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Palacios African-American Masonic Lodge & Eastern Star

Photos courtesy of Ernestine Heard Edwin

Members of the Palacios African-American Masonic Lodge & Eastern Star

Eastern Star

1. Mable Stredic
3. Viola Hebert
4. Etta Mae Haynes
5. Doris Heard
7. Annie Doris Hudgins
9. Evelyn Washington
10. Golda Taylor
11. Mary Roy
14. Earlene Polk
15.Dora Hebert


1. Johnnie Heard
2. Jessie Haynes
3. Harry Deadrick
4. Hayes Deadrick
5. Rev. M. L. Boone
6. Sam Hebert
7. Vernon Matthews
9. Benno Haynes
17 Granville Pea.
18. R. D. Taylor




Palacios Masonic Lodge # 990 A. F. & A. M.

Palacios Masonic Lodge # 990 A. F. & A. M.

Palacios Beacon, November 21, 1957 - Courtesy of the Holsworth Family Archives

George Archie Harrison
Pct. 3 County Commissioner for 14 years, Palacios City Council, Palacios School Board, Chairman of Seawall Commission,
Director of Intracoastal Canal Association and South Texas Chamber of Commerce
Past Master of Palacios Masonic Lodge 990, Knights Templar of Bay City, Texas Consistory at Galveston, Arabia Temple Shrine Club of Houston



Palacios Chapter No. 125 Order of the Eastern Star

Eastern Star Holds Installation Of Officers For Year

The Order of the Eastern Star held their regular meeting Tuesday evening and the following officers were installed for the year:

Thelma Batchelder, Worthy Matron
Ralph Newsom, Worthy Patron
Lena Duller, Associate Matron
G. A. Harrison, Associate Patron
Mabel Haynes, Secretary
Myrle Burton, Treasurer
Vivian Newsom, Conductress
Emily Cook, Associate Conductress
Eva D. Hood, Chaplain
Eleanor Louderback, Marshal
Olive Nester, Organist
Joyce Adams, Ada
Florence Smith, Ruth
Mary A. Bell, Esther
Claire Feather, Martha
Irene Batchelder, Electa
Mary Reed, Warder
Alpha Bussell, Sentinel.

Olive Nester was installing officer. Mary Bell, installing marshal, Louise Crawford, installing organist, Susan Feather, installing chaplain. This was a beautiful ceremony.

The chapter presented Eva S. Cairnes with a small gift in appreciation of her 25 years as officer in the chapter.

Palacios Beacon, June 18, 1942

O. E. S. Elect Officers.

Tuesday night at the Masonic hall the O. E. S. held their annual election of officers when the following officers when the following were chosen for the ensuing year.

Worthy Matron - Mrs. Nester
Worthy Patron  - George Harrison
Associate Matron -  Miss Claire Hansen
Conductress -  Miss Mabel Hayes
Associate Conductress -  Miss Izora Langford
Secretary -  Mrs. Feather
Treasurer -  Mrs. Arnold

After the election Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Ellis, Blessing and Miss Blake Terry, Blessing, served delicious ice cream and two kinds of cake.

Palacios Beacon, Friday, May 18, 1923

Blessing News

The Eastern Star Chapter No. 125 of Palacios honored their Worthy Matron, Mrs. T. B. Butler, with a birthday party Friday night in the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Adams. Mrs. Butler received some lovely gifts.

Palacios Beacon, January 29, 1959


Palacios Assembly 263, Order of the Rainbow For Girls

Rainbow Girls To Install Officers At Meeting February

June Whitley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Whitley, will be installed as worthy advisor of Palacios Assembly, No. 263, Order of Rainbow For Girls.

The installation will be held at 7 p. m. February 8 at the Palacios Masonic Lodge.

Other officers to be installed are Sissy White, worthy associate advisor; "Cooky" Maddox, Charity; Juanita Cornelius, Hope; Carol Raasch, Faith.

Also Mary Louise Friery, Chaplain; Suzanne Countryman, Drill Leader; Georgene Stubblefield, Recorder; Barbara Stewart, treasurer; Judy Lothridge, Love; Ann Cooper, Religion; Joy Jensen, Nature; Carolyn Maddox, Immortality; Sue Brotemarkle, Fidelity; Judy Hunt, Patriotism; Florence Clardy, Service.

Also Susan Sanford, Confidential Observer; Dolly Leadford, Outer Observer; Marion Wilson, Musician; Linda Erekson, Choir Director.

Palacios Beacon, February 6, 1958

Palacios News

Twenty-four girls from the Palacios Assembly 263 were among the 200 girls from this area who attended a school of instruction at El Campo Saturday Jan. 17. Thirteen of the girls participated by holding offices during this time. The school was conducted by Martha Marie Whitfield, supreme instructor, Order of Rainbow in Texas.

Three grand officers were presented including Sandra Wyatt, grand worthy advisor of Texas.

Palacios officers participating were Marion Wilson, Carol Raasch, Linda Erekson, Lula Belle Maddox, Carolyn Maddox, Sue Brotemarkle, Dolly Leadford, June Whitley, Georgene Stubblefield, Susan Countryman, Juanita Cornelius, Mary Louise Friery, and Judy Neal.

Other members attending were Nancy Barnett, Ann Cooper, Carla Barnett, Carol Goff, Linda Hunt, Kay Koerber, Judy Lothridge, Cheryl Milam, Janice Oglesby and Ginger Shearer.

A tea honoring Miss Wyatt was given Sunday, January 18 at the home of Mrs. A. J. Proebstle in Brazoria. Eight Palacios girls and three adults were among the guests.

The Palacios assembly was hostess at a dinner honoring Miss Wyatt, Monday evening. Miss Lula Belle Maddox, Worthy Advisor, presided at the dinner. She presented corsages to Miss Wyatt and Mrs. Mary Proebstle grand visitor. Dinner music was provided by Ann Cooper, Judy Lothridge and Marion Wilson. There were 58 guests present, among who were representatives from assemblies in this area.

A regular meeting of the Palacios Assembly followed the dinner.

Daily Tribune, January 23, 1959

Palacios Rainbows Have Installation, Dinner Program

PALACIOS (Spl.)--Miss Linda Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie L. Thompson, was installed as a member of the Palacios Assembly 263, Order of Rainbow For Girls at an initiation and dinner meeting Monday.

The initiation was by Juanita Cornelius, worthy advisor.

Mrs. A. M. Proebstle of Brazoria, grand visitor of the grand assembly of Texas, was an honor guest.

Twenty-five Rainbow Girls, 15 Masons and eight members of the Eastern Star attended the meeting. Mrs. LeRoy Neal is Mother Advisor of the local assembly.

Rainbow girls attending the dinner were Carla Barrett, Juanita Cornelius, Linda Erekson, Mary Louise Friery, Carol Goff, Kay Koerber, Judy Lothridge, Judy Neal, Margaret Nichols, Ginger Shearer, Marion Wilson, Dolly Leadford, Georgene Stubblefield, June Whitley, Sheryl Milam, Gay Rogers, Mary Jo Blackwell and Emily Weakly.

Other Rainbow Girls attending the meeting later were Georgianna Cartwright, Ann Cooper, Suzanne Countryman, Joy Jensen, Carol Raasch and Jessie White.

Daily Tribune, May 1, 1959

Local Rainbow Girls Attend Grand Assembly in Santone

The officers and members of Palacios Assembly No. 263, Order of the Rainbow For Girls, are attending their annual state meeting, Grand Assembly of Texas, in San Antonio this week.

Those attending are: Carole Raasch, Worthy Advisor, Florence Clardy, Judy Neal, Judy Lothridge, Linda Erekson, Sue Brotemarkle, Mary Louise Friery, Barbara Ross, Carolyn Maddox, Georgene Stubblefield, Past Worthy Advisor, June Whitley, Past Worthy Advisor, and Lula Belle Maddox, Past Worthy Advisor.

June Whitley will receive the Grand Cross of Color, an honorary degree conferred in recognition of outstanding services rendered the order.

Lula Belle Maddox will be a member of the Grand Choir which will sing at all sessions of the Grand Assembly.

Chaperoning adults for the group are: Mrs. Vera Ruth, Mrs. Alice Wilson, Mrs. Johnnie Mae Lothridge, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Neal, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Maddox.

Palacios Beacon, June 18, 1959

New Officers Installed By Rainbow For Girls At Meeting October 2

Tuesday evening, October 2, Miss Joan Carol Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Price Barnett, was installed as Worthy Advisor of Palacios Assembly No. 263, Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

Miss Allen's theme was immortality; her scripture, John 11:25-26; her motto, Ephesians 4:32; her colors, blue and white; her flower, the white rose; her song, "You'll Never Walk Along," which was sung by Janice Oglesby.

The Installing Officers for the occasion were: Carolyn Maddox, installing officer; Mary Louise Friery, installing marshal; Cheryl Milam, installing chaplain; Mrs. Connie Huitt, installing musician and Sue Brotemarkle, installing recorder.

The following officers were installed:

Joan Carol Allen, worthy advisor
Janice Oglesby, worthy associate advisor
Ginger Shearer, charity
Kay Koerber, hope
Gay Rogers, faith
Wanda Laurence, drill leader
Patricia Maddox, love
Helen Lawson, immortality

Lynell Kunefke, fidelity
Tana Lewis, patriotism
Bobbie Laurence, service
Nancy Oldham, confidential observer
Lydia Oldham, outer observer
Patricia Arnold, musician
Susan Barnett, choir director

Mrs. Tom Friery installed Mrs. Walter Milam as Mother Advisor. S. W. Wilson presented 5-year pins to Sue Brotemarkle, Mary Louise Friery and Carolyn Maddox, and Joan Carol Allen received a 4-year pin.

Miss Allen presented gifts to her installing officers. After the meeting closed, refreshments were served by Mrs. Price Barnett assisted by Mrs. Jimmy Shearer and Mrs. Sunshine Edwards.

Palacios Beacon, October 11, 1962

Local Rainbow Girls Attend 40th Session Of Texas Grand Assembly

Mrs. Wylie Milam, mother advisor, and Mrs. Jimmy Shearer accompanied six Palacios Rainbow Girls to the 40th Session of the Grand Assembly of Texas, which was held in Houston June 16 through 21.

The following girls attended: Cheryl Milam, Gaye Rogers, Lydia Oldham, Wanda Laurence, Ginger Shearer and Cheryl Hart. All six girls received their "B" certificate.

Cheryl Milam was honored by being appointed a Junior Member of the Grand Executive Committee, Order of Rainbow for Girls, Grand Assembly of Texas. Cheryl is now a past Worthy Advisor.

Palacios Beacon, June 27, 1963

Local Rainbow Girls Hold Open Installation

The Order of the Rainbow Girls Assembly 263 held open installation Tuesday, June 2. The officers elected for the ensuing year were:

Worthy Advisor, Wanda Laurence
Worthy Associate Advisor, Lydia Oldham
Charity, Patricia Arnold
Hope, Cheryl Hart
Faith, Betty Mueller
Recorder, Ginger Shearer
Treasurer, Cheryl Milam
Chaplain, Susan Barnett
Drill Leader, Bobbie Laurence
Love, Sherri Gallien
Religion, Sandra Harriso

Nature, Helen Lawson
Immortality, Holly Harrison
Fidelity, Nancy Oldham
Patriotism, Patsy Mueller
Service, Patricia Maddox
Confidential Observer, Tana Lewis
Outer Observer, Beverley Smith
Musician, Beverley Tegge
Choir Director, Becky Feather and
Mother Advisor, Mrs. Raymond Hart

The retiring officers gave the opening drill and Gaye Rogers, Past Worthy Advisor, gave a report of her term. Rev. John Berkley gave the invocation and benediction.

Installing officers were Cheryl Milam, installing officer
Gaye Rogers, chaplain
Kay Koerber, marshal
Mrs. Mary Friery, musician
Mrs. Mollie Hope, recorder
Mrs. Johnnie Mae Lothridge, installing Mother Advisor.

Sara Prindle sang Wanda's song, "I Believe." Her theme is Faith. James 2-26 is her Scripture and her motto is "Nothing Is Gained Without Work."

The new Worthy Advisor introduced her mother, Mrs. Janice Laurence, Bobbie, Freddie and Landis Laurence, her grandmother, Mrs. Sadie Pledger; and her special guests, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Curtis.

Gaye Rogers was presented her Past Worthy Advisor pin and gifts were presented to the installing officers.

After the installation punch and cake were served.

The following girls attended Grand Assembly of Texas, June 14, 15, 16, and 17 in San Antonio: Wanda Laurence, Gaye Rogers, Cheryl Milam, Lydia Oldham, Nancy Oldham, Susan Barnett, Patricia Arnold, and Cheryl Hart.

They were accompanied by Mrs. Raymond Hart and Mrs. Horace Arnold.

Palacios Beacon, June 26, 1964


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