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Matagorda County Tribune, May 12, 1911

Matagorda County Tribune, April 7, 1911

Matagorda County Tribune, May 26, 1911

Bought An Orangedale Tract

Mr. Elmer Highley of Atlantic, Iowa, has bought an Orangedale tract from the Matagorda County Orchard Development Company through their local salesman, B. L. Ayers.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 16, 1911

Buys Orangedale Tract

Mr. Richard H. Lewis, our County attorney, today bought an Orangedale tract from B. L. Ayres of the Matagorda County Orchard Development Company.

It certainly is a strong endorsement of the proposition to see prominent business and professional men investing in this property and it shows that these gentlemen who are purchasing have faith not only in this company but in the future of the great Midcoast Country as well.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 30, 1911

Matagorda County Tribune, July 7, 1911

November 6, 1911

Lukefahr School Community.

Misses Nellie and Yolande Norman of Orangedale were shopping in Bay City Saturday.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, March 20, 1914

Lukefahr School House

There is a brand new "chicken coop" being built on a farm near Orangedale. Wonder who will occupy it.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 8, 1914

Lukefahr School House

Messrs. Lukefahr, Campbell and Smith spent Thursday and Friday working the public road just east of Orangedale.


Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 15, 1914


Farming columns from The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer
written by Charles Edwin Gilbert.


In Orangedale we noticed three or four orange groves, which under the fostering care of Mr. R. M. Adams of the Orangedale Co. are doing nicely. The young trees well laden with blooms and young oranges. This enterprise is proving the adaptability of our soil and climate to this popular fruit. Like Mr. Adam, the News-Farmer believes in the orange and expects to see its growth a prosperous and profitable industry in this county.


The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, published May 22, 1914

Lukefahr School House

Mr. V. R. Norman and family and his son and family of Orangedale left Wednesday morning for Waco, Texas, their old home. They sold their crops to the Messrs. Patterson.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, June 19, 1914


E. A. Campbell of Orangedale was in Monday on business and called on the News-Farmer. Mr. Campbell says his rice is fine, and his dry crops are by the aid of a lot of hard work recovering somewhat from the recent excessive moisture. He is thinking seriously about putting in a lot of cows and looking to dairy products for his money crop.

The Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, July 19, 1914

R. E. Yates of Orangedale was in town Tuesday after some goods and medicine for a sick mule. He lost one of his best Monday, and his neighbor J. F. Finney lost one. Another neighbor, Jeb Prime, lost one Sunday. Those are the latest. Mr. Yates says that his stock had been running on pasture, but he fed them regularly, and watered them from a well, and he cannot account for the disease except that it is epidemic and possibly transmitted from one animal to another by flies or mosquitoes. He has fifteen acres of good cotton and his sweet potatoes are fine.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, July 24, 1914


J. F. Finley, a farmer of Orangedale, has sold over two hundred dollars worth of watermelons the past thirty days, but he says that was his only crop to amount to anything. Diversified farming is the thing.

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, August 21, 1914

Among the Farmers

Mr. W. H. R. Smith from Orangedale came up Monday on business, and called around to subscribe for the News-Farmer. He is now the fourth Smith on our Route 1 list. Mr. Smith is the care taker of the orange groves of Orangedale, but prides himself in his success in getting a start in poultry. He says his hens have increased 16 to one besides some eggs, that is 1,600 per cent in six months, and there's few investments can beat it.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 18, 1914


It has been stated that a number of farmers are moving out of the county. Well there are some moving in. A gentleman recently told the writer that in the Orangedale community there was hardly a vacant house; that in every house vacated a new farmer has come to take up the work. There is no reason why this should not be so. The county is rich in climate and soil, and opportunities are as favorable here as anywhere. In fact, this county vastly discounts all others, as a place for a happy home, and that is all we get out of life anywhere we go.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, January 15, 1915

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Kelly of
Oil City , La. , arrived here last Tuesday via automobile on a visit to Mrs. Kelly’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Patterson, near Orangedale. They say that in all the trip the best roads they found were those of Matagorda County .

Matagorda County Tribune, July 7, 1918



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