disaster overtook him, and when success would come and his head began to rise among the clouds she would gently pull him back to earth and continue the process of making a man of him.


But she gets no credit for any of these things. It is what she was put on earth to do.


At last she comes to the end of the toilsome journey and she is laid to rest. Her funeral is attended by many who did not know her but who came out of respect to her husband or her children, who are their friends. The minister reads from a slip of paper the uninteresting facts of her birth, marriage and death, and names the members of her family who survive her, but he does not tell all the things she did partly because they are taken for granted.


You can't put all that into an obituary. People might laugh at you for writing it.


--Verlin S. Sweely, Editor, Lenox (Iowa), Times-Table


Reprinted in The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 8, 1934



Ab-Ac Ad-Ak Al-Am An-Ao Ap-Av Bab-Bal Ban-Bar Bas-Bay
Bea-Bel Ben-Bev Bi Blac Blan-Bom Bon-Boo Bos-Boy Bra-Brh
Bri-Brou Brown, A-J Brown, K-W Bru-Bry Buc-Bun Bur-Byr Cab-Cam Can-Car
Cas-Cav Ce-Cha Che-Clar Clax-Cle Cob-Col Com-Cop Corg-Corn Coro-Cox
Cra-Cro Cue-Cut Dac-Dava Davi-Day De Di-Dom Don-Dr Du-Dy
Ea-Ei Ek-Er Es-Ew Fa-Fe Fi-Fl Fo-Fr Fr-Fu Gaa-Gao
Gar Gat-Gi Gl-Go Gra-Gre Gri-Guf Gui-Gw Had-Hal Ham-Harp
Harr-Has Hat-Hec Hee-Hej Hen-Hew Hi-Hl Hob-Holm Hols-How Hub-Hum
Hun-Hut I Jac Jag-Jas Je-Ji Joh-Joi Jones Jor-Jus
Ka-Kel Kem-Key Kid-Kin Kir-Koc Kop-Kru Kud-Kuy LaB-Lan Lan-Law
Laws-Leg Leh-Lez Li-Lom Lon-Lov Low-Ly McA-McE McG-McKe McKi-McW
Mac-Mal Man-Mars Mart Mas-May Me-Mid Mie-Mil Milt-Miz Mob-Moo
Mor Mos-Moz Mu-My Na-Nes Neu-Ng Ni-Ny Oa-Ol Oo-Ow
Pad-Park Parm-Pay Pea-Pen Peq-Per Pes-Pic Pierce Pi-Polk Poll-Pow
Pr-Py Q Raa-Raw Ray Reb-Rei Rem-Rh Rice-Rich Rick-Riv
Roa-Rob Rob-Rodg Rodriguez Roe-Roo Rop-Run Rup-Ry Sab-Sam San
Sar-Sche Schi-Schr Schu-Sc Se Sha-Shel Shep-Shu Sid-Simo Simp-Slo
Smith, A-I Smith, J-V Sm-So Sp Sr-Stel Step-Ston Stor-Sun Sut-Sy
Ta Te-Thom Thom-Thu Ti-Ton Tor-Tre Tri-Ty U Vac-Vav
Ve-Vy Wae-Walk Wall-Warn Warr-Way Wea-Wei Wel-Wet Whe-Who Wic-Wilk
Williams, A-J Williams, L-W Williamson-Wil Win-Wit Wo Wr-Wy Y Z


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Ab-Ac Ad-Ak Al-Am An-Ao

Katie Mae Grovey Abbott

Leala Abbott

Norma Jean Abbott

Chester Leon Abdon

Edward E. Abels

Ethel B. Abraham

Robert Eugene Abraham
Mary Ruth Abrahamson
Jon "Bunt" Edward Abshier
Lois Lee Abshier

Carl James Ackerman

Emilie Willie Ackerman

John Conrad Ackerman

John Gilbert Ackerman

Margie Neuszer Ackerman

Mary Edith Ackerman

Robert W. "Bob" Ackerman

Abel Gomez Acosta
Esther Acosta
Gloria Acosta

John Gilbert Acosta

Louis Alexander Acosta, Jr.

Joe Delgado Acuna

Ricky Acuna


Allen Adamcik
Frances Svatek Adamik
Ada Adams

Addie Adams
Annie Ella Slone Adams

Albert Adams

Amy Hamlin Adams
Bennye Dean Adams
Carol Darlene Adams

Earl R. Adams, Jr.

Edward “Eddie” Everett Adams

Edward Adams
Grace Pierce Adams
Harles W. Adams
Ian Adams

John Adams, Jr.

Mary Leaser Adams

Rufus Eldon Adams
Dortha Lee Roddy Adkins
Jerry C. Adkins
Lydia M. W. Adkins
Armando Aguilar, Jr.

Domingo Aguilar
George Joe Aguilar Sr.
Maria Aguilar
Smiley Aguilar
Yolanda Zepeda Aguilar
Benito Aguilera

Guadalupe G. Aguilera

Pedro Aguilera
Maria De La Luz "Mary Lou" Aguirre

Einar John Ahysen, Sr.

Hannah Loretta Jewel Aikin

Knox M. Aiken
Sandra Kay Akin
Herbert Hoover Ainsworth, Sr.
Lenora Ruth Airrington

Annie Belle Abernathy Akers

Garland Akers

Millard Edgar Akers


Mike Alameda
Concepcion Diaz Florez Alamia

Octavio Asocar Alamia
Anita H. Alderete

Rafel H. Alderete

Elery Alexander
Rose Alfaro
David Alford
Barney Allen, Jr.

Clarence Richard Allen
Dorothy Ann Allen

Edward "Hoppy" Allen
Frank West Allen

Gill Glenn Allen
Juanita Alexander Allen
M. C. “Cy” Allen

Mary McComb Allen
Peggy Matchett Allen
Phyllis Ann Allen
Preston G. Allen
Shirley Allen
Veronica Martha Nolen Allen

Estelle Angeline Elder Alley
Betty Allgaier

Jeanette Alliniece

Walter L. Alliniece

Rex Wayne Allison

Thomas “Tommy” Allsup

Josephine Lena Gier Almond
Elmer Alston

Rufus Edgar Alston

Lucille LaVerne Stallard Alton
Candelaria “LaLa” Alvarado
Juan “Johnny” Alvarado
Mary Ann Alvarado
Enrique “Henry” Alvarez
Leona V. Jensen Alzner
George James Amboree

Jeremy VonCecil Amboree
Jessie Mae Amey

Melissa Amey
Thomas Amey
Lula Gusman Ammann


Lura Nell Anders

Melvin Charlie Anders
Lottie E. K. Andersen

A. H. Anderson

Alan A. "Andy" Anderson

Andrew Anderson
Bernice Alexander Anderson
Carl Anderson

Edwin Calhoun Anderson
Edwin Carl Anderson

Elvira "Vera" Gonzales Anderson

Francis Reaves Anderson

George W. Anderson

Grace Ashcraft Anderson

J. E. Anderson
Jason Anderson

Jeanette C. Anderson

Jeanne LeTulle Anderson

Joe Eddie Anderson
Kathryn Crawford Anderson
Kristine Anderson
Lucille F. Anderson
Margaret Hardy Anderson
Mary Lee "Mae Martin" Anderson
Mary Margaret Anderson

Phebe Anderson
Preston E. Anderson

Robert Fulton Anderson
Verna Hazel Zipp Anderson
William N. “Bill” Anderson

W. O. “Buddy” Anderson
Edward M. Andis
Rev. Absolom Mitchell Andrews
Bernice Marie Carter Andrews
Betty Sue Andrews-Alameda

Hazel Mae Andrews-Gola
Felix Ansaldua

Frank Ansley

Iverson H. Ansley

Mary Frances Ansley

Willie Louise Ansley

Esther Arias Anzaldua
Edward Dewey Aoughsten

Edward W. Aoughsten

Johnny Harry Aoughsten

Mamie B. Aoughsten

Ap-Av Bab-Bal Ban-Bar Bas-Bay

Bernard V. Aparicio
Janie G. Aparicio

Donna Frances Lara Aragon

Guillermo Aragon
Billy Travis Arbuckle

Levi Archie
Antonia Rodriguez Arias

Pedro B. Arias, Jr.

Gloria Smith Harvey Arledge
William Brooks Arlitt
Betty Ann Armatta
Fannie Armelin
Lois Armelin
Wellington Armelin, Sr.

Dean Armstrong
Edith Armstrong
Goldia Edith Armstrong

Joyce Heinroth Armstrong

Martin Diethelm “Marty” Armstrong
Debra Leigh Arnett

Calvin L. Arnold
Edith Lucille Arnold

Edwin Jacob Arnold
Horace Neil Arnold

Jane Marie Arnold

Lovie Arnold
Ruth Mangum Arnold

Sue Ann Arnold

Wilhelm "Sonny" Arnold, Jr.
Annie Mae Miller

Lillian White Arrington
Guadalupe "Lupe" Arsola
Rudy Arteaga

Willis Free Artis
Mavis Helen Asbury

Robert James Ashby

Clyde Ashcraft

Elton Maurice Ashcraft
Wyatt Ashcraft

James Carl Ashton, Sr.
Marvin Ashton

Charles H. Attaway
Anthony Wayne Auld
Hope Irene Auld
Angel Latrice Austin
Ann Rivers Austin

Crawford Austin
Gary DeWayne Austin
Gladys Hayes Austin
Ivan Austin
James Austin Sr.

Jane Wyche Austin
Linda Barefield Austin
Margaret Austin
Sophia Austin
Donald Lee Auzton

Harvey Wayne Auzston

Alice Lucille Adams Avery
Freddie Alma Axel Sr.

Cyrill M. Babik
Cyrill James Babik Sr.
Jerry Frank Babik
Lucille Lee Baca
Mildred Marie Mayer Baca
Martha Rugeley Bachman

Henry L. Bachus
Laura Gay Bachus

Roy Keith Backen

Ruby Catherine Castle Backen
Mary Margaret Kantner Baer
William Baer
Laina E. Bagby
Irvin Baggett Sr.
Minnie Faye Massoletti Fitzgerald Baggett
Benjamin Hogan Baggett

Richard Hogan Baggett

Elizabeth Emily Bagley
JoAnn Kaufmann Quinn Bagley
Letha Mae Loose Bailey
Levi Bailey

Robert L. “Bob” Baird
Alvin Hubert Baker
Donald "D. K." Kenneth Baker

Doris Baker

Dorothy Jean Craft Baker
Evelyn Muriel Baker
Frank James Baker, Jr.
H. Durward Baker

Hazel Lee Guynes Baker

Jesse O. Baker

John Henry Baker
Marcus Aubrey Baker, Jr.

Morrett Lee Baker
Winston E. Baker Sr.

Fred Farrias Balderas

Margaret Roach Balderas
Howard Earl Baldwin
Lendon Dwight (Slim) Ballard

Robert F. Balsley, Jr.

Robert F. Balsley, Sr.

Anna Belle Highberg Baltar

Bernice Isabel Baltar

Raymond James Baltar
Jonathan Chavez Baltazar


Frances Banado
Alfred Ray "Sonny" Bankhead

Hollie Ray Bankhead

Rosalie Frieze Bankhead
Grace L. Hayes Banks
Alvin Leon Bannert

Mary Ellen Peterson Bannert
Carrie Banyansco
Phillip Banyansco
Pietro Banyansco
Turino Banyansco
Beulah Jenkins Barber
Barry Joel Lane Barbour

James “Brutus” BarbourIsaac N. Barber
Bessie Louise Barefield
John Christopher Barela
Agnes Holmes Barker

Donnie George Barker

Howard Keith Barker

Oma Sue Barker
Cleo Barkley

Anna Grace Barlow

Charles Delbert Barlow

James Edgar "Snooks" Barlow

Margie "Granny  Bee" Barlow
Ralph Emerson Barlow
Alean Barnes

Calvin Barnes

Eva Barnes
Harry Tracy Barnes
Jack Melvern Barnes, Jr.
Linda Renaye Barnes

Loyce Jean Barnes
Mary Alice Barnes
Mary Magdalene Roberson Barnes
Mary Parker Barnes
Michael DeShawn Barnes
Ophelia Hawkins Barnes
Willis Jay Barnes

Annie Laura Barnett

Grace L. Menefee Barnett

John Edward Barnett
John F. Barnett, Jr.

John Franklin Barnett, Sr.
Johnnie E. Barnett
Mary Overton Barnett
Bethelene Knott Baros
Frankie John Baros
Doris Ann Barr

Louise Brown Barr
Martha Tobola Barr
Norma Jean Barnes Barr

Abelino "Poncho" Barrera
Arnold Barrera, Jr.
Althea Frances Barrett
Margaret Moore "Bitsie" Barrett
Monte Keith Barrett
Theresa Luella “Ella” Barrett
Roberta Grace Peterson Barrier

Ernest F. Barron
Ignacia Cervantes Barron

Johnny Vicente Barron
Phillipe David Barron Sr.
Rosa Hinojosa Barron
Bethany Ann Bartosh

Hazel Stansell Bass

James Ray Bass, Sr.

Kenneth Charles Bass

Kenneth E. Bass

Don Louis Batchelder

Casey Matthew Bates
Donald Gene Bates
Georgia "Lynn" Bates
Hudson "Bud" Levert Bates Jr.
Hudson “Cuter” Bates, Sr.

James Morris "Jimmy" Bates

John Wharton Bates

Maude V. Bates
Muriel Lamey Bates
Ricky Lee Bates

Sidney Bates

Susan Amanda Bates
Vernon A. Bates, Sr.
Lora Beth Spence Batson

Robert Jackson Batson
Lawrence Batties
Paul Batties
Tarvette Devon Baugh

Gussie Tasler Baumgart
Norman Cook Baumgart

Ann Elizabeth Williams Baxter
Donna Jean Baxter
Rosa Linda Rodriguez Bay



Ben-Bev Bi Blac

Winnie Mae Holton Bean
Betty Ann Venglar Beane

Bobby Gene Beard
Josephine Louise Beard
Laurence F. “Buck” BeardMary Etta “June” Bearden
Johnny Lee Bearrick
Marjie Purswell Beasley
Lou Nell Beasley

R L Beasley

Roland T. Beason
J. R. Beaty

Joyce Gainer Beaty

Clements Richard Beck

Hiram Beck

Madelene Simons Beckenbach
Julia Inez Bales Cosby Ingram Beckendorf

Julia Belanger

Billy John Belcher

Gardina Helen Vavra Belcher

Everett Britton Bell
Jack Richard Bell Sr.

Jessie Alice Bell
Lucille Bell
Matthew Kendall Bell
Robert “Bobby” Bell Sr.
Robert V. "Bob" Bell

Susan Haws Bell

Robert M. "Bob" Bellah
Andrew M. Bellinger

Juan Hernandez Benavides

Louis Hernandez Benavides
Manuel Guadalupe Benavides
Susanna Benavides
Trinidad G. Benavides
Angela Louise Benavidez
Frank William Bender
Elsie Virginia Hanvey Benedict

Fendley Benefield
Alexander Robert Benge
Emmaline Williams Benge
Robert Ware Benge

Mandy Benner
Linda Bennett
Daniel William Benthall

George Frederick Bentinck
Ruth Ratliff Bentinck
John Bentler

Gladys Ann Berger
Clark Leslie Bergstrom
Cynthia Ann Bernshausen

Norwood Abner Berry
Oscar Albert Besler
Forrest Bess

Frances Louise Bess
Eldas Joseph Bertrand

Calvin Beverly Jr.

James Ray Beverly

Clifford Walton Bickham
Robert Bryan Bickham
Wilma Kathryn Bickham
Kathryn Elizabeth Biggs
William Fred Bieri

Sophie Fojtik Biezenski

Randy Bigelow

Margaret Jane Biggerstaff

Robert Milton Biggerstaff

Ruby Bernice Boman Biggs

Edgar Silas Billings

Sarah H. Brown Billings
Celestine “Pinkie” Billingsley
Zena Beth Billingsley
Elmer Billington
Mary Lou Billington
Lucy Lee Bingham
Ryman Lee “Tex” Birdwell
Doris E. Birkner
Dorothy Davis Birkner
James E. Birkner

Mabel Green Birkner

Otis Henry “Butch” Birkner

Fannie Lou Bishop

Gregg W. Bishop
Merle Longwood Teat Bishop

Joseph Biskup
Avis Radke Bissett
Elmer Paul Bittner

Laura Austin Powell Bivens

Louise Blackerby
Elsie Louise Taylor Black
Ila Elizabeth Black

James Leslie Black

Robert E. Black, Sr.

Robert Leslie "Bob" Black
William J. Black

Benjamin Lewis Blackburn, Sr.
Edward Darrell Blackburn

Ellen Blackburn

John Edward Blackburn

John Edwin Blackburn

Kathy Jean Blackburn

Leonard E. Blackburn

Ruth L. Blackburn
Louise Blackerby
Leona Schultz Blackman
Bernice Blackmon
William Blackmon
Darrell Blackwell
Elizabeth Anne Vavra Blackwell

Etta Willene Blackwell

Fawn Adams Blackwell

Lucy Blackwell

Blan-Bom Bon-Boo Bos-Boy Bra-Brh

Etta I. Blanchard

Robert Lee Blankenship

Callie Blaylock

Clarence Arvin Blaylock
Irene Helen Blaylock

Virgil B. Blaylock

Herbert A. Blazier
James Paul “Jake” Bledsoe
Nancy Harrison Blevins

Frances A. Blomberg
Russell R. Bloom Sr.
Bob Bloomfield

Joe Bloomfield
Dorothy Blum
Melvin James Blum
Nathan Blum
Virginia "Jennye" Blum

Lois Margaret Boarder

Charles Henry Boatwright

R.L. Bobbitt
Elija “Lizzie” Bocanegra

William Glenn Bock, Jr.
Frieda Boehm
Cleora Evelyn Boeker
William “Bill” Boeker, Jr.
Fred Charles Boepple Jr.
John Oscar Boettcher
James L. Bohli

John H. Bohuslar
Lillie Mae Bohuslav

Zella Maxwell Moss Bohuslar
Barbara Carol Bolling
David Randolph Bolling, Sr.

J. W. "Bill" Bolling

Louise Knebel Bolling

Lucille Melbourn Bolling

Richard Truman “Dick” Bolling
Leslie ‘Les’ Nathaniel Bolton
George Washington Boman
James William "Bill" Boman
Mary L. Simons Boman

Otha Lee Bona

Trilby Dawn Bond
Willis Alfred “Al” Bond

William O. Boney
Alford Clark Bonner
Elsie A. Lowry Bonner

Johnell Bonner
Willie Bonner, Jr.

Benjamin Lewis Bonnett

Nannie K. Brown Bonnett
Alice Boone
Annie Mae Boone
Charles Ray Boone
Elnora Boone
Jimmie Boone
Lillian Boone
M. L. Boone
Mary L. Boone
Roosevelt Boone
Selena Gaskin Boone
Sylvester Boone
Verlee Boone
Willie Lee Boone Sr.

Olga Tobola Booth

Roxy Jane McNaught Booth
Earl E. Boots
Jeffrey Gordon Boots

Lorna Mae Boots
Theodore John "Ted" Bordovsky


Albert V. Bosak, Jr.

Albert V. Bosak, Sr.

Albina Helen Bosak
Barbara K. Bose

Vincent Lee Bossley Sr.

Edward Potter Botsford
Barbara McNiel Bouldin

Doris Bouldin

Leo Wesley Bouldin
Naomi Richardson Bouldin
Welton “Tex” Bouldin
Claude Franklin Boultinghouse
Alma Lou Boulton
John D. Bowden

Earl Preston Bowen

June Bowen

Sonja Jean Bowen
Ray James Bower

Elva Bowers
Mittis Evelyn Bowers
Richard Edwin Bowers

Ruby I. Bowers

Verner L. Bowers

Philip M. Bowie
Lottie Bowlegs

Mary Lorene Box
Leona Inez New Boyd


Ronald William Brackman
Johnny David Braddock

Mildred W. Braden

William Paul Braden

Alice Marie Orchard Gray Bradford
Henry Allen Bradford
James William “J. W.” Bradford
Frances Davis Brady
Harry B. Brady, Jr.

James C. Brady
Patricia “Pat” L. Brainerd
Emil "Jack" Bram

Don Egbert Erastus Braman

James Monroe Brannen, Jr.
Michael Daniel Branson
Jadie Branstetter
Jeri Suzanne Bodenburg Branstetter

David H. Brasfield
James Victor Brasfield
Donald Bratcher

Mildred Traweek Bratton

Rufus F. "Bill" Bratton

Robert William Braudrick
Theresa Brazil
Henry Bree
Lawrence Bree, Sr.
Leola Bree
Lewis Bree
Moses Bree
Ruby White Bree

Nathan Dean Brennan
Marvin Gene Brenner
Dorothy Mae Brewer
Jeanette Gayle Brewer
Johnnie Marie Brewer

Lea Ann Brewer

Quinta Brewer

Frank Joseph Brhlik

Frank Paul "Sonny" Brhlik

Marcy Washburn Brhlik

Rozina Brhlik

Violet Aikin Brhlik

Bri-Brou Brown, A-J Brown, K-W Bru-Bry

Robert Earl “Bobby” Brice
Betty Lou Pendleton Jones Bricker

Robert Bricker

Cecil Con Bridges

Cecile Pauline Bridges
Viola Mae Brietzke

Gladys Oleta Briggs

Glen Edward Briggs

Annie Jane Brinkley

Charles Brinkley
Guy Montgomery Brinkley
Ricky Lee Benn Brinkman, Sr.
Elton Brister

James Aaron Brister
Iva Lee Broadwater

James Howard Broadwater, Sr.
Jack Randall Brock
Ben Brod
Mary Brod

David Dwayne Broderick
Joseph “Joe” Brodsky

Edgar Brooker
Kathryn Alberta Shipman Brooker

Millard Morrow Brooking
Alvin Brooks Jr.
Alvin Brooks, Sr.
George Lee Brooks
Gertrude Brooks
Glenn Raymond Brooks
Hannah Mae Brooks
Lillie Allen Brooks
Michael "Mickey" Allen Brooks
Wilma Jean Brooks

Norman Irwin Brotemarkle
Bertha Irene Robidoux Broughton
Rena Elizabeth Bailey Broughton

Tempie Andrews Broughton
William Maurice Broughton

Diane Tucker Broussard
Joseph Wallace Broussard

Agnes Brown
Barnard Brown

Bertha Eva “Avie” Brown

Bessie Mae Faulkner Brown

Bobby Gene Brown, Sr.

Caldwell Brown
Cassious Herman Brown

Charles Brown
Charles Norman “Tootie” Brown, Jr.

Charles Norman Brown Jr.

Charles Norman Brown, Sr.

Cleophus Brown Sr.
Clifford Brown
Delphina Sardinea Brown
Donald Earl Brown
Donald M. Brown
Edna Lou Poole Brown
Elena Smyth Brown
Florence Brown
Floyd Brown
Frank Brown Sr.

Frank M. Brown
Frankie Woodard-Brown

Fred Brown, Jr.
Fred Brown Sr.
George Robert Brown, Sr.

Goldie Maggie Posey Brown
Grace Editha Brown
Harry Moley Brown, Sr.

Herbert Lawrence Brown
Johnny D. Brown
Joseph Anthony Brown


Katherine E. Brown
Kenneth Ray Brown
Kermit Brown, Sr.

Kimberly Jean Brown

Joel Lane Brown
Joyce Brown
Lee Andrew Brown
LeRoy “Lee” Brown
Lorena Williams Brown

Mack Brown Sr.
Mae Ella Brown
Mae Ethel Brown
Malachi Brown, Jr.
Marilyn Ann Barlow Brown
Mary Brown
Mary Jane Brown

Merry Brown

Michael A. Brown
Michael McCombs Brown

Mona Sue Brown
Nelson Brown

Orpha Brown

Oscar Homer Brown
Robert "Bob" Storey Brown Sr.
Rosa Lee Allen Brown
Roy Brown

Ruby Bullington Brown

Sandra Loggins Brown
Shirley W. Brown
Stephen T. Brown
Tina Brod Brown
Wesley Brown, Jr.

William M. "Tink" Brown

Willie Lee Brown
Willis Clifton Brown

Arthur Cleveland Bruce
Mary Ann Smith Bruce

Frances Rose Ryman Bruening

Elizabeth Ann Brumley

Jack Brumley

James Larkin Brumley

Mary Dolezal Brune
Mildred A. A. Brune

Curtis E. Bryan

Guy M. Bryan Jr.

Lida Mable Brown Bryan
Lorraine Bryan
Richard Curtis Bryan
Archie Bryant

Frankie Bryant
James L. Bryant Sr.
Johnnie Sue Bryant
Lois Bryant

Ricky Bryant



Buc-Bun Bur-Byr Cab-Cam Can-Car

Minnie Jeannette Buchanan

Carroll Buchhorn
Mary Texanna Willburn Buckalew

Elinor Ann Buckert
Alex “Chico” Buckley
Charles Budaus
Mary Alice Buentello
Bertie Mae Buffaloe
Phillip Russell Bufkin
Elisa G. “YaYa” Bullard

Bobby Harold Bullington

Dorothy "Skeet" Brigmon Bullington

Earnestine Bullington

Gladys Bullington

Janet R. Bullock

Leamon Leon Bullock

George Bump, Jr.

George Franklin Bump

Lawrence Eugene Bump
Mary Alice Bump

Wallace Arnold Bunch
Lillian Sue Bundick
Kenneth L. Bundy

Margaret Lois Bunge
Clarence Thomas Bunk
Theresa Mae Bunk
Vada Lee Bunk

Vada Lee Simmons Bunk


Robert “Bob” Eugene Burch
Carol Burchfield
Thomas Layton Burchfield
Victor C. Burchfield
Wayne Roy Burditt
Milo Edward “Chief” Burge

Mary Murdock Smith Burke
John Burkett
A. C. Burkhart

Alma Sophia Burkhart
Charles Walters Burkhart

Harry Graves Burkhart III
Irene Stewart Burkhart
Mary Frank Carr Burnell

Tommy F. Burnell
Carrie Sidney Burnett
Dorothy M. Burnett
Dwight Burnett
James Dean Burnett
Irene Burns
Katherine Lorena Burns
Allen Arthur Burrell, Jr.
Charlotte Ann Burrough

Evelyn Louise Burrow
Carl “Bud” Burt

Charles "Sonny" Burt
Don Gordon Burt

Frances Lillie Burt

Sandra Paulena Hickman Burt
Leroy Burton

Lula Burton
Myrle Bell Burton
Gerald Ray Burwell, Sr.
Marylyn Kay McCroskey Busha
Wayne Carlton Buss

Vi Buster
Richard "Chato" Bustos Jr.
Dennis C. Butler, Jr.
Frances LaVerne Stewart Butler

Mable E. Butler
Robert Wayne Butler

Francis Ray Butter

Lothell Marie Butter

Audrey Lee Byers

Luther Jackson Byers

Minerva Byers
Robert E. Byers
Samuel R. Byers

Samuel Robert Byers, Sr.
Velma L. Byers

Bobby E. Byrd

Edith Ready Byrd

J. T. "Bubba" Byrd
Kenneth Wayne Byrd

Emily S. Cabarubio
Johnnie Arellano Cabrera
Carina Cacique
Juanita "Janie" Cadenas
Charles Farrell Cadenhead
Robert Gary Cadenhead

John Carroll Cairnes
Arianna Lynn Calderon
Eliseo Calderon, Sr.
Jesus Romero Calderon

Alma Kathleen "Kathy" Smith Caldwell
Jerry Monroe Caldwell
Leslie Joan Caldwell
Lilah B. Calhoun

Mark Edward Calhoun, Jr.
Wade Thomas Calk Sr.
Betty Jane Callaway

Louise “Mawzy” Baker Davis Callaway
Robert M. Cameron

Shirley Littlefield Cameron

Alice Mae Campbell

Annie Bell Campbell
Bertha Manning Campbell

Carolyn Christene Campbell
Clinton Campbell, Jr.

Earnesteen Campbell
Eva Campbell

Felix Randolph Campbell
Grace Huitt Campbell

Henry Campbell
Howard Campbell
Melvin Frederick Campbell Jr.

Philip Finley Campbell
William Ramsey Campbell
Anita Campos
Julia Perez Campos

Luis B. Campos

Victor Manuel Pavon Campos

Benita Gomez Cano

John Joe Cano, Jr.

A. Herbert Cantrell

Charles Cantrell

Vivian Opal Cantrell
Abel Joe Cantu, Jr.
Ignacio Bernudez Cantu

Virginia Gatica Cantu
Hazel Margaret (Smith) Capps

R. J. Capps
Pauline Perez Caravajal

Pete Carillo

Allen James Carlisle
Sandra Carlisle
William “Blane” Carlisle

Miles l. Carlton
Margaret Kathleen Carnley
J. E. Carothers

Bert Carr

Christopher Scott Carr
Francis Ray Carr
Hannah Carr
Harriett Kirkpatrick Carr
Ida Carr
Joyce Davis Carr
Joseph Frank Carr
Joseph Herbert “Bert” Carr
Phyllis Jane Tobey Carr
Sidney Louis Carr
Theron Francis Carr

Theron H. "Zeke" Carr
Opal Walter Teagle Carradine

John Carrick

Norman R. Carrick
HenryFranklin "Frank" Carrington, Jr.
Silveria A. Carrion
Howard "Skipper" Carroll Jr.
Lynda Jane London Carroll

Miladie "Loddie" Trojcak Kana Carroll

Raymond Lee Carson
J. W. Carter

Mary Chesshir Carter

N. B. "Nap" Carter, Jr.
Shane Dickerson Carter
Rose Mary Carter-Jackson

Andrew Cartwright
Betty Jean Denn Cartwright

Dorothy Beyer Cartwright

George Marsh Cartwright

Homer W. Cartwright

Cas-Cav Ce-Cha Che-Clar Clax-Cle

Enoch Casey, Jr.

Concepcion Orona Castañon
Christopher Castillo
Gregoria Castillo, Mrs.
Susana Castillo

Hudson W. Castleton

John Castner

Mabel Edith Castner

Bennie Cates
Alonia Parks Cathey
Davy Cathey
Hardy Eugene Cathey
James W. Cathey

Kathern Wilkerson Cathey

Sam Cathey III
Sammie Cathey
Clyde Ludvick Cavallin
Frieda Schmidt Cavallin
Lester Owen Cavender


Matthew Cegielski

Georgie Cerny
Hattie C. Cerny
Daniel M. Cervantes

Silvia “Spooky” Cervantes

LeRoy Cessor

Audrey Lucille (Piddle) Horn Chambless

Marilyn S. Chambless

Travis Nolan Chambless

Hayden Paige Chancey-Schmoker
Lillian B. Chancey
Woodrow Chancey

Billy D. Chandler
Viola Chandler

Forrest Adolph Chanik
David James Chapman

Edward H. Chapman

Ella Cordelia Chapman

Inez Sirmon Chapman

Joseph Walter Chapman

Lawrence Charbula
Arnulfo Charles
Enedina J. "Annie" Charles
Richard Charles
Frank Clem Charlston
Marie Charlston

Fredie Maxine “Mac” Charlton
David Paul Charron

Daniel Chasnoff

Rosalie Lena Einhorn Chasnoff
Ralph G. Chavez

Nellie Kennedy Cheatham

William L. "Bill" Cheatham

Evelyn Faye Margerum Chenault

Alice Etoile Cherry
Charles Lawrence Cherry
Ellen Cherry

John Harvey Cherry
William R. Cherry
Tracy A. Childers

Leslie Lee "Monk" Chiles

Lula Grace Chiles

Judith Burch Chittenden
Patricia A. Christianson

Robert G. Christianson

Robert Neal Christianson
Hardy Christmas

Ida Christmas

Luby Christmas

Nellie Christmas
Genevieve Sul Cisneros

Harry Austin Clapp
Harvey Clapp

Harvey Chesterfield Clapp

Josephine Nadock Clapp

Louise Van Ness Clapp
Sallie M. Clardy

Algernon P. Clark

Cotton Wright Clark Jr.
Gussie Lee Clark
Mable L. Clark
Robert Lee Clark
Siburn Jefferson "Jeff" Clark Jr.
Theresa Clark-McGrew
Thomas Bryant Clark
Willie McLendon Clark

Kevin Claxton

Lowell Claxton, Sr.

Darlene Johnson Clay

Jesse James Clay
Jimmie Clay
Patricia Gibson “Patsy” Clay
Glenn Dale ‘Popsy’ Claybourn, Jr
Guy Raymond Claybourn, Jr.
Reid Harrison Claybourn

Alfred George “A.G.” Clayton

Margaret "Margie" Clayton
Oscar M. Clayton
Sue Clayton

William J. "W. J." Clayton

Ivan Lee Cleek

John Boyd Cleere Jr.

Florence Marie Clegg
Lillian Gladys Clement
C. T. Clements
Flora Clements
George L. Clements, Sr.
Helen Pearl Brown Clements

Ira B. Clements

Ira Russell Clements, Jr.

Ruby Mertie Clements

Velma Ann Clements
Vera Fay Clements
Howard T. Clements, Sr.

William Davis Cleveland

Cob-Col Com-Cop Corg-Corn Coro-Cox

James H. Cobb

Lester C. Cobb

Deborah Cochran
Emma Jean Cockrell
Jimmie L. Cockrell

Bruce Coy Coffer

Alma Elizabeth Coffin

Roy Edwin Coffin

Edith Darlene Coffman
Mae Powell Coffman
Arlis Coker
Carl Coker
Dorothy Coker
Lewis Carl Coker
heresa Coker
Georgia "Jo" Cole
Joyce Lynn Minter Cole
Maurine DeLano Cole
Waddie Loftin Cole

Helen Hoots Coleman
Fred Arvel Collette
Louise Collida

Floydd Glenn Collier, Jr.

Floydd Glenn Collier, Sr.
Thomas A. Collins

Mary Sue Bryant Collier
Doris May Mallett Collins

Harry Collins
Henry Collins

Kathryn Alice Cobb Collins

Leatha Burdett Collins

Leslie Collins
Viole “Slim” Collins
Nettie Sue Collins
Teresa Lyn Collins
Joseph F. W. Collinsworth
Rosemary K. Colvin


Bertha Tietjen Compton
Susan Condra
Curtis Freeman Cone

Curtis F. Cone Jr.

Essie Grace Cone

Manerva Jones Cone

Ora Cone

Ral Lloyd Cone
Robert Anson Cone, Jr.

Robert A. Cone, Sr.
Tinna Doll Cone

Bonnie Vinson Conklin
Gail Singleton Conner
Jack Irby Conner

Edward "Eddie" Hernandez Constancio Sr.
Felicidad C. Contreras

C. L. Cook
Christine Harrison Cook
Dorothy D. Cook
Lee Cameron Cook
Oleta Nelseen Cook
Shirlie Anne Readmond Cook
William Edward Cook

William Ernest Cook, Jr.

John E. Cooke

Robert "Bob" E. Cooke

George E. Cool
Sarah J. Cool

Charles Waldorf Coombs, III

Abanell Cooper
Clifford Paul Cooper

Ella Sachtleben Cooper

George Edward Cooper

Jeddie B. Cooper

Orville T. Cooper
Pearlie Pea Cooper
Peter Lorre Cooper

Rebecca Moore Cooper

James E. Copeland

Lillie Miller Copeland

Alma Moorman Coppock

Jackson Beaumont Corgey
Bettie Lou Cornelius
Ellen Roberts Cornelius

Elva Wynona "Dee" Cornelius
Florine Ann Bielstien Cornelius

Fred C. Cornelius

George Cornelius

James T. Cornelius

LaNell Brown Cornelius

Louie Cornelius

Mary J. Cornelius

Nancy Esther Cornelius

Nellie Nygard Cornelius

Robbie Cornelius Seale

William Daniel Cornelius Jr.

Young "Babe" Cornelius

Abe Cornelsen
Dorothy Cornett

Georgia Demmer Cornett

Infant Cornett

Jason Earl Cornett

James Elmer Cornett

James Elmer Cornett II

Billie Glen Cornman
David Glenn Cornman
Gladys Cornman
Georgia Demmer Cornett


Bernardo Coronado
Manuel Coronado

Rosie Trevino Coronado

Carrie Corporon

Dorothy Maxine Corporon

Duane P. Corporon

Ira Corporon

LuEllen Fox Corporon

Margaret Justine Hermis Corporon
Nancy Charlene McConnell Corporon
Percy Virgil Corporon
Vadis Corporon
Willie L. Corporon
Jorge Javier Correa

Patricia Calhoun Correa
Gussie Fox Correll

William George Correll

Minnie L. Keeler Corse
Avelina A. Cortines
Bonnie M. Coston

Doyle H. Coston

Doyle O'Hanlon Coston
Hannah Angeline Coston

Alice Emma Coulter

James Phillip Coulter

Lucille W. Coulter

Oscar Ray Coulter
William Courtney
Willie Charles Courtney

Dempsey Courville
Claudell Knapp Tweedle Covey

Edna May Covey

Billy James Cowan

Grace Evelyn Cowger

Alta Savage Cox

Helen Hiatt Tilman Cox

James R. Cox
Joseph Hughs Cox

Loretta Vaughan Cox

Ray M. Cox

Walcott R. "Poochie" Cox

William Francis Sturm Cox

William J. Cox

Harry James Cowger
Alta Savage Cox
Ann Gillett Cox

Melba Cox
Margaret Pipkin Coyle

Cra-Cro Cue-Cut Dac-Dave Davi-Day

Robert William Craft, Sr.

Dennis Jerry Crain

Frank Crain
Jerry Crain
Robert Dale Crammer
Elnora Crawford
Harold Crawford
Henry Richard Crawford

John J. Crawford
Judith Simpson Crawford
Norris R. Crawford
Wanda Pearl Crawford
Jeffrey Ray Crawley
Anna V. Creech
Jesse K. Creech
Mildred "Mickey" Aprilla Cavallin Crenshaw

Alice Faye Crews
Joan Lucille Holmes Crews
Lawrence Daniel Crews, Jr.
Lucinda Crice
Dorothey Jane Brian Criswell
Warren Alvord Criswell
Morris Kent Critendon
Edward "Poolou" Crockett Jr.
Helen Rose Crockett

Sanfran Cisco Crockett
Esta Lee Crosson
Dagmar Harton Crosswait
Jozelle Crouch

Michael Glenn Crouch

Allen Ray Crow
Jeanine Gauthier Crow

John Edward Crow
Aaron Crowder

Ollie Crowder

Susan Crowder
Lydia Ryman Crowell

Keith Gilbert Crowley
Charles “Jimmy” Crum, Jr.
Mary Cruz
Rosemary Cruz


Joshua Xavier “Xa” Cuellar
Patricia Amanda Cuellar

Anna Mary Culver

Freda J. Culver

Harry A. Culver

Lawrence James Culver

Phyllis Yeamans Culver

Tasie Caroline Petrucha Culver

T. Joseph Culver
Drue K. Cumbie
Joe Louis Cuna, Jr.

Clarence Cunningham

Cleo Patra Crayton Cunningham

Elva Mattie Cunningham

Franklin William Cunningham

John Russell Cunningham
Leroy Charles Cunningham Sr.

Russel Crawford Cunningham

Berta Lou Cupples

Betty McCroskey Curlee
Evelyn Carr Curnutt

Dina June Currans

A. Currie
Ray Curry

Betty Ruth Curtis

Birdie Mae Curtis

Charles Willis Curtis

Ethlyn Verle Curtis

George M. Curtis

George Wright Curtis

Keith A. Curtis
Laura Lou Curtis

Rena Faye Curtis

Dorothy Ann Windberg Curtner
Adda Belle Cutshaver

Annie Frances Burford Dacke

Elmer Bruce Dacke

John Harold Dacke
Peggy C. Dacke

Tray Lynn Dabney
James “Jim” Preston Dale
Kervin Russell Dale
Lewis Dale, III

Veda Chenault Dale
Carolyn Jean Davis Daley

Virginia Lou Crawford Damon
James Wesley Dancer

Scott Derek Daniel
James "Jim" Edward Dannelley Sr.

Ann Clark Dannels

Opal Joyce Cooke Danner

Samuel Maurice Danner

Bob Allen DaPron
Ambrose Darby

Jacob Davalos

Fannie Louise Poole Davant

John Edwin “Ted” Davant

Kathryn Cornelius Davant
Naomi Davant

Robert M. Davant
Glenda Burns Davenport
J. B. Davenport


Mildred Reissig Davidek
Nicole Tremain Davidson
Quinton D. Davidson
Wesley Davidson
A. D. Davis, Sr
Curtis Davis

Dorothy Mae Davis
E. C. "Buck" Davis
Eleanora Davis
Elijah Davis
Emily Ann Davis
Gary F. Davis
James Aaron Davis

James Vernon Davis Sr.
Jarvis Davis

Jessie Lea Poole Davis

Jimmy Davis
Jimmy Roe Davis
John Paul Davis

Leland H. "Sarge" Davis

Leslie “Les” Davis

Lottie Davis
Myrtle Sanders Davis
Orene Mae Davis

Roy Elvin "Dick" Davis

Wanda Marie Davis
Willie Mae Davis

Emma White Dawdy

John Edward Dawdy, Jr.

Marguerite White Dawdy

Richard Ples Dawdy
David Nelson Day

Ed Day

Fred Ed Day
ophie Adaline Marie Day
Thomas (Tommy) Edward Day


De Di-Dom Don-Dr Du-Dy

Clyde Deadrick

Hayes Maxwell Deadrick

Inez Easter Deadrick
Jennie B. Deadrick
Jim W. Deadrick
Mozetta Polk Deadrick
Angelina Grace Dean

Clara E. Dean

Laverne Ada Dearen

Joan Dearing

Clifton "Paw Paw" Deckard

Joseph Dedek

Marie Dedek

Barbara Bruce Deerman

George Deerman

Kenneth Ray Dees
Irene De La Garza
Henry Louis Delaplain
Alfred Wayne De Leon, Jr.

Benny DeLeon
Petra B. DeLeon
Lupe Delgado
Thelma Yeamans Dellis
Dorothy DeLoach
Mary Audrey De Muth
Margaret Anne Dement
Billie Rae Denbow
Wanda Eloise Denbow

Billy William John Denn
Helen Denn
Herman Denn
Joe Denn
Manuel Denn
Rose W. Denn
Rosie Ray Wirzberg Denn
Sidney Denn

Vernon Owen Denn

Teresa Moreno DePerez
Foster W. DeSoto, Jr.

Jerry Desteiguer
Geraldine Dettling

Diana Dewees
Carl Knight Dewett

Alberta "Robbie" Moore DeWitt

William A. Dewett [DeWitt]


Wayman Adolph Dial
Aniceta Diaz
Elias Carlos Diaz
Juanita "Nita" Rodriguez Diaz
Mario Diaz Sr.

Tammy Schneider Diaz
Thomas S. Diaz
Vicente Diaz

Robert Henry Dickerson

Scott Matthews Dickerson
Infant daughter of Z. J. and May Harris Dickert

Lillie Jane Dillard

Joe Thomas Dillard
Lottie Marie Lynn Dillard
Mark Dillard
Murel William Dillard
Yvonne Dillworth
Vincent R. DiNino

Verne Rodger DiPasca Sr.

Katherine Lacour Dismuke

Evelyn Ann Campbell Dismukes

Hugh J. Dismukes

Jesse Valentine Dismukes

Kirby Dismukes
Lois Ashworth Dismukes
Mary Virginia Dismukes
Abraham Theodore Ditch
Jerry Wayne Dittlinger
Beatrice Dobbie

Beverly R. Dobson

Edgar Hamel Dobson

Louella Dobson
Juanita Ruth Dockery
Albert Buddy A. Dodd, Jr.
Cleo Blake Garner Dodd
Loraine Dodd
Ronald Dale Dodd
Gordon W. Dokes
Lorene Mobley Dokes

Clarence Walker Doman

Mignon Doman
Aurelio Dominguez, Jr.
Juana Nieto Dominguez

Anton Robert Domorad

Frank Domorad
Frank Domorad, Jr.

John W. Domorad
Mary Domorad

Vlasta Kopecky Domorad


Lara Bell Dondlson
Cecil D. Dornak

Donald "Donnie" Raymond Dornak
Dorothy Louise Buss Dornak
Edward F. Dornak
Freddie J. Dornak
Jerome James Dornak
Tillie Vaculin Dornak
Bernice Dorotik

James Elmer Dorris

\Johnny Glen Dorris

Pauline Ethredge Dorris

Mary Dorsey

Jody McKaskle Doty
O. J. Doubek
Glenn Douglas

Jessie Hines Douglas, Jr.

Kate Kuykendall Douglas
Gladys Douget
Margaret Ann Douglas
Elizabeth “Betty” Dowdy

Melba A. Dowell
Walter Dowell

Fannie Atkins Downer
William Downer
William Ernest Downer
Clarence Drake Sr.
Eugene Drake

Joseph L. Drake

William Hiram “Jack” Dreher

Fern Lorraine Droddy


Peggy Lee DuCote
Don Wayne Duderstadt
Patricia Ann Dudley
Emily B. Roberts Duffy
John Edward Duffy
Ruby Lee Dugan

Elmo "Pete" Duke, Sr.

Mayme Calo Duke

Charles Ethan Duller, Sr.

Herbert Ross Duller

Lena Corse Duller

Rose Canfield Duller
Anna Victoria Dunbar
Boyd S. Dunbar
David Nathaniel Dunbar

Lyle V. Dunbar

Nora Catherine Dunbar

Robert Boyd Dunbar
Beth Duncan
Dora Rollins Duncan
John Duncan
Mary Duncan
Nannie Bell Duncan

Earl Thomas Dunn
Mary Louise Dunn
Bertha Huston Dunsworth

Justin Tam Duong
Gilbert Duran, Sr.
Sylvia Oline Duran
Juanita Sneed Durgan

Robert Durgan
Wilbert Durgan Sr.
Ralph Lee Durham
Clarice Berry Austin Durochez
Evelyn Fern Cameron Dybala

Martha Jeanne Dyer

Oris Dale Dyer
James E. Dyke
Arthur Lee Dykes
Bobbie Duffy Dykes
Dorothy Rene Dykes

I. Z. Dykes

Leona Lee Dykes

Rita Dykes

Theola Dykes

William E. "Gene" Dykes

Ea-Ei Ek-Er Es-Ew Fa-Fe

Felix Earls
Bess Early
Michael Patrick Eason
Joseph B. Eastman

Joseph Buell Eastman

Mary Annie Fojtik Eastman
Aubrey Gene Eastwood

Bobbie Ann Eaton
Doris Day Eaton
Gennie Eaton

Richard Eaton

Minnie Waneta Wright Eberle

Walter C. Eberle
Stephen G. Eddleman
Carrie Young Edison
David Curtis Edison

Lawrence Edison
Maudester Edison
Michael Douglas Edison
Roosevelt Edison
Theophilus H. Edison
Carolyn S. Edwards

Clifton Edwards

Jessie Mae Hadden Edwards
Ola Mae Edwards
Prince "Rusty" Edwards Jr.
Egbert Elem Eggleston
Irene Eggleston
Jean Kathryn Davis Ehlert

Burris Eidlebach
Evelyn Lois Eidlebach
Richard Eidlebach

Hugh B. Eidman

Kraft H. Eidman

Seamon Oscar Eidman, Sr.

Virginia E. Eidman
Elsie Eilbeck


Matthew Arlon Eklund

Elvira Elizalde
Dick R. Elkins

William "Bill" David Riley Elkins Jr.

Amonical Ann Williams Elliott
Bettie Jean Acker Elliott
Clifford Henry Elliott

Edith Herreth Elliott

George D. Elliott, Jr.

Henry Clifford Elliott

James Houston Elliott
John J. "Jack" Elliott, Jr.
Lillian Mae Elliott
Mary Emma "Mamie" Ayres Elliott
Francisca Medina Ellis

Jerry Ellis

Larry S. Ellis
Leroy Ellis
Linda Ellis

Mamie “Nannie” Ellis
Milton Ausbin Ellis

Rosalie Nelson Ellis
William Laban Ellis, Jr.
William Laban Ellis, Sr.

Clarence Wilburn Emerson
Murlene Jones Emery
Richard Encinas
Albennie Thomas English

James Allan English
Bonny Joyce Yonan Engwer
Petra P. Enriquez

Willis M. Epperson
Lester Epstein
Max Epstein
Renee Epstein

Larry James Erdelt

Matilde Herrera Erevia
C. A. Erikson

Frank Henry Ertell

Mary Wildeane Ertell
William David Ertell

Ruben Torres Escobar
Noe Escobedo, Sr.

Rosa Escobedo
Armando Espinosa Sr.

Mayra Angelica Espinosa

Robert Espinosa

Kenneth Preston Estes

Nathaniel Estes

Maggie McKelvy Estlinbaum
Shelby Lynn Williamson Estlinbaum
Ernest Esquivel
Santos Esquivel
Nathaniel Estes
Fayette W. Estill
Katherine Basch Estill
David Estraca
Alfredo Arias Estrada
Dominga Estrada

Rebecca Estrada

Santos Suniga Estrada
Marvin Etgen
Jean Ann Etheridge

Kenneth R. Etie
Ann Rainey Evans
Antoinette Anderson Evans
John D. Evans

Mary Frances Evans

Michelle Jo Evans
Regina Irene Evans
Roy Evans
Samuel Oliver Evans, Jr.
Susan May Evans
Richard Thomas Evens
Dorris Elizabeth Everet
Lawrence Eves
James John Ewell, Jr.
LaVerne B. Ewing


Cecilia H. "Aunt Cecil" Fagan
Stephen Lynn Fair

Jack W. Falks
Joyce Woodland Falks

Dora Hadden Faniel

Frank Faniel

Melvin Faniel

Charles Edison Farmer

Jimmy Neil Farmer
Riley Franklin Farmer Jr

John William Farned

Martha Laurine Farned

Ellen Farrer

Rosa Farris
Ora Mary Farthing

Will H. Farthing
John Roy Faseler

Bobbie Chiles Feather

James Eugene Feeney

John William "Bill" Fehmel, Sr.

Josephine Feldhousen
L. W. Feldhousen
Nancy Louise Fella
Roland C. Fellers
Juan Fernandez
James Bernard Ferguson

Juanita Ferguson
Mary Ferguson
Zelphia “Sug” Frick Ferguson
Armando Espinosa Sr.


Fi-Fl Fo-Frank Franz-Fu Gaa-Gao

O. J. "Sonny" Fickel

Alice Lena Fields
Ernest S. Fields

Edna Rae Parker Fields

Hallard "Yittie" Fields
Hattie B. Fields

Jake Junior Fields
Lawrma Fields

Michael Lee Fields
Paul Edward Fields
Raven Lanaé Fields
Raymond E. Fields
Ricky Lamont Fields
Sarah Elizabeth Fields

Wallace Fields
Lucy Figgers
Claire Joy Luther Findley

Charles Fink, Jr.

Verona Selzer Fink

Walter H. Fink
Shelley Deneane Jurek Fischer
Diana R. Fisher
George W. Fisher Sr.
L. C. Fisher
Mable Fisher
Phoebe Fisher

Sallie Smith Fisher
Stella Fisher
Willie Fisher

Helen Wisnieski Fitzgerald
Charles Martin Fitzmorris

Glenna Fitzmorris

John E. Fitzmorris
Jessie Flagg Jr.
Shirley Ann Flanagan

William "Bill" Flanagan
Myrtle Fletcher

Robert J. Fletcher

Stuart L. Flewellen

Jerome W. "Jerry" Flint

Lillian Kopecky Flint
Amparo Moreno Flores
Eulalio P. Flores

Eva Del Bosque Flores

Gilbert Flores, Jr.
Hope A. Flores

Jimmie Flores, Jr.

Joe "Mafia" Eugene Flores
Marta Riojas Flores
Mary L. Flores
Rosaura Flores

Timothy Duane Flores
Andrew Carnell “A. C.” Flye, Sr.
Tim Flye


Eugene Leon Foehner

Alfred Fred Foisy
Jim Fojtik
Dan Richard Folmar, Sr.
James Larry Folmar
Jerald P. Folmar, Sr.
Janet Sue Foltyn

A. A. Fondon

Audry Fondon

Christie Beryl Crain Fondon

Jessie James "Jim" Fondon

John William Fondon

Mattie O. Simpson Armstrong Fondon
Lucille Harper Ford

Charles Forrest
Forest Fortenberry
J. J. Fortenberry
James R. Fortenberry
Walcy Gertrude Fortenberry

Jimmie A. Foss

Forest R. Foster

Glenda Sue Owens-Foster
Hubert Earl Foster
Lucile Isabelle Foster

Lula Mae Foster

Nellie Teffeteller Foster
Troup “T. J.” Foster, III

William Newton Foster
Joan L. Fouse

George "Buster" Fountain
Howard Dewayne Fountain
Johnnie Fouse
Beulah H. Fox

Charles Ray Fox

Ralph Osborne Fox
Nila Louise Fraley
Hilda Bouldin Francis
Romelus A. Francis

Raul Franco, Sr.
Sarah Zepeda Franco
George C. Frangullie, Sr.
Joe “Greek” Frangullie
Baby Kyrn Frank
Ernestine “Tina” Frank
Jacob Louis Frank
Carol L. Franklin
Earnestine Johnson Franklin
Elizabeth Averett Franklin
Gerri (Michelle) Hebert Franklin
Jai'Denn Jackson Franklin
Johnnie Franklin

Lessie B. Franklin

Morgan Wesley "Wes" Franklin
Rabye Nell Franklin
Willie Lee Franklin
Jane Young Reynolds Franks
Sammy Lou Franks

John Edward Frankson

M.C. “Doc” Frankson



Conrad Franz
Demis M. Franz

Alexander Franzen

Carl O. Franzen

Charles Ray Franzen
Christine Shelby Franzen

Clifford A. Franzen

Ellen B. Franzen

Gustave Albert Franzen

Gustave Albert "Goose" Franzen

Gustave Albert Franzen III

Norman Lee Franzina
Maria Diaz Frausto
Andrew J. Frazier
Dallas Frazier
Mary L. Roach Frazier
Walter Frazier
Wilford E. "Tank" Frazier

Axel Leonard Fredrickson

Emma Johnson Fredrickson

John Kyle Freeman
Marilyn Y. Freeman
Alfred August “Sonny” Frick
Alvin Robbin Frick
Casey Nicole Frick
Clara Marie Frick
Dee A. Frick
Dessie Mae “Jack” Frick
Jacob Otto Frick
Otto Frick

Patsy Ruth Frick
V. L. Frick, Jr.
V. L. Frick

Vivian Dale Austin Frieda

Billie Maurice Frieze
Freddie Mae Frieze

Tony Friloux
Norma Angeline Fritzsching
Leigh Anne Frontz
William Wesley “Wes” Frontz

Johnnie May Boren Fuqua

Porter Fuqua

Austen Henry Furse, Jr.
Karl Lawrence Fusaro

Angeline Marie Gaas

Betty Jean Moore Gaas

Randi Gaconnet
Jessie Freeman Gaedcke
Lettie M. Gaedcke
Benjamin N. Gainer, Sr.
David K. Gainer, Sr.
Henry Gainer

Wilburn Harry Gainer

William Thomas Gainer

Winnie Viola Gainer

Ernest W. Gajdosik

William Vernice Gajdosik
Lorraine Torres Gallagher
Prudence Mae Ellis Gallaher
Victor Gallaher

Charles Dana Gallatin

Norman Harold Galle
Myra Galle

Karen Gallegos
Marylyn Gallimore
Bergman L. Galloway
Louise Galloway
Angelita Galvan
Jami Pat Galvan
Johnny Joe Galvan

Armando Galvez, Sr.
Mollie Catherine Dollery Gamble
Joe Gamez

Victor Gamez

George Gann
Howard W. Gann
Judith Marie Gann
Mary Alice Gann
Carlota “Carmen” Gaona

Esiquiel Gaona, Sr.
Sanjunita Stephanie Gaona


Gar Gat-Gi Gl-Go Gra-Gre

Pete Garay
Alfred Alvarez Garcia, Sr.
Anita Alvarez Garcia
Anita G. Garcia
Armando G. Garcia
Crescencio "Chencho" Garcia
Cristina "Tina" Garcia
Dora Garcia
Ezequiel Barboza Garcia, Sr.
Florencio Montero Garcia
Florentino R. Garcia, Sr.
Ignacio P. “Nicho” Garcia

Isabelle Aparicio Garcia
Jesus Garcia, Sr.
Joe Garcia, Jr.
Josephine Garcia
Josie “Pino” Garcia
Juanita Alvarez Martinez Garcia
Leonides "Lenny" Nevarez Garcia
Leonor Nevarez Garcia
Lucia Rodriguez Garcia
Maria G. Garcia
Mary Garcia

Mary Jessie Garcia
Matthew Ryan Garcia
Nan Gutierrez Garcia

Natividad "Nat" Garcia
Paula S. Garcia
Ramon Everett Garcia
Raul G. Garcia
Raymundo “Mundo” Garcia Jr.
Raymundo "Reyes" Garcia, Sr.

Reynaldo “Ray” Garcia
Robert Garcia

Rodolfo “Rudy” Garcia
Romolo Pena Garcia
Ruben Reyes Garcia Sr.
Samuel Garcia III

Senovia Leonore Garcia
Silvestra "Bertha" Palacios Garcia
Virginia Garcia-Pettit
Yolanda S. Garcia

Ellen Gardner
Herman Gardner
Kermit Gardner
Nellie M. Gardner
Roosevelt “Boss Jr” Gardner

Sabrina Day Gardner

Sampson Gardner, Jr.
Blake Edith Garner
David Harmon Garner
Marcie Clark Garner, Sr.
Alec E. Garrison
Mary L. Garrison

Harvey Gene Gartica

Anna Rugeley Gartrell
Robert Gary Sr.
Bernardo "Ben" Garza
Evelina Garza
Francisco Garza, Jr.
Genoveva "Beva" Garza
Joe Santos Garza Jr.
Leonides Leon Garza
Maria "Aurora" Garza
Pedro Garza
Raul Medina Garza
Rosalie N. Garza

Geneva Flagg Gaskin
Solomon Gaskin


Lydia Kopecky Gates

Herman Gatica Sr.
Leon C. Gatica
Maximo Gatica
Ola Lee Gaudet
Albina Joyce Senkyrik Gauthier
Douglas Z. Gayle
Frank A. Gayle
Minnie Ola “Tootsie” Gayle
Darin Duane Gaylor
Cephas Gear
Carlton Geer
Shirley M. Geer
Robert Geffert Sr.
Vera Geniesse
E. Leon Gentry
Mary Miller Gentry

Adolph Genzer
Clarence Joe "C. J." Genzer

Donald Ray Genzer
Frank “Larry” George
Harold Wayne George
Kenneth R. George, Sr.

Richard George, Jr.
Roberta Scott George
Anna Marie Eloge Gerhard
Kyle E. Gerla

Clara Ellis Gerlach
Damon Chester Gerlach

Fred Franklin Gest

Clyde Harvey Gibbens
Eunice Irene Gibbens
Eva Emily Williams Gibbens
Mary Burrows Gibbens
Trueworth Gibbens

Elmer T. Gibbs

Harrell Denson Gibbs

Larry Gibbs

William Gibbson

Arnold Weldon “Slow Water” Gibson
Eddie Mae Brown Gibson

William James Gier
Moia Giles, Jr.
Rosie Lee Giles
Thelma Gill
Curtis L. Gillaspie

Mary Louise Gillespie

Billie Jo Gillett

Lannie Ray Gillette

Mamie Walker Gillette
Ronald Edward Gilliam, Sr.

Clarence E. Gilmore

Gloria Nannette Gilroy

Harris O'Neal Gingles
Dixie Gipson
Elcenia Martin Gipson
Godfrey Gipson
Rose Marie Sneed Gipson
Ray Elizabeth Girard
William Joseph Girten
Max Stewart Gist


Dennis Glaspy Jr.
Donald Guy Glaze
Evelyn Marie Gresham Glaze
Mary Augusta Glaze
E. R. Glenn
Elizabeth Schauer Glenn

Jack H. Glenn
John Darrell Glenn
John Thomas Glenn

Phyllis Jean Cade Glenn

Ruby Green Glenn

V. C. Glenn

William H. Glenn
Bernice A. Glowka
Martha Thomas Godfrey
Tom A. Godsey

Eva E. Goff
Charles Wayne “Chuck” Gola
Elisa Rangel Gomez
Carmen Castillo Gomez
Sylvia Ann Gomez
Antonio “Tony” Gonzalez, Jr.
Carmelita Gonzales
Carole Sue Gonzales
Christopher Gonzales
Diana Gonzales
Guadalupe Gonzales
Isabel Torres Gonzales
Janie C. Gonzales
Joe Angel Gonzales Jr.

Jose Gonzales
Joseph Robert Gonzales

Josephine O. Gonzales
Josephine “Jody” Roach Gonzales
Julia Ann Partida Gonzales
Lydia T. Gonzales
Margaret A. P. Gonzales
Maria C. Gonzales
Rutilio "Rudy" Gonzales II
Teresa Gonzales
Victor Gonzales
Arturo G. Gonzalez
Francisco “Frank” Gonzales Jr.

Frank Alvarado Gonzalez Sr.
Janie Aparicio Gonzalez

Juan S. Gonzalez
Policarpio T. Gonzalez
Santiago "Jim" Javier Gonzalez
Anda Janette Green Goodman
Rose Eddie Goodman

Caroline Gordley
Dolores "Dee" Louise Gordon

Ethel Mae Gordon
Helen T. Gordon

Ira Gordon, Sr.
Pierre E. Gordon
Severa Gordon
Annie Catharine Zipprian Gottschalk
Gus L. Gottschalk

Bonnie Jean Graff

John William Graff

Martha Gregersen Graff

Alton Earl GrahamEleanor Thompson Graham
Earl Dwayne Graham
Elmer Shepard "Shep" Graham
June Graham
Lillian Violet Socha Graham

Ruth C. Graham
Harry Lee Granberry
Garrett Grant

Grace Cone Grantham
M. C. “Sonny” Grantham
Ted F. Grantham
Albina Grasmuck
Bruce B. Grasmuck
Bobby Ray Grasse, Sr.
Thomas France "Gunny" Graves
J. Leroy Gray
James Robert Craig Grebe
Barbara Green
Bryant George Green

Charles Conley Green
Charles Russell "Red" Green
Emmet Eugene Green
Ernest George Green
Hazel Irene Green
Herbert Green
Howard Ray Green
Johnnie Marvin Green
K D Green
Kalyn Westmoreland Green
Leila Green
Lillian Willis Green

Marvin Douglas Green
Mellie H. Green
Moses L. Green
Ola Lee Green
Rowland Green
Sandra Lee Green
Sherman Green
Troy K. Green
Veola "Peaches" Green

Wanda P. Green
Sarah Lee Greenberg

Jennifer Lee Boyer Greenway
Annie W. Greenwood

James David Greenwood
Elizabeth Greer
Oscar Fred "Freddie" Greer Jr.

Henry Gregersen

Cecil Elemuel Gregory
Laura S. Gregory

Leo Joseph Grein
Nalois Ellis Gresham
Roy Kimble Gresham

Gri-Guf Gui-Gw Had-Hal Ham-Harp

Alice Grice
Clyde Grice
Robert Grice

Clara Matura Griffin

Joy Lou Griffin

Julie Diane Michelle Griffin
Audrey Poe Brasfield Stowers Griffith

Billy Beth Bacon Griffith
Iva S. Griffith

Joe C. Griffith
Mary Ann Laslie Griffith
Nellie Frances Harrison Griffith
Raymond Lee Griffith
Rebecca "Becky" Sue Griffith

Roy M. Griffith, Jr.

Roy M. Griffith, Sr.

Roy Morrett Griffith III

Thomas Charles Griffith

Earl Griggs
Joe Pearl Griggs
LaVern Jackson Griggs
Munye Rejun Griggs
Nealie Tone Griggs

Courtney Lee Grigsby
Dorothy C. Grisham

James Harold Grisham

Charles "CT" Tillman Groce, Jr.
Ira “Daughter” Grover
Mary Louise Guajardo
Cayetona Guanajuato
Mary Helen Guanajuato
Max Guanajuato Jr.
Enemencia "Nancy" Guerra
Frances Guerra
Joe B. Guerra, Sr.
Everardo O. Guerrero

Josefina Diaz Guerrero

Lidia L. Guerrero
Roy Guerra
Tiofilo "Filo" Guerrero
W. C. (Clifford) Guffey


Juanita Valdez Guia
David Joseph Guidry
William Allen "Dub" Guidry

Jim Wilkerson Gunnels
George Brady Gunter
Minnie Spencer Gunter
William T. Gunter

William Thomas “Buster” Gunter
Bettie Harrington Gusman
Cooper Gusman
Ethel Gusman
Florence Gusman
James Robert Gusman
Lula Gusman Ammann

Manuel Gusman
Mary Alizira "Mamie" Gusman
Oliver Herbert Gusman
Richard C. Gusman
Emil Gustafson
Alonzo Lonnie Gutierrez
Jerry Gutierrez
Cecilia Nemec Gutowski
Annie Laura Moore Guynes

Arvol Norman Guynes
Ben Guynes
George Guynes

Georgia Bivin Guynes
Harry Guynes

Harry Guynes, Jr.
Harry Wayne Guynes

Henry Guynes

Juanita Guynes

Lucille Herrington Guynes

Mary Elizabeth Little Guynes
Leon Guzick
Adela Silvas Guzman

Antonia Guzman
Josephine Guzman
Juan Guzman
James Robert Gwin
Janice Ruth Gwin


Frances Giesie Hadash
Travis Jerome Hadash

Earcel Hadden, Sr.
Edna Ruth Hadden-Adams
Harlan Hadden

John Henry Hadden
Loraine Fields Hadden
Doris Joann Christiansen Haddock

Alvin “Big Boy” Hadley
Jack Hadley

Laura Inez Duffy Hadley
Vencie Jean Yeager Hadley

James Leo Hagaman, Jr.
Samuel John Hagaman

Virgie Mae Hagerman
August Pete Hahn, Jr.
Stanley Tom Hahn
Thomas George "Tommy" Hahn
Vera Hahn
Priscilla Lopez Hailstone

Alma Haines

Luke Haines

Preston J. Haines
Leroy Wesley Hairell
Mary Hairell

Charles R. Hairston
Syleta Lhea Hornsby Halbert
Barbara Ruth Davis Hale
Constance Langham Hale

Daryle Wayne Hale

Kenneth Charles Hale
Leoma J. Smith Hale
Thomas “Tommy” Phillip Hale, Jr.

Thomas P. Hale, Sr.
Walter F. "Hoss" Hale

Claude Hales, Jr.

Evelyn McNabb Haley

James Donald “Coach Don” Haley
Andrew S. Hafen
Jack Harold Halfen
Mary Magdalene Roberts Halfen
Antionette “Annie” Elizabeth Hildebrand Hall
Brondelle Hall
Chalmer L. Hall
George Dewey Hall, Jr.
Harold Hall, Jr.
Hazel Hall
Joanne Gyda Fossum Halvorson


Thelma Lee Coward Ham
William “Billy” Jefferson Ham, Jr.

Hester Ruby Hamelink
Peter Hamelink

Curtis G. Hamill
Eva Hamill
P. R. Hamill
James Hamilton
Logan Dustin Hamilton
Louise Holland Hamilton

Tommie Katuria Hamilton

Walter C. "Harry" Hamilton

Hiram Charles "Hammer" Hamlett
Dorothy L. Hamlin
Edna Hazel Queen Hamlin
Richard Byron Hamlin

Thomas Reagan Hamlin, Sr.

William Lloyd "Dub" Hamlin
Amy Katherina Hammond
Mike Hammond
Mildred Elizabeth Chambless Hand
Charles Roy Haney
Letha Inez Wisely Hann
Liberty Allane Hanna
A. B. Hannum
Wilbert Erwin Hannusch

Christian Hansen
Doris Bunge Hansen
Karen Bolette Hansen
Bruce Steven Hanson
Ruth Gertrude Hanzen
Esther Hardegree
Kenneth “Kenny” Michael Hardesty

Elizabeth Clifton Hardung

Ruth Hardung

Warren G. "Buck" Hardung

Dargel Leon Hardwick
Margie Nell Hardwick

Alice Hardy
Paul Lee Wayne Hardy

William Thomas Hardy, Sr.

Robert Arthur "Bob" Haring
Betty “Pee Wee” Harkless
Curby Lee Harkless

Edna Austin Harkless

John Harkless
Lucinda Harkless
Sam “Bo” Harkless
Audrey Harper

Helga J. Harper
John A. Harper, Sr.

Minnie Laura Harper

Harr-Has Hat-Hec Hee-Hej Hen-Hew

Fred T. Harr
Robin Renee Harr
Ardeen Lynn Harris
Charles Harris
Charlie Harris

Ethel Wiley Harris
James “JD” Harris, Jr.
James Jesse Harris Jr.
James J. Harris, Sr.

Mildred Harris
Robert Sterling “R. S.” Harris
Stewart Tod Harris

Velma Harris
Archie R. Harrison
Arie Anna Harrison
Bobby E. Harrison
Bradly Wayne Harrison
F. T. Harrison
Francis Thomas "Frankie" Harrison, Jr.
Gloria Gay Slone Harrison
Mabel Colley Chapman Harrison
Margaret S. "Maggie" Harrison
Marie Harrison
Peggy Ann Nygard Harrison
Percy Alvin Harrison
Phillip Edward Harrison
Vernon L. "Red" Harrison
Hattie Hart
Rachel Anne Ramsey Hart
Rodney Amey Hart
Ruby L. Flye Hart
William S. Hart

Anderson Cyrus Harter

Avon Ellsworth Harter
Cyrus Ellsworth Harter
Lucille H. Harter
Cindy Rupert Hartley
Emalee Wells Hartman
Betty Jean Bender Harvey
Carroll Lynn Harvey
Cecilia Schimek Harvey
Charles Harvey

Dennis Wayne Harvey Sr.

Effie Dean Harvey
Elna Harvey

Faith Ann Harvey
Frances C. Harvey

Jeffie Harvey

Jo Ann Harvey
Leetta Mae Harvey
Leonard Arlen Harvey
Terry Lane Harvey
Wanda Jewell Thedford Harvey
Doris Elaine Haskell

Harry Dutton Haskell
Sylvia Mae Haskell

William Allen "Bill" Haskell
Celia Marie Haskins

Hilda Leona Flint Hasley

William R. Hasley

Ruby Cecil (Dominy) Haswell

Paul Hatchett
Frank "Danny" Hattenbach

Leon Edward Hauck Sr.
Maudie Mae Hauff

Geraldyne Ryman Havard

Henry Lee Havel
Minnie Toerck Havlik
Albert Ray Hawes

Alma Josephine Hawk

Bennie Joe Hawk
Joseph H. Hawk
Carey Hawkins
Clifford Wayne Hawkins Sr.
Effie Mae Hawkins

Lucille Tanner Hawkins
Mary Eudora Hawkins
Maude Hawkins
James Paul Hawthorne

Crystal Annette Hayden

Gilbert Louis Hayes
Marianne Sullivan Hayes

Sarah K. Osborne Hayes
Eddie Haynes
Gary Haynes Jr.
Jerry Haynes
Minnie May Haynes
Valeria Haynes

Alice Clemmie Head
Bert L. Head
Billie Louise Head

John E. Head
Lotus Ione Walker Montague Head

Elizabeth Ann Heard

Howard T. Heard, Jr.
Lee Edward Hearn, Jr.
Joshua Allen Hebel
Martha Joyce Hebel
Leroy Joseph Hebert, Jr.

Rubye Nell Hebert

Sam Hebert

Violene Hebert
Alene Jackson Heckendorn


Charles Albert Heemer

Evelyn Heemer
Grace Pierce Heffelfinger
Lois Hargett Heffelfinger
Stephen McClure Heffelfinger

Doris Lillian Heidrich
Gladys B. Heiligbrodt

Robert Heinemann
John B. Heisey
Albina W. Hejtmanek

Dovie Lee Hejtmanek

George William Hejtmanek
Nancy P. Heffelfinger

Henry Heller
LaVerne Heller
Gladys Fry Helmecke
Mary Helmer

Bessie Lee Henderson
Bessie M. Keith Henderson

Boulden Oliver Henderson
Eddie Estelle Henderson
Elsie Frances Henderson

Frank Henderson

James Quinton Henderson
Peggy Janice Watkins Henderson
Verna Raye Henderson
Inez Hendrick
Sylvia Thompson Brasfield Hendrick

Robert G. Hendricks, Jr.
Sheli Jo Hendricks

Samuel Dean Henkes
Willie F. Henkes
Paul H. “Grump” Henneke
Jimmie Howard Hennessy

Flois Alleen Willburn Henrichsen
Walter Henrichsen
Ora Henry
Susanna Pfrimmer Henry
Frederick C. Hensel

Margaret Arvilla Johnson Herman
Daniel Hernandez
Guadalupe Hernandez
Inosencia M. Hernandez

Jose M. Hernandez

Micaela G. Hernandez

Reyes S. Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez
Reyes S. Hernandez
Louis A. Herndon
Waymond Herndon
Jose Herrera
Tony Herrera

Carl Frank Herreth
Francis Herreth, Jr.

Emily Swinky Herrin

William Herrin
Hazel Jackson Herring
Doretha “Peter” Hester

Franklin D. “Lynn” Hewitt


Hi-Hl Hoa-Holm Hols-How Hub-Hum

Eliza Pauline Smith Hickey
Mary Ethel Hickey
Albina Vaculin Hickl

Jesse J. Hickl
Joe Hickl
Lawrence Norbert Hickl, Sr.

Marie Nemec Hickl
Melvin Joe Hickl
Otilie Annie Hickl
Artie Faye Hicks
Earl Wayne Hicks
John Elmer Hicks
Maudell Gillette Hidy
Charles Fredrick Highberg
Andrea Sardinea Hill
Dorothy Ramsey Cude Hill

Eldon Luther Hill
Kate Brigance Hill
Jack F. Hill
Luther Orr Hill

Mazie Marie Hill

Susie Odean Perciville Hill

Thomas Jefferson Hill

William Lawrence Hill
Zelphia A. Hill

Golie Mae Hilliard
Grover Hilliard

Joseph B. Hilliard

Joseph R. Hilliard
Linda Vernon Hillyer
Marvin E. Hilscher
Lee Annabell Hilton
John Milton Hiltpold

Steven Frick Hiltpold
Peggy “Peg” Jean Hines
Jaclyn “Jackie” Marie Hinojosa
David Parker Hinton

Helen Parker Hinton
Catherine Louise Ming Hitchcock
Dorothy Ramsey Hite

Arnold George Hlavinka

John S. Hlavinka

Martha Mary Hlozek


Quang Minh Hoang
Vivian Fincher Hobbins

Willard T. Hobbins
Martha Hobbs

Peggy Jane Hobbs
William Henry Hobbs
Clive Coy Hockett

Carrie Josie Hodges

Dennis Wayne Hodges
Galen Hodges
Iona Hodges
Noma Lee Cummings Schmerber Hodges

Maria Hodovsky
Bobbie Jean Falletti Hoffman

Carol Frick Hoffman
Genevia Lorene Hoffman

Gladys Elizabeth Hoffman
Gus Leroy Hoffman

Patsy Nell Hoffman
Ramona Dennis Hoffman
Sandra Yvonne Hoffman
Jack Hodge
Joy Fern Hogan-Gresham

Walter M. Hogan
Ernest Braxton Hogg
Fairy A. Hogg
James Lee Hogg
LeRoy Linsey Hogg
Nancy E. Hogg
Rufus I. Hoke
John Robert "Robi" Holbert

Robert Winfield Holbert

Wendall M. Holcomb
Kennedy Levoy Holden, Sr.
Vernice Clay Holiday
Evelyn Holland
Robert Eugene Holland
Barbara Lorraine Savage Stell Holloway
Clyde M. Holloway
Edna Franklin Holloway
Edwin Franklin Holloway
Floyd Holloway

Floyd Howard Holloway
Mary Jane Holloway

Robert Dean Holloway

Alice Roberta White Holmes

Ethel Daisy Holmes
Eula Mae Sidney Holmes
Tenie Holmes

Harold “Mickey” L. Holstein

Ethel Sirmon Holsworth

Margaret Holsworth
Mason Standish (Jack) Holsworth
Constance Holt
Jacqueline J. Huddleston Holt

John Holt

Larry Darnell Holt

Marjorie Dawn Fitzgerald Holt
William Charles Holt

William Francis Holt
William Washington "Billy" Holt

Frances P. Holub

Libor "Lee" J. Holub
Martha Marie Vacek Holub

Vincent Holub
Norma Beth Holzaepfel
Richard Carman Holzaepfel
Thomas Henry Hood
William Joe Hooper
Garrett Gordon Hope
Mollie Lee Hope

John E. Horn

Mary Gregersen Horn
Mary Jane Hill Horn
Beulah Ann Horne
Ray “Beaner” Horta
Edith Carreathers Horton
Sheila Horton
William Holliday Horton

Howard Martin Houchens

Mary Maxine Bitner Houchens
Joe “Sonny” Houston

Robert Edwin Hovel, Jr.
George William Hover

Agnes Howard
Hazel M. Howard

O. J. Howard, Sr.

Elizabeth Jones Howe
Jessie Berniece “Sis” Howell

Roxanne Sue Thompson Hozdish

Harry O. Hubbard

James A. Hubbard
Julia Tanner Hubbard

Rush Russel Hubbard
Marion Clyde DeRoch Hudson

John Andrew “Jack” Huebner, Jr.

Myrtle Gregory Huebner

Pauline Huebner
Elena Huerta
Mercedes J. Huerta
Raymond J. Huerta, Sr.
Huffhines, Tressie
Joseph Martin Huggins Sr.
Rupert Milton "Rusty" Hughes
E. M. Huitt, Jr.
James Frederick Huitt

Clarence Obie Huff
Lonnie "Fuzzy" Huff

Beatrice Alice Hufstetler
Dominic Huggins

Agnes M. Hughes
Glenda McSwane Hughes
Rupert Milton "Rusty" Hughes

William Henry Hughes

Samuel Wythe Hughston
E. M. Huitt, Jr.
James Frederick Huitt
John A. Hulen
Ivy Lou Yancey Humber
Sarell Lavon West Humphrey
Dorothy M. Humphreys


Hun-Hut I Jac Jag-Jas

Elenora Shimek Collins Hunt
Flora M. Hunt

Harold Hunt
Leo Raymond Hunt

Norma Ruth Hunt

Mrs. S. A. Hunt
Alvis C. Hunter
Edmond Trammel Hunter
Helena Hunter
Sophia Hilda Lemons Hunter

Burton D. Hurd

Dena D. Soekland Hurd

Dorothy Nadine Hurdt
Drexell Hurley
Shirley Hurst

Alphon “Al” Willie Hurta
Frank J. "Sonny" Hurta
Howard Hurta

Lawrence James Hurta
Louis Hurta
Mattie Nora "Totsy" Guynes Hurta
David Hurtado, Sr.
Georgia Dinkins Huston
Thomas M. Huston Jr

Winona Davis Hutcherson
E. O. Hutcheson

Clark Hutchison
Lorrein Cleta Spurgeon Hutson

Robert Lee Hutson
Ronald Vincent Hutson

Infant Boy Hutto


Earl Herbert Icenogle
Hazel Mildred Icenogle
Ludie Elizabeth Eaton Inge
Keye Morgan Ingram
Mary Belle McAllister Ingram
William Dub Ingram lll

Aubrey Inscore

Alice B. Irvine
Roland Irving, Jr.
Clayton Hugh Irwin, Jr.


Rhonda Sue King Jack
Andrew J. Jackson
Brian Jackson
Doris "Dot" E. Shumaker Jackson
Emma Grace Jackson
Erma Lee Jackson

Hannah Highberg Maples Jackson
Inez Woods Jackson

Ira P. Jackson
Irene Randle Jackson
Leatha Williams Jackson

Leroy Louis Jackson, Sr.

Lesser Eliza Jackson

Lewis B. Jackson
Linda Coleman Jackson
Lloyd L. Jackson
Margaret Casey Jackson
Mary "Lib" Jackson

McKinley Jackson

Nathan O. Jackson
Pamela Jane Wright Jackson

Roberta Jackson

Roosevelt "Buster" Jackson
Roy Lee Jackson
Stonewall Jackson

William "Bill" Royce Jackson
Willie B. Jackson
Paula Jacobo

Edna Marjorie (Witt) Jacoby


Emilie Merkel Jager

Herman Jager
Jo Ann Jager

Leroy Jager

Paul Jager

Pauline Jager
Nathan Daniel Jahns

Hilda Cecilia Macha Jalufka

Alvina Christine Leaser James

Barbara James

Cecil Earl James
Herbert Melvin James

J. L. James, Jr.
Jerry Paul James, Sr.
Jerry Paul James, II
Jodie William James
Joseph Earl James

Kenneth Ray James

Laura Louise James

Margie R. James
Nathern James

Richard Ray James
Rosie Lee James

T. W. James
Tiny Faye James
Trina James
William Allen “Chick” James

Donald Edward Janes
Rose Marie Janes
Otto H. Janssen Jr.
Veola January
Carlos Jaramillo

Lorrine Garcia Jaramillo
Sammie Colleen Finch Jarrell
Kenneth Jarrett, Jr.
Mildred Cunningham Jarvis
Helen Dessie Roesler Jasek

Leonard Jasek
November Banyansco Jaynes

Je-Ji Joh-Joi Jones Jor-Jus

Eddie G. Jecmenek
Henrietta Jeffers
Antoine Jefferson
O. D. Jefferson
Vinora Williams Jeffery

Annie Bell Duncan Jenkins

Fannie Emma Jenkins

Freeland Lawrence Jenkins

Irene Davis Jenkins

Julian Abraham Jenkins
Julian Ray Jenkins

Lillian Opal Jenkins
Patton Ezell “Pat” Jenkins
Robert Allen Jenkins

Sarah Emmaus Larrison Jenkins
LaVerne Jennings-Byars
Faye Fields Jennings

Nancy Seerden Jennings

Hans “Ed” Edward Jensen

Irwon Marie Jensen

Lola Mae Ruth Jensen

Myrtle Naomi Jensen
Roy Christian Jensen
Elaine Edna Jeremiah
Flora Bell "Flo" Jesse

Nellie M. Jesse

Barbara Hartman Jessup
Donald Vernon Jessup
Lucretia A. Redman Jewel
Samuel V. Jewel
Bernice Osway Harrison Jewell

Bessie Ann "Dixie" Williams Jewell

Travis Lee Jewell
Alexander “Cando” Jimenez Sr.
Orlanda Jimenez

C. P. Jinks

Irene Bell Jinks

William Donald Jinks

Celestine Peaks John
Gieanna Brown John
Johnny Johnican, Jr.

Ada Della Johnson

Addie Lee Johnson

Albert Hoyt Johnson
Anna Louise Johnson
Charles Johnson

Chester Johnson
Christine Gregersen Johnson

Dorothy Johnson

Earl Sam Johnson

Ed Johnson
Ernest Lee Johnson
Georgia Johnson
Gloria Hubbard-Johnson
Helen Holmes Johnson
Jack Leon Johnson
Jessie Mae Sonnenberg Johnson
John D. Johnson
Johnnie Johnson
Joseph Mack Johnson
Lela Estelle DeBusk Johnson
Lucille Richardson Johnson

Mary Johnson
Maxine Cornelius Johnson
Melvin P. Johnson Sr.
Myrtle Smith Johnson
Rev. N. J. Johnson
Nellie Jane Johnson
Norris Raymond Johnson
Roxie Bell Johnson

Roxie Dunlap Johnson
Shenequa Shanee Johnson
Thomas Carl Johnson
Vera Mae Johnson
Viola Lane Johnson
Wesley Johnson

William Laney Johnson, Sr.
Wilma E. Johnson

Winifred M. Bump Johnson
Wynelle Lawrence Johnson
Erich Erhardt Johs, Jr.
Frank Arnold Johs

Barbara A. Joines

Earnest Neal Joines
Henrietta Tabitha Thurman Joines

Opal Lee Guynes Joines

Marvin Carl Joines
Wheeler Joines

Alice Mae Jones
Andrei Jones, Sr.
Audrey Mae Jones
Catherine Whitley Jones
Cassie Lemons Jones
Cleve Bedford Jones
Curtis Jones
Dana Eaton Jones
David Dewitt Jones, Jr.

David Hebrew Jones
Dorothy Jean Jones
Dortha Mae Rose Mosier Jones
F. H. Jones

Florine Jones
Gary Ray Jones
Gussie M. Hayes Jones
Jeanette (Skinner) Jones
Walter Jones, Jr.
James Johnson “Jimmy” Jones

Janice Laurence Jones

Jesse T. Jones
Kathleen Ann "Kathy" Jones

Laura Lea Davant Jones
Leona Princella King Jones

Lily Ann Jones

Lucy Vandiver Jones
Opal Jean Jones
Pamela Kay Fancher Jones
Pearl Jones
Raymond “Hard Times” Jones, Sr.

Roy Lee Jones
Sarah Jones

Sherria Jones

Thad Carter Jones

Teresa “T” Thomas Jones
Valry Mae Jones
Willie Lee Jones


Joseph Lawson Jordan
Lorena Matthews Jordan
Margaret S. Jordan

Orene G. Schweinle Jordan

Brijido “Mickey” Juarez
Jesus Juarez
Jose Juarez

Robert Jesse Juarez, Sr.

Evelyn Helen Junek

Willie Orsak Junek

Albert Frank Jurasek
Alice Albina Hejtmanek Jurek
Anna Mae Hejtmanek Jurek

Frances Polensky Jurek

Henry E. Jurek, Jr.
Henry E. Jurek Sr.

Hubert R. Jurek

Jimmie Lee Jurek
Lois Ann Jurek

Rosie Wick Jurek

James Taft Justice


Ka-Kel Kem-Key Kid-Kin Kir-Koo

Anton Joe Kacer
Frank (Frankie) J. Kacer
Nancy Pearl Kain
Rita Joy Witcher Kainer
Ann C. Kaiser

Larry Kurt Kaiser
Mildred Marie Kalas

Edmund “Jay” Kalinec

Henry Joseph Kalinec, Jr.
Tillie Marie Cerny Kalinec
Anna Mae Sivek Burt Kammerer

Edwin John Kana

Ivan Andrew Kana

Helen Greenberg Kasman

Matilda Vaculin Kaspar

Henry Paul Katzer

William Troy "Bill" Kay
Stanley Keathley
Grace Bullard Keener
Nannie Belle Burchfield Keith

Rubena “Sugie” Keen

Norma Keene

C. B. "Cotton" Keener

James Wallace Keenon
Lillie Rose Keith

Mildred "Millie" Marie Murray Keith

Gertrude M. Keller

Mary Margaret Sears Keller
Nolan Frank "Pete" Keller
Patricia Keller
William Killebrew Keller
Amanda Kelley
Clara Mae Kelley

Leonard R. Kelley
Aaron N. Kelly
Bobby R. Kelly

Carrie Wallace Kelly
George L. “Bud” Kelly

Joe Kelly
Lorena W. Kelly
Margaret Roberts Kelly

Michael E. Kelly

Teri Lee Kelly
Vivian Bree Kelly
Alfred Leon Kelso, Jr.

Albert Kemp
Barbara Holubec Kemp

Chester Kemp, Sr.
Kathryn Anne Kemp

Mary Lou Fields Kempfer

Gerald Lewis Kennedy Sr.
John Patrick "Pat" Kennedy

Lewis Bertrand Kennedy

Mildred Kennedy

R. W. "Bo" Kennedy
Anna Ruth Kersh
Berney Ray Keszler

Edward “Pop” Keszler

Robert Lee Keszler
Carter Ray Key

Alonia A. Fletcher Keys
Alvin C. Keyes
Erin J. Keys


Rudolph G. Kidder

Sylvia Swinford Kilbride
Herman Arlist Kile

Walter Elliott Kilgore
Eunice E. Killgore

Richard A. Killgore

Richard E. Killgore

Simmen Albert Killgore

Donald A. Kilpatrick

James Kilpatrick

Jessie Mildred Merck Kilpatrick

Harvey W. Kilsby

Jerome “Jerry” Kimball, III
Hollis Kimble

Elizabeth L. Kimsey
Hattie Mae Kinchloe
Anna Lee King
Bettye Jones King
Byron W. King
Carl A. King

Dorothy Ann King
Edward King

Erin Kay King

Frank Alva King

Glen Alan King
James “Jimmy” King
James “Jay” Douglas King
Lillie Lorraine Mariner King

Mary King
Robert Scott King

Verna Marie King
William King
William George King, Jr.

Alford Glyn Kinsey

Shirley Priesmeyer Kinsey


Frances Debolt Kirby

Georgia Jeanette Kirby

Hollis D. Kirkland, Sr.

Elsie Gertrude Kirn

Glenn Harold Kittredge
Maude Beatrice Kittredge

Lillian "Lil" Klaiber

Muriel Emma Sanders Klee
Mamie Kilbride Klein

Max G. Klein
Frances Agnes Klepac

Charles Stewart Kling
Steven Craig Klingaman
Anita Ford Knapp
R. B. Knapp

Eleanor Bures Knebel

Frank Knebel

Frank E. Knebel
Johnny Frank Knebel

Kenneth Ray “Tudy” Knebel

Ethel Mae Findley Knight
Joe C. Knight
Larry Knight
Leona Anna Knippel
Raymond William Koch
Sandra Schneider Koch
David Allen Kocurek
Leona Socha Kocurek

Paul M. Kocurek
Peter "Pete" Cyril Kocurek
Robert Dwain Koenig
Albert I. "Al" Kogutt
I. H. "Pete" Kogutt
Leah Kogutt
Dollie Pauline Williams Koopman


Kop-Kru Kub-Kuy LaB-Lan Lan-Law

Bertha M. Kopecky

Joe Kopecky

John Kopnicky

Louise Kopecky
Louise Vavrecka Kopecky
Martin William Kopecky

Mary Martha Hluchan Kopecky

Rozina Cecilia Kopecky

Victor L. Kopecky

Virgil Kopecky
John Kopnicky
Susie Korff
James Lee Kosarek
Rosie Steffie Kosarek

Lucille F. (McCarrell) Koslan

Helen M. Roberts (Kotsay)
Denise Pawn Penland Clifton Kovar

Jerome L. Kovar

Jimmy Wayne Kovar
Joyce Marie Tschiedel Kovar
Vlasta Kovar
Angela “Angie” Canova Kramer

Lawrence C. Krause

Antonie Marie Scutca Krenek

Betty Sue Krenek

Christopher Roy Estes-Krenek
David Louis Krenek

Ernest Felix Krenek
Henrietta Mary Krenek
Lisa Weeks Krenek
Silvy J. Krenek

Eugene J. Kretschmar
John Julius Kretschmar

George Kretzschmar
Merle Darlene (Dussetschleger) Krezer

Frances Ann “Happy” Kristynik
Dieter Bruno Krix

William Frank Krobot

David Victor Krumholz
Clarence W. “Bucky” Kruse
Frank “Sonny” Charles Kruse

Debra Green Krutilek

Joseph "Joe" Kuba
Martha Marie Gerhard Kubecka
Oswald Richard Kubecka, Sr.
Hilda Pustejovsky Kubena
Joshua Daniel Kudelka
Hattie May Kundinger

Hugo Kundinger
Agnes Kunefke
Ethel Lee Chamblee Kunefke
Leonard "Uncle Bro" Kunefke Sr
Robert “Bob” Kunefke, Sr.

August Kunover

Robert “Bob” E. Kupka
Alfonse M. Kurtz

Evelyn Sophie Fabian Kurtz
Benjamin Warner Kuykendall

Emma Kuykendall

Ike Kuykendall
Lucy Harrison Kuykendall
Michelle Kuykendall
Wylie Kuykendall


Audrey Hobbs LaBeff
Wilford "Pete" John LaBorde
Doretta Lacina
Martha Mae Adams Lacy

Steve Labuda

John Arthur Lacy Jr.

Mary Laddie

Billy Ray Laird

Joan Smith Lamar

Joseph Paul Lamb
Epitacio "Tacho" Landeros

Elizabeth Landers

Mary Ann "Pickle" Landers

Ralph Landers, Jr.
Sterling Landers
Leah Landrum

Mack Landrum

Gladys Faye Landry

Herman Joseph Landry

Marjorie Moselle Solinsky Landry
Sylvia Mae Landry
Allie Mae Lane
Blanche Lane
Jim S. Lane
Nancy Ruth Keller Lane

Peggy Ann Lane

William Lane


Gay Elaine Langerhans
C. H. Langford
Irene Brooks Langford
J. C. Langley

Laura Jean Lee Lanigan

Annie Josephine Jo Lankard

Jimmy Wesley Lanmon
Carolyn Bradshaw LaQue
Adelita Gonzalez Lara
Esther Santana Lara

Melchor Lara
Nicolasa Lara

Porfirio Muniz Lara

Ramon Lara
Carole Jean Raasch Lark

Jeremiah Lashbrook

Alvena Kopecky Laslie

Kathy Arndt Laslie

L. B. Laslie, Sr.
Artie Latham

Cecil Herbert Latham
James Latham, Sr.
Lula Bell “Lou” Lattie

Kurtis Stanley Law

Belle S. Lawhon

Cliff Lawhon

Joseph B. Lawhon
Leslie Mae Lawhon

Muriel Thrasher Lawhon

Tot Lawhon

Rebecca “Becky” Ann Lawrence

Robert Lee Lawrence
Sadie Hill Lawrence
Virginia Shannon Lawrence


Laws-Leg Leh-Lez Li-Lom Lon-Lov

Georgia Laws
Horace Laws
Vera Laws

Everett "Ezz" Donald Lawson

G. G. "Bub" Lawson, Jr.
Gayle Joan Lawson

Gordon Lawson
Chepos Franklin Laxton
Willie Evelyn “Ebbie” Johnston Cook Layne

T. Byron Lay

Beverley J. Leach
Josephine Izorah Halliday Leadford

Kenneth Alan Leaf
Hazel LeBlanc
Robert Dale LeBlanc Sr.
Nannie Alpha Harris LeCompt
Henry Letje
Ignatz Joe Ledwig, Sr.

Julius Henry Ledwig, Sr.

Luella Bender Ledwig
Antonia “Toney” Lee

Beulah Lee
C. W. Lee Jr.

Charles Burton "C.B." Lee
Clarence E. "Buzz" Lee
David Cleveland "Cleve" Lee Jr.

James L. Lee
Jeannette Helton Lee
Jerry Alvin Lee
John Lee
Lillie Lee
Nantie Pier Lee
Pertillar Lee

Pier Edward "Bubba" Lee, Jr.

Pier Edward Lee Sr.

Ruth Arlene Gredvig Lee
Vera B. Lee
Virginia Lee

Albert Lane Legg

Alma Leona Ray Crow Legg

Carrie Ethel Legg
Dorothy Estelle Legg

Early James Legg

Henry Roger Legg, Jr.

Henry Roger Legg Sr.
Kathy Lynn Dial Legg

Lela B. Legg

Lettie Eastman Legg

Luster Vernon Legg

Richard B. Legg

Richard Hubert Legg

Roger Kay Legg
Viola B. Legg
Johnny Leggett

Leon Eugene Lehmann

Michael J. Leibold

Guadalupe Leija

August "Gus" Leissner
Vernon Allison Leissner Sr.
Velma Pauline LeJune
Elsie LeMaster

Jack Richard Le Master, Sr.
Linda Sue LeMaster
Pauline LeMaster
John William "Barney" Lemcke
Albert Tyron Lemon

Lloyd Lemon
Lillian Mitchell LeMonds
Burt Lenz
Elmere Dawdy Lenz
Ernest Anton Lenz
Essie Temple Lenzy
John Vance Lesikar
W. Howard Lester
Sallie Bell LeTulle

Tommy Norwood LeTulle
Victor L. LeTulle

Reginauld Curtis Levi
Flor Esmeralda Levitt
Betty Rugeley Lewis
Carrie Faniel “Mama Carrie” Lewis
Daisy Bryan Lewis
Guy Delmar Lewis
Helen Lewis
Hezekiah Lewis
Horace Lewis Jr.
Israel Lee "Sonny" Lewis, Sr.
John E. Lewis
John Floyd Lewis
Lance Patrick Lewis

Larry Edward Lewis

Lee Roy “Bubba” Lewis

Lloyd Lewis
Mildred Bankhead Lewis
Prince Lewis
Romont Lewis
Sandra Gayle Lewis

Sherry Lewis
Sophie Dicey Mae “Mama Sophie” Lewis

T. J. Lewis
Thomas Harwood Lewis

Claudia Della Lezak


Linda Ann Libby
Roberta Mae Liggett

Frances Canary Lindamood

Ralph L. Lindamood
William Henry Linder

Paul Howard Lindsey

Beverlay Morgan Linton
Edith Clapp Linton

Jimmie Edith Linton
Monroe Linton

Nathan D. Linton

Corinne Storey Lipscomb

Jack S. Lipscomb

John W. Lipscomb, Sr.

Helen Margaret Little

Ralph Louie Littlejohn, Sr.

Domingo “Mingo” Garza Llanes
Feliciana G. Llanes
George M. Llanes

Raquel Anna Llanes

Timothy “Tim” Marmolejo Llanes

Laura Della Lloyd

Russell Craig Lloyd
James O. “Sonny Man” Lockett

Robert "Bob" Victor Loff

Adelbert Minich Logan
Dana Logan
James H. Logan
Julius Burns Logan
Olla Mae Logan

Wylie E. Logan
John Loman
Mary Jane Loman

Annie Mae Long
Dudley G. Long
Eugene R. Long

Jacob Hayward Long
Jessie Murl Moses Long
John Franklin Long, Sr.

Robbie Dee Long

Robert F. Long
Shirley Casey Long

William Frank "Billy" Long

Alfred Longoria
Benito Longoria, Sr.
Charlie Longoria III
Charlie Longoria, Jr.
David Longoria, Jr.
David C. Longoria
Dolores Longoria

Emilio Longoria
Felix R. Longoria
Haleigh Mariah Longoria
Laura Elisabeth Rogers-Longoria
Laura S. Longoria
Lupe Longoria

Magdalena Pena Longoria
Reymundo C. Longoria
Reymundo C. Longoria, Jr.

Richard R. Longoria

Annie B. Longuet

Olan Ray Longuet
Henry Hofmann Loos
Margaret Alice Campbell Loos

Connie Loose
Henry Loose

Walter Leo Loose, Sr.
Alicia B. Lopez
Angelina Valdez Lopez

Estela Cantu Lopez
Esther Zepeda Lopez

Felipe Lopez, Jr.

Martin M. Lopez, Sr.
Serafin Herrera Lopez

Fulton Lothridge
Johnnie Mae Lothridge

Jonita Joy Stewart Louderback
Pearl Love
Franklin Dennis Loveless

Virgie Mae Loveless

Ruth Lovett

Low-Ly McA-McE McG-McKe McKi-McW

Clifton Neal Lowery

Joe V. Lowery
Paul S. Lowery
Ruth Mallard Lowrey

W. W. “Bill” Lowrey, Jr.
Edgar “Pat” Lowry

Ercell May Foster Lowry
Eva Lowry

Raymond Dale Loyacano

Elisia Rodriguez Lozano

Joe Lozano

Paul Lozano, Sr.

Paul R. Lozano

Ramiro Ray Lozano
Laurie Lynn Lubbers

Anne N. Lucas
Joe F. Lucas
Joe F. Lucas
Minnie E. Lucas
Peggy Joyce Bundick Lucero
Audrey Faye Lucky
Preston Luddington

Louis B. Luder

Santiago "Jimmy" Luera, Sr.
Harold A. Lukefahr
Longina Mendoza Lumbreras
Alma Belle Luco Luna

Floyd Luna

Freddie Atwell Luna Sr.
Irene Luna

Juanita Virginia Lowery Luna
Susie Vega Luna
C. G. Lundy
Woodrow Louis "Woody" Ludwig
Evelyn Howard Jalufka Luker
Rickey Lunford Sr.

Harold Robert Lusby

David Leslie Lusty
Ivy McKissick Lusty
Charles Luther
Charles Monroe Luther
Alma Louise Lynch
John Thomas Lynch
Nancy Svetlik Lynch
Clair William Lynn
Allan R. Lynnes

Harmon Jerome McAllister
Finis Macdowell
Bobby Allen McAfee, Sr.
Diana Lynn Gibbens McAuley
Lemmon Clarence McBride
Barbara Clark McCarn
Marvin Hubert McCarter, Jr.
Charles Henry McClanahan
Saluda Evans McClanahan

Felba Ruth McCloskey
Myron Douglas “Mike” McCloskey

Hal Grady McComic

Sherri L. Warren McCord
Melanie McCorkle

Jane Elizabeth Williamson McCormick
Daisy Lee Revis McCoy

Betty McLendon McCroskey
John Harrison McCroskey
Mattie Kuykendall McCroskey
Thomas Griggs McCroskey
John Voss McCrosky Sr.
Louise Lloyd McCrosky
Barbara Nell McCulloch

Henry Lee McCullough

Richard “Dick” McCullough
George H. McDonald
Jeffery Lynn McDonald Sr.
Jessie Mae McDonald
Nathan Neil McDonald, Jr.

Thomas Leon McDonald

Sarah Jean McDonnel

William C. "Billy" McDowell
Janie McElhenney

Thomas A. “Tommy” McElmurry, Jr.

Victoria A. McElrath
Jane "MeMaw" McFarlain
Leila Mae McFarland


Doris McGee

Mildred Kathleen McGee

Alfred Conrad McGehee
J. C. McGehee
Manley McGehee
Maria McGehee
Nona McGehee
Eugene Blair “Mack” McGill

Carrie Jane McGinnes

Lawrence Howell McGinnes

Lawrence P. McGinnes

Andrew James “Pat” McGinnis
Tammy Lynn McGinnis
Andrew F. McGinty

William Edward McGlaun
Agnes McKissick McGlothlin

Mary Snow Jackson McGlothlin

Ralph J. McGlothlin
Patricia McGowan
Sandi McGriff

Dave McGrue Jr.
Janice Lea McGuire
Burta Louise McIntosh

Lewis Hamilton McIntosh
Patricia "Pat" McIntosh
Munch McKamie
James A. "Bucky" McKaskle

Hadley Edgar McKay Jr.
Murlene McKay
Diane Murray McKelvy

James Wesley McKelvy

Letha Delk McKelvy
Nola Stroud McKelvy

William M. McKelvy

Douglas Lehman “Doug” McKinley
Alma Emma McKissick
Billie Mayfield McKissick
Eunice McKissick
Frances Vacek McKissick
George Boone “Pat” McKissick, Jr.
George Boone McKissick, Sr.
Gerald McKissick

Martha McKissick

Merle Lynda Waldron McKissick
Reba “Junie” McKissick

Thomas Walter McKissick

Walter “Brother” McKissick

Katie Mae McLaughlin

Oneita McLean

Joanne Watson McLeod
Minnie Lois Bennett McLeod

John Wesley McMahan
Frances McMahon
Mary Phyllis McMahon
Lee C. McMichiel

Flora Isaacson McMillan
Jamie Brown McMillan
Urban Stanley "Chuck" McMillan
Douglas Lynn McMullen

Mary E. McMurrey
Alberta Wadsworth McNabb

John R. McNabb
William Edward McNabb
Laura Opal Law McNeil
Gladys Sylvia McNiel

Jimmy Wayne McNeil
Christy Lynn McNett

Fred McNish
Sybil McRee

Alice E. Pybus McSparran

Laura Etta McSparran
Nolan Keller McSparran
William E. McSparran
Gladys Leona Tucker McWhirter

David Milton McWilliams

Gretchen Elizabeth Claudius McWilliams
Reverend Milton E. McWilliams, Jr.

Mac-Mal Man-Mars Mart Mas-May

Charles David Machart
Josephine "Sophie" Machart
James Sidney Mack
Joe Alfred Mack
Phillip "Pumkin" Mack, Sr.
Willie Griggs Mack

Aaron Lee Maddox

Lorene A. Maddox

Morris Ray Maddox

Ethel Nivens Magee

J. S. Magee

John M. Magee, Sr.
Michael Emory Magee Sr.
Sam Anthony Maglitto
Guadalupe Magnia
Paul V. Magnia
A. D. Magruder
Mary Kathryn Hill Maguire

James Arthur "Sonny" Mahavier, Jr.
Lois Blake Keller Maher

Andrew L. Mahoney

Kay Frances Legg Mahurin
Benny D. Mainka

David H. Maitland

Patricia Ann Maitland
Nicholas Maldonado

William Louis Malek
David Malina


A. W. Mangum
Cathy L. Mangum
Florence Hogan Mangum
Hallie A. Mangum
Jeff Mangum, Sr.
Lola Roxanne Lee Mangum
Norma Jean Mangum
William Mangum
Jessica Sue (McMullin) Mankey

Amie Viola Ryman Mann
William Henry Mann, Sr.
Ludvik Martin Manna
Myrtle Mary Burke Manna
James Thomas Manning, Sr.
Mary (Mae) Magdalene Braswell Manning

Margaret Manofsky

Viola Manry

Lloyd Byron Maples

Lloyd Neri Maples

Ivan W. Marcaurele
Ruby Lee Marcaurele

Becky Hill Marceaux
Rodessa Ann “Ro” Marceaux
Annie Teer Mardis

Dolores Marek
L. Franklin Marek
Rebecca 'Becky' A. Margos

Brenda Marie Marin
Elias Marin Sr.

Laurence Mariner

Lorin Frayne Markley
Kathy Leigh Marroquin
Santos R. Marroquin
Cassie Ann Craven Marsh
L. C. Marsh
Samuel Allen Marsh
James Curtis Marshall, Jr.

Mary Rosie Marshall
W. C. H. Marshall

Alton Martin

Clarence Leslie Martin
Gail Renee Martin
Harold W. Martin
Jerry K. Martin
John Martin

Lenora Michna Hendricks Martin
Louis Martin
Louis Martin Jr.

Margaret G. Treybig Martin
Mabel Martin
Mellanee “Puney” Martin
Rudolph Martin

Thelma Pauline Martin

Tony Martin Sr.
Andy D. Martinez III
Annie Martinez
Charles Martinez, Jr.
Christina Garza Martinez-Lopez

David Perez Martinez, Sr.
Domingo Martinez
Edward Lee Martinez, Sr.

Eluterio Rangel Martinez Sr.
Frances O. Martinez
Guadalupe P. Martinez
Javier G. Martinez, Sr.
Joaquin Gutierrez Martinez

John Martinez
Jose Santiago “Jimmy” Martinez, Sr.
Josefina "Belia" Martinez
Laura Martinez
Michael "Lil Mike" Anthony Frausto Martinez

Michael Rodolfo Sato Martinez

Placido “Shorty” Martinez, Sr.
Ramona Martinez

Roberto Martinez
Trinidad Martinez
Elvira Martino
Gaetona Martino

John Ottino Martino


Billie Jean Mask
Barney Mason, Sr.
Gloria M. Schmerber Mason

John Edward Mason

Lois Evelyn Mason
Laura Margaret Teller Mason
Ronald Lynn (Ronnie) Massey

C. E. Matchett
L. M. Matchett
John Leonard Matejek, Sr.

Gordon Earl Mathis, Jr.
Josephine “Jo” Mathis
Louis Dexter, “Toby” Mathis
Rufus Arndale Mathis

Sam J. Mathis, Jr.
Arthur Raymond Matthes

Corabelle Matthes

Frank Edward Matthes Jr.

Fred Taylor Matthes

Ida Phern Matthes

Russell Arthur Matthes
Ruth Braden Matthes
Velma Juanita Matthes

Charles Eugene Matthews

Frances Louise Matthews
Gertrude Matthews

Isabella Matthews

John Matthews

Madelyn Lee Matthews

R. V. Matthews

Rodney Green Matthews

Samuel Matthews
Wilbert Matthews
William "Bill" Jackson Matthews

Edna Matula

Glenda Kay Smith Matura
Orvel Matura

Edward George Maxted
Myrtle D. Maxwell-Wilkerson

Nora Lee Maxwell
Robert Maxwell

Kenneth Weldon May

Tony Lorenzo Mayberry
B. Mayes

Eli C. Mayfield
Ralph Martell Mayhew
Hilda Lee Maynard
Warren D. "Bud" Maynard
Donald R. Mayo

Me-Mid Mie-Mil Milt-Miz Mob-Moo

Kenneth Wayne Mead, Sr.
Betty Meaders
Margaret Helen Meador
Lorene “Mama Rene” Meador

Peggy Means

Ernest Medina, Jr.
Rosie A. Medina
Guadalupe Medrano
Isabel “Sis” Melancon
Thomas Mendieta, Jr.
Pete Medina

Julian Mendoza

Mary Amparo Mendoza
Charlotte Merchant

Dean Franzen Merck

Dorothy Franzen Merck

Hazel M. Merck
Larry A. Merritt

Melvin Forrest Merritt
Narita Ann Merritt
Richard James Mesey

Velma Maire DeWeese Crain Messer
Andrew Clayton Meyer
Dorothy Nell Meyer

Lillie Mae Meyer
Milton Edward Meyerdirk
Debra "Debbie" Rose Meyers
Leonard Aloys Mican
Eugene Michalec Sr.

Jo Ann Michalec
 Judy Kay Michalec

Joseph Wayne Michalik

Earl A. Mickelson

T. J. Middleton

Wendell Owen Middleton
Winnie Faye Lowery Middleton

Earsie May Hale Midgett
Edd Scott Midgett

Evelyn Maurine Sutton Mielsch
John Paul Mielsch
Joseph Wayne Mielsch
Paul Lewis Mielsch

Edna Louise Day Mikus

Alma Frances Milam

Francis Joseph "F. J." Milberger
Lillian Cole Milberger

Infant of Willie Milburn
William "Bill" Philip Mildfeldt
Albert Kelley Miles
Sherry Lynn Miley
Ruby Inez Barlow Millard
Agnes L. Miller
Annie Mae Miller
Chas. Paul Miller

Chester T. Miller
Corine Jones Miller
Dorothy May Miller
Elroy Clayton Miller
Elvin Taylor “E. T.” Miller

Ezell Miller
Frances Johnston Miller
Gene Paul Miller
James William Huntington Miller
Katie Wells Miller
Lorena J. Freeman Miller

Lizzie Miller
M. T. Miller
Michael Dosson Miller
Mollie Yeamans Miller

Myrtle Miller
Paul Lee Miller
Ronald J. Miller
Roy Anthony Miller
Vivian Delores Miller

Wilma Ruth “Teet” Miller
James Gerold Milliff

Katherine Ray Milliff
Bonnie Charlene Mills
Cordelia Alice Mills
Mary Elizabeth Still Mills
Nicholas Mills, Jr.
Ronnie Mills

Vicki Lynne Mills
John William Milner


Derrick Milton

William "Bill" Gardner Minkert
Sylvan Louis Miori
Katherine Frangullie Miranda

Manuel Miranda

Salome G. Miranda

William G. Miranda

Frank Martin Miska
Jane Elizabeth Miska

John Albert Miska

Joseph Anton Miska

Mary Miska
A. Mitchell

Amalia "Molly" Mitchell

Brenda Marie Mitchell

James “Ed” Mitchell
Joe Eddie Mitchell, Sr.

Larry Mitchell
Laura Mae Mitchell
Marilyn Jeanette Mitchell
Raymond Allen Mitchell
Vicki Townsend Mitchell

W. J. “Lefty” Mitchell

Marie Abbott Mix
Eugene A. Mixon
Kenneth A. Mixon

Annie Wise Mizell
Howard Mizell

Kathryn Moberley

Oscar Rucks Moberley
Patricia Autrey Moe
Charlotte Laverne Moeller

Edward Renfro Moffett

Guadalupe Molano
Willie Gordon Lawson Moll
Jerry Frank Mondrik
Ada Monroe

Lotus Ione Walker Montague
Guadalupe V. Montalbo

Jessie Montalbo
Rosa Quintanilla Montalbo

Carol Shepherd Montalvo

Christopher George Montalvo

Elvira Montalvo
Jimmy Montalvo, Jr.

Ramon Montalvo

Roy Cervantes Montalvo, Sr.
Cathy Jo Monteau

Billie Jean (Louchery) Montgomery
John Adam Montgomery
Fortino C. Montoya
Juana H. Montoya

Lana Jean Bickham Moody
Angelica “Angie” Moore
Arthur Moore Sr.
Gwendolyn Annette Manning Moore

Charlotte Moore
Cora Bell Moore

Cunnie Moore, Jr.
Demetra Gail Moore
Dolph Phineas Moore
G. A. Moore
Gene Moore
Gloria Moore
Gloria Moore
Gwendolyn Annette Manning Moore
Harlem Moore
Herman Moore

Jacque Hardy Moore

Jane Frederick Sears Moore
Jim Moore
John Moore

Louise Wendel Moore
Martha Moore

Mattie A. Moore

Ollie Moore, Jr.
Percy Moore Sr.

Roscoe Moore Jr.

Sandy Sam Moore
Willie Moore

Mor Mos-Moz Mu-My Na-Nes

Dean Martin Morales
Dustin James Morales

Elisa Morales
Frank Morales

Frank Morales Sr.
Mateo Morales

Mary Cora Lee Morales
Rafela Morales

Sylvester Mario Morales
Thomas Morales
Lee R. Moran
Emma Celesta Morehead
Ida Varina Morehead
William Middleton Morehead
Adela R. Moreno

Joe A. Moreno
Mary "Diddy" Grice Moreno
Eddie Morgan
Hazel Baldridge Morgan

Hester Beverly Morgan

Jack Morgan
Mary Anne Billingsley Morgan
Jane Eyre Clapp Wilson de la Moriniere
Madge Dorsey Morton
R. E. "Ed" Morgan
Thomas Jackson Morton

David Wayne Morris
Dorothy Hennessy Morris

Edward J. Morris

Frances Orsak Morris

John K. Morris
Marie Kathryn Morris
Mary Alice Morris

William Cordie Morris

James George Morrison

Joel Wayne Morrow

Charles E. Moser
Bob Scott Moses

Dorothy Orlena Stuart Moses

Mary Margerum Mosier

Rosa Lee Morte

Albert Searce Morton
Billy Merle Morton

Delilah Wiley Morton

Genevieve Sharpless Morton
Irene “Nanny” Mabel Morton
Pearl Morton
Thomas Jackson Morton
Charles E. Moser
Ophelia Fowler Moser

Stella Mae Rinks Mosier
James William Mote
Rebecca "Nanny" Henry Mote

Inez Doyle Motes

Vonda S. Ringo Motes

William F. “Sonny” Motes

Rodney Horace “Rocky” Mount
Rodney Robert Mount

Gordon Alfred Mozley
Henry Fremont Mozley

Howard Fremont Mozley, Sr.

Richard Franklin Mozley


Martha Muir

Edna "Eshie" Long Muller
Sandra "Sandy" Mulligan

Janet Bankhead Mullins

Patty Wilson Muncrief
Felipa Muniz
Alfredo Muniz
Braulio R. Muniz
Jesus Muniz
Juana P. Muniz
Antonia Rivera Munoz
Raymond Paul Munoz

Robert Daniel Munson

Sylvia Munson
Beatrice Murphree
Christopher Columbus Murphree
James J. Murphree
Calvin Murphy

Glenda Kay Murphy
John Benjamin Murphy
Juanita Murphy
Katherine Pearl Murphy

Kenneth Clayton Murphy
Lenard Murphy
Lucille Murphy
Naomi Murphy

Richard Murphy, Sr.
Winona Loos Murphy
Ernestine "Stine" James Murray

Marilyn Joyce Murray
William Douglas "Doug" Murray
Katie Norene Murry

Mark Paul Murry
Opal Jennett Muse

Helen “Pat” Muszynski
Leroy Raymond Muzny

Charles C. Myers

Forrest Joe Myers

Laura Lee Myers
Nancy McCrory Myers

Samuel Jack Myers, Sr.

Mavis L. Pointer Nailor
James Charles Naiser
Diane Lynn Nall
Henry David “Hank” Nance, Sr.
Patty Walker Nance
William Henson Nance
Maria G. Naranjo

Ruby May Nard
Ray Nash

Colleen Treacy McHaney Nataro
Addie Nealy
Deanna Spedale Nealy
Durell Nealy

Angelina Kubecka Nedbalek
Anna Nedbalek
Eddie E. Nedbalek
Ethel Nedbalek
John Nedbalek
Johnnie Joe Nedbalek, Sr.
Mary Evelyn Neeley
Betty Raeciel Neely

Erie Lee Neisius
Frances F. Neitsch

Gladys Estell White Nell
Robert John Nelon
Caroline Sue Nelsen
Frieda Artner Nelsen

Alfred H. Nelson
Aleta B. Nelson
Annie “Grandma” Nelson
F. L. "Squeak" Nelson
George K. Nelson
John Henry Nelson IV
Loviner Nelson
Nina June Nelson
Norene Nelson
Rose Nelson

Shirley Jane Nelson

Agnes Marie Seviek Nemec

Charles Roman Nemec
Joseph William "Joe" Nemec
Virginia Graham Tully Neptune
Charles Edward Nesbitt
John O. Nesbitt

Mildred Marie Nesbitt

Jacqueline Nettles

Neu-Ng Ni-Ny Oa-Ol Oo-Ow

Bobby W Neuman
Jennie Newman
Frieda Herta Neus

Heinrich M. Neus
Connie Lynette Neuszer

Leo P. Neuszer

Martha Eureka Neuszer

Geronimo Nevarez Jr.
Guadalupe Nevarez, Sr.
Matiana Nevarez

Olivia Nevarez

A. F. “Jinx” Nevill

Charlene Marie Nevill

Arthur “Art” L. Newbould, Jr.

Margaret Rosamond “Rose” Langham Newman

Gene Newsom
Norman Wayne Newsom
Margaret "Maggie" Elliott Newton
Anh Thi Nguyen
Anthony "Tony" Toan Nguyen
Binh V. Nguyen
Dominic Van Mai Nguyen

Don Thu Nguyen

Ngoc Dung Nguyen

Que Thi Nguyen
Thai Thi Nguyen

Tu Van Nguyen
Tuong V. Nguyen
Ty Thi Nguyen


Margaret Emily Turpin Nias
Randolph L. Nicely
Annie Mae Strickland Nichols
Ora Mae Brown Nichols

Ella Grant Nicholson

John Thomas Nicholson
Donald Eugene Nielsen
Wesley Peter Niemeyer
Margaret Kathleen (Magnus) Niemietz
Audrey Dietrich Nini
Robert "RJ" Nini
Wallace Edward Nini

Frank G. Noble, Jr.

Geraldine Olivine Noble

Jean Karen Nohavitza

Juakana Nolen
Frank Nolte
Verona Freeman Nolte
Mildred Armstead Norman

Paul Dean Norman, Sr.
Justin Lee Normand

Leon Normand
Harry E. Norris
Harry Edward Norris, Jr.
Adolph G. "Pop" Noster
Annie H. "Ann" Noster
Laura E. Noster

Margery Noster

Harry E. Norris
Frances "Fannie" Schultz Nye

Karen E. Nyman


Walter  Allen O’Briant
Hazel Keith O'Briant
Sharon Lee O’Brien
Bridget Louise O’Brien
Joseph William O'Bryan, Sr.
Daniel “Dan” B. O’Connell

Herbert O’Connell

Raymond O’Connell

William Lee “Max” O’Day, Jr.
Fred James O'Dazier
Faye Jeanette Austin O’Dell
Tonita Learline O’Dell
Terrence Ambrose O’Keefe
Elijah O'Neal
John Henry O’Nea
Opal Idella Walker Oates
Janie P. Ocanas

Karen Ochoa
Katie Ochoa
Glenn Wade “Skipper” Odom
Herman W. Odom, Jr.
Odom, Robbin Gerald
Vivian Odom

Elnora A. Oglesby
Marian "Pat" Henson Oldham
Ney Oldham Jr.

Virginia Nell Motes Oldham
Amando Olivarez

Azilee (Lee Wood) Oliver
Clarence Andrew Oliver
Della S. Oliver
Frieda Kettler Oliver

Glen Dale Oliver
Lula Mae Reeves Oliver
Waldine Alice "Deenie" Oliver
Elva Olivo
Juan Ollervidez

Elsie Olson

Bruno Olvera Sr.
Margie Ondreas

Lenora Alice Cummings Ooms

Matthew Vega Ordonez
Beatriz Oros

Modesto Oros
Santiago Oros Sr.

Hubert Orr, Jr.
Hubert Dewayne Orr
James "Rodney" Orr Sr.

Lillie Mae Orr
Robin Douglas Orr
Santiago G. Oros, Jr.
Sebastian Oros
Gayle Falks Orsag
Charles Edward "Chuck" Orsak
Leo Edward Orsak

Leonard G. Orsak

Aaron Gunner Ortiz
Alfred Quiroz Ortiz
Enriqueta “Katie” Ortiz

Ezequiel Ortiz

Isidro Ortiz

Margaret Ortiz
James Lee Orton

William Jolly Orton, Sr.
Connie Jo Lankard Ory
Alberta Trevino Osuna

Eva Dorothy Ottino

John "Jay'" V. Ottino
Mary Patricia "Choc" Ottino

George Peter Ottis, Jr.
Matthias John Ottis Jr.
Ernestine Outley

Clarence L. Overman

Katherine Overman
Bennie Erven Owen

Kendall Byron Owen

Leo "Skipper" Owen

Myrtle A. Prukop Owen

Dorothy W. Owens
Mark Owens
Susie Matthews Owens
Vernon Leslie Owsley

Pad-Park Parm-Pay Pea-Pen Peq-Per

Manuel Padia
Anastacio Padron
Deamus Cleveland Page

Nita Jean Page
Earnest Paige
Dave Paine
Danny Lee Painter

Andrew J. Palmer
Colton Michael Palmer

Elizabeth Palmer
Helen Valdez Paniagua
Yolanda Escamilla Paredes

Jessie Vernon Parent

Myrtle Lee Thurmond Parish

Allie Hazle Parker

Eugene Earl Parker
Glenith Marie Legg Parker

Herbert Hackley Parker

Lula Strong Parker

Philip E. Parker

Philip Hackley Parker
Andrew Lee Parks Jr.
Dorothy Parks
Dorothy Parks
Esther Marie Wilson Parks

Joe Parks
Josephine Mitchell Parks
Maresa Tone Parks
Rose Etta Holmes Putnam Day Parks

Theresa Nemec Parks

Violet Hope Davis Parks


Hubert Lang Parma

Jessie Lee Parr
Kenneth Ray Parr

Austin John Parrott
Joyce Lucille Smith Parsutt
James E. "Jimmy" Partain

Robert A. Partain

Anna Fern Parten

John W. Parten
Marcus “Mark” Parten

Anita Collins Patterson
Emma Patterson

Ira James Patterson
Matthews Patterson

Viola Williams Pattinson
Lucy Watson Patton

James Knox Paulk

Julia Lee Paulson
Liddie Zemanek Pavelka

Anthony Emil Pavlik
Jaro August Pavlik
Robert Alan Pavlow

Alice Dixon Pavlu

Darcy Wayne Pawelka

Michele Ann Pawlosky

Clarence A. Paxton
Barbara Jean Morehead Robertson Payne
Ed Payne

Gerald Vernon Payne

Martha Susan Flint Payne

Emma Robbins Pea
Mrs. Melvin Odems Pea
Johnye McGehee Peabody
Marion Katherine Peabody

Francis Dorton Pearce

Harold Ben Pearce
Marion Pease
Virginia LeTulle Peden

Robin Alice Davis Pekar

Abelardo Pena, Sr.

Antonio “Tony” Pena, Sr.
Blas Pena
Concepcion Benavides Pena
David Pena
Leocadia “Caya” Pena
Maria Garcia Pena

Ramona Pena
Carl Pendergrass
Hilda Long Pendleton

A.A. Penland

Aaron Brown Penland Sr.
Grady Clyde Penland

James Earl Penland
James Leo Penland
Paul M. Penland

Paul Mitchell Penland

Ray Lee Penland

Ray Lee Penland, Jr.

Ruby Sanders Penland

Vannie Huffhines Penland
John Edward Pennington
Mamie Marie Pennington

Mildred Ward Pennington
Paul S. Pennington

Coussie Faye McKenzie Penny

Walter Penny
William Matthews Penny

Alicia A. Pequeno
Jeanean C. Peres
Anastancia Perez
Barbarita Acosta Perez
Constancia L. Perez

Dolores Perez
Edith Weiss Perez

Frances G. Perez

Francisco (Frank) Xavier Perez

Henry Perez, Jr.

Hilario Perez
John C. Perez
Johnny J. Peres, Jr.

Jose "Joe" Perez
Larry Perez
Larry G. Perez

Lidia Perez
Lorenza Perez
Maclovia Gutierrez Perez
Margarita H. Perez
Maria Concepsion Perez

Nicholas Perez
Nieves P. Perez
Olga Perez

Stella Perez

Victor L. Perez
Trinidad Perez Jr.
Victor L. Perez

Patrick “Captain” Perowski

Charles Kenneth Perry
Don Perry, III
Doyle Alexander Perry

Irene Amelia Perry
Nelda Joyce Perry
Sharon Grace Perry

Tonia King Perry


Pes-Pic Pierce Pi-Polk Poll-Pow

Edyth G. Head Peschel
Edward F. Pesek
Marie Pesak
James "Shakey" Peters, Jr.
James Peters, Sr.

Thomas McKinley Peters
Irvin T. Petersen
Letha Yearwood Petersen
Curtis "Pete" Beaumont Peterson
Ella Gade Peterson

Lenora Louisa Peterson

Emma Williams Petrosky

Kathleen June Petrosky

Ruby Landrum Petrucha
Jerry James Peter
Otis James Petteway, Sr.
Ruby Lee Petteway
Jaylynn Pettis
Sharon Petty

Otheo Norris "Pete" Peveto

Joseph Trinh Duc Pham
Suresh Philip
Ada Moore Phillips
Cynthia Ann Petter Phillips
Ermond Thord Phillips
George B. Phillips

J. B. Phillips

Joycelyn Rita Phillips

Kyle Carlton Phillips, Sr.
Lila Belle Warren Phillips
Mozelle S. Phillips
Noel W. Phillips
Ruby Phillips

Stella Rickaway Phillips

Sue Margaret Phillips

Loula Pickel

Claud Edward Pickett

Abel "Bink" Pierce

Abel Brown Pierce, Sr.

Abel Head "Shanghai" Pierce

Adelaide Emily Hall Pierce
Allen Pierce
Annie Porter Pierce

Benjamin Bull Pierce
Clinton Lacy Pierce
Curtis D. Pierce

Donald Yeatts Pierce
Elsie Minnie Elizabeth Brokmeyer Pierce
Evelyn Pierce
Frances Lacy "Fannie" Pierce
Hall Edwards Pierce
Helen Louise Pierce
Jedie Chiles “Pie” Pierce
John Phillips Pierce
John Roy Pierce
Jonathan Edwards Pierce
Lee Mudge “Tick” Pierce
Mary Louise Keller Pierce
Michael Abel Pierce
Michael Edwards Pierce
Minnie Pierce

Nancy Deborah Lacy Pierce
Ruth Harrison Pierce
Stella Y. Pierce

Terril Pierce

Blanca Garza Pina
Adan Ortega Pina
Richard J. Pinchin
Joe Pineda
Annie Skopik Pinter

Charlie Dean Pittman
Peggy Lawson Pittman

W. H. "Billy" Plagermann
Terri Jo Plant

Aletha Platt
Amir LeJuan Griggs Player
Ida Mae Pleasant
Leroy Pless

Edna L. Plunkett

Sheila Plunkett

Jurldean “Jerry” Poe

Castle Jack Pogue

Korlan Johnson Pointer

Lawrence C. Pointer
Louis Eddie Pointer, Jr.

Louise Socha Pointer
Ola Mae Pointer

Ima Jene Wilson Polensky
Lawrence Polensky

Lillian Polensky

Stanley Polensky
Charlie W. Polifka
Billie Polk
Earline Haynes Polk
Lester Charles Polk
Oscar Polk

Robert Lee Polk Sr.

Roy Alton Polk


Bettye Jean Frida Richardson Pollard

Hudson D. Pollard
Hudson Donald Pollard
Joseph Lee Ponder

Patricia Jean Harris Pool
Hardy Poole

Glen Leroy Pore

Erma Lee Portee
Tennie Mae Benge Porter
Vance Benge Porter
Vance C. Porter
Julia Austin Posey
Burton "Burt" William Post

Chloe Rugeley Pounds

Benjamin Franklin Powell, II
Carrie Powell
Frances L. Loos Powell

Henry Edward Powell
Jessie Powell
John Robert Powell

Melanie Faye Powell

Tommye Epperson Powell

Edward Doyle Powers

Eldon C. Powers

Pr-Py Q Raa-Raw Ray

James Wesley Preslar
Mary Viola Preslar
Iona Phillip Preston
James Price Jr.
John T. Price

Mary Ann Price
Mary Catherine Priestly

Joe Prince, Jr.

Lizzie Hill Primm

Samuel Gray Primm

Glen M. Prinzing
Syneva A. Prinzing
Charles W. Pritchett
Julia J. Pritchett
Johnnie Mae Henry-Proctor

Iva F. Pruett
Justin Ty Pruett

Goldia Mary Bowen Pruitt

Washington O. Pruitt
Flemington E. "F.E." Pryor
Ella Julia Stassel Puckett
John Puentes
Gloria May Volkmer Pulsifer

Mary Beatrice Purnell

Chloe Pybus

George Thomas Pyka
Raymond Keith Pyle, Sr.


C. W. Qua
Kacie Qualls

John F. Queen

William Lloyd Queen

Elza Fairy Quick

Garry Lee Quin
Ben G. Quinn
Catherine “Martine” “Baird” Quinn

Glen D. Quinn

Clyde Quinn, Jr.

Clyde S. Quinn, Sr.

Stanley Frank Quinn

Sybal Izora Quinn
Tressie M. Sutton Inscore Quinn
Wayne Rex Quinn
Anna Staggs Quinney

Douglas W. “Doug” Quinney
Frank James Quinney

John Jasper Quinney
Katherine Cecile Genzer Quinney

Lila Susan Quinney
Mary Morgan Quinney

Teddy Thurston Quinney

Mark Anthony Quintana

Florentino Quintania

Felix V. Quintanilla
Ignacio Quintanilla Sr.
Lucia Horta Quintanilla
Margarita Cervantes Quintanilla
Angiolina L. Quiroga

Athlyn Raasch
John F. Raasch

Anthony Gary Rachunek
Thelma Lee Sowell Rackley
Nema Radford
Stanley C. Radford, Jr.
Christopher Joseph Radley

John Terry Ragusin
George James Rainey III

George W. Rainwater

Lydia Edith Ragusin
Bobby Ramirez

Jose Ramirez, Sr.
Patsy Ramirez
Sylvia Redinger
Martha R. Ramirez
Ruben Ibo Ramirez, Sr.
Arnoldo Jonathan Ramos
Barbara Ramos
Evangelia "Quela" Ramos
Lupe Ramos
Maria Rangel Ramos
Alvin George Rampmeier
John Kenneth 'Ken' Rampmeier
Johanna Rampmeier
Rubye Neuszer Rampmeier

B. Merle Ramsey

Bernice Ailene Ramsey
Betty Jean Callender Ramsey
Dorothy Mae Ramsey
Edward “E. O.” Osbon Ramsey
Elizabeth Ann “Libby” Sells Ramsey
Joe Ramsey

Karen Jean Ramsey

Raymond Vidal Randle
Louis Rangel

Theresa M. Rangel

Wallace “Wally” Reid Rash
Betty Rashford

Steven Rask
Edith Viola Kirby Valigura Rasmussen

JoAnn June Ratterree
Jeannine Rawlings
Nancy Marie Rawlins
James Calvin Rawls

Dorothy Marie Gregurek Ray
Edward Wesley Ray

Evelyn Ray

Hazel Norwood Ray
Helen Louise Ray

Katie Annie Ray

Lila Fitzgerald Ray
Louis L. Ray
Ovie Franklin Ray
Richard J. Ray, Jr.

Richard J. Ray, Sr.

Timothy Alan Ray

Vernon O. Ray

Willie C. "Chris" Jones Ray


Reb-Rei Rem-Rh Rice-Rich Rick-Riv

Mary Hebert Rebector

Barry Dale Reckaway
George Reckaway
Annie Bell Ware Rector
Leila May Redden
Billy Reddic
L. E. Reddic
William "Speedy" Reddic

B. Lee Reddoch
Charline Reddoch
Connie Lee Redinger
Sylvia Redinger
Lewis Redwine
Pearl M. Redwine

Emaline Rose Reed

Fannie Elizabeth Reed

Holeis R. Reed
Ira Gene Reed
James Thomas "J. T." Reed

Margaret H. Reed
Myrtle Faye Reed
Richard Reed
Robert Isaac Reed

Varie Reed
Huldah Elder Rees
Charlie James Reese, Jr.

Ronnie Lynn Reese

James Rodney Reeves

R. A. “Jack” Reeves
Fred Preston Rehak
Virginia Adair Barker Rehak
Gifford L. Reiman
Velva L. Reiman

Jackie Tanner Reinhardt
Lee Reis

Essie E. Reitz

Charles Joseph “Tinker” Remlinger, Jr.

Elizabeth Ann Remlinger
Annie Solis Rendon

Fred Ochoa Rendon, Sr.

Peggy Ann Reneau

Iva Lorraine Renfro

Chad Renfroe
Joyce Rennoldson
Hazel Ressler

Ira A. Ressler

James Herbert Ressler

John Richard Ressler
Joseph Ambrose Ressler

Katherine Jean Ressler
Kerry James Ressler
Madelyn Marie Ressman
Alphonse Revis, Sr
Jessie Lee Revis
Mary Benavides Reyes
Rebecca R. Reyes
Romula Reyes
Ruben “Bo James” Reyes
Frances Josephine Reyes-Matula
Adam Reyna, Jr.
Mary Jane Luna Reyna
Edward W. Reynal, Jr.
Martha Frances Reynolds
Rosalai Catherine Rhoades

Arthur W, Rhodes
Benjamin “B. B.” Rhodes

Bertha Irene "Jack" Rhodes
Martha Rhodes

Mattie Loula Blair Rhodes

Robert Hamilton Rhodes

Robert O. Rhodes


Irene Rice
Pearl P. Rice
Roy E. Rice
Thomas Rice
Waylon Lee Rice

Hilery “Frenchie” Richard
Mary Margaret Richard

Mary Eugenia Lawson Richards
Patsy Richards

Alla Locke Richardson
Alvin Travis "Bugger" Richardson
Bill Richardson

C. W. “Kirk” Richardson
Etta Richardson
Evelyn Annie Richardson
Gordon Eugene Richardson
Hardy A. Richardson

Hubert Calvin Richardson

Idalue Richardson

Joseph Dewell Richardson

Joseph Samuel Richardson

Kenneth Joyce Richardson

Leah Johnson Richardson
Lena Hazel Richardson
Martha Mican Richardson
Teresa Anise Richardson

Elizabeth Joy Richey

Howard Owen Richey

Pat Richter


Anita Sophie Rickaway
Betty Fitzgerald Rickaway
Clyde Wayne Rickaway
Elmer Ruth Hollar Rickaway
Esther Rickaway

Eugene Robert Rickaway

Frank Everett Rickaway
Frank Henry Rickaway

Fred Henry Rickaway
Glenna Jean “Ginger” Rickaway
James E. “Jim” Rickaway
James Durwood Rickaway
Paul Richard Rickaway
R. Vivian Rickaway
Rebecca Alice Rickaway
Robert Rickaway
Sandra Evans Rickaway

Steve M. Rickaway
Viola Clara Rickaway

Virgil August Rickaway
Wallace Lindsey Rickaway
Wanda June Rickaway
Bonnie Ricks
Magdaleno Juarez “Bugs” Rico III

Medardo Juarez Rico
Bennie Ridge Jr.
Ora Ridge
John Jacob Riha
Donal M. Rimmer
Minnie C. Rimmer

Calvin M. “Boodge” Ringo
Cecil Royce Ringo
Olivia F. Ripke
Roberta Kay Anthis Ripke
Bhema Yates Rising
George Thomas Ritter
Anthony Phillip Rivas

Jesusa Rivera
Manuel Orozco Rivera, Jr.
Charlie Rivers
David E. Rivers

Emmitt Rivers
Hure Lee Rivers
Effie Rives
Joseph P. Rives

Roa-Rob Rob-Rodg Rodriguez Roe-Roo

Antonia "Toni" Roach

Freddie Roach

John P. Roach

John T. Roach

Mary Helen Roach

Walter Roach

Walter Louis Roach

Wilma Roades

Benjamin Palmer Robbins
Catherine Robbins
Eliza Jane Robbins
Ida Mae Robbins
Lena Mae Robbins

Pinkie Mae Robbins
William Went Robbins
Wayne Roberds
Dorotherine Roberson

Eula Vee Jones Roberson
Horace Roberson, Sr.
Howard Roberson
Lonnie Owen Roberson, Jr.

Ora Lee Roberson
Thomas Roberson, Sr.

Travis Roberson, Sr.

Billie Ruth Roberts

Eddie Foster Roberts, Jr.

Florence Roberts

Helen M. Roberts (Kotsay)
Ikeleys Roberts
La Quieta Roberts
Linnie Roberts
Lucille Roberts
Mary Lee Roberts
Rev. Morris Roberts

Paul Franklin Roberts

Sophie Ann Roberts
William Henry Roberts

Andrew Robertson
Averill Russell Robertson
Dessie Gammill Robertson
Dorothy Charlene Robertson
Glenn Wesley Robertson
John Robertson, Jr.
Marion Charles Robertson
Alma Armstead Robinson
Andrew Robinson
Cornelius Robinson, Sr.
Estella Robinson
James Ervin Robinson
Jessie Bell Robinson
Juanita Robinson
Larry B. Robinson, Sr.
Ouida R. Robinson

Rena Robinson
Winifred “Winnie” Robinson

Frank Robles

Gowen Drake Robles
Joe Robles, Jr.
Marcelino Robles

Matias Robles

Natalia Robles

Mollie Bernal Rocha

Elsie Roden
Alton A. "Red" Rodgers

Lucille Rodgers


Alberto R. Rodriguez, Sr.
Alexandra “Alex” Rodriguez

Antonio G. "Tony" Rodriguez
Bertha Rodriguez
Celso Rodriguez
Diana Charles Rodriguez
Eufemia Rodriguez
Fidel V. Rodriguez, Jr.
Frances Perez Rodriguez
Frank B. Rodriguez

Guadalupe Rodriguez

Jasmine Rodriguez
Jaxon Ryan Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez
John H. Rodriguez
Juan H. Rodriguez, Jr.

Lorel Bee Schafer Rodriguez

Lupe Alamia Rodriguez
Manuel D. Rodriguez Sr.
Maria Louisa Rodriguez
Maria Q. Rodriguez

Mary Helen Rodriguez

Rafael Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez
Rogerio G. "Roy" Rodriguez Jr.
Ruben Rodriguez, Sr.
Ruben R. Rodriguez
Victoria Zamora Rodriguez


Barbara Ann Olson Roe
Dorothy L. Roe
Edna Petra Roe

Henry Griffin Roe, Jr.

Hilda "Tootsie" Roe

Johnnie Ernest "Butch" Roe

John H. “Johnny” Roe

Leona M. Roecker

Morris Willie Roecker Sr.
Elizabeth Roesler

Fred A. Roessler

Antonia Antoinette "Nettie" Rogers

Chad Anthony Rogers

Christopher Alan Rogers

Christopher Louis Rogers

Earl H. Rogers
Eugenia Alberta Rogers
Gary Lynn Rogers
Geraldine Brown Rogers
Glenna Mae Rogers
J. L. Rogers

Joe E. Rogers
Laura Elisabeth Rogers – Longoria
Nora Pringle Rogers
O. H. “Doc” Rogers

Wayne R. Rogers

Efrain Romero, Jr.
Matilda Romero
Sylvia Romero
Virginia M. Romine

Brianna Nicole Rooks
Cecil Rooks
William Wade “Bill” Roome

Rop-Run Rup-Ry Sab-Sam San

James A. Roper, Jr.
James A. Roper, Sr.

Iola Mae Stroud Pesak Rorex

James C. Rorig
Emeolia Bailey Ross
Evelyn May Rose
Edna "Grandma" Ross
Will Howard Ross Sr.
Doris Rother
Artlisa Belle Rouse

Davis Benton "Ben" Roush, Jr.
Angie A. Rowe

Alma Westbrook Rowland

Gerald W. Rowland

Gerry Rowland
Mildred Alene Rowland
Susan Lanham Rowland

Tom Rowland
John R. Rowles
Donnell Roy
Lois B. Roy

George E. Rozner

Carrie Yeager Rudd
Elaine Marie Ruddick

Perry Lee Ruddick

Edward Salmon Rugeley

Henry L. Rugeley
Irma B. Rugeley
Nacanor M. Ruiz, Jr.
Rachael Nicole Ruiz
Tomas Ruiz
LaVerne Hattie Schobel Runk
John Sumner Runnells II

Louise Gale Runnells

Mary Withers Runnells

Thomas Pierce Runnells


Gary Rupert
Norman E. Rupert
Sandra Yoann Rupert

Carl Wesley Rush

Eugene Rush
Eugene Thomas Rush, Jr.
Irene Lois Uherek Rush
Phyllis Ann Giles Rush
Rex Rush
Baker Leroy Russell

Dorothy "Marie" Russell

Howard Lewis Russell
Odie Booth “O. B.” Russom

Gracie Agnes Ruston
Abel Rutherford, Jr.

Kenneth Rutherford
Larry Donnell Rutherford

Lee “Mule Skinner” Rutherford

Roy Edward Rutherford
Ardine Ryman

Arthur J. Ryman
Averille Frank Ryman

Charles Natherial Ryman, Jr.
Clyde E. Ryman
Eddie G. Ryman

Elsie Clara Ryman
Jannie Valerie Crow Ryman
Kathryn "Katie" Ryman

Louise Walker Ryman
Mable Mae Ryman

Myra V. Ryman

Robert E. Ryman

Sarah “Bobbie” Ryman
Virginia Belle Ryman
Wilda Mary Ryman
William Eddie Ryman

Jimmie Joe Sablatura
John Edward Sabrsula
Maria Magdalena Espinoza de Saenz

Darrell R. Saha
Lena Annie Saha
Albert Gene Sainz
Joe John Sainz
Jose B. Sainz
Anton Salac

Edward Salac
Rudolph Salac

Armand “A.B.” “Sonny” Ben Salas
Eugene Vaclav Salas

Martha Margaret Mondrik Salas

Mike Salas
Isabel Chavez Salazar
Juan Salazar
Thomas Salazar Jr.
Virginia Salazar
Elida Salinas
Jose G. Salinas Sr.

Mauricio "Whicho" Salinas, Jr.

Zaragoza Gonsalez Salinas

Larry D. Sallee

Wright “Sonny” Salter
Angie Garza Samora

Abel Sanchez
Beatrice Juanita Sanchez

Felipa G. Sanchez
Francis "Pancha" Alicia Sanchez

Jose G. Sanchez, Sr.

Margaret Roach Sanchez
Maria Del Rosario Sanchez
Maria G. Sanchez

Mario Garcia Sanchez, Sr.
Sacarias Sanchez
Charlotte Sandefur

James Otis Sandefur

Aubrey Denson Sanders
Beatrice Ellis Sanders
Charlie Wayne "Gabby" Sanders
Floella Sanders

Jesse Walton Sanders, Jr.
Mila Francis Sanders

Richard E. Sanders, Sr.
Robert Alan Sanders
Roy Wayne “Bill” Sanders, Jr.

Roy Wayne Sanders, Sr.

Ruth L. Sanders

Jessicka R. Sandifer
Alfred Sandoval
Amalia Sandoval
Robert Louis “Priceto” Sandoval
Mildred Walker Sandusky

Billie Jean Sanford
Dolly Sanford
Ernette C. Sanford

Jess Lyle Sanford
John Lyle Sanford
Kein Leith Sanford
Odile Logan Sanford

Walter Allen Sanford, Jr.

W. A. Sanford, Sr.
Willie Raye Sanford
Steve Sansing

Sar-Sche Schi-Schr Schu-Sc Se

Jack Carroll Sardelich
Johnny Carroll Sardelich, Jr.

Juanita R. “Janie” Sardelich
Judy Kay Sardelich-Tedens
Cedo Sardinea, Sr.
Kemon Sardinea
Kemyah Sardinea
Nadine Sassin
Robert E. "Bob" Sassin
Minnie Sauceda
Claudia Saucedo
Alice McEwen Sauer
John Saucerman Jr.

Florence Louise Saunders
Alberto R. Rodriguez, Sr.

Alice Matilda McEwen Sauer

Cora Maude Savage
Eddie J. "Doc" Savage

Frances Owen Savage

Greenberry Gustavos Savage Jr.

Houston Wilson Savage
Irving Parker Savage
Jane Kirby Savage

Muriel Posey Savage
Roma Banyansco Savage
Emanuel Lee Schaarschmidt
Charles Theodore Schaedel Jr.
George Melvin Schafer

Paul A. Scheel

Charles Ray Schelnick

Esther Louise Schelsteder

Charlie “Chuck” Scheppan

Howard Lee Scherer, Jr.

Patsy Hybarger Ramsey Scherer


Nellie Mae Shindler Schicke
Ramona Schilhab
Nancy Dean Denbow Schilling

Lewis John Schmersahl, Jr.

Augusta Knote Schmidt
F. H. "Harry" Schmidt
F. W. Schmidt

Friedrich Schmidt

Frederick Schmidt Jr.

W. F. Schmidt
Hayden Paige Chancey-Schmoker

Joyce Schmoker

Alvin "Al" Henry Schneider Sr.
Della June Jurek Schneider
Grace Susan Schneider
Robert “Bobby” Schneider
Carol Jean Slaughter Schoelman
Annie Schooler
Louisa Schrader
Edwina “Peggy” Schraub


Ann Lydia Schuetz

Forrest James Schulte
Pauline Schulte
Corene Schulz
Tommy Schultz

Albert G. "Pete" Schulze

Waymond Julius Schulze
Carl Fredrick Schurtz
James Alton "Munchie" Schurtz
Margaret "Tibby" Joan Janise Schurtz

Mary Ellen Schurtz
Henry Schwartz
Sarah Kogutt Schwartz
Sidney Schwartz

Dorothy May Schwebel

Laura Schwind
William F. Schwind
Dorothy Jean Hilliard Scott
Eliza Scott

James Joseph Scott

John G. “Jack” Scott
Leslie Scott
Nanny Scott
Walter Scott

Elizabeth Scurry


Carl Seal, Jr.
Emmett Davis Seale
Robbie Cornelius Seale

Clyde Nelo Seaman
Susan Rachael Emmons-Seaman
Cora May Anderson Sears
George Roland Sebastian
Nora Lee Cox Sedam
Daniel G. Sedillo
Earl Thomas Sedlacek
James Clifton Sedlacek

James W. Sedlacek
Lucina Segovia
Mildred Tolbert Seifert
E. Wayne Self

Samuel G. Selkirk

William Selkirk
Barbara Ann Sellers
Elizabeth Ann Sellers

Rachel Patterson Sellers
Kathlyn Sells
Anna Margaret Gerhard Sells
Norval D. Sells

Patsy McCrosky Sells

Maurine Selger

Anita Marie Senkyrik
Ignac Senkyrik

Ignac D. Senkyrik
Joe Henry Senkyrik

Josephine Elenora Senkyrik

Eloise Nolan Serafine

John Baptist Serafine

Mary "Mollie" Green Serafine

Eva Adelle Serrill
Kathryn Vanessa Servantes
Lupe Rivera Servantes

Secario Servantes, Jr.
Neil David Severson

Phyllis Elva Sewell

Temple E. "Wimpy" Sewell

Eloise Sexton
Manley Sexton
Margaret Alice Sexton
Theresa Sexton

Sha-Shel Shep-Shu Sid-Simo Simp-Slo

Robert E. Shafer

Gordon Lee Shaffer
Lena Maude Pollard Shaffer

Willa Shaffer

Bernice Terry Shannon

Harry Samuel Shannon
Joseph Shannon
Nancy Beatrice Shannon

Agnes Elizabeth Sharp

Alfred James Sharp
Rowena L. Sharp

Victoria Lynn Talafuse Sharp

Ina Mae Harter Shaw

Mary Ann Russell Shaw

Patricia Michelle Shaw

Rachel Scott Shaw

Walter Ernest "Bud" Shaw

Frances Sophia Bowie Shearer
Shirley Kay Shearer
Arthur Roy Sheeran

Irene Elizabeth Shelby
Dorothy L. Sheldon
Felix “Rocky” Sheldon
Michael Charles Shelley


Carl Raymond Shepard

Mona Kilbride Shepard

Thomas A. Shepard
Karen Ann Sheppard
Robert E. Sherman, Sr.
Walter J. Sherman
A. A. Sherrer
Annie Vern Sherrer

David Neal Sherrer

Evelyn Katherine Sherrer
Mildred B. Sherrer
Wilma Brhlik Sherrill

Bernard H. Shield
Jimmy Charles Shimek
Sheri Lynn Shindler

William "Bill" Shine
Charles Warren Shockley
Sydney Bowman Shomette
George Short
Glendine Short
Henrietta Short
Leonard George Showers

James William Shuey

Samuel P. Shuey

Carol Shugart

Welton Tate Shugart, Sr.
Bernice V. Shults

Jeanette Sue Rickaway Shultz
Gerald O. “Jerry” Shutts


Nina Sicking
Alex Coleman Sidney, Jr.
Alice Mae Sidney
Ethel Gladys Sidney
Irene Sidney
Leroy Sidney

Melvin Sidney Sr.
Renold Danyele Sidney
Russell Sidney
William Sidney, Sr.

Berniece “Bea” R. Siefkes
Alice M. Sifford

David Floyd Sifford
Eva Faith “Betty” Sifford
Geraldine Brooks Sifford

Guy E. “Red” Sifford
Lillian Anderson Sifford

Paul Lindy Sifford

Robert L. Sifford

Robert Thomas Sifford

William Hall Sifford
Woodrow W. Sifford
Susan Elizabeth Sterling Silva
Timothy Wayne Simicek
Dave Simmons

Nannie P. Simmons

Verna Lou Simmons
Wanda Simmons

Leona Simnacher
Barbara Faye Simon
Haskell Simon
Moise Simon
Sonia Simon

Annie E. Duffy Simons

Bryan Elmo Simons

Bryan Elmo Simons (son)

Bryan Gregory Simons

Catherine E. Simons
Edward Remington Simons

Helen Elizabeth Simons

J. W. Simons

Jack Hamblen Simons

James Elmo Simons

James Wathen Simons III
Lenore Hall Simons
William Traylor Simons

Charles Ed Simpson
Millie Jennie Cross Simpson

Robert Samuel “Bob” Simpson, Jr.
Ruth L. James-Simpson

Thelbert E. Simpson
Clara Louise Hale Sims
David Stepan Siptak
Wilbury B. "Bill" Sirman
Ben Eddie Sirmon
Dorothy Gene Sirmon

Maude Hardee Sirmon
Richard Thomas Sirmon

Thelma Sirmon
Pearl Sisco

Henry H. Sisson
Robert S. “Bob” Skinner
Cynthia Kubsch Slater
Gary Wayne Slater
Kay Slater

Annie H. Sliva
David "Smooth" Silva

Emil Andrew Sliva
Gilbert Paul Sliva

Mary Sliva

Sylvester James Sliva
Daniel Skuca

Barbara Lenore Simons Slone

Bobbye Ruth Ware Slone

James Clay Slone, Jr.
James Clay Slone, Sr.

James Clyde "Jimmy" Slone
John Jones Slone

Marion Slone
Nellie Slone
Phyllis O. Slone
Ted W. Slone
William H. Slone


Smith, A-I Smith, J-V Sm-So Sp

Adelaide Smith
Albert F. Smith Jr.
Albert James “A. J.” Smith
Annie Smith
Augustus George Smith
Baker Joseph Smith
Barbara Sue Smith
Baxter "Bat" Smith
Betty Jeane Smith

Carl Travis "Bubba" Smith Jr.
Clara "Cottie" Savage Smith

Della Maxwell Smith

Doris Voorhies Smith
Dorothy Smith

Dorothy Lee Smith
Dwight Wayne Smith

E. C. “Gene” Smith
Esther Dienst Smith

Floyd Timothy Smith

Frank Howard Smith
Gayla Ann Smith

Geanetta Shephard Smith
George Smith

George Alfred Smith
Gloria Camille Smith
Grace Irene Smith

Gussie Smith
Harold Jacob Smith
Helen Jean Smith

Ima Thompson Smith
Irene Smith

Irma Jane Smith


J. B. Smith
Jacob Smith

Jeanne Smith
Lacreeda Arnette Smith
Lawrence C. Smith

Lela LeCompte Smith

Leon Smith
Lincoln Smith

Lula S. Smith

Mable Lee Christian Smith
Mary Francis Smith

Mary Mosier Smith
Melvin Roy Smith
Mary Janette Sliva
Mike Smith
Moses Smith Sr.
Nelson Smith

Neva Faye Teat Smith
Nancy Jane Smith
Ophelila “Opal” Smith
Oreula E. Smith

Patricia “Patsy” Ann Smith
Paul R. Smith

Richard E. Smith

Robert Spencer “Katfish” Smith
Sammy Lee Smith
Thelma Brown Smith
Theo Smith
Thomas Smith
Thomas B. Smith

Tommy Lee Smith

Tonya Annette Smith

Veronica “Vicki” Smith
Vicki Leah Brumfield Smith
Violet F. Smith
William “Bill” Smith, Sr.
William Saber Smith
Willie Mae Smith


Hollis F. Smudrick

Ruth Florene (Sifford) Smudrick
Betty Jean Sneath

Elizabeth Cone Alston Snedecor
Arvester “Lent” Sneed
Beatrice Moore Sneed

Lavada Sneed

Oscar Sneed, Jr.
Thelma Mae Austin Sneed
William Henry Sneed

Anna Mary Snider
Asberry Snider
Harley Floyd Snider
Johnie Cecil Snider

Loy Faye Dobson Snider
Mattie Snider

Dale Edward Snodgrass
Jared R. Snyder

Henry Frank Socha, Sr.

Hartman Alvin Soli

Hattie Fay Smith Soli
Alice Rivas Solis
Dominga Gatica Solis
Irene Arsola Solis
Kenna-Leigh Sylene Solis
Mason Angel Solis
Richard Angel Solis
Richard Antonio Solis
Sylvester “Kenny” Solis

Robert Gene Solomon
Alma Sommer
Daphne Elizabeth Sonnier

Georgia Ann Sweeny Sonnier
Wiley James Sonnier
Chris Sorrensen

Benjamin Louis Sorrell

Luvenia Moore Sorrell

Isaac Sosa
Mercedes Montoya Soto
Victor Lee Soto
Amanda Southall
Baby Girl Southall
Carrie Davis Southall

Isham Southall Jr.
Mary A. Southall

Lillian Elizabeth Spalek
Annie Mary Posey Sparks

B. J. Sparks
Beulah Mae Sparks

Ethel Marjorie Sparks

George Sparks
James Wilford Sparks

Lena M. Sparks

Marion Jackson Sparks III

Regina Lynn (Ryan) Sparks
Annie Louise Speer
Geneva Pearl Spelts
Bernard “Bernie” Dean Spence

Allen William Spencer
Alma Cecilia Spencer
Alta Mae Spencer

Edwin Spencer

Faye Esther Kirk Spencer

Joseph W. Spencer

Professor Spencer
William G. Spencer

Cole Anthony Spenneberg
Kermit Spielman

Byrdella Spiller
Christine Spiller

Floyd Spiller, Sr.
Marthella Steves Simpson Spoonemore
Eugene F. Spoor

Whisper Leigh Spradlen
Unice Spradley Sr.

Alva "Al" Springer

Mary Springfield
Glenda Cash Sprouse
Joseph J. "Jack" Spurgeon
Hattie Huff Spurny
Christopher Theodore Spurr


Sr-Stel Step-Ston Stor-Sun Sut-Sy

Jimmye Gayle Braqgg Srubar
Leon Edward Srubar

Betty Joyce Staff
John Patrick Stafford
Allan E. Stahlstrom

Harry A. Stahlstrom

Lora G. Stahlstrom
Elizabeth Small Stall
John L. Stall
Amanda Bergren Stallard
Fannie Mae Stallard
Frank Edward Stallard

Frances Ann Stallings
Betty Lou Stampley

Sandra Sue Standlee

Oretha Mae Tankersley Standley
Searcy H. Standley
Alva Lee Stanford

Gertrude Stanford

Janis Dian Stanford

Leslie Stanford

O. B. Stanley
Eva Lois Stansberry

Robert E. “Bobby” Stansberry

Velma Jane Stansell

Dennis Rube Stark

Lucille L. Stark

Bonnie Pruett Starnes

Joan Loraine Treybig Starnes
Zura Wilkerson Starr
Duane Lee Stearns
Bessie Mae Steele

Edwin Ben Steffek
Olga Marie Steffek

Eugene E. Steinmeyer

Charles Elroy Stell

Geneva Hess Stell
Howard Walton Stell

James Cleveland Stell

Travis E. Stell

Arthur Wayne Stephens
John Wesley Stephens
Johnnie Stephens
Marshall Aubrey Stephens

Walters "Sleepy" Stephens

Charles Robert Stephenson

Michaeleen Brangan Stepp
Betty Joan Sterling
Michael Sternberger
James Robert (Bobby) Sterry

William Davant Sterry

Tommy Joe Street

Robert Wayne Steubing

Bennie Jerrel Stevens

Daniel Ryan Stevens

Irma M. Stevens

Jack Forrest Stevens, Sr.

Vevi Stevens

Frances Taylor Steves
Seth Taylor Steves
Allen E. Stewart

Bertha Augusta Stewart
Cleta Gail Stewart

Eddie James Stewart
Ellen P. Stewart
Nelva Maurine Stewart
Robert Darell Stewart
Robert Harold Stewart
James Buford Stilwell
C. G. Stoddard
Nora Jean Finley Stolz
Caroline Joe Stone

Carolyn Stone
Celestia L. Stone
Don Stone
James Carl Stone

John Calvin Stone

Nora Beth Stone

David Gail Stonestreet, Sr.

Granville Theodore Storey
Gerald Edward Stork
Barbara Callaway Stovall
Gilbert Burns Stovall, Jr.

Joe Strauss
Marylou Strawbridge
Aaron Stredic Jr.
Gladys Goodwin Stridde
Raymond Stridde

Phillip Joe Strimple
Rob Stridde

Sylvia Rosemary Strimple
Willie “Buster” Stringer
Beverly Lynn Ward-Stroman

Crystal Elaine Stroman-Weldon
Mary Louise Reynolds Strother
Barbara Stroud
Margie Katherine Stroud
Kathleen Erna Sanford Strozier

Alice Faye Broussard Stuart
Wiley Gene Stuart
Edwin William Stuhrenberg
Leroy Ludwig Stumer
Lucille Crenshaw Suggs
A. N. Sullivan
Charles Rickey "Rick" Sullivan
Randy DuWayne Sullivan
Viola Mehrens Sullivan
Wilma Anne Sullivan
Aubin Cox Sumers
Charles Dean Summers
Kathrien Sue Porter Sump
Harry Sundstrom
Camarino Suniga
Teodoro Suniga


Betty Sutherland
Donna Gail Sutherland
Estella Myrtilla Anderson Sutherland
J. D. Sutherland
John Sutherland
Cynthia Dianne Sutton
G. B. "Jerry" Sutton Sr.
James Roy Sutton

L. L. Sutton
Rita Bass Sutton
Ruby “Judy” Merle Sutton
William Eldon Sutton
Millie Frances Svetlik
Ray Svetlik
Rodney Hale Svetlik
Willie A. Svetlik

Rita L. Swaney-McKlveen
Lillie Jo Sweeny
Vernon L. Swendsen
Mary "Bobbie" McClure Swenson
Betty B. Swift
Frank Levi Swinford, Jr.
Frank Levi Swinford, III
Benjamin Paul Swinky

Edward Emil Swinky

Helen Sims Swinky
Avis “Faye” Victoria Sykes
August Charles "Butch" Symmank
Floyd Joseph Szymaszek
Ta Te-Thom Thom-Thu Ti-Ton

Ada Tabb
James D. Tabb

Ruth Taggart

Louis Talafuse

Rosalie Talafuse
Marion "Fuzz" Talasek, Sr.
Melvin Balke Talasek
Charles L. Talbot

Eddie Tallas

Gertrude Veronica Tallas

Louis C. Tallas
Leonora May Talmadge

Paul Preston Talmadge
Howard Alvin Tanner
Joseph E. Tanner
Rebecca Lasay Galvan Tapia

Olga Konarik Targac

Delvin L. Taska
Delton Neill Tate

Talmadge James Tatum, Sr.
Addie Pearl Taulbee

Arlene Wilcox Taylor

Ella Hawkins Taylor

Ellie Cox Taylor

Eura L. Hassell Taylor

Frances Parr Taylor
Frank Shaw Taylor
George Taylor, Sr.

Goldie E. Taylor
Howard Dale Taylor
I. T. Taylor

Ida Mae LeTulle Taylor
Hazel Irene Taylor
James Collier Taylor
James Edward Taylor Sr.

John “Whit” Taylor

John Eric Taylor

John Wesley Taylor, Jr.
Mikael K. Taylor Jr.
Phillip "P-Berry" Taylor

Robert Taylor
William H. Taylor

Clayton Spears Teat
Robert Lee Teeler
A. C. Tellison Sr.
J. C. Tellison
Tilton Tellison
Annie Bell Temple

Elma Campbell Temple
Othie Lee Temple

Samuel Temple, III
Christopher Alan Templeton
Charles Adrain Tenberg

Victoriano Terrasas Jr.

Lois Billings Terrell

Anne "Betsy" Kerr Skinner Terry

Marion Louise Terry
Robert E. “Bob” Terry
W. F. Tetts

Charles Wesley Teutsch

Chester Q. Thames
Lucille Thames
Doris V. Tharp

Madge Yeager Tharp
Maggie Campbell Thibodeaux
Pearl Ora Terry Thompson Lundy Tharp
Annie Doris Thomas
Arthur Clarence Thomas
Curtis Dennis Thomas
Elisha Thomas Sr.
Eugene Thomas
Eulalia Thomas
Evalina Taylor Thomas
Evelyn Fields Thomas
Larry Thomas
Lee Roy Thomas

Luberta Thomas
Maude Thomas
Morris C. Thomas
Reginald Thomas
Samuel Thomas
Steven Vincent Thomas
Wilbert Hall Thomas Jr.
William E. "Bill" Thomas

Alex Ray Thompson
Bobbie Estell Thompson

Bunyan Ezell Thompson

Carl Allen Thompson

Clifford Annie Dudley Thompson

Daisy Bullington Thompson
Donald Lynn Thompson Sr.

Earl Henry Thompson, Jr.
Erma Thompson

Ethel Thompson
Henry Thompson
J. O. "Spot" Thompson

J. R. "Bob" Thompson

James “J. O.” Thompson
Johnny B. Thompson Jr.
Johnny Lee Thompson

Josie Ella Thompson
Larry Donnell Thompson

Luther M. Thompson

Marshall Thompson Jr.
Martha Tracy Thompson

O. B. Thompson
Sidney J. Thompson

Terry A. Thompson

Thomas M. Thompson

Travis Thompson

W. A. “Bill” Thompson

Wells Thompson
Winifred Thompson

Eunice Thormaehlen - Critendon

Margaret Norris Thornton

Tommy Thornton

Ben R. Thorpe

Carl Thumann, Sr.
Phil Thurmond
Patricia Marentze Thyssen-Vaughan

Mattie Kinsell Tickal
Christopher Martin Tijerina
Guy Tiller
Odiest Brown Times
Rev. Samuel Tims
Aron Lynn Times
Jimmie Times

Margaret Times

Clyde Tinnin
Columbus "Click" Mayo Tippett Jr.
Clarence Lee Tise

Annie Shafer Titt

Robert L. "Bob" Titt
James Titus
Julio "Marty" Martin Tobias

Manuel de Jesus Tobias
Manuel Thomas Tobias
Rosalie Martino Tobias
Jim Frank Tobola Sr.
Lois J. Todish
Janice Jean Toellner
Lewis Tolbert
Clarence Tolleson

Marlene Addie McDaniel Tolleson
Mary Kathryn Fisk Tolleson

Harold Norman Tolson

Mary Tolson
Sandy Tomasek

Juanita Ruth Tomlinson

Wayne Kelso Tomlinson, Jr.

Charles "Charlie" Tone
Colton Roshawn Tone

Ethel Mae Tone


Tor-Tre Tri-Ty U Vac-Vav

Amelia Torres
Beatrice Torres
Guadalupe L. Torres
Julia Z. Torres
Mike D. Torres Sr.
Pete B. Torres, Jr.
Romona Torres
Pedro Tovar

Billie Gene Townsend
Elba Townsend
James L. Townsend
James Vernon Townsend
Rogers Harold Trahan

Mena Esquivel Trammell
Tiem V. Tran

Janet Lynn Travers
Robert Royal "Roy" Traylor
Lorene Allen Treacy
Mary Ella Trent

Ernest Charles Tresselt
Ernie Tresselt
Nancy Tresselt

Teresa Clare Tresselt
Teresa J. "Terry" Tresselt

Amelia Treviño

Esteban A. Trevino
Eva Trevino

Jose Angelo “Joe” Trevino

Mariano Solis Trevino
Peter S. "Buck" Trevino
Robert Lee Trevino
Rodolfo “Rudy” Trevino
Rosalio Trevino

Dorothy Lukefahr Treybig
Harry Lee Treybig

Rosa Lee Rodriguez Triana
Richard Trobl
Ruth Trobl

Sherrill Hocut Trombatore
Fern Trott
John David Trott
Donald Troutman
Harold Troutman

Henry Cowen Troutman

Horace Troutman

Howard Troutman
Mabel Rose Troutman
Norman Carl Treude
Gloria Ann (Gutierrez) Trujillo
Margaret Lois Sanford Trull

Cyrus Perry Tucker
Della Mae Polensky Tucker

Ica Lena Tucker

Ina Lee Tucker

Larry Lige Tucker, Sr.
Robert Andrew Tucker
Theo Thomas Tucker
Wayne Kenneth Tucker
Gladys Ulland Tuley

Hershel Emmott Tuley
Verna Turek

Alfred Oren Turner
John H. Turner
Robert J. Turner
Patricia Tuttle Williams
Carmine "Dink" Starr Tvrdik

Denver E. Tweedle

John D. Tweedle

Kevin E. Tweedle

Patsy “Pat” Jane Tweedle
Raymond Dean Tweedle
Anna Faye Tyler
Leney Lee Tyler

Adolph Frank “Abe” Uherek
Lorraine Uhlar

Jewel Underwood

John Louis Underwood, Sr.

Martin Luther Underwood
L. W. Urban

Evelyn Ussery


Alice Kopecky Vacek

Edmund Richard Vacek Sr.

Jacqueline "Jackie" Valdez
Lorenzo R. Valdez
Lorenzo Valdez Jr.
Manuel Valdez
Valentina Perez Valdez
Elpidio Valdivia
Ernest Henry Valigura
Fred Emil Valigura

Leo Melvin Valigura
Rhonda M. Jenney Vallely

Herman Wilson Van Dyke
Robbie Estelle Van Ness

William "Bill" VanNess
Virginia Vantrease

Fred G. Van Wie, Jr.
Lucy Van Wormer

Belen Vargas

Miguel C. Vargas

Olegario "Ollie" Bocanegra Vargas Sr.
Reyes Vargas, Jr.
Elizabeth M. Vacek
Andrew Victor Vasek
Enrique Vasquez

E. L. "Gene" Vaughan Sr.
Joanna Grace Vaughan

Edward “Eddie” Frank Vavra, Sr.

Leola Aline Hadley Vavra
Joe Vavrecka, Sr.






Jesse R. Vega
Julian Vega
Maria Vega

Teresa De Jesus Iracheta Vega

Janie Vela

Doris Dodd Swanson Velasquez
Peggy Sue Schicke Venglar
Roger D. Venglar
Eric Warren Vercher
Joyce Gaspard Verret
Francisco Dovalina Verver

Beulah Mae Vessels
Claud T. Vessels
James Jett Victery, Jr.
Helen A. Victoria

Alfredo Villafuerte

Frank Villarreal
Mary Villarreal
Rosario Villarreal

Senora Solis Villarreal

Madeleine Clitherall Battle Vincent
Julian Vine

Lataricia Ringo Viningre

Mable Hamill Vogelsang

Merlin A. Vogelsang

Merlin C. Vogelsang

Homer Andrew Vos

Woody Gene Vowell
Maurine Thompson Voyles
Gene Vyvial


Elizabeth D. Waddell

Tyretha Waddle
Margarine Waddy
Vicki Towers Wade
Lurline Andrews Wadsworth
William B. Wadsworth
Jack William Waechter, Jr.
James “Jim” Wagner, Jr.

Ruth Belle Wagner
William R. Wagner
Dorcas Gertrude Wainner
George DeWitt Wainner
Alma Mae Wakefield
Bob “Captain” Wakefield, Sr.

Maunsell Clark, “Sonny” Wakefield
Jean Wilkinson Wales

Alcesta Kary Paine Walker

Alvin C. Walker
Benjamin A. Walker

Beverly Ann Walker

Blanche M. Walker
Charlie Walker
Emma Walker
Esther E. Walker
Ethel Batten Walker
Frank Leroy Walker
Fred Walker
George W. Walker

Glenn Allen Walker Jr.

James Grady Walker
James Wilburn "Bill" Walker
John Walker
Lee Roy Walker
Lolita Myers Walker
Lotus Ione Walker
Maggie D. Walker
Mary Jo Walker

Mary L. Roy Walker

Mollie Weathers Walker

Myrtle Ruth Rickaway Walker
Nannie Lee Walker

Paine Walker

Robert W. Walker

Rosa Lee Walker

Ruby Fay Walker

Thomas J. "Jack" Walker
Viola Marie Walker

William Walker

William Walker, Jr.

Doris Wallace
Ellen Wallace
Ethel Green Wallace

Lew L. Wallace, Jr.

Byron "Barney" Wallen
Judy (Mi Cha Ko) Wallen
Walter "Bill" William Walling
Hugh Maxwell Wallis
Martha Ann Williams Walls
Amanda Matlock Upton Walters

Anna Lee Haring Walters
Henry T. Walters
Vera Walker McCullough Walters

Annie Ruth Brashier Walton
Anthony Walton
Georgie Lee Williams Walton
Jane Rice Walton
Rector R. Walton Sr.

Rector Russell Walton, Jr.
Philip A. Warchesik

Charlie Ward
Dave Ward III

Earl T. Ward

Joshua Allen Ward

Joyce Ward

Robert Lee Ward

Bessie Mae Jenkins Ware
Dora Maureen Hodges Ware
Frank Sparkes Ware

Jerry Lynn Ware

Jimmy Mack Ware
Richard Clyde Ware

Bedford Forest "Red" Warn
Billy Ray Warn

Charlie V. “Bill” Warn

Dale Charles Warn
Enis Arrieta Woodson Warn
Megan Warn
William Henry Warner, Sr.
Sally J. Warnes
Jim Honea Warnock


James Ross Warren
Annie Bell Washington
Ella Washington
Emma J. Washington
Henry Washington
Mary B. Washington
Travis Washington
Weldon Waters
Berry Ross Watkins
Ellen Ryman Watkins
Eugene Watkins
Jack Dillman Watkins

Jessie Lee Harris Watkins

Joanetta Smith Watkins

Katie Irene Watkins

Leola Jeter Watkins

Manly Sexton “Bute” Watkins
Oma Marie “Oma Lee” Watkins
Quentin Eugene Watkins
Roberta Lee Reeves Watkins

Sam Watkins
Una M. Watkins

Allene Hogg Watson
Carolyn Watson
Claudia Terrell Watson

Roger Watson

Rufus Edward Watson
Winona Watson
Andrew V. Watts
Eula Alice “Granny” Watts

James Earl Watts
Priscilla Hurta Wayman

Tom Ways


Wea-Wei Wel-Wet Whe-Who Wic-Wilk

Elizabeth Sills Weakley

Ewell F. Weakley
William Harvey Weakley
JoAnn "Jodie" Weatherly
Ben Weathers

Frank Weathers
Georgia H. Weathers
W. R. Weathers

Alberta Weaver
Cathy Ann Weaver

Mary Elizabeth Weaver

Ronald Lee Weaver
William "Bill" Weaver

Alline Garrett Webb
Elaine Webb

Willis O. Webb
Nellie Belle Webbon

Jeannette Belto Weber
Berniece J. Webster

Jane Cartwright Weed
Kyle Andrew Weed
Rodger Wayne Weese
Sybil K. Weiss

Kathy Lee Weixelman



Mary Helen Mattox Welch
O. W. Welch
Celia Jane Scott Weldon

Crystal Elaine Stroman-Weldon

Glen Weldon
Hiram Newton Weldon

Neil W. Weldon
Freddie Daniel Welfel
Christian Graham Wells

Douglas Benjamin Wells

Edgar B. Wells

Emmitt Donald Wells

Gerald Franklin Wells
Glenn Harlon Wells
Mamie Franzen Wells
Mildred Wells
R. L. “Rob” Wells
Ruby Virginia Wells
Henry J. “Tata” Wendel
B. Jack Wendt
Dale Edward Wendt
Edward Henry Wendt
Jane H. Wendt
Edwin F. Wenglar
Judy Ann Werla
John Henry Werlla
Susie Ruth Werlla

William Thomas Wernly

Alyce Caroline West
Bert C. West
Brian Leslie West
Evey Dean Pike West

Gale West
Mardell Dewey West

Michael Blake West
Nicholas Michael West
Norman West
Pauline Alice West
Virginia Nell West

Willard David “Papa” West
Alice Aguilar Westberry

Adam Michael Westbrook
LaVerne Westbrook
B. R. Westfall

Cathy E. Westinghouse

Frances Lee Westinghouse

Kathleen L. Wetz

Rodney McClaren Wheaton
Harold Monroe “Hal” Wheat

Ruth Hattie Thew Wheaton

Hattie Lee Wheeler
Paul J. Wheeler
A. R. “Tony” Whiddon
Arthur David White

Braxton Bragg White
Charline Victoria White

Douglas Oscar White

Ellis White, Sr.

Ethelyn White

Glen I. White

Harvey Thomas White

Jack H. White Sr.
Jack W. White
James White, Jr.
Joe Ann White

John C. White, “D. C” Jr.

Katherine Mary Eidlebach White
Kenneth B. White
Mable White
Maxine Reading White

Norman Oscar White
Pauline White

Peggy Ruth Bishop White
Theresa E. White

Travis Milo White

William Dewey White

Jerhald “Jerry” Whitfield

Billie Marie Grimes Whitley

Robert "Diddy" Whitley
Anthony Tony Shawn Whitt
Everett Rodger Whorton
Harold G. Whorton
Violet Whorton

Arthur Everett Wickham

George Wickham, Sr.
Kathryn C. Wickham
John Kincaid Wier
Vivian Marie Harrison Wier
Jean Elizabeth Wiesepape
Curtis Cordell Wiggins

Ruby Lee Wiggins

Dorothy Mae Wigginton
Steven Arnold Wilbanks

Earl Edward Wilcox
Amelia Hayes Wiley
Betty Louise Griggs Wiley
Benjamin Price Wiley
Charles Edward Wiley
Charles Henry Wiley, Sr.

Eliza Doris Wiley

James Claude Wiley
Lillian Bernice Wiley

Wilda R. Wiley

Willie Wiley

Barbara Wilkenson
Beatrice Wilkerson
Brenda Joyce Bouldin-Wilkerson
Charles Thomas Wilkerson
Delores Wilkerson
Fonda Nicole Batiste Wilkerson
Kevin Gene Wilkerson Sr.

Myrtle Maxwell Wilkerson
Roy Charles Wilkerson
Ruby Elliott Wilkerson
Van Vleck Wilkerson
Arthur "K9" Wilkins
Dwain Charles ( D.C.) Wilkins
Helen Ruth Lewis Wilkins
Jessie Phillips Wilkins
Annie Mae Wilkinson

Luceile Huebner Wilkinson

Marjorie Jim Bruce Wilkinson
Peggy Menke Wilkinson

Robert Jay "Bob" Wilkinson
Walter William Wilkinson, Jr.
Doris Lou Wilks

Williams, A-J Williams, L-W Williamson-Wilson Win-Wit

Almajean Williams
Alonzo Williams
Alta Gay Williams
Amy Allsup Williams
Barbara Williams
Benny A. Williams

Bernard Williams
Billie Mack Williams

Caroline L. Williams
Charlie J. Williams

Charles L. Williams

Clyde Benton Williams
Deloris Williams
Donie Ellis Hill Williams
Doris Rollins Williams
Earl Williams

Earl Lee “Babe” Williams
Earnest Lee Williams

Edith Williams
Elmer Loyd Williams
Elsie Sliva Williams
Emily Mae “Noonie” Williams
Freda Elsie Louisa Williams
George C. Williams
Georgia Mae Williams
Gertrude Johnson Williams
Grace Ann Williams

Harold S. Williams
Herman Williams
Irene Evelyn Welsh Williams
Irene Moses Williams

James F. Williams

Jerry Hubert “Johnny” Williams
Jessie Lee Williams

Joel Williams Jr.
John Alvin Williams
John Franklin "F. J." Williams

John May Williams
Johnnie Louise Williams

Lewis K. Williams
Lonnie Williams

Loraine Williams
Louis "Bit" Williams, Jr.

Lydia Williams

Mabel Douglas Williams

Margaret Amanda Williams
Martha Williams
Mary Williams

Mary Christine Williams

Ossie Lee Williams
Phyllis Williams

Pink Williams Jr.
Robert Williams
Robert "R. L." Lee Williams
Robert Van Williams
Ronald Williams

Roosevelt “Boo” Williams
Rose Boney Williams
Rose Lee Polensky Williams
Roy E. Williams
Roy Edward Williams
Ruby Mozelle Williams
Ruth Faye Williams
Sammie Lee Williams
Terry Michael Williams
Thelma Williams
Twila Corena Williams
Veronica Williams
Viola Williams

W. C. "Doc" Williams


Cecil Owen Williamson
Jessie Times Williamson
John Frank Williamson
Olonzo Williamson
Osmond Grady Williamson

Robert Fitzgerald Willis
Cathey Lynne Willson

Alice L. Wilson

Alma Jo Wilson
Arthur E. Wilson

Barry Lynn Wilson

Bessie Sue Wilson
Ellen Jane Dickerson Wilson

James Robert Wilson
Mable H. Wilson

Marilyn “Ash” Wilson
Naoma M. Wilson
Raymond H. Wilson

Samuel Woodrow Wilson
Suzette Lavon Wilson


Joyce Ann Wind
Mable Windle
Helen Winfrey

Johnny Paul Winfrey

Lewis Paul Winfrey

Ruth Wingate

Leera Estelle Winkler
Joyce B. Winnett

Wendal Winson

Jane Winston
Peter Bickerton Winston
Russell Winter
Billington Taylor Winters
Florentine “Flossie” Winters

Phillip Bryan Winters
Angeline Wintterle
Inez Wintterle

Margaret "Maudie" Rigby Wirth
Betty Lou Wise
Frank Wishard
Edwina Millican Witchell
Frances Powell Witham
A. H. Pierce Withers
Mamie Frances Pierce Withers
Andrew Buford Witherspoon

Lottie Boone Witherspoon

Dale L. Withrow
Michael Layton Witte
Robert Wittig


Wo Wr-Wy Y Z

Margaret Wobbe
Alfonce C. Woellert
Eiland "E.C." Curtiss Wofford

Eva Faulk Dendy Wofford
Irene Mae Wofford

Jesse Oscar Wofford

Oscar Sidney Wofford

David Oscar Wohleber

Amy Wolfe

Patsy Ruth Delcore Wolfe
Bessie Adair Wood
Dorothy Henderson Wood

James R. W. Wood

Thomas Gene Wood
William Dice Wood

Albirda Young Woodard
Brenda Woodard
Evelyn Williams Woods
Frankie Woodard-Brown
Girtha Lee Williams Woodard

Luretta Austin Woodard
Phema Ella Woodard

Theoplis Woodard
Willie Mae Wyche Woodard
Earl Woods
George C. Woods, Jr.
Jameel Woods
Jimmie Woods, Sr.

Nellie P. Woods

Pearl Leola Woods

Stanley G. Woods
Elile A. Woodson
Eva Jewell Woodson
James Manuel Woodson
Ruie Eugene Woodson
Sarah Woodson
Jessica Lynnanne Yates Wooten

Joseph "Joe" Wrape Sr.
Katy Wratislaw
Hazel Marie Wren
Amie Wright

Claudie E. Wright
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ann Wright

Evelyn Russell Wright
Herman "Hogman" Wright, Jr.

Hurchell Lee Wright

James “Joe” Wright, Sr.

Jessie Mildred Wright
John Stanley Wright
Johnnie E. Wright
Maxwell C. Wright

Rena B. McCleary Wright
Roy "Pete" Wright

Ruth A. Wright
Wesley Vernon Wright

Wilson Shannon Wright

Harold Wuthrich

James Paul Wyatt, Jr.

Jesse E. Wyatt
Lora Irene Wyatt
Benjamin Lee Wyche
Donald Ray Wyche
Lillian Stephney Wyche
Adele Elizabeth Wynn

James Morris Wyse, Jr.

Jo A. Wyse

Richard Lee "Dick" Wyse

Verna L. Wyse

Bettie S. Yancey
James D. Yancey
Anna Marie Yanez
Lupe Yanez, Sr.
Eloisa Losoya Yanez

Mary A. Yarborough
Roy Yarborough, Sr.
Harvey Arnold Yates
Isidro Ybarra

Mrs. Yeager
A. O. Yeager
Laura Price Yeager
Asa H. Yeamans, Jr.

Horace Yeamans Sr.

Horace M. Yeamans

Pauline Bunk Yeamans

Phillip Yeamans
Phillip Yeamans d 1940
Wayne E. Yeamans
Catherine York
Silas Wilson York
Abraham Young, Jr.
Dave Young
Eddie Wilson Young
Elizabeth Young
Elton Young

Jack Wesley Young III
Naomi Boone Young

Nicole Lynne Young
Roderick W. Young
A. W. Younts, Jr.
Mary Vest Younts
Vernie Lee Younts

Flossie “Bobbie” Yoxtheimer



Albert L. Zalman
Colbee Lee Zamora

Raymond Delapaz Zamora
Joyce Ann Zapalac

Charles Zapata Sr.
Guadalupe M. Zboral, Sr.
Minerva Zboral
Emil W. Zbranek
Christina Zemanek
Eugene John Zemanek
Joseph Zemanek

"Jerry" Paul Jerome Zenker

Elias R. Zepeda
Isaac Rodriguez Zepeda Sr.

Minnie Medina Zepeda
Robert R. Zepeda, Sr.

Mary Beth Jopling Ziegenhals

Oscar Ziegenhals
Julia Fay Zigo
Deloris Zimmermann

Elmer Craig Zimmerman

William Franklin Zimmerman, Jr.
Wilhelmina Zipprian

Hershel L. Zumalt



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