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Enjoy a Sumptuous Feast and Organize the Palacios Buckeye Association

Saturday last was a memorable day in the history of Palacios, and particularly so to the many of our good citizens who hail from the famous and glorious Buckeye state. As announced last week the citizens of Palacios and surrounding country who came from Ohio met at the B.Y.P.U. auditorium Saturday, and by way of greeting and introduction partook of a most elaborate dinner, prepared by the Ohio ladies, occupying a table the entire length of the north side of the auditorium and which was insufficient to accommodate the crowd at one sitting. After the feasting Dr. J. P. Green volunteered as toast master, and called for speeches from different ones present, each of whom responded with a few happy remarks appropriate to the occasion. Previously every Ohioan had been provided with a badge, which was a buckeye from their native State. These were suspended to a white ribbon, and worn as a badge. These were supplied by Mrs. Jacob Sherman, who sent for them a year ago, when it was proposed to form an Ohio Club, but which was postponed. Mrs. Sherman enjoys the distinction of being the originator of the Palacios Ohio Association, an honor of which she may justly feel proud. A register was provided in which each one was required to register his or her name, together with their former home place in the old State. Following is the list as taken from the register:

Mr. and Mrs. C. Doss, Canal Winchester

Wm. J. Feather and one child, Bellevue

Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Whyman and three children, Spencerville

Mrs. A. S. Feather, Bellevue

Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Clark and daughter Callie, Rosewood

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sherman and two children, Kenton

Wm. Wildman, Wilmington

Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Macy, Dayton

Wm. E. Macy, Dayton

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Curtis, Sabina

Geo. W. Curtis, Sabina

Mr. and Mrs. Simon Neff and child, Lima

Mr. and Mrs. John Whyman, Allen County

Mr. Roy Whyman, Spencerville

Miss Laura Sherman, Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin, Marengo

Mr. and Mrs. Geo Hatcher and three children, Kenton

Mr. and Mr. I. Widman, Seville

Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Rittenhouse, Wooster

O. P. Rauch and Minnie E. Rauch, Marysville

Martin Bickel, Lorain

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Paul, Columbus

Mr. and Mrs. Green, Highland

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baden and child, Defiance

J. S. Porter, Sinking Spring

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bickel and five children, Loraine

Mr. T. L. Huffman and Elma D. Huffman, Wilmington

Retta Yockey, Wadsworth

Nellie Cope, Toledo

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Munk and three children, Columbus

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Green, Lexington

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nash, Troy

Dr. and Mrs. J. P. Green, Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schleisser and child, Defiance

Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Moffett and 2 children, Parkman

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Baird and daughter, Youngstown

Mrs. Schleisser and child, Defiance

B. P. Sylvis, Charloe

W. D. Shuman, Dexter

Mrs. Nancy Beard, Mahoning

Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Roberts, Newark

Mrs. Nancy J. Coulter, Dayton

Mrs. Belle Cope, Toledo

Frank Coulter, Bucyrus

Mrs. Ella Hite, Toledo

Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Campbell and 3 children, Atlanta

Hazel Durham, Wilmington

Audria Clark, Rosewood

Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Campbell and four children, Cooke

W. C. Gray, Manchester

Lorinda V. Davis, McDonaldville

James A. Elder, Lima

Samuel Schleisser, Defiance

S. H. Houghton, Canal Dover

R. F. Sinclair, Hanoverton

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pasal, Canal Winchester

Mr. and Mrs. Hamlin and son, Crawford Co

Mrs. Harrison Long, Wauseon

A total of 123. It was a surprise to every one to find that there was such a large number of Ohioans among the citizenship of our city and vicinity, and it made each and all of them feel very much more at home in Texas.

After the splendid dinner the meeting was called to order by Dr. Green, who introduced, Rev. Israel, of the Baptist church, and who in the absence of Mayor Ruthven, made an address of welcome on behalf of the city. Other speakers were Messrs. N. L. Hoopingarner, Rev. Bristor and Rev. Green, each of who spoke in a happy vein, and with many compliments to Ohio and our Ohio citizens. Miss Alice Campbell gave one of her splendid and always enjoyable readings.

The special purpose of the meeting was then given consideration, and it was resolved to organize a permanent society of Ohioans which should hold a re-union at least once each year. Permanent organization was effected by the election of P. F. Campbell as president; Mrs. N. E. Whyman vice-president; O. A. Munk secretary, and Mrs. Jacob Sherman treasurer. A committee appointed to select a name for the organization and report at once, performed the duty assigned, and recommended the name Palacios Buckeye Association, which was adopted. The first Saturday in May of each year was chosen as the time for the annual meetings. Mrs. Munk, C. C. Campbell and J. W. Macy were appointed as a committee to prepare and arrange the program for the 1913 meeting.

It was a delightful time for all the invited friends, of which there were quite a number. Palacios needs more of the sort of people comprising the Ohio association, and we express the hope that next year’s meeting may show a large increase in their number from the Buckeye State, and who can be assured of a hearty welcome by this new society and the people generally. Long may the Palacios Buckeye Association grow and prosper.

Palacios Beacon, May 10, 1912


Second Annual Reunion and Picnic of Palacios Buckeye Association Held Last Saturday

The Palacios Buckeye Association, composed of residents of Palacios and vicinity who were former residents of the State of Ohio, held its second annual reunion and picnic at the B.Y.P.U. auditorium last Saturday, which in every feature was a most complete success, and a time which all present will long remember. The dinner especially was a long drawn out feast of good things. The table extended the full length of the big auditorium; and was twice filled to feed the hungry crowd, all of whom came with appetites whetted to keen expectancy in anticipation of extra good things to eat, and in this they were not in the least disappointed, for there was all sorts of the choicest products of the cookery for which Ohio ladies are famous, and there was a most bounteous supply of it. The register showed one-hundred and fifty-three Buckeyes in attendance, which with the invited guests made more than two hundred in attendance. Last year the number of Buckeyes registered was a few over one hundred twenty; so it can be seen that this association like everything else in and about Palacios is enjoying a healthy growth.

The literary and musical program, was also most enjoyable, and with the feast made an all day festival. The program opened with the singing of America followed by prayer by Rev. Bristor, and a song by a special quartet. Little Gladys Munk sang a parody on Old Lang Syne, composed by Mrs. Munk for the occasion, the words were as follows:

(Tune of Auld Lang Syne)

Should auld Ohians be forgot,

      And never brought to mind?

Should dear old Buckeyes be forgot

      And days of old Lang Syne?


We all have gone to Cedar Point,

      And bathed many a time;

But we’ve wandered across the prairie wide,

      Since auld Lang Syne.




For auld lang syne, my dear,

      For auld lang syne;

We’ll give a hearty hand shake yet,

      For auld lang syne.


Now we have bathing at our door,

      And surely yours and mine,

Will love the city by the sea,

      In spite of auld lang syne.


Ohioans are proud of Dr. Gladden,

      And think him very fine;

But, we’ve pastors we think very great

      In Palacios all the time.


We are all delighted with W. D. Howells,

      Who sometimes makes up rhymes;

But here we have our own dear Stump

      Who’s book’ll be out betimes.


Now let us give three cheers for Texas

      And gie’s a hand o’thine;

To show that we will really stay

      In Palacios all the time.

Rev. Bristor gave a most entertaining address, after which the dinner was served. After dinner the program was resumed with an address by Mr. Howard of Carancahua, who also sang a couple of songs, his contributions to the exercises being especially appreciated. There were addresses by Mayor Ruthven and Mr. F. C. Hensel, recitations by Gladys Munk, Corinth Campbell, Mrs. C. V. Snyder, and a number of the little folk, a cornet solo by Keye Roberts, interspersed with songs by the quartet.

Messrs. C. V. Snyder, Geo Hatcher and Mrs. Chas. B. Harriman were chosen as a nominating committee to nominate officers for the next year, who reported recommending the re-election of the old officers which was done by unanimous vote. These officers are P. F. Campbell, president; Mrs. A. T. Whyman, vice-president; Mr. O. A. Munk, secretary and Mrs. Jacob Sherman, treasurer.

A vote of thanks was tendered the B.Y.P.U. association for the use of the auditorium, the program ending with the singing of God be with You Till we Meet Again.

      President P. F. Campbell presided and introduced the different members of the program in a happy manner. Following is the list of those registering from Ohio at the reunion:

Jacob Sherman and wife, and daughter Laura, Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Feather, Bellevue

Mrs. J. W. Macy and son Wm. E., Dayton

Mr. and Mrs. M. O. Bennett and two children, Columbus

Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Campbell, Atlanta

Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Munk and three children, Columbus

Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hensel, Columbus

Ramsey Campbell and Howard Campbell, Atlanta

Warren Feather, Bellevue

J. C. House, Bellefontaine

Mrs. Kate Slick, Mt. Gilead

Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Snyder and daughter, Berlin Heights

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Coole, Toledo

Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Rittenhouse and two children, Wooster

Mr. and Mrs. Allen T. Whyman and three children, Spencerville

J. H. Houghton, East Cleveland

Wayne Robinson, Portsmouth

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Curtis, Sabina

Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Rauch, Marysville

Mrs. Sarah Hill, Winchester

J. H. Bristor, Lancaster

Mrs. D. C. Honnold, Columbus

Mrs. and Mrs. J. E. Robinson, Portsmouth

Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Baldwin, Marengo

M. J. Murray, New Vienna

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nash, Troy

Mrs. E. I. Wishart, Hamilton

J. E. Green, Highland County

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pasal and two children, Vaughnsville

Mrs. Ella Wheat, Dowling

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hatcher and two children, Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Shuman, Crooked Trce

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Baird, North Lima

Harold Baldwin and A. E. Baldwin, Marengo

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Green and six children, Highland County

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Parker and daughter, Dayton

Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Elliott and two children, Berea

Mrs. Elma D. Huffman, Wilmington

J. C. Kelso, Blacklick

Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Cotton

Wm. Wildman, Wilmington

W. B. Rittenhouse, Wooster

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Curtis, Sabina

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schleisser and three children, Defiance

Mr. and Mrs. S. Ellwood, Clinton County

Charles C. Jordan, Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. John Whyman, Spencerville

Mr. and Mrs. Simeon Howard, Lima

Alice Howard, Lima

M. R. Whyman, Spencerville

J. R. Wagner, son of a Buckeye

Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Johns and son, Definace

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Ruthven and two children

Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Kniseley and two children, Sherwood

Christine Hanson

Mr. Edwin Avery, Summit

Key Roberts and Alpheus Roberts

Blanche R. Campbell, New Holland

Miss Illinois Jordan, Rockport

Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Bickel and four children, Loraine

Daisy Frame, Lebanon

Ritta Yockey, Wadsworth

G. T. Jordan, Cleveland

Mr. and Mrs. C. Doss, Canal Winchester

Simon Neff, Lima

Clara Johns, Sherwood

Wm. A. Elder, Anna Elder, Mary H. Elder, J. A. Elder, Lima

Norman Bickel, Loraine

Merle Poling, Piqna


The Palacios Beacon, May 9, 1913


The third annual reunion and picnic of the Palacios Buckeye Association will be held on the B. Y. P. U. grounds at Palacios, Texas, on Saturday, May 2, 1914.

Let every Buckeye be on the ground early and be a committee of one to help make it a pleasant and social day for all.

The music and speaking is scheduled to begin at 10 o’clock and last till each speaker is ready to quit, but so far as possible, eating will be prohibited till the noon hour so that the contest may be fair and free for all.

Palacios Buckeye Association is composed of, and is for the amusement and social interests of every one living within driving, walking, swimming or flying distance of Palacios, without leaving their usual place of abode earlier than six o’clock on the morning of the said second day of May–provided of course that you were born in or have lived in Ohio after you were born, or that your are the husband, wife or child of a Palacios Buckeye; but it is against the rules to bring any troubles along with you on that day, and there has been no provision made by the program committee for time to hear troubles or anything grouty. A cordial invitation is extended to all Buckeyes living on the Collegeport side of the bay or elsewhere in the county, to bring your baskets well filled with grub, (we will furnish the water) and meet with us and give us a chance to get acquainted with you, and at the same time you can meet us too–but if you cannot bring the baskets, come any how and help–you may be the means of saving a doctor bill for someone else, for the Buckeye ladies are such good cooks that it is dangerous to eat all you really want.

[First part of sentence illegible on copy of paper] and help make this the biggest and best reunion of all.
P. F. Campbell, Pres.                      O. A. Munk, Sec’y

The Palacios Beacon, April 24, 1914


The annual celebration of Ohio Day by the Palacios Buckeye Association at the B. Y. P. U. grounds last Saturday, like its predecessors, was a most complete and happy success. At the big community basket dinner, some two hundred people dined, and there was provender sufficient of the most tempting kinds to have fed a hundred more. The long tables were most profusely and beautifully decorated.

The program for the day was especially attractive and entertaining, consisting of two piano selections by Miss Katherine Cope, speeches by Rev. Shepherd, Prof. Snyder, Mr. Howard, Mr. Lewis, and C. J. Wildman; vocal solos by Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. R. J. Sisson, Mrs. Parker and Miss Parker; a male quartet by Messers. Snyder, Campbell, Robinson and Whyman and a humorous duet by Mrs. M. M. Miller and Mr. P. F. Campbell.

Officers of the Association for the ensuing year were elected as follows: President, P. F. Campbell; vice-president, F. C. Hensel; treasurer, Mrs. J. Sherman; secretary, O. A. Munk.

      The following Ohioans registered as present at the celebration:

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sherman, Kenton

Mrs. J. L. Parker and daughter, Dayton

S. M. Baird, Youngstown

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Feather, Belleville

Mrs. S. M. Baird, Miss Edna Baird

Wayne Robinson, Portsmouth

Loren Margerum, Ruth Margerum, Middleton

Fern Hershey, Winfield Hershey, Willie Thomas, Alice Thomas, Jane Thomas, Canton

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Shepherd

Mary Estine Snyder, Berlin Heights

Mrs. J. J. Williams, Defiance

Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Snyder, Berlin Heights

Lydia Parker, Dayton

Maynard Green, Teddy Green, Jim Green, Pansy Green, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Green, Westboro

F. C. Hensel, Mrs. E. A. Hensel, D. Q. Honnold, Mrs. D. Q. Honnold, Ruth Honnold, Mrs. R. J. Sisson, Elizabeth Sisson, Harry Sisson, Columbus

E. Avery, Summit Co.

Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Rauch

Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Huffman, Wilmington

Mrs. E. C. Pasal and daughters, Canal Winchester

William Macy, Dayton

W. J. Murray, New Vienna

Phil Campbell

Mrs. C. B. Harriman, Dayton

Wm. E. Lewis, Wm. Tanner Lewis, Anna T. Lewis, Emma Jane Lewis, Sabina

Oliver A. Munk, Lida P. Munk, Gladys Munk, Columbus

J. E. Robinson, Lucasville

Retta Yockey, Wadsworth

A. E. Baldwin, H. R. Baldwin, Emma B. Baldwin, Chas. R. Baldwin, Marengo

James Donald

J. H. Cope, Toledo

Mrs. J. H. Cope and daughter

J. H. Houghton, East Clarion

Mrs. M. O. Bennet and two children, Columbus

Mrs. Wm. Nell, Canton

G. T. Jordan, Rockport

John Vanhorn, Roy Vanhorn, Cambridge

Mrs. J. P. Sneary, Vaughnsville

Simon Howard and wife, Lima

Mrs. J. Whyman

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wildman

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Curtis, Sabina

Geo. Curtis, Sabina

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nash, Troy

Miss Laura Sherman, Kenton

L. V. Davis, McConnellsville

Mrs. Ella Wilson, Bowling Green

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hatcher and two children, Kenton

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. St. John, Lebanon

J. G. Moffet, Mrs. J. G. Moffet, Donald Moffet, Parkman

J. C. Kelso, Blacklick

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Green

The Palacios Beacon, May 8, 1914


The annual picnic of the Ohio Association at the B. Y. P. U. encampment grounds last Saturday, was not as largely attended as former years, due, doubtless to the fact that the day was rather chilly and clouds threatened possible rain. But those who did attend had just as good a time as could be, and the big picnic dinner was up to the high standard of former years, and there was nothing lacking in good things to eat. No set program had been prepared for the day, but a number of impromptu speeches were made, and reminiscences of other days in the Buckeye state were told. For officers for the next year Mr. F. C. Hensel was chosen president; Miss Leafa Green, secretary, and Mrs. Jacob Sherman, treasurer.

The register of those in attendance contained the following names. The register is incomplete in that the former place of residence in Ohio of many was omitted, so we publish the names only which embraces the original Ohioans and their families.

      Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Sherman

      J. H. Houghton

      Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Shuman

      Mrs. Kate Slick

      W. L. Shepherd

      Helen Shepherd

      Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hensel

      Mrs. R. J. Sisson

      Elizabeth Sisson

      Harry Sisson

      Mrs. J. W. Macy

      P. F. Campbell

      Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wildman

      N. J. Wheeler

      N. M. Wheeler

      M. Wheeler

      T. Wheeler

      L. Wheeler

      Mr. and Mrs. Reisinger

      Mrs. Chas. Harriman

      Mrs. A. W. Smith

      Retta Yockey

      Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Viets

      Harlie Viets

      Minnie Viets

      Merle Viets

      Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Snyder

      Mary Estine Snyder


Milberry Kathryn Snyder

J. H. Shuman

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Ruthven

Sarah Elizabeth Ruthven

Frances Ruthven

Mrs. J. D. LaGue

B. L. Bonnett

W. H. Seiders

Mrs. D. D. Rittenhouse

Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Baird

Edna Baird

J. W. Spencer

Mary E. Renfroe

Elma D. Huffman

W. W. Pidgeon

Ella Pidgeon

Willard Pidgeon

Ella Pidgeon

Willard Pidgeon

Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pasal

Mrs. C. Doss

Margaret Skinner

J. A. Beatty

J. C. Kelso

Wm. Elder

Mrs. Helen A. Campbell

Howard Campbell

C. W. Kearns


The Palacios Beacon, May 11, 1917


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