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Historic Palacios Photos

The Neighborhood Council - Palacios, Texas - Easter, 1916
Names included: Olive Graham, Emily Margerum, Harold Graham, Mrs. Margerum, Neil, Thomas


Hunting is Fine at Palacios, Texas. The City By the Sea.

1 Day Catch - 48 Fish, Palacios
Ellis Bros. Store in the Background


Dancing-Boating-Swimming at Palacios, Texas

Sunday School Picnic Palacios, Texas

October 6, 1907 - Palacious, Tex.
This is a most beautiful spot right on the Gulf. Everything is as represented. It is warm but cool breeze all the time.


Rice Field Palacios, Texas

The Regans Dry Goods Shoes and Clothing
"We Offer A 10 Percent Discount On All Purchases Made Up To Xmas Day. The Regans"
Campbell Hand Company Office upstairs
Photo courtesy of Bobbie Gaspard


The Ruthven Building in 2013
Houses the Palacios Beacon and Palacios Area Fund on the first floor





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