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Mr. and Mrs. William Wildman came in from the North Monday to visit their son, C. J. Wildman.

Mrs. C. J. Bontrager and little daughter Ella Mae, left Monday morning for Elkhart , Ind. , where they will visit friends and relatives for some time.

Miss Fox of Thomaston spent Sunday in Palacios, as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Wildman.

Misses Nannie Magee and Hazel Grubbs of Bay City were the guests of Mrs. Lida Williams over Sunday.

Mrs. E. E. Williams and little son Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Hasty of Milan , Kan. , are visiting J. J. Williams and family.

Mrs. W. K. Keller of Midfield spent Sunday with Mrs. C. A. Cates of this city.

The Ladies Aid society of the Christian church gave an oyster dinner and supper Saturday.

Miss Gladys Brewer entertained a crowd of Sunday school children with a trip and picnic up the river Saturday.
Miss Elsie Schikle and August Mosier were quietly married at the home of Judge Willis Wednesday afternoon at
3 o’clock , Judge Willis officiated.

HOUSTON DAILY POST, October 16, 1910

Submitted by Zia Miller

Beacon Rays

Mr. J. W. Macy left Monday for Dayton, Ohio, on a business trip.

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Anthony are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Saturday morning.

Mrs. M. Huddleston and nephew went to Markham Sunday and spent the day with relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Smith will leave in the morning for Dallas to attend the State fair. They will also visit points in the northern part of the state before returning home.

Miss Lula Williams visited in Blessing a few days this week.

Miss Frances Herron entertained a number of her friends at 42 last night.

Miss Kate Dunbar is visiting Dr. and Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Julian Harvey.

Mr. Jas. M. Harrison left for New York Wednesday morning on business.

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Moomey are the proud parents of a baby girl, born Wednesday morning.

Palacios Beacon, October 13, 1911




Mr. Geo. E. Williams of Bay City visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Williams Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Green of Pratt, Kan. arrived here Saturday to spend the winter.

Mr. Tom Lowe has returned to his home in Sealy, after spending several months here.

Mr. J. Ross Tunnell was a Francitas visitor Sunday.

Mr. Claude A. Newton will leave Tuesday for Houston where he has a position as a bookkeeper in one of the banks. His many friends here regret very much to lose him as a Palacios citizen, and especially, will he be missed by the society bunch.

Mr. Manley Sexton was a Bay City visitor this week.

Mr. Glen Hall was brought home from Ganado Tuesday very ill, but is some better now.

Miss Cora Garrett was in Blessing Monday, where she has a music class.

Mr. Clyde Park is in Bay City on business this week.

The Matagorda County Tribune, January 17, 1912



Mr. S. S. Montgomery visited his family at Sargent last week.

Mrs. Emma Evans and two children are in the city guests of her sister, Mrs. Ella Evans.

Mr. E. E. Bateman left Tuesday for Angleton.

Mr. Manly Sexton returned Friday from Houston and Bay City.

Mrs. John Eaton and daughter, Miss Lucille of Fort Worth arrived Thursday and will be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Reagan for the summer.

A moonlight sail was enjoyed by quite a number of young people last Tuesday, on Captain Hicks' yacht.

Walter Gillette is in the city making arrangements to open an electric theatre at the pavilion.

On Tuesday of last week Miss Virdie C. White and Mr. Jack Reeves were united in marriage. Rev. Williams performing the ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Talbot have returned from their bridal tour.

A fishing party composed of Walter Williams, Carter Williamson, G. M. Perry, John Ralston, Bryan Williamson, Jack Barnett, Jim Fleury, and Sam Franz left Monday morning for the Pass where they will spend several days.

Mr. L. Milstead and mother of Missouri are in Palacios for the summer.

Mrs. D. M. Franz and Miss Janie Savage have returned from several weeks' visit in Houston and Bay City.

Miss Margaret Morris and brother arrived yesterday to spend several weeks.

Mr. J. J. Williams and family left Monday morning for Kansas City. They will take the trip in their auto.

Mr. Williamson of Houston is in the city for a few days.

The Matagorda County Tribune, July 5, 1912




Miss Katie Weber of Victoria is in the city the guest of Mrs. Sexton.

Mr. Ross Quimel, who has been employed at the Palacios State Bank, left Monday for Dallas.

Miss Elina LaBeau [LaBauve] of Houston is visiting in Palacios.

Miss Nannie Truitt left last week for Sherman where she will be a student this year in the Kidd Key College.

Mr. Cullen Johnson of Houston is in the city for a few days.

Misses Myrtle and Inez Wagner returned Tuesday from Newman, Ill., where they have been spending the summer.

Mrs. H. E. Nuckols of Bay City is the guest of Mrs. Jim Sutherland.

Miss Eula Sims of Bay City is visiting friends in the city.

Mr. Regan Wyche will leave in a few days for Austin to enter the University.

Mrs. Lida Williams was a visitor to Bay City Tuesday.

Miss Bess Watkins arrived in Palacios Saturday to take up her work with the Palacios High School.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 13, 1912




Rev. P. L. Lowvick and wife are in the city. Rev. Lowvick [is] conducting the revival now being held here.

Mr. R. R. Lewis of Bay City was in the city Monday.

Miss Katie Weber of Victoria left for her home Wednesday after several weeks' visit here.

Miss Elina LaBauve of Houston returned home Sunday.

Miss Dora Parks left last week to resume her work in millinery at Wortham.

Mr. E. E. Bateman was a business visitor to Houston this week.

Miss Pearl Love returned home Sunday after a visit to her father at Francitas.

Mrs. C. B. Dunker and daughter, Miss Ethel, and son, Clarence, left last week for their home in Canada.

Messrs. Jim and Guy Perry will leave this week for quite an extended trip through the east. After visiting points of special interest, they will return home from New York by the way of water.

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Williams will leave in a few days for Victoria, their future home.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover Tippins visited friends and relatives here last week. Mrs. Jim Sutherland left for Houston Monday on a visit.

Miss Eva Scission was hostess to the Embroidery Club Thursday afternoon. After several hours of hard work delicious refreshments were served to the following: Misses Linnie Lee Robinson, Lucile Tansil, Frances Martin, Tena Benge, Lula Williams, Floe Williams and Alpha Bussel. The club will meet with Miss Bussel Thursday.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1912




Mrs. C. W. Oakes visited her parents at Thompson last week.

Mr. M. V. Thompson has gone to Indianapolis to spend the winter.

Mr. E. E. Piper returned from Chicago last week.

Mr. O. L. Sparks left last week for Whitwell, Tenn. and will bring back his family with him.

Mrs. Geo. Walker and children of Blessing are visiting her parents here this week.

Mr. Geo. Baldwin was the guest of his brother last week.

Rev. J. P. Green is attending the Brazos Presbytery at Bryan this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Trego left for Chicago Saturday to be gone for quite a while.

Mr. and Ms. Manley Sexton, Miss Lula Williams and W. Williams went to Houston Tuesday.

Walter Thatcher left Saturday for his home in Pueblo, Col.

Miss Tena Benge spent Saturday and Sunday in Bay City with her parents.

Miss Ruth Sneadaker was the guest of Mrs. R. J. Hill last week.

Mr. E. E. Bateman visited Bay City Wednesday.


The Matagorda County Tribune, October 11, 1912




Mr. E. Parks returned Monday from Dallas where he has been attending the Photographers' meeting.

Mr. Walter Williams returned Wednesday from Huntsville and other points where he has been visiting relatives and friends.

Mr. C. J. Wildman went to Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. Cliff Dodson and mother left Sunday for Arlington and Dallas to visit relatives and friends.

Mrs. Tom Lee of Victoria spent Monday and Tuesday in the city with her husband.

Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Law, who have been conducting revival services here, left last week for other points.

Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Williams of Bay City spent Sunday in the city guests of relatives.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 18, 1912




Miss Ruth Papineau returned to her home in Francitas Sunday, after several weeks' visit in Palacios.

Mrs. J. T. Price visited Blessing Tuesday.

Mr. Ross Tunnel spent the day in Blessing Sunday.

Mr. E. E. Bateman was a visitor to Bay City Monday and Tuesday.

Mr. Frank Willis visited relatives here Sunday, returning to Bay City Monday.

Mr. Manley Sexton, who has been spending the week in Houston, returned to his home here Tuesday.

Mrs. Dr. Baldwin returned home last week from Waco where she went to attend the Grand Lodge of the Eastern Star.

Mr. Jim Shuman was a visitor to Victoria last week.

Mrs. Jim Sutherland returned home Tuesday after an extended visit to Bay City and Houston.

Mr. Ross Tunnel entertained quite a number of his friends with a theatre party Saturday evening, the same being a farewell for Miss Ruth Papineau, who left for her home in Francitas Sunday. Those enjoying this hospitality were Misses Ruth Papineau, Tena Benge and Lula Williams; Messrs. Ross Tunnel, Claude Newton and Leviere Milstead.

Mr. H. Dean was a business visitor to San Antonio last week.


The Matagorda County Tribune, October 25, 1912





Mr. and Mrs. Elzey left Tuesday for Galveston.

Mrs. J. B. Sutherland went to Bay City Friday to visit relatives.

Mr. Walter Williams visited in Blessing Sunday.

Mr. Ross Tunnel was the guest of friends in Francitas Sunday.

Mrs. B. Baxter of Houston is in the city visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. Franz.

Miss Alice Campbell left last week for Milford, Texas, where she will attend school. She was accompanied by her father.

Mr. Eugene Cookenboo was in Palacios Tuesday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Price are visiting in Houston.

Mr. M. Sexton made a business trip to Bay City Monday.

Mr. Thos. Lewis of Bay City was in Palacios Wednesday on business.

Mrs. T. Lee of Victoria spent Saturday and Sunday in Palacios.

Mr. Cliff Dodson returned Monday from Dallas, where he visited relatives and took in the fair.


The Matagorda County Tribune, November 1, 1912






Mrs. Dr. Baldwin returned last week from Houston where she visited relatives.

Mr. and Mrs. Farwell returned Sunday from an extended visit to the northern states.

Mr. Arthur Williams was a visitor to Palacios Sunday and Monday.

Mr. Campbell returned last week from Milford where he went to place his daughter, Miss Alice, in school.

Mr. S. Altman and family left last week for Oklahoma where they will reside.

Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Robinson and family of Groveton are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Perry.

Mr. Ross Tunnel visited Francitas Tuesday.

Mrs. F. Willis was the guest of friends in Francitas this week.

Mr. F. E. Bateman made a business visit to Bay City Tuesday.

Miss Floe Williams entertained the Hoo Hoo girls last Thursday afternoon. Embroidering and pleasant conversation marked the session one of much enjoyment.

A dainty luncheon was served to the following members: Misses Alpha Bussel, Eva Sisson, Lula Williams, Tena Benge, Frances Martin, Lucile Tansil, Linnie Lee Robinson, Cora Garrett.

On Thursday of last week the Hoo Hoo girls complimented their young men with a Hallowe'en party at the home of Miss Alpha Bussel.

Mr. T. S. Elderedge of Louisiana is in the city and will open a dental parlor here.


The Matagorda County Tribune, November 8, 1912





Capt. Frank Rugeley of Bay City was in the city Monday on business.

Rev. Israel and Rev. Wolf returned Saturday from Ft. Worth where they attended the convention.

Mr. Claude A. Newton left Sunday for Houston to visit relatives and attend the carnival.

Mr. Guy Petry and bride arrived Saturday, after visiting most of the important points in the east.

Mr. Manley Sexton motored to Bay City Tuesday.

Mr. C. Parks spent several days in Houston on business and attending the carnival this week.

Mr. J. M. Baxter of Ohio is in the city and will make this his home.

The Hoo Hoo Girls were delightfully entertained Thursday afternoon by Miss Tena Benge at the home of Mrs. Manley Sexton on South Bay. After several hours spent in earnest work, the following members were served with dainty refreshments: Alpha Bussel, Eva Scisson, Lula Williams, Floe Williams, Francis Marlin, Lucile Tancil, Louise Lee Robinson, Cora Garrett, Tena Benge. The club will meet with Miss Tancil next week.


The Matagorda County Tribune, November 15, 1912





Mrs. Julia Smith of Port Lavaca visited friends here Saturday and Sunday.

Mr. Manley Sexton was a Blessing visitor Monday.

A party of young people autoed to Blessing and Francitas Sunday returning that evening. Those composing the party were Misses Linnie Lee Robinson and Lula Williams and Messrs. J. Ross Tunnell, Claude Newton and Cliff Dodson.

Mrs. R. A. Cates of Tiptonville, Tenn., arrived last week to spend the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Jno. T. Price.

Miss Mary Bennett, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Love of this city, returned to her home in Bay City Sunday.

Miss Cora Garrett was a Blessing visitor Monday.

Mrs. Lyda Williams and little daughter, Winnie, returned Monday from Bay City, where they have been visiting with relatives and friends.

J. A. Williams and wife of Bay City spent Thanksgiving with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Williams of this city.


The Matagorda County Tribune, December 6, 1912





Miss Ruth Papineau of Francitas is visiting with friends here this week.

A number of Palacios people went to Bay City Thursday to see "Madame Sherry."

Walter Williams spent Sunday in Blessing with his sister, Mrs. George W. Walker.

Mr. Tom Lowe of Sealy arrived here last week, and expects to make Palacios his home.

Levin Milby came in from Navasota yesterday to spend the holiday with his mother here.

Russel Blair came in from Sugar Land Tuesday to visit his uncle, Mr. Jim Blair, of this city.

Mrs. Smith, who has been visiting friends here for the past week, returned to her home in Port Lavaca Monday.

Miss Francis Martin entertained the Hoo Hoo's and the O. M. H. clubs last Friday evening, the evening being spent in playing progressive "12," after which dainty refreshments were served. Miss Martin was assisted by her cousin, Miss Haggart.


The Matagorda County Tribune, December 13, 1912


First Cotton Ginned Here Saturday

Leo Ledwig, World War II veteran, gained two honors this year by having first bales of cotton for the 1947 season. Last week he took a bale to Bay City which was recorded as the first bale in Matagorda County, and on Saturday July 19, he brought in the first bale for the Palacios Cooperative gin.

Mr. Ledwig stated he could have had two bales ready for ginning Saturday if it had not rained the day he planned to pick. The cotton he brought in Saturday was of fine quality and the bale weighed 547 pounds. His first bale weighed 408 pounds and was sold in Bay City last Thursday to Ad Manosky for 42 cents per pound.

Palacios Beacon, July 24, 1947


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