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Peyton Creek News

The creek has been very full this week and we have been looking for some of the Bay City advocates of Cottonwood navigation. Now, from here to Lake Austin boating would be fine.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Gist spent thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hayes.

E. R. Derby of the Creek was in Bay City on business two days first part of the week.

Mrs. B. M. Derby is spending the week end with Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Derby.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Agnew spent two days in Bay City. Mr. Agnew has finished his rice crop and reports a very good yield on his 300 acres notwithstanding the long wet weather.

Mr. Hester was in Bay City first of the week on business.

Mr. Green of Lake Austin is in Bay City on business in connection with the Peyton Creek Irrigation Company.

Mrs. R. M. Hayes and little daughter, Gertrude, returned from Houston and Galveston after a two weeks visit with friends and relatives.

Most all of Peyton Creek were surprised at the marriage of our friend and neighbor, Geo. Starrett, but all join in wishing the young couple a long and prosperous life.

Messrs. Schaefer Brothers are almost through with their rice crop. They only lacked about 60 sacks of finishing Saturday. They had about 300 acres.

The roads from Wadsworth have been almost impassable since the big rain, but at this writing (Monday) they are getting better. Let's have shell roads, and then we won't care how much it rains when it comes to hauling rice.

More next time.


The Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, December 5, 1913

Peyton Creek News

A big rise is expected on the creek.

There's fine duck shooting on the rice fields at the present writing, geese are also plentiful.

Mr. Kelly Shafer has moved to the place formerly owned by Joe Korp, Mr. Korp having gone back to Nebraska. Kelly Shafer bought the Korp place.

Mr. Joe Shafer has moved into the house where Kelley lived, Joe having rented his rice fields out to cotton and corn farmers. Joe says the land needs a rest from rice for at least two years. Good idea Joe.

Bay City is three feet under water. Instead of autos, motor boats from Matagorda are in the lead. The only difference is we can't hear the horn at the crossings so well. However, there isn't so many buggies and wagons to bother as with the automobiles, and you can not see the numbers so well.

Mrs. Geo. Agnew was a visitor to Bay City Monday.

Mr. Green of Lake Austin was out the first of the week putting up posters for the coming election of directors of the Peyton Creek Irrigation Company.

The creek at the Peyton Creek Irrigating Plant is almost half a mile wide, both pumps and engines are under water and the creek is still rising. Quite a good deal of drift is coming down the stream. The bridge across the creek at the pumping plant is all under water. Very little hopes of saving it.

A report got out in Wadsworth Tuesday that there was about 600 flood sufferers coming down to Wadsworth and Matagorda on the local. So when the local came in there were about a hundred citizens to meet the train, but no sufferers. All a joke.

Some little rice farming is still going on in the community.

Mr. R. M. Hayes motored in to Wadsworth Monday from the creek.

Mr. D. J. Branstatter was in from Boggy Monday on business. He reports the roads in his neighborhood in a bad condition. More shell, Mr. Branstatter.


The Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, December 19, 1913


P. J. Branstetter and J. O. King were in Bay City Monday on business.


Quite a number of rice buyers were in Wadsworth the first of this week. There is still a great number of bags of rice in the warehouse.


Plowing here and at Lake Austin is going on nicely. Mr. George Agnew is done and his land is ready for the disk.


Crocket Bros. are putting on their oil pull in front of a set of gang plows.


Mr. E. R. Derby of the creek has moved his residence to Bay City, having moved his household goods up this week.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Bay City, Friday, March 6, 1914



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