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Palacios Summer Normals

1906 Palacios Summer Normal

For six or eight weeks in the summer of 1906 the facilities of the Palacios College were made available for a summer normal school which was conducted by Professor W. T. Pollard, then County Superintendent of Schools in Bay City, Texas. It is probable that the facilities were furnished without cost to the normal for the advertising value of the summer session. Those attending, however, paid rent for the use of the dormitory rooms and board was paid directly to the dormitory matron who operated the kitchen and dining room.

The faculty of the summer normal included the following: Mr. W. T. Pollard, conductor, who taught school management an psychology; Rev. W. H. Travis, who taught mathematics; Mrs. Claire F. Pollard, who taught history and history of education; Miss Mary J. White, who taught the elementary subjects; Miss Linnie Wolf, who taught English; and Miss Helen Ford, who taught primary methods of teaching.

A Mrs. People was engaged to manage the dormitory, but resigned after a few days and Mrs. M. E. Ayres of Bay City was secured as matron for the remainder of the session.

This summer normal is significant because is shows that the college had gained the respect and support of the school people in the vicinity. Furthermore, this should be regarded as one of the educational contributions of the institution to this locality.

A History of Palacios College, by Rupert Ayres Elliott, August, 1938, pp 34-35

Palacios Summer Normal
"The Summer Normal By the Sea."
From June 16th to July 31st, 1913


R. E. Scott of Bay City, Texas who has had several years of successful experience as Superintendent of the city schools will conduct this normal. Besides his experience as Superintendent, he has conducted three summer normals, two at Columbus, Texas, and one at Bay City, Texas. Besides his experience as a teacher, he has been a member of the county board of examiners for six years; also, a member of a state summer normal board of examiners in 1911. Mr. Scott has recently made a tour of inspection of the schools of Philadelphia and New York City. Altogether we feel that the summer normal at Palacios will be wisely conducted.

W. A. Holland, of Columbus, Texas, was chosen as a member of this faculty on account of his peculiar preparation for normal work. He is a University graduate, was for several years a teacher in the high school at Marlin, Texas, and for eight years was superintendent of the public school at Hearne, Texas. He has had several years experience as a teacher and conductor of summer normals. His work in every instance has proven satisfactory to the students in attendance. He is now superintendent of the Columbus public school, which position he is filling satisfactorily in every respect, and is greatly appreciated by students and patrons. In reality, he is a real school man.

Mr. R. S. Kingham of Markham, Texas, is a university graduate, has had several years of experience in public school work in the state of Kansas, and two years in Texas. Mr. Kingham was principal of the Bay City High School last year, which position he filled successfully. He is now superintendent of the Markham School.

Mr. W. C. Gray, of Palacios, Texas, who has been superintendent of the Palacios School for eight years, will be a member of the Palacios Summer Normal faculty. He is an excellent school man, and is suited for the summer normal work, and will, no doubt, do good services to the teachers attending this normal.

Miss Leona Dodd, of Lockhart, Texas, will have charge of the special primary work. Miss Dodd has had charge of the primary work in Lockhart for several years and is considered by her superintendent and patrons as one of the strongest primary teachers in the state. Miss Dodd, for three summers has had charge of the primary work for summer normal institutes, which were held in Columbus and in Bay City, Texas. Her work in all of these positions has been very satisfactory and has been one of the main features of these normals.


Palacios is one of the few towns in the state of Texas peculiarly adapted for a summer normal institute. Located as it is on the Bay makes it one of the summer resorts of the state. It has been selected by the Baptists in the state as the encampment grounds for the B. Y. P. U. People from all parts of the United States come to Palacios to attend this encampment. Students who come to Palacios to attend the summer normal will be able to attend this meeting and have the opportunity of hearing some of the great preachers and lecturers of the United States, an opportunity not offered by any other normal in the state. Palacio is located on the G. H. & S. A. Railroad which offers ample transportation. Being a health resort, all roads allow cheap rates the year round. Those who attend should ask for round trip tickets.

Palacios has fine artesian water, there is a good cool breeze, and an opportunity for bathing and recreation for a pleasant vacation.


Students will be expected to pay $7.50 as a tuition which goes to remunerate the members of the faculty for their services. One dollar ($1.00) will be charged each applicant who enters the examination, the same to be forwarded to the State Department of Education, at Austin, Texas, to defray the expenses of the Summer Normal Board of Examiners.


Board in private families may be secured for from $4.00 to $5.00 per week. Students who expect to attend the normal should write R. E. Scott of Bay City, Texas, or W. C. Gray Palacios, Texas. There are several cottages suited for light house-keeping at reasonable prices, and students who wish to make this kind of arrangements may do so.

In Palacios you will find people who respect you and your profession, and will welcome you to their city. You will be a welcome guest of these people while attending the the normal.


Miss Dodd will open her special work on Monday July 8th, and will continue for three weeks. Arrangements will be made to have practice with the Primary Grades.


The best interests of the teachers and of the schools make necessary the following prescribed limitations as to the scope of the work in the subjects mentioned. The examination questions in each series of Summer Normal Institutes and in all county examinations for 1913 in these subjects will be confined to the limitations indicated.

(a) The course in General History should be confined to modern history from 1500 A. D. to the present time, with Robinson's History of Western Europe (Ginn & Co) as the text.

(b) In the subject of Physics students should study carefully the chapters on the properties of matter, the mechanics of solids, liquids, and gases, sound, light, magnetism, and electricity. The questions, however in the examinations for teachers' certificates will be limited to the chapters on sound, magnetism, electricity and light. The texts recommended are Hoadley's Elements of Physics (American Book Co) and Carhart and Chute (Allyn and Bacon).

(c) In Literature the work this year should be confined to English Literature, with the following books as texts for special study: Halleck's History of English Literature (The American Book Co) Shakespeare's Macbeth, Carlyle's Essay on Burns, and Burke's Conciliation with America.

(d) The work in the History of Education should be confined to the modern period as outlined in Monroe's A Briefer Course in the History of Education (The MacMillan Co.).

(e) In the study of Psychology special attention should be given to Child Psychology and Child Development, with a view to acquainting the student with the fundamental aspects of the physical and mental characteristics of the child as a developing organism. The work should cover the phases of the subject as outlined in Kirkpatrick's Fundamentals of Child Study (The MacMillan Co.).

(f) The course in Chemistry should be devoted to the fundamental topics in descriptive chemistry as given in chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 17, 18, 21, 22, and 28 of Newell's Descriptive Chemistry (D. C. Heath & Co.).

(g) The course in Methods and Management will this year be based on Sutton and Horn's Schoolroom Essentials (C. A. Bryant & Co., Dallas).

(h) The subject of Agriculture has been added to the list of subjects in which a person must be examined in applying for a second-grade teacher's certificate. The law requires, also, that the subject shall be taught in the public schools of the State. The Summer Normal Institutes of 1913 will be required to provide an instructor in this subject who has had special preparation for and successful experience in teaching the same. The course should be based on Welborn's Elements of Agriculture, and such other texts as the instructor recommends.

(i) The work in the subject of Reading will be based on Bigg's and Coffman's Reading in the Public Schools, revised edition (Row Peterson & Co., Chicago).

(j) The following topics as given in Myers and Brooks' Grammar School Arithmetic should receive intelligent study this year.
     1. Common Fractions.
     2. Decimal Fractions.
     3. Percentage and Interest.
     4. Composite Denomiate Numbers.
     5. Constructive Geometry
     6. Mensuration.

After these topics have been thoroughly mastered in Myers and Brooks, they should be studied in a more advanced text.

(k) In the subject of Plane Geometry, the student should carefully study books one to five as given in Wentworth's Plane Geometry revised by Wentworth and Smith (Ginn & Co.). The questions in the examination for teachers' certificates will, however, be limited to books, three, four and five, of this text. Care should be taken by the instructors that the pupils are led early in the course to grasp the fundamentals as given in the basic theorems and group of theorems, __ the and that the student may find in the problems theorems or propositions whose solutions are given the methods of attacking problems (originals) whose solutions are required.

(l) The work in Bookkeeping will be based upon Williams and Rogers' Modern Illustrative Bookkeeping (The American Book Co.).

All books can be purchased at Palacios, Texas.


At the close of each series of Summer Normal institutes, there will be an examination for second grade, first grade, permanent and permanent primary certificates. The examination in the first series will be held July 8, 9, 10, and 11, 1913, and in the second series July 29, 30, 31 and August 1, 1913. Each application for examination shall pay in advance to the person in charge of the examination, who shall be appointed by the State Department of Education a fee of $1.00. This is to be sent to the State Superintendent to pay for having the applicant's papers graded. A minimum bona fide attendance of twenty days, exclusive of the days of examination, will be a prerequisite to entering the examination. A person may not attend one Summer Normal Institute and enter the examination of another, the attendance and the examination must be in the same school. Each examination will conform to the following schedule:

Monday, forenoon--Grammar, Physical Geography, Trigonometry.
Tuesday forenoon--Writing Methods and Management, Plane Geometry, Psychology.
Tuesday afternoon--Physiology, Civil Government, Chemistry
Wednesday forenoon--Arithmetic, Composition, Solid Geometry.
Wednesday afternoon--Agriculture, Algebra, History of Education.
Thursday forenoon--Reading, U. S. History, Physics.
Thursday afternoon--Texas History, Bookkeeping, Spelling.

Daily Tribune, April 15, 1913

The Palacios Summer Normal

The summer Normal School for teachers opened at the old school building Monday morning with an attendance fully up to expectations and settled down to the real work of the session with an interest and enthusiasm which promise to make it one of the most successful and profitable Normals held in the state this year. The school will continue for seven weeks, and is in charge of Prof. R. E. Scott, superintendent of the Bay City schools, as conductor. His assistants are Prof. W. A. Holland, principal of the Columbus high school; and Prof. R. S. Kingham, principal of the Rockport high school. Miss Leona Dodd, of Lockhart, instructor in primary methods, will be here during the last three weeks of the session. Forty-five students were enrolled Monday and Tuesday. More will arrive next week, and it is expected that the attendance will reach seventy-five or more. Following is a list of those now in attendance:

Amelia Rice, Yoakum
Creston Gaye, Columbus
Winnie Turner, Collegeport
Foster Milner, Bay City
Blanche Barr, Weimar
E. J. Rice, Yoakum
Pearl Duncan, Brazoria
Ethel Coldwater, Brazoria
Charlotte Crabill, Citrusgrove
O. J. Crabill, Citrusgrove
Izora Toups, Bay City
Flora Markham, Dunbar
Sue Kennedy, Lovelady
Cora Green, Eagle Lake
Bessie Martin, Burr

Selma Stevenson, Bay City
Matie Bremer, Bay City
Josie Borwn, Devers
Minnie Harper, Bay City
Sussie Hoffman, Collegeport
Vinnie Holland, Marlin
J. R. Laslie, Garwood
Mrs. Mary Barclay, Throckmorton
Vivian Hamlin, El Campo
Leafa Green, Palacios
Jeannette Lewis, Palacios
Joe Bateman, Palacios
Errett Bristor, Palacios
Lucile Bristor, Palacios
Lida Park-Munk, Palacios

Walter Galliford, Palacios
Lillie May Barnett, Palacios
Velma Shumaker, Palacios
Maud Marshall, Palacios
Ethel Enos, Palacios
Belle McGlothlin, Palacios
Vic Belknap, Palacios
Charlotte Mathis, Palacios
Emily Margerum, Palacios
Ruth Snedaker, Palacios
Cecil Mallory, Palacios
Wm. Tolleson, Palacios
Ila Williams, Palacios
Lida Belcher, Palacios


It is the purpose to make the summer normal permanent at Palacios. To secure it our own people by their interest in the school must show that they desire it. We must let the normal teachers and attendants know that we appreciate their coming here. Early action should be taken toward arranging for the year’s session, and we suggest that at some convenient time before the normal closes there should be a meeting of the citizens and normalites to discuss matters that might have any bearing on the school for next year. There is opportunity for building up at Palacios the greatest normal in the State. The right interest and co-operation on the part of the citizens will help greatly in accomplishing this end.

Palacios Beacon, June 13, 1913

Palacios Summer Normal

The second summer normal at Palacios opened at the new high school building Monday morning, at which fifty-five teachers are enrolled, and more coming in every day. The instructors are: Prof. W. A. Holland, superintendent of Columbus schools, conductor; Prof. Gill, of Palestine; Prof. Scott, Bay City; Prof. Skinner and Mrs. Huffman, of Palacios. The normal meets each morning at 7:30 and remains in session until one o’clock in the afternoon, giving the teachers the last half of the day for rest and recreation. Splendid work is being done, and the visiting teachers are delighted with Palacios, declaring it the ideal place for a summer normal. Following is a list of the teachers enrolled:

Edith Allenson, El Campo
Emma Allenson, El Camp
Flora Ankele, Rosenberg
Clara Ankele, Rosenberg
Fanie Archer, Easterly
Elizabeth Lee Brown, New Iberia, La.
Helen Burttchell, Columbus
Myrtle Burttchell, Columbus
Ethel Churchbaugh, Garwood
Bertha Clark, Bay City
Verbena Carter, Sweeny
Dora Davidson, Chesterfield
Jessie Davidson, Chesterfield
Owen Dorrough, Easterly
Maggie Gill, Marlin
Griffiths, Garwood
Ella Hanks, Palestine
Nonie Henry, Marlin
Fred Holland, Marlin

Vinnie Holland, Marlin
Mrs. Kate Hudson, Markham
J. A. Hoffhines, Winters
Elda Jacobson, Collegeport
Ruth Jepson, Bay City
Mary Keesee, Marlin
Simon Koenig, Weimar
J. R. Laslie, Garwood
Jessie Lyle, Eagle Lake
Rachel Lawrence, Sweeny
Eula Maddox, Seguin
Alma McKnight, Marlin
Maudie Pool, Bay City
Lottie Poole, Bay City
Alberta Poage, Bay City
Mrs. Phillips, Angleton
Edwin Schoestag, Weimar
Alfreda Smith, Bay City

Esther Thomas, Lissie
Lydia Belcher, Palacios
Vick Belknap, Palacios
Leafa Green, Palacios
Bessie Hill, Palacios
Mrs. Elna Huffman, Palacios
Lydia Parker, Palacios
Velma Schumaker, Palacios
Lorena Ifland, Palacios
Pearl Love, Palacios
Bessie Belknap, Palacios
Willie Clements, Palacios
Minnie Harper, Palacios
Roy Hunt, Palacios
Mrs. Lizzie Mims, Palacios
Thelma Sikes, Palacios
William Tolleson, Palacios
Susie Jensen, Palacios

Palacios Beacon, June 19, 1914

The Summer Normal

The Palacios Summer Normal is doing work of the highest order and the interest of the teachers attending is at a high tension all the time. A number of new students have enrolled the past week. They are:

Miss Agnes Chew, of Eagle Lake

Maurice Walker, Altair

Jas. Harbison, Palacios

A. C. Rogers, Palacios

M. C. Joyner, Bakersfield, Mo.

Miss Florence Moore, Palacios

Miss Inez Patterson, Cedar Lake

Palacios Beacon, June, 26, 1914



Palacios Summer Normal

The Palacios Summer Normal opened Monday with an enrollment of over sixty, a much larger attendance than was had last year, and which it is expected will reach over eighty by next week, and with as enthusiastic a corps of teachers and pupils as will be found anywhere in the south.

The Normal is in charge of Prof. H. L. B. Skinner, supt. of the Palacios schools, as conductor with

W. C. Gray, County Superintendent, teacher of methods and management;

Prof. Laslie, supt. of Collegeport schools, teacher of mathematics;

Miss Josephine Smith, of Bay City schools, teacher of English and History;

Miss Alma D. Huffman, principal Palacios primary department, reading and Primary methods.

The Normal reporter says "Our teachers are not to be excelled in this country we think, and we think if we will only give them our attention and do their bidding that we will pass through that trying ordeal at the end of the Normal unharmed."

Following is a list of those attending the Normal:

Lura Arnold                           Palacios

Sophie Brand                       Brazoria

Minda Barr                            Palacios

Nora Mae Boyd                    Palacios

Adelee Bowden                   Palacios

Wilma Lee Burrow               Glen Flora

Willa Clements                     Palacios

Maude Cryer                         Palacios

Minnie Copeland                 Sweeny

Callie Carrington                 Bay City

Nora Maurie Deaver            El Campo

Leilla Driskill                         Palacios
Willie Lee Driskill                 Palacios

Goldman S. Drury                Marshall

Anna Dannels                      Blessing

Olivia Elder                           Palacios

Olive Graham                       Palacios

Leafa Green                          Palacios

E. B. Griffin                           Palacios

Margaret Holsworth             Collegeport

Hazel Hall                             Palacios

James Harbison                   Palacios

Minnie Harper                      Bay City

John W. Heffley                   Eagle Lake

Anastasia Johnston            Brazoria

M. C. Jaynes                         Palacios

Mrs. Maye Jaynes                Palacios

Mrs. Effie Kellogg                Palacios

Sue Kennedy                       Lovelady

Mary Lindemood                  Palacios

Pearl Love                             Markham

Lida Park Munk                    Palacios

May Marrs                              Markham

Belle McGlothlin                  Palacios

Rosa Maxwell                       Markham      

Pearl Meek                            Rock Island

Bessie Merck                        Collegeport

Emily Margerum                   Palacios

Sadie McGee                        Palacios

Jessie Merck                         Collegeport

Robbie McKinney                Sweeney

Mrs. Mary Oxford                  Olivia

T. M. Peper                            Kingsville

Clara Peeks                          Palacios

Sadie Powers                       Collegeport

Ola Rainey                            Van Vleck

Linnie Lee Robinson          Palacios
A. C. Rogers                         Palacios

Bonnie Lee Rich                  El Campo

Frances Ruthven                 Palacios

Willie Redmon                      Palacios

Mrs. Dona Rogers                Palacios

Ruth Sikes                            Nixon

Pearl Sikes                            Nixon

Clara Schley                         Palacios

Stella Sutherland                 Bay City

Ivah R. Smith                        Bonus

Lucille Skinner                     Brownwood

Wm. Tolleson                        Palacios

Mrs. Allie Tansill                   Lovelady

Harold Wheeler                    Palacios

Ethel Wheeler                      Rock Island

Chas. V. Yeamans              Collegeport


Palacios Beacon, June 18, 1915


Normal Notes

The Normal student body is gradually increasing and we have good reasons to believe that our enrollment will reach 85 by the last of this week. The most noteworthy fact is the increase in interest due of course to the skillful management of the faculty.

County Superintendent Gray says he has one district in this county that he would not recommend other than an athlete to teach the school. We learn later that Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Rogers have contracted for the school. Lucky for the district board we think.

Mr. Chas. Yeamans visited the dear people at Collegeport over Sunday.

Supt. Gray took a trip out to Buckeye Wednesday afternoon. He also spent Saturday and Sunday at the county seat.

Who knows what town in Rhode Island explains why "ma" couldn't find it?

Miss Ivah Smith will teach at Bonus near Wharton, the ensuing term.

Miss Jessie Merck, of Collegeport, who secured a 6 year certificate in the recent county examination has contracted for the DeMoss school.

Miss Leafa Green, who finished a successful term of school at Midfield a short time ago, has contracted her services at that place for another term.

Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Pepper and Willie Rednond spent a very enjoyable Sunday at Mrs. Rogers father's, Mr. R. J. Redmond.

Mrs. Laslie was a passenger to Bay City Monday morning.

Mr. Wheeler took professional training in the peanut patch Saturday.

Mr. Drury has manufactured a new word, "yankess," the feminine of yankee.

Miss Hazel Johnson visited the Normal Tuesday in company with Mrs. Kellogg.

Prof. Midgett, Supt. of the Blessing high school paid our Normal a visit last Friday.

Below are the names of those who have enlisted since our last writing:

H. P. Smith, Blessing
Kenneth House, Palacios
Ida Yeager, Bay City
Katherine Holland, Bay City
O. L. Bateman, Palacios
Mrs. H. B. Douglas, Palacios

Palacios Beacon, June 18, 1915

The Summer Normal

In visiting the summer normal the first of the week we were impressed with the unusually bright, energetic, attractive, membership, all of whom seemed very enthusiastic and determined to make this a most successful session. As we can assure all. Palacios is the ideal place for a summer normal, and the large airy rooms in the high school building are peculiarly fitted for just such gatherings. There is an exceptionally strong corps of teachers, including:

W. C. Gray, county superintendent
H. L. B. Skinner, Supt. Palacios schools
J. F. Hensen, Supt. Wharton schools
J. D. DeFee, Principal Angleton school and
Mrs. Elma D. Huffman of Palacios, a primary teacher second to none.

Monday's enrollment showed that Palacios contributed:
Mrs. J. D. LaGue
Leafa Green
Pansy Green
Willie Grant
Willa Clements
Mabel Burch
Maude Marshall
Belle McGlothlin
Winnifred Harrison
Josephine Burgmier
Mary Gillespie
Esther Cotton
Hazel Hall
Olive Graham
Leilla Driskill
Clara Schley
Mrs. N. B. Massenburg
Elma D. Huffman
Mrs. C. E. Latson
Lilla Mae Barnett
Fernley Tatum

Our neighbor across the Bay (Collegeport) sends us
Elda Jacobson
Jessie Merck
Theora Merck
Bessie Merck

From Bay City there are
Lera Cloar
Corine Millican

From Olivia
Florence Henderson
Conrad J. Danstrom
Ruth Winfield
Mrs. Mary Oxford

Citrus Grove contributes
Adelaide Bonnean
Ella Kielhorn

From Wharton
Mabel Kloepfer
Lula Kloepfer

From Iago
Mary Senf
Alma Senf

From Nixon
Ruth Sikes
Pearl Sikes

From Ganado
Nora Smith

From Pledger
Hattie Klalen

From Rock Island
Julia Mae Robinson

From Marathon
Florence Clark

From El Campo
Vivian Hamlin

Palacios Beacon, June 0, 1916

Palacios Summer Normal

The first session of the Palacios Summer Normal opened Monday morning at the High School building with an enrollment of 30 despite the very inclement weather, and five more have since enrolled. This was very gratifying to the faculty as well as to all others here who are interested in school work and the better preparation of teachers for our schools, both city and rural.

The faculty for the Palacios Summer Normal is composed of some of the best instructors of the state, ones who rank with those of the Rice Institute and other like institutions.

Prof. Miller, as the conductor,

H. A. Echols,

W. C. Gray,

Miss Linnie Wolf, A. D.;

Marianna Elder, A. B.; and

Mrs. Elma D. Huffman compose the faculty.

Those from Palacios attending the Normal are:

From other places:

Ralph McGlothlin

Mrs. J. D. Lague

Miss Clara Schley

Miss Ruth Cotton

Miss Frances Ruthven

Mrs. Maide Moore

Miss Beulah Price

Miss Julia Berthelson

Miss Erma Bruce

Miss Nellie Luther

Miss Clara Hastings

Miss Lura Arnold

Miss Minnie Burkmier

Miss Nora Mae Boyd

Miss Elma D. Huffman

Miss Carrie Haynes

Miss Ruth Barnell

Miss Laura Barnell

Miss Myrtle Rittenhouse

Miss Lillie Mae Barnett

Miss Dora Peltier, Citrus Grove

Miss Ella Johnson, Collegeport

Miss Emily Prasifka, Fayetteville

Miss Gertrude Wiehman, Cedar Lane

Miss Maggie Wimer, Snyder

J. J. Harbison, Turtle Bay

Miss Jessie Merck, Simpsonville

Miss Ruth Truxton, Eagle Lake

Miss Mary E. Lasley, Markham

Miss Janie Yeats, Citrus Grove

Harley Lewis, Caranchua

Miss Myrtle Killam

Miss Pearl Place

Miss Irma Pentecost



Palacios Beacon, June 27, 1919


Palacios Enterprises

The Palacios Normal
By J. N. Crawford

The Faculty for the Normal this summer is given as follows with the scholastic connection each held during the last session of school:

M. H. Morris, conductor, A. B. Peabody College; Principal Oak Cliff Grammar School, Dallas.
Miss Linnie L. Wolf, A. B., Baylor College; Supt. Palacios Public Schools.
Mrs. J. N. Crawford, A. B., Texas University, Head Latin Department, Waxahatchie High School.
Miss Ima Jewell Wolf, A. B. Baylor College; Primary Department Wichita Falls High School.
J. N. Crawford, A. B., Trinity University; Professor of Physics, Trinity University.

The student body during the summer has been especially a serious one, in that practically every member came here for a definite purpose. It is generally believed that the students will come up to the high standard set by preceding Normals regarding the large per cent of those successful in gaining their certificates.

The enrollment in the Normal by counties is as follows:

Matagorda – R. W. Margerum, Grace Terry, Hattie Lee Patterson, Iva Lee Reynolds, Minnie Gray, Pearle E. Margerum, Erie Starr, Eldridge Ramige, L. G. Margerum, Ruby Wilkerson, Mable Pasal, Margaret Danielson, Paul Stanford, Mary Hiberg [Highberg?], Madge Clements, Rachel Brown, Ruby Starr, Clara Schley, Beulah Price, Inez Horne, Oliver Elliott, Minnie Viets, Myrtle Morris, Laura Barnell, Fern Tabler, Eva Murdoch, Wilma Grover, Lila Thornhill, Lena Maxwell, Daisy Hale, Fay Teat, Helen Ward, Mrs. O. L. Williams, Mrs. Sallie McCarty, Effie Lee Crawford, Emily M. Margerum, Bernice Crawford, Mrs. Bula E. Bowden, Louise Billings, Mrs. J. D. Lague.

Wharton – Naomi Clark, M. P. Meek, Eulalia Jansen, Leona Elwood, Alma Whitley, Mrs. C. E. Neely, Grace Bloom, Dessie Sullivan, Matilda Poulsen, Anna Poulson.

Colorado – Mrs. M. L. Heiman, Mrs. M. R. Persons, Lois Ricks, Clarence Kollman, Aurell McLellan, Bess McLellan, Hazel Uhlig.

Harris – Opal Cummings, Novella Vaughn, Esther Cotton, Frances Chilton.

Grimes – Stella Mae Dickson.

Gonzales – Nettye Gray.

Ellis – Mrs. R. B. Blair.

Brazoria – Carrie Mae Follett.

Jackson – Marie Schmidt, Vesta Lee, Nellie Slaikeu, Eunice Traylor.

Palacios Beacon, August 4, 1922

The Palacios Summer Normal Opens June 11

The Palacios Summer Normal will open June 11th and continue in session until August 9th. The committee from the Chamber of Commerce who has the Normal in charge this year reports that conditions are very favorable for a large attendance. A competent and experienced faculty has been secured by Prof. H. M. Morris of Dallas, Texas, who will again conduct the Normal.

Palacios is justly proud of this institution and looks forward to the coming of the students with a great deal of pleasure.

The citizens can be of great service to the Normal Committee and the students also by listing with the committee rooms which they wish to rent. Inquiries are being constantly received for accommodations, and these rooms should be turned in to the committee at an early date.

Palacios Beacon, 25 May 1923

Enrollment of Summer Normal

The Palacios Summer Normal, which is now drawing to a close, has an enrollment of 87, many of whom came from far up-state and some even from other states. To those who wish to devote at least a part of the summer months to study, the prospect of enjoying the cooling gulf breeze tipped the scale in favor of Palacios as compared to the enervating and exhausting heat of the inland schools. Added to the physical comfort is the knowledge that the instructors are thoroughly competent, capable and obliging, willing at all times to give that personal help that means much toward the success or failure of the students work.

This year’s normal has truly been a splendid success and those of its students who go forth to work in the schools of the state have gained much in all that pertains to successful teaching.

The following is the present enrollment:
Mrs. H. S. Trousdale, Mrs. O. L. Williams, Mrs. Jno. D. Bowden, Mr. M. P. Meek, Mr. Louie B. Griffith, Mr. L. G. Margerum, Mr. B. B. Brown, Mr. Thomas Hale, Mr. Fred Thompson, Mr. Carl Tanner, Mr. Gerald Miller, Mr. Lester Dunkleberg, Mr. Albert Dorris, Miss Mary English, Miss Nora May Boyd, Miss Laura Barnell, Miss Fern Tabler, Miss Nellie Mae Pasal, Miss Beryl Forehand, Miss Grace Terry, Miss Sue Terry, Miss Cecile Grant, Miss Ruth Truxton, Miss Audrey Clement, Miss Josephine Pick, Miss Bessie Hopper, Miss Vera Greene, Miss Oma Greene, Miss Fay Greene, Miss Mary Reeves, Miss Eddie Maud Dixon, Miss Lelamae Mehrens, Miss Eula Antony, Miss Dorothy Douglas, Miss Mary Laslie, Miss Zephyr Evans, Miss Ruby Wilkerson, Miss Mabel Chamblee, Miss Angus McFarland, Miss Honor McFarland, Miss Lena Maxwell, Miss Gertrude Miles, Miss Victoria Elder, Miss Huldah Elder, Miss Willie Maude Nolen, Miss Zalie Reaser, Miss Gertrude Stewart, Miss Jane Ross, Miss Carmileat English, Miss Meta Baxter, Miss Erie Starr, Miss Minnie McMillan, Miss Edna Mae Reynolds, Miss Marie Schmidt, Miss Vesta Lee, Miss Madge Clement, Miss Lucille Frazier, Miss Effie Watts, Miss Louise Stapp, Miss Annie Paulsen, Miss Helen Ward, Miss Pearl Praytor, Miss Bertha Wynn, Miss Lila Thornhill, Miss Hattie Lee Patterson, Miss Fannie Mae Karner, Miss Irene Kohleffiel, Miss Martha Whitley, Miss Daisy Hale, Miss Loretta Reynolds, Miss Iva Lee Reynolds, Miss Dessie Sullivan, Miss Alma Whitley, Miss Matilda Paulsen, Miss Clara Schley, Miss Mary York, Miss Florence Shackelford, Miss Nellie Slaikeu, Miss Estelle Oxford, Miss Elizabeth Brett, Miss Lorena Walker, Miss Beulah Price, Miss Florence Henderson, Miss Eddie Harris, Miss Maude Hopper, Miss Dorothy Smith

Palacios Beacon, August 3, 1923


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