Palacios, Texas

Camp Palacios - Camp Hulen - Handbook of Texas

Camp Hulen

Camp Hulen Historical Marker Narrative

General John Augustus Hulen

Camp Hulen Christmas Dinner For MPís 68 Years Ago Saturday

Camp Hulen Pictures From the Collection of PFC Carl W. Leach

August 30, 1942 Hurricane Damage at Camp Hulen

Pests Leave Hulen

Col. Taylor Is Relieved At Camp Hulen

Bill Passes House to Sell Camp Site


Camp Hulen Anti-Aircraft Gun and Gun Crew--04  Palacios, Texas

Federal Community Building
Palacios, Texas
Palacios U S O

U. S. O.


Palacios, Texas

Service Club

Camp Hulen

Palacios, Texas

Soldiers marching
through downtown
Palacios, Texas

Bath House and Pier,
Camp Palacios T. N. G.
Palacios, Texas

203RD MO. CA (AA)

Palacios, Texas

January 1, 1941

February 25, 1941

Water Tower
Camp Palacios

Palacios, Texas


Camp Hulen January 1940 Mud Days 105th & 106th Camp

At Camp Palacios, Texas National Guard, Palacios, Texas, 1937


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