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Pledger Ponderings
(Received too late for last week.)

H. F. Brown, who has been quite sick, is better at this writing.

Jeff Williams is on the sick list this week, but nothing serious.

G. M. Sadler, of Louise, spent Wednesday night in Pledger, the guest of H. F. Brown and family.

Ernest Fleury, the champion "Breakdown" fiddler of Pledger, made a flying trip to Carancahua last week to visit relatives and friends and reports everything dull over there.

W. E. Mullen and John Williams, two of Pledger's most popular young men, departed on Monday for Louisiana, to accept situations as overseers of log camps for saw mill companies. Mr. Mullen has been overseer of H. F. Brown's plantation for some time and has proven himself a competent, business-like young man and we have no doubt that he will give satisfaction in his new position.

We hear that a certain young man of the west side, who has been here for some time overseeing H. F. Brown's Mexican cotton pickers, will desert single blessedness, Sunday, and wed a popular young lady of Pledger. The young couple will depart Monday for Iowa, where the groom will take change of a stock farm owned by G. M. Sadler, of Louise, a former partner of our H. F. Brown. We wish them a long and prosperous life. E. P. E.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 19, 1898

Pledger Palaver

Col. Ned Wadsworth was seen on the streets of Pledger last week.

W. H. Campbell made several business trips to Pledger this week.

A. A. Arms of Illinois is at Pledger guest of H. F Brown and family.

Cotton picking is about over and the planters will soon be getting their land in a state of cultivation for the coming season.

Quite a number of the planters here are planning to drag down and burn their cotton stalks to destroy the boll weevil.

E. N. Fleury and his better half didn't go to Iowa as they expected to on account  of G. M. Sadler having disposed of his stock farm there. But Mr. Fleury accepted the position as overseer for H. F. Brown, and we wish them all success.

We were treated to a "bait" of G. R. Brown's home made ribbon cane syrup, and must say it cannot be excelled. Mr. Brown raised about 35 acres of cane this year and sold quite a lot and made a great deal to supply his plantation.

All the planters seem to have the cane craze as they are planning a small acreage as an experiment. H. F. Brown has just planted about 10 acres and we hear of several others planting about the same.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 3, 1898

Pledger Palaver

H. F. Brown made a business trip to Galveston Friday, returning Sunday.

W. H. Campbell the "cracker jack" story teller was in Pledger Wednesday.

Say! You Carancahua correspondent, who don't you come oftener? You are disappointing a Pledger boy every now and then by not writing.

The streets of Pledger are rather muddy at present and plantation hauling will stop until the roads dry up some, and then our town (?) will boom.

W. H Campbell and brother Graham, who now holds the position of clerk and general salesman for Taylor Bros., were down Sunday night exchanging thoughts with the Pledger boys.  E. P. E.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 17, 1898

Pledger Palaver
By Fen

Corn planting seems to be the excitement this week.

Mr. Hamelin, representing a New Orleans Hardware establishment, spent Monday night in Pledger.

Ernest Fleury and Steve Heard, two of Pledger's very dashing and popular young men, are on the sick list this week, and they took sick at the same time. How about it boys?

Everybody seems to have come to the conclusion that swine, corn, and beans are the crops to plant up this way, although there will be quite a lot of cotton planted, in spite of the Messrs. Weevil, Sharpshooter, Sons & Co., so we hear.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 4, 1899

Plucky Pledger
Has Corn For Sale and Cotton Turning Out Fair--Fall Truck

Ye News-Farmer man enjoyed a few hours visit to Pledger Monday. The loss of the potato crop last spring and injury to cotton and corn by the wet weather leaves the northeast quarter of the county somewhat war-stricken. But they are brave people and are fighting to make some hay while the weather is yet fair. Fall gardens, and some fall feed crops will help relieve the situation.

Everything was not a loss by any means, for Old Caney never fails entirely on corn, for some of the farmers will make 50 and 60 bushels to the acre. Mr. O. L. Hodges says his cotton crop or three-fourths of the acreage will yield three-quarters to a bale to the acre, and yet some others are going to do nearly as well. There is no rice in that section. The merchants are doing business at the old stand, and Col. Ed Wadsworth is hopeful of the future as any youth could be.

Some job work and a few subscribers were hooked and some pleasant new acquaintances formed.

The school opened on Monday. Pledger has a splendid teacher in Prof. Shafer from Cedar Lane.

Harvey Allen is going to make a pull to be the one of the News-Farmer's excursion party to Galveston on the 24th of October to see the great battleship, and we ask our friends as well as his there to help him secure the prize.

At Sugar Valley, out on the Southern Pacific, Mr. G. W. White has just finished a job of overhauling the grist mill of T. H. Brown, and hereafter the Brown mill will grind the neighbors' corn for toll. Would we could go back to first principles along this and several other lines. If farmers raised their own corn and had it ground at Miller Brown's mill at the usual toll, his bread would cost half of what it costs now; and then if the farmer raised his own met and lard, butter and milk, and some to sell the man in town, he could put his cotton or rice in his barn or shed and tell the Buyer when he was ready to pay his (the farmer's) price, he (the buyer) could come and get it. Then, if there was less credit and more cash-paying, there would be less extravagance especially among the town people. There might be fewer silk socks and other gewgaws but more money to put in butter and eggs, frying chickens, etc.

The Ashwood school opened on Monday, with Miss Izora Toups, of Bay City in charge.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 25, 1914

Pledger School Building

Complete and Furnished—A Model of Comfort and Economy.

Yesterday Messrs. S. P. Allen and S. W. Cates of the Pledger school board and Prof. C. W. Shaffer superintendent of the school were in Bay City, with County School Superintendent W. C. Gray, closing up the last of the business pertaining to the construction and furnishing of the public school building at Pledger.

The house is completed throughout, furnished completely and will be occupied on next Monday, 13th.

The $6,500 bonds were sold first to the school supply company, or rather bargained to the company, but the company failing to cash the bonds in the north, because of war conditions, the bonds were then sold to Ed. H. Harrell of Houston, the contractor who put up the building, the price paid being par and accrued interest. The money was received, banked and paid out on the building and furniture as the work was completed and the goods supplied.

The house cost $4,600 and is a splendid three-room brick with wood work, including wainscoting in cherry stain, while the plaster is sand-finished.

The furniture and supplies cost $502.90, and both Mr. Gray and Prof. Shaffer say that the supplies and furniture are up-to-date and go to equip the modern school house as no other school house of its class is. The furniture consists of 56 adjustable desks, adjustable to children of different ages; two teacher desks and 8 teachers chairs, that number being ordered, Mr. Shaffer said, because they are always convenient and were cheap, two full mounted globes, two Webster’s International Merriman dictionaries, two sets Johnson’s maps eight maps to a set, two physiology charts of 12 pages each, one agricultural chart, one platform numeral frame, one 10-inch gong, 18 adjustable window school shades, two C. H. Myers improved heaters.

In addition to this over 100 feet of 10 foot sidewalks have been laid to and around the building, and a 200-foot well put down.

From this description, the school board and superintendents have done remarkably well in managing the disbursement of the bond issues. Trustees and superintendents are to be congratulated on their success.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, December 10, 1915

About Pledger Schoolhouse

Pledger, Texas, March 31, 1916.

To the Public:

I have received numerous requests from people interested in the County Superintendent’s race asking information about the business relations of the county superintendent in the matter of the erection of the Pledger school building this last year. To all such requests, I have replied, to some by letter, to others verbally, stating the facts of the case as I know them from my close connection with all the details of the work and from the records on the secretary’s book.

Anticipating further requests I am preparing this statement which will, I believe, covers all points of interest to the public and to the correctness of which I am prepared to make affidavit.

Pledger common school district (No. 4) voted bonds in the sum of $6500.00 for the erection of a three room brick school building. The bonds were dated April 10, 1915. August 31, 1915, I received a letter from the county superintendent saying that the bonds had been sold. On investigation I found that the sale had been effected in this way: C. H. Myers & Co. of Houston had agreed to pay part and accrued interest as the law requires of purchasers of school bonds provided the trustees of Pledger school district would buy the furniture for the school of the said C. H. Myers & Co. Accordingly, a contract was drawn up by a representative of the company and by one of the Pledger trustees stipulating: That C. H. Myers and Company were to buy the bonds, paying part and accrued interest as required by law; That the trustees of the school district were to purchase furniture for two rooms of the building, paying for said furniture the sum of $837.20. The county superintendent of school was party to this contract in that he advised the trustee who signed the contract that it was the best thing that could be done, that it was a good business proposition for the district, and in that he later told me after the board of trustees at Pledger had cancelled this contract with the Myers Company was a good business deal and the best thing that could be done.

The school board, after considering the matter, refused to approve the contract and so notified the county superintendent and the C. H. Myers & Company. C. H. Myers & Company seemed inclined to press their rights under the contact and after a few letters between the company and the trustees the school board decided to place the matter with an attorney for adjustment. A letter was written to Thos. H. Lewis, attorney, Bay City, asking him to look after the interest of the district in this matter. A copy of this letter was sent to the county superintendent. After some further correspondence and delay, Mr. Lewis, having represented to the Myers Company that they could not legally enforce the observance of the contract with the trustees, this contract was set aside and arrangements were made with another company to buy the bonds, build the house at a figure of $600.00 less than the architect’s estimate and furnish the same furniture specified in the contract with Myers at $502.90. Trustees had building erected for $4600.00. Paid for the same furniture $502.90. Total $5102.90. Saving to district $834.30.

This statement is not intended to reflect discredit on any private individual or company. We appreciate the fact that we received first class goods from C. H. Myers & Company; That in my opinion we could not have gotten better furniture from any other concern, although we were shown good by other firms that appeared as good as that that we bought of Myers. We also appreciate the efforts of the county superintendent to assist us in disposing of the bonds and his efforts otherwise in the interests of the schools here. But the necessity of proper conservation of the public school fund impelled the trustees as officers participating in the disbursement of said funds to take action as I have related in this statement.

(Signed) C. O. Shaffer, Principal of School.

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, Tuesday, April 4, 1916


Editor Tribune.

Pledger, Texas , May 6.--Some of your readers may be interested in the information that the little school at Pledger of fewer than thirty pupils is alive, loyal and patriotic. On April 20 they hoisted for the first time over their building a fine national flag, a donation from one of our public-spirited citizens, Mr. S. P. Allen. Previous to this the pupils had joined the Red Cross and accumulated a W. S. S. fund for the school library.

Then the teachers and pupils decided the school must have a liberty bond for their library. Three captains were appointed, who chose all the pupils forming three companies, each taking a color of the flag as their badge. A drive was made for a $50 bond, each pupil wearing a badge pinned on with a Red Cross button. Within two days they went over the top, and on April 22 purchased through Judge Carpenter a $50 bond for cash, and had $22 left over.

This roused the pupils and they again went after Bosche antidote, and on May 4 ordered another $50 bond, paying the cash and adding several dollars to their W. S. S. fund.

Our people are justly proud of their school, the building, pupils, bonds and all. If any school in the county has done better in proportion to size we would be glad to see the record published.

A Citizen.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 10, 1918


Pledger Literary Society met Friday night, Feb. 9, 1923. A splendid program was rendered. Special note should be given the Journal, given by Mr. Dan Thornton, the declamation by school pupils, and the pantomime by Inez Thomas.

Much interest is being taken among the school pupils in the interscholastic work, especially in the declamation and spelling contests.

Our girls' and boys' basket ball teams are doing good work. They have played several match teams, and have several games scheduled for the near future.

Miss Jane Nelson, of Iago, spent the week-end with her sister, Miss Eva Nelson of Pledger.

Mr. Westmoreland, the new relief ticket agent, and his wife have moved to our community. We are very glad to welcome them.

Mrs. W. H. Taylor spent the week-end at home in Wharton.

Miss Jewel Barnett, of Markham, spent the week-end with her sister, Miss Vina Lee Barnett.

Mrs. M. M. Malone returned from Houston Saturday where she underwent a serious operation. She was accompanied home by her niece, Miss Adeline Kessler, of Houston.

Mrs. Stevie Gaither of Alabama is visiting relatives here.

Mrs. N. E. Thomas, of Topeka, Kansas, who has been visiting her son, Mr. G. W. Thomas, and family left Saturday for Brownsville to visit other relatives.

The play entitled "Deacon Dubbs," gotten up by the Pledger young people, was presented here two weeks ago and met with much success. It was taken to Iago, Feb. 2, and met with great success there. A large crowd attended at both places. There has been several requests that the play be carried to other places, but as yet no preparations have been made to carry it farther.

Several new families have moved into our community recently, and we have quite a few new pupils in school.

A revival meeting began here Saturday night, conducted by Rev. A. N. Smith, and will continue through the week.

Mr. C. A. Stapleton made a business trip to Houston Saturday.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 16, 1923


Mrs. W. H. Taylor spent the weekend in Wharton, where she purchased her a handsome Buick Four.

On account of the rain, the meeting was postponed until the weather was more favorable.

The girls of the school, from the age of twelve on up, organized a Girls' Scout club, with Miss Barnett as the scout master. Their first hike has been planned for Friday week, if the weather is favorable.

Miss Genevieve Miller, the county demonstration lady, spent an hour with her club here last week--Wednesday. Most of the girls were up with their work, and wanting something else to do.

Miss Vina Lee Barnett spent the week-end in Markham visiting home folks.

The literary society did not meet Friday night on account of the bad weather.

Mr. Glenn Taylor, of Don Tol, has completed his new home.

Potato planting will soon start, most of the farmers have their ground all ready for planting.

On account of the bad weather, the girls' and boys' game of basket-ball with Iago last week was called off, but if the weather permits we will play them a match game Friday, February 23.

Mrs. S. W. Cates made a business trip to Wharton Tuesday.

The Matagorda County Tribune, February 23, 1923


Two very interesting games of basket ball were played on our courts Friday evening, Feb. 23, although we were defeated in both games, the girls' game was a tight one. We have a team to be proud of, and we challenge any three-teacher school of the county, including the Rube basket ball team of Van Vleck.

The classics studied by the High School pupils lately are as following: Evangeline, The Deserted Village, The Vicker of Wakefield, Ivanhoe, Elegy, Enoch Arden and The Princess.

A crowd from here enjoyed the program that was given at Iago Friday night by the Parent-Teacher Association.

Miss Miller, the county demonstrator, met with the sewing club, Tuesday, Feb. 27.

A very interesting program will be rendered here Friday night by the pupils of Iago.

The hikes planned by the Girl Scouts will be put off until more favorable weather.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 9, 1923


Two very interesting games of basket ball were played here on the Pledger courts Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock between the Pledger and Lane City boys' and girls' teams, Pledger boys winning with a score of 13 to 8 and Pledger girls winning with a score of 46 to 4.

A crowd of Lane City people stayed for the literary program Friday night.

Miss Nelson, Miss Barnett and Mrs. Taylor spent the week-end in Wharton.

Mr. James Douglas made a business trip to Eagle Lake Saturday.

Mr. W. G. Harsha of Beaumont was a visitor of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thomas and family Thursday and Friday.

Miss Nellie Hobbins was a visitor in Bay City several days last week.

The Home Economics Club received a letter from Lucille Allen who left last week for Denton. She stated that her work was very difficult, but that she was progressing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Stapleton and daughter, Joyce, were visitors in Wharton Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thomas were visitors in Wharton Friday.

Mrs. O. J. Hodge has been on the sick list the past few days, but is improving now.

Mrs. Campbell met her pupils at the usual hour Friday for their music lessons.

Miss Miller will meet her club here Tuesday, the 27th, at the usual hour.

The Matagorda County Tribune, March 30, 1923


Our school is very proud of the record it made in the County Interscholastic Meet. When we stop to think that we now have an enrollment less than fifty pupils in our school and are situated away up here in the corner of the county, where it is hard to keep in touch with the work of other schools in the county, we are glad that we can make our school known through the interscholastic work, because talent and energy are found in the Pledger school. Horace Malone won first place in senior boys' declamation, Pearl Malone first place in junior girls' declamation, Bill Thornton second place in junior boys' declamation (rural schools) and Joye Stapleton and Myrtle Malone first place in junior spelling.

Mr. W. T. Pollard, our county superintendent, was a visitor of our school Monday afternoon.

Four cars took practically all the larger school children and some of the parents to Bay City Friday, who remained until after the evening contest.

Saturday morning Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Hodge and son, Lloyd, returned to Bay City to witness the races.

Miss Genevieve Miller, the home demonstration agent, will meet her club here Tuesday at the usual hour.

Mrs. W. D. Wynn and children and Mrs. S. W. Cates were visitors in Wharton Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Wynn and children and Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Allen and children were visitors in Gainesmore Sunday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Allen.

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp and nieces, Hattie and Vivian Browning, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Cates and family Sunday afternoon.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 13, 1923


The excessive rains of the previous week have been a great injury to the crops, especially to cotton and corn.

Next Friday Miss Nelson, Miss Barnett and Miss Stafford expect to go to Houston with the two declaimers from our school who are to compete in the district meet. Several of the high school pupils expect to go along.

Mr. James Douglas spent the week-end in Eagle Lake, visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Douglas.

Literary society was held at the usual hour Friday night and a good program was rendered.

The seventh grade was busy Monday and Tuesday taking the county examinations. Mr. Knox Stapleton was a visitor in Houston a few days last week.

Mrs. Malone, who left last week to be under a doctor's care, is reported to be getting along nicely. Her many friends throughout the community wish her a speedy recovery.

Mr. C. A. Stapleton was a business visitor to Wharton Saturday.

Miss Genevieve Miller met her club at the usual hour Tuesday.

Mrs. Campbell came Friday to give her usual music lessons.

Mrs. W. H. Taylor spent the weekend in Wharton.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 20, 1923


Miss Nelson spent the week end in Iago visiting her sister, Miss Jane Nelson.

Miss Barnett spent the week end at her home in Markham.

Dr. Otto Rodgers, Mr. Robert and Henry Johnson of Eagle Lake were down one day last week. They report the crops of this section of the country the best they have seen.

Mrs. W. H. Taylor spent the week end in Wharton.

Mrs. Robt. Ford and mother-in-law of Nixon were visitors in our community last week, the guests of Mrs. S. W. Cates.

Mr. James Douglas was a business visitor in Eagle Lake Wednesday.

The Girl Scouts expect to take their first hike Tuesday evening after school.

Mrs. Campbell met her music class Friday at the usual hour.

Miss Miller met the sewing club at the usual hour Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Kemp and niece Hattie Browning of Wharton were visiting here Sunday, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Cates and family.

Literary was held Friday night as usual and a good program was rendered, including a very interesting debate.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 4, 1923


The eighth grade if the Iago school rendered a very interesting play entitled "How the Story Grew."

Dr. Otto Rogers, Mr. Bob Johnson and Mr. Boyles of Denver, Colorado were in our community last week. They report good prospects for the potato farmers.

Miss Jane Nelson of Iago spent Saturday with her sister, Miss Eva Nelson.

Because of the rain last Tuesday the Scout Girls postponed the hike until Tuesday of this week.

Mrs. G. G. Miller will meet her club at 1 o'clock today.

Mr. James Douglas, Mr. Bob Girtman and G. W. Thomas spent Saturday in Eagle Lake.

The school children are coming to the front with their parts in the program for the close of school, which is to be rendered here May 17th.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 11, 1923


Misses Hattie and Vivian Browning, of Wharton, spent Sunday in Pledger, the guests of Mrs. S. W. Cates.

Mr. James Douglas was a visitor in Galveston Sunday, having gone over to be present for the bathing girls review.

Our seventh grade who took the county examination passed with good grades and according to a letter from Mr. Pollard, Miss Eloise Hodge made the highest average of any eighth month graduate in the county.

Tuesday at 3:30 p.m., Miss Barnett and Miss Nelson took the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts on a hike to Cates Lake about two and one-half miles from town. We had a great time, fishing, swimming and boat riding, climbing trees, singing, giving scout yells and cooking supper. We made coffee, boiled eggs and fried bacon. These were very appetizing along with pickles, olives, etc. We reached home about 10 o'clock, tired, but Oh! how happy and wishing for another opportunity soon. The Girl Scouts have their suits and, of course, they were put to use.

Mr. Kemp Cates left Saturday for Iago to start Monday as dipping inspector for this end of Wharton county.

Mrs. W. H. Taylor went home for the week-end.

A very interesting game of base ball was played Friday afternoon between Pledger and Damon, Damon winning with a score of 17 to 5.

Mr. W. G. Harsha, of Beaumont, spent several days last week with his cousins, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thomas and family.

Mr. Knox Stapleton, Mr. C. A. Stapleton and Mr. Garry spent Sunday in Galveston.

Mrs. Campbell met her music class at the usual time Friday.

We are very sorry school is coming to a close, for we will have to wait three long months to see our teachers again.

Miss Miller came at the usual hour Tuesday and will come again next Tuesday to spend the day.

Mr. Thornton and son, Bill, and Mr. Knox were visitors in Wharton Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen England and Mrs. H. S. England of Glen Flora spent Sunday here, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thomas.

Mr. O. J. Hodge, Jr., spent Sunday in Galveston.

Mr. Knox Stapleton spent a few days of last week in Houston.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 24, 1923


Aim of the Pledger School

Learn everything worth while.

Teachers and pupils to work together for all interests of school.

To enter county fair with a noble purpose in view.

To enter Interscholastic League with a definite purpose--wonder what?

To organize our athletic activities in order to do some real work and bring home the honors we are due.

To make the other schools of our size in Matagorda County work if they want to keep track of us.

Our school opened at the usual time, Monday, September 10, with an unusual attendance. Several of the patrons were present and pledged their co-operation. A splendid school year is in store for us. School was opened with chapel--after singing several familiar songs, we were pleased to hear our two readings by Miss Cunningham, our new teacher.

We, the pupils of the Pledger school, want to be right on top this year. We are willing and ready to study that we may learn. So to give us an opportunity, there has been something like $28 or $30 raised for the county library fund, so that we may become eligible to the best literature, that is possible for us to secure.

Rev. A. N. Smith was here Saturday and preached for us Saturday evening and at the 11 o'clock hour Sunday. Both sermons were greatly enjoyed.

Saturday, Sept. 2, our principal, Miss Nelson, and intermediate teacher, Miss Cunningham, came and stayed until Sunday, at the home of O. J. Hodge, Jr., en route Bay City to attend institute.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Thornton, Bill Thornton and Loomis Campbell were visitors here Sunday.

Mrs. Riles of Houston, who has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Ramon Meadows, for the past week, left for Bay City Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thomas and family and Miss Smith of Edwardsville, Kansas, returned last week from a tour through Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado.

The Matagorda County Tribune, September 14, 1923

Pledger School and Community News

Owing to heavy rains on Saturday and Sunday, we had no Sunday School and singing.

Miss Winnie Hodge left for Houston Wednesday to assume her school duties as a teacher in one of the Houston schools.

Miss Cunningham visited her friend, Mrs. D. L. McDaniel, in Iago last week-end.

Mrs. Gaither returned Thursday after a week's visit to her husband in Luling.

Mrs. W. R. Spence, who has been visiting O. J. Hodge Sr. and O. J. Hodge Jr. returned to her home in White Hall, Arkansas Saturday.

Miss Elmer Stafford visited in Richmond and Houston last weekend.

School work is progressing nicely and plans are being made to put on our school ground complete athletic equipment--tennis, volley ball, basket ball--along with swings and seesaws for the primary pupils. We are glad to learn that a two-acre addition has been made to our school ground and no rural school in Matagorda County can boast of a prettier school campus than ours.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 21, 1923


Mrs. S. W. Cates and little daughter returned last Friday night after a week's visit with relatives in Houston.

Miss Velma Cunningham spent the week-end with her friends at Iago.

Miss Jane Nelson of Iago, spent the week-end in Pledger with her sister.

Mrs. G. W. Thomas and children and her sister, Miss Smith, visited Wharton, Saturday.

We are pleased to have Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Robertson of El Campo in our midst. Mr. Robertson has accepted a position as station agent here.

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Thornton and children of Wharton were visitors in Pledger Sunday. Miss Vina Lee Barnett spent the week-end with her parents in Markham.

The Matagorda County Tribune, October 12, 1923

Pledger School and Community News

A negro minstrel was given at the school house Friday evening and pronounced a great success by all who came. Besides the program, we had a picture show, fortune teller's booth, fish pond and sold candy, popcorn and sandwiches. The gross receipts were $32.50. We were glad to have a crowd from Iago, Wharton and Lane City, besides several from Bay City and Markham.

The girls' basket ball team from Lane City came over Friday afternoon to play ball. The Pledger girls did some all-star playing that afternoon, winning the game by a score of 40 to 4. We were glad to have all who came, to stay for the program Friday night. With them were the Lane City teachers, Misses Alexander and Grant; also, Miss Tanner of Palacios.

Mrs. Lane and little daughter of Cuero, who came Friday to visit her sister, Mrs. W. D. Winn, left Monday for home.

Literary society will meet as usual Friday evening, English classes of the school having program in charge. The program will be composed of the story of the lives of several American authors, a selection of stories and poems from their work to be told and recited by the pupils.

We were satisfied with the results of the fair, having brought home five blue ribbons and one red ribbon from our school exhibit. Hoyt Elder won first place in mat weaving; Robert Hodge product map of South America, first prize, and Louise Hodge, second prize; Lucille Hobbins, product map of New England States, first prize. Then in geometry construction work, Inez Thomas won first prize. A poster of kodak pictures of Pledger school campus, made by Myrtle Malone, brought home the blue ribbon.

Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Cates and children spent Saturday in Bay City attending the fair.

Miss Elmer Stafford spent the past week-end in Bay City visiting friends

Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Saeten of Houston are visiting home folks.

M. and Mrs. C. O. Shaffer of Danbury spent the week-end in Pledger.

Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Thomas spent Saturday in Wharton.

The O. J. Hodge family and the teachers spent Saturday in Bay City.

Services were held here at 8 o'clock Sunday evening. Rev. A. N. Smith gave a very interesting sermon.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 16, 1923


Several cars of Pledger people made the trip to Gulf to take over pupils for the County Meet. We won 15 ribbons on our school exhibit. Pearl Malone won first place in senior girls rural declamation. This makes the third year in succession that our school has won this honor. We are proud to keep the cup now permanently in our school. Our "Blue Bonnets" won the basketball champion ship for senior girls, defeating Palacios 30 to 9. Other events in which we entered and were successful will be found in another part of this paper.

Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Allen entertained as their guests Sunday, Mr. Allen's mother, his brother, Joe, and sister, Mrs.. McKay from Brazoria.

Quite a number attended the "42" party at the school house Wednesday. Mrs. L. B. Hall and Miss Jimmie Barnett were hostesses. The "42" parties will be discontinued for this school year.

Miss Vina Lee Barnett of Simonton spent the week-end with her mother and sister.

Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hall and baby and Mrs. A. Gaither autoed to Gulf Friday night to hear the declamations.

Saturday night a party was given at Mr. and Mrs. Harve Hobbins' in honor of the victorious basketball team.

Thursday a large crowd came out to witness a basketball game between Boling and our team on our court. It was an interesting game, resulting in a victory for our "Blue Bonnets." Score 12 to 10.

Mr. and Mrs. McCarter and daughter of Cedar Lane spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Hobbins and her sister, Mrs. A. Gaither, and family.

Senator and Mrs. E. J. Spirk and daughter, Miss Elsie, who have been spending the winter in Houston and Palacios, visited their kinfolk, Mrs. H. E. Spirk and the J. A. Herman family, last week. They left Wednesday in their car for their home at Wilber, Nebraska.

Among the Negro Schools.

The pupils of Cedar Lake School have decided to get rid of tardiness. There is a monthly contest on among them. A large attractive health poster is placed each month in the room that has made the best percentage in prompt attendance. Each school in the district that makes 90 per cent in attendance and has the fewest cases of tardiness will receive a U. S. flag on April 21; the school which makes the highest per cent of attendance will also receive a Texas flag.

Joe Caruthers, A Tribute.

The tragedy that ended the life of Joe Caruthers, principal of Sargent negro school, is deplored by this office. Joe Caruthers was an earnest, conscientious teacher, always desirous of doing something worth while for his school and his community. He numbered his friends among the white people by the score, by these he was held in esteem because of his upright, consistent life. We fell that one of the best members of the teaching profession among the negro teachers of Matagorda County is lost to the negro schools in the passing of Joe Caruthers.


Plans are being made for a demonstration of industrial work by the negro schools of the county at the end of school. We would like to collect all the work in one place if possible and so demonstrate the work that is being done by these schools in sewing, basketry, hat making, chair weaving, gardening, etc. Several schools have shown real initiative in their plans for raising money to carry on their industrial work.

Van school, Buckner's Prairie, needed a fence for their garden. Last fall the pupils gathered pecans from trees about the school and sold the nuts. With the proceeds they purchased supplies for a "supper" from which they realized a sufficient amount to buy fencing. They built the fence themselves and now have a good garden with beets, beans, cabbage, onions, English peas in bearing and tomatoes.

Mt. Pilgrim school also raised funds to fence the garden which is coming along nicely.

Mabel Kennedy school has purchased posts for their fence but have not yet been able to buy the fencing.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 25, 1927


School will close Friday with a picnic dinner.

Mrs. A. Gaither, Mrs. J. A. Herman and Mildred accompanied our seventh grade pupils, Ethel and Ruth Hobbins, to Bay City Friday night, where the girls received their diplomas at the county commencement exercises.

Wednesday, May 18, Miss Alta Malone and James Griffin were united in marriage at Bay City. A wedding dinner was served at the home of the bride to the immediate relatives. They will make their home in Boling, where the groom is employed by the Atlantic Oil Company. They have the best wishes of the community for their happiness.

Mr. and Mrs. Roland Soeten of Houston attended the wedding of the latter's sister and visited several days in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Malone.

Mrs. George Hall and family enjoyed a visit with her aunt of El Campo last Week.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 27, 1927

Pledger News Nuggets

Miss Ethel Sirmon spent the week-end with her parents at Markham

Several people of Pledger attended the circus at Bay City Monday and Monday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Howath, of Galveston, spent the week-end with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sander Howath and Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Malone, of this place.

Miss Pearl Malone, of Houston, spent the week-end with her parents and friends in Pledger.

Miss Mae Stevens, of Cedar Lane, visited Mrs. Harold Hall Sunday.

Mr. C. A. Stapleton, of Sugarland, made a business trip to Pledger Monday.

Mr. Victor and Miss Lucille Jones, of Houston, visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jones, here Sunday.

Mr. Lester Berthelotte, of Port Arthur, visited Miss Ruth Hobbins Sunday.

Miss Mildred Herman spent the week-end in Yoakum with her friend, Miss Estelle Skrehot.

The young people of Pledger were entertained by a forty-two party Friday night at the school house.

Mrs. H. G. McCarter, of Newgulf, and daughter, Mildred, and Misses Ruth and Bernice Hobbins went to Houston as a pleasure trip Sunday afternoon.

Daily Tribune, October 17, 1929

Pledger News

Miss Gladys Sands spent the week-end with her parents at East Bernard.

Miss Ruth and Ruby Hobbins, and Mr. Vee and Louis Pollard spent Sunday evening in West Columbia.

Mr. E. S. Howath, who broke his leg about four weeks ago, is not improving very fast.

The young people of Pledger were entertained at a party given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Pollard Friday night.

The farmers around Pledger are almost through gathering their crops and are gathering a few pecans.

Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Stapleton and daughter, Joyce, spent the day with Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Stubblefield at Pledger Sunday.

Miss Beatrice Pearson spent the day with Miss Mary E. Jones last Sunday.

Mr. Edward Howath made a business trip to Houston Monday evening.

Mr. Dee and Willie Pollard left Saturday morning to visit at their home in West Columbia for a while.

The Pledger girls are getting ready to start playing basket ball. We will try to win the championship this year.

Mrs. Alta Griffin and Mrs. Myrtle Slyania are spending the week with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Malone, of this place.

Daily Tribune, October 17, 1929

Pledger Sunday School Sponsors Fourth Feast

The Fourth of July celebration sponsored by the Sunday school class of Pledger was held under some nice large oak trees just south of Pledger. A splendid dinner was served and all enjoyed the feast.

The writer and four friends then "mounted" the splendid highway leading to Boling and enjoyed another Fourth celebration, given by G. F. and J W. Hobbins, three miles east of Boling. A splendid barbecue of beef and chicken was served. Also plenty of cold drinks and ice cream. Dinner was spread under some beautiful shade trees and relatives and friends were treated to a real feast.

In addition to the Hobbins families at Pledger and Boling, numbering 32 persons, there were a number of other relatives and friends present.

Mr. J. C. Highsaw, father of Mrs. J. W. Hobbins of Boling, journeyed from McKinney to take part in this re-union, also Mr. and Mrs. Guy Houston of Houston, relatives of the Hobbins arrived in time to enjoy the feast.

Mr. and Mrs. Del Rogers of Newgulf, relatives to the sponsors of this feast, were present, as were several friends from Newgulf, Pledger and Boling.

Daily Tribune, July 8, 1930

Interesting News From Pledger


Mr. Chester Kiser of Mead, Oklahoma, was a week-end visitor in the home of Mrs. Virginia James.


Misses Ella Hattan and Zella Flowers of Frederick, Okla., visited relatives here the week-end, Mrs. Virginia James.


Mrs. G. M. Carter visited her daughter, Mildred and Mother, Mrs. Mary Hobbins.


Mr. L. B. Brinkley, Dallas, made a business trip here, stopping with R. E. Skrehat.


Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Horvath of Houston, visited relatives here this week-end.


Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Schultz of Houston, visited relatives here this week-end.


Miss Pearl Malone of Houston, was a week-end visitor of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Malone.


Mrs. Coy Scribner of Newgulf, motored down Sunday for Mr. H. G. McCarter.


Mrs. Walter Rogers spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Harve Hobbins.


Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Mackay of Newgulf, were Sunday visitors in the home of Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Allen.


John Paul Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jones, was a week-end visitor.


Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Mack and family, motored to Houston for a day with Mrs. Myrtle Stevens.


Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Allen and family, accompanied by Miss Mattie Brewer, visited Mr. Allen's mother, Mrs. S. P. Allen, Sunday.


Mr. and Mrs. John Nazy motored to Houston Saturday.


Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Starks and son, Maxam, motored to Matagorda and Gulf Sunday.


We are glad to report that Miss Vina Lee Barnett is well on the road to recovery from her appendicitis operation two weeks ago.


Mrs. Ernest Stringer is doing very nicely since her serious illness in the Newgulf hospital.


Messrs. J. O. Stubblefield and O. J. Hodge, Jr. attended Masonic Lodge meeting last Friday evening.


We were very sorry to hear of the death of Mrs. L. B. Hall's mother in Pueblo, Colo. Mrs. Hall surely has the heartfelt sympathy of her friends.


Mr. L. B. Hall left Sunday morning for Pueblo, Colo., to be with his wife. Mrs. Hall will accompany him back to Pledger.


Our attendance has been unusually good this fall. We are hoping that Old Man Winter will not be too severe with us this year.


We have had a number of new pupils in the last week. Our enrollment has reached 60.


We are striving very hard to bring the two cars given by the Tribune to Pledger. Help your school by subscribing for the county paper. Just think, 52 copies for only $1.50. That is a little less than three cents a copy.


Patrons, we are calling on you to help us. If we win that car, the less money it will cost you during the school term. Let's go over the top 100 per cent! Where there is a will, there's a way! Let's make that way!

The Daily Tribune, Friday, November 21, 1930



Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Horvath of Houston, were weekend visitors of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Malone and Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Horvath.

Mr. and  Mrs. Louise Menking, accompanied by son and daughter, motored to Fayetteville Saturday for a week’s visit with relatives.

Messrs. Victor and John Paul Jones were weekend visitors. John Paul being temporarily out of work remained here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jones.

Mr. Archer of Iago, spent Sunday here with relatives.

Mr. H. G. McCarter spent the weekend with his daughter, Mildred.

Mr. W. E. Acree was a weekend visitor in the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jones.

Mrs. R. T. Smith of Newgulf, spent Sunday with Mrs. Mary Hobbins.

Mrs. M. M. Malone returned Sunday after spending a week in Houston with relatives.

Johnny Richardson, on his way to Boling, burned up his Chevrolet coupe. The fire was caused from a cigarette.

We are glad to report that Mrs. W. P. Jones, who has been on the sick list is much better.

Mrs. J. A. Herman has been the sufferer of an infected finger. It was necessary to have it lanced. It is much better, we are glad to say.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Matalek and daughters, Stasie and Frances, motored to Wharton Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Sandor Horvath were business visitors in Wharton Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Zigo spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. John Nagy.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Starks and son, Marian, spent the weekend in Sweeney with the former’s brother, Mr. George Starks.

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Millard left Saturday for a two week’s visit with relatives of Mr. Millard in Hutcheson, Kan.

Mesdames S. O. Stubblefield and H. H. Hall, attended Easter Star meeting in Wharton Monday evening, Nov. 17.

Mrs. Wm. A. Schott had as guests this weekend, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Liskow.

In spite of the coolness of the morning, 34 reported to Sunday school. Our lesson about the “Rich young ruler,” proud very interesting.

We had a very enjoyable B. Y. P. U. meeting Sunday evening.

It was a very enthusiastic group of children that filled to capacity the large truck of Mr. John Nagy. We were on our way to victory in Van Vleck at the Inter-school contests. Nor did our enthusiasm wane until we were home all safe again. We surely had a delightful time. Our boys were victors over Wadsworth 28 to 6. Small but right there. Wilma Menking won first place in junior spelling and Ovie Horvath, third place. Of course, we couldn’t win everything this time, but we have high aspirations for the future.

We are all looking forward to a big time during the Thanksgiving holidays. Our teachers, Mrs. Herman, Mrs. Schott and Miss Bell, are planning to attend the T. S. T. A., which meets in Houston.

By Wilma Menking.

If I were a boy I wouldn’t scare any girls with dead snakes like some boys do. I wouldn’t bring rats to school to frighten anyone with. I would have marbles and all kinds of things in my pockets. I would sell Saturday evening papers on Saturday. I would play marbles and all kinds of nice games for boys. I would be very polite to people, especially to little girls. I would always do everything people told me to do as soon as they told me. I would never talk back to anyone.

By David Skreat.

If I were a girl I wouldn’t stay around boys, say bad words or do anything bad. I would not wear overalls to school, but I would on picnics and hikes. I would play with other girls and with my dolls. I wouldn’t play football and other rough games.

Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Millard Entertain.

On Wednesday night, Nov. 1, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Millard were hosts to three tables of bridge. After six spirited games, the score was counted and it was found that Mrs. Stubblefield and Mr. Randolph were high and Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Schott were low. Delicious refreshments were served to the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Stubblefield, Miss Beryl Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Taylor and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Schott, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Randolph and Shirley Millard.

Matagorda County Tribune, November 28, 1930


The P. T. A. party Thursday night was a great success. Messrs. J. O. Watkins and George Hall, charmingly entertained a group of guests, from Pledger and surrounding towns including Boling, Newgulf and Wharton with bridge and forty-two. High score prizes were awarded to Don Shalla in bridge, and Guy Wilson in forty-two. Low scores were held by Mr. James Seale and Mr. Alton Reed. Delicious chicken sandwiches and coffee were served at the conclusion of the games.

Raymond Jensen of Kingsville, spent Sunday here, visiting Mildred Herman.

Mr. V. W. Allen was a business visitor in Victoria Monday of this week.

Mrs. L. D. Tarpley left last Friday for Fort Worth to be at the bedside of her daughter for whom all their friends wish a speedy recovery from her long illness.

Ruthie Hobbins who has been visiting relatives and friends in Pledger for the past two weeks has gone back to her home at Black Lake.

Mr. H. A. Gaither was a business visitor in Wharton early Monday morning.

Mildred Herman has finished her teachers' course at Texas A. & I. She is taking a correspondence course from Texas University before receiving her B. A. degree from A. & I., at Kingsville in May.

Sunday school was very well attended last Sunday morning after which an interesting sermon was delivered.

Declamation tryouts were held at the Pledger school last Friday night. The awards were as follows: Junior Boys--Harold Lloyd Gaither; Junior Girls--First Place, Marjorie Mack; second place, Bernice Hobbins.

Tiny Tot Story Telling Contest:--First place, Mary Louise Tucker; second place, Robbie Lee Pearson; third place, Billie McClanahan. The children holding first place will enter county meet.

Mr. F. H. Hobbins and son, Steve, were in Wharton on business Monday.

Mrs. T. R Drenner of Newgulf, visited Mrs. H. A. Gaither Saturday afternoon and did they make popcorn balls.

George Hodge and Don Shalla made a hurried business trip to Freeport Monday of this week.

Mrs. Mary Hobbins is visiting her son, George and family, whose wife is ill. Her many friends hope to see her well soon.

Mr. Seale, intermediate teacher here, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Conner of Boling.

C. H. Allen of Iago, was a business visitor here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. McKay of Rugeley, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. V. W. Allen and family of Pledger.

Dr. and Mrs. Stroud of Boling, attended the P. T. A. party here last Thursday night.

Last Sunday Mildred Herman, Raymon Jensen, Estelle Sharehot and Don Shalla were in Freeport. The girls report seeing their mutual friend and classmate of several years ago, Miss Louise Torsclair.

Muddy roads has retarded the building of a camp on the Danciger lease at Black Lake.

Leases and royalties are being made and investigated. There is a show of great increase daily in the oil field activities here.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 23, 1933


Mrs. O. J. Hodge, Jr. and daughter, Mrs. Herbert Shaw entertained a group of friends with a delightful party, at the Hodge home last Friday night. Flinch and forty-two were played by the majority of the guests while a jig-saw puzzle held the attention of the others. A delicious luncheon was served during the course of the evening. At the conclusion of the games, the players joined the group at the jig-saw puzzle to help them admire its beauty which was now complete. Those who enjoyed the party were Misses Patty Orr of Sweeny, Mary Beth Daly of Kingsville, Mildred Herman and Estelle Skrehet; Messrs. H. Danna, Dexter Hodge, Don Shalla, Lloyd Hodge, H. Shaw, C. Crone, O. J. Hodge, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Hall left last Saturday for Colorado to be at the bedside of Mr. Hall’s sister who is critically ill.

Willard Hobbins of Iago, spent the week-end with Harold Lloyd Gaither.

We are sorry to report Mrs. Marie Hall on the sick list this week.

Misses Patty Orr and Opal Redding of Sweeny spent this week at the home of Mrs. H. Hanna.

Those attending the Fat Stock Show in Houston last Saturday were Mr. F. H. Hobbins and sons, Steve and Frederick, Harold Lloyd Gaither, Mr. Rip Calloway and son, Kenneth and Jewel Hobbins.

Mrs. Lorene Ashwood of Houston is visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Finley.

Mrs. Harve Hobbins spent the week-end in Newgulf with her daughter, Mrs. Alton Reed.

Mr. J. O. Watkins of Houston spent the week-end with his family.

Mrs. J. H. Clayton has returned from a pleasant visit to her son, W. V. Hanna and family of Sweeny.

Miss Mary Beth Daly of Kingsville is the guest of Miss Mildred Herman.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hobbins of Iago were Sunday guests of Mrs. Mary Hobbins and Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Gaither. Mrs. W. Hobbins attended church services while here.

David Skrehot entertained a group of friends with a play party on the lawn of his home last Saturday night.

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Watkins and children visited Mr. Howard, Mrs. Watkins’ father in Lissie last Sunday.

Mr. C. Tucker, our depot agent and family, will move to Tailor’s Spur.

Mrs. V. W. Allen and Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Reibenstein visited Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Skrehot last Saturday evening.

Mrs. J. A. Herman, Misses Mildred Herman and Mary Beth Daly and Mr. Dan Shalla were in Houston last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens of Sargent visited Mr. and Mrs. James Mack, last Sunday.

A wiener roast was enjoyed by a group of young folks on the Hodge farm, last Saturday evening.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 9, 1933


Too much rain, not much farming done yet.

Erwin Horvath is trucking spinach to Houston this week.

Misses Jewel Spence and Imogene Burton returned to their studies at Denton where they are attending C. I. A.

Robert Hodge, senior at A. & M., returned to College Station Sunday. He was accompanied by Messrs. Frick and Wertz of Bay City.

Deputy Sheriff Sailor of Bay City was fluctuating among our citizens Monday.

Mr. Eugene Cloud of Boling and Miss Margaret Mack, daughter of Judge Mack of Pledger were married in Wharton last week.

Danciger Oil & Refining Co. are erecting a carbon black plant at their plant near Danciger, Texas.

And by the way, according to the Houston Chronicle the Pledger oil field will in the future be called the Bay City oil field. Fine, now maybe we can get that five-mile stretch of mud hard surfaced from the county line to connect up with the highway at Pledger.

The post office department has authorized and established mail service to Danciger. O. L. Hodge has assumed charge there as postmaster.

Gregg Laurence of Van Vleck was renewing acquaintances at Pledger, Monday.

Miss Sammie Allen spent the holidays with homefolks and returned to her studies at commercial school in Houston.

We welcome Mr. A. S. Walters of Boling as a new citizen of our city.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 10, 1935


Miss Marie Gregory of Boling and Mr. Frank Chamberlain of Newgulf were visitors in Pledger Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Acre of Brazoria were visitors in Pledger Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Boyd Acre of Brazoria was a visitor in Pledger Sunday.

Mr. James, Cedar Lane, was a business visitor in the Pledger community Sunday.

Mr. James Williams of El Campo applied for the school here Saturday.

There was an election for school trustee held here Saturday. Mr. Gaither and Mr. Pate tied in the race.

Mr. and Mrs. Brown and family are new residents of Pledger who were formerly of Newgulf.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 11, 1935


Well! Well! Is everyone comfortably occupied at home? If not, we better find something to do since gasoline rationing. Well old saying is "You can get used to anything," so now is our chance to find out.

Mrs. W. V. Gajdosik and Barbara spent a few days in Houston last week visiting relatives.

They were accompanied by Mrs. Gajdosik's mother, Mrs. Hudler of Bay City.

Mr. W. V. Jones and son, Doran of Houston, spent the week end with his sister and family, Mrs. J. O. Jameson.

Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Hackworth spent Sunday and Monday in Pledger. Monday evening Mr. and Mrs. Hackworth and Mrs. Jameson and Gene motored to Wharton. Mr. Hackworth consulted a physician about his arthritis.

Mr. A. L. Reed is spending part of his vacation deer hunting at Rock Island.

Those visiting the H. M. Malone family past Sunday were: Mr. and Mrs. M. Z. Reed, Mr. and Mrs. J. Barriage both of Houston, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Thurman of East Bernard and Mrs. Katherine Griffin and Mr. Malone's mother, Mrs. McMicken of Wharton.

Mrs. O. L. Hodge had several of her family at her house for a luscious Thanksgiving dinner.

Mr. W. E. Acree stopped for a few minutes in Pledger on his return trip to Houston, after a business trip to Palacios.

Douglas White reported to his call and left Friday for the Reception Center in San Antonio.

Private Wilbur Bender is now in Keesler Field, Mississippi. We hope these boys good luck.

Sgt. Stanley Kucreek of Galveston and another soldier friend whose name I failed to get, visited in Pledger this week end.

Mrs. Winnie Horris spent the week end out of town this week.

Daily Tribune, December 3, 1942

Pledger News

Well does everyone have the Xmas spirit? We have lots of empty chairs this year but there is still an Xmas coming and our sorrows don't stop the event. Let's try to carry on as best possible and the way the ones in Service would have us to do. I'm sure if we were to ask any one of them should we or should we not celebrate Xmas and I'm sure from every one we would get an answer of "Yes." But let's not forget the meaning of Xmas and try to worship accordingly.

The Xmas tree and program of last Friday night at the school house was enjoyed by all. The crowd was one of the best we have had for years and the program was really entertaining. We will thank our teachers for that. School is out for Xmas and will resume again Jan. 4. Al you mothers must be patient with all these days off and just remember you were once a kid and looked forward to Xmas holidays.

Mr. Ervin Hobbins was called for his first physical this week. We hope him all the luck and those left behind, we wish them all the good luck and blessings that the Lord sees fit.

Mr. Alvin Roll is on the sick list this week. We hope her a speedy recovery.

Little Randel Shaw has undergone an operation in Newgulf hospital. We wish him better health in the future.

Mrs. M. H. Shaw and children are home from San Marcos for Xmas.

Miss Lillie Mae Tucker is spending a few days in Humble.

Mrs. Mamie Gajdosik and baby have returned home after a two week stay with Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gajdosik.

Miss Jessie Corsen has been working at Molane Grocery for the last few days.

We have at last got our observation post schedule worked out. Everyone seems to be on time for their duty.

Little Ann Millard seems to be having a time getting the best of her whooping cough. Seems the whooping cough is about to beat her to the draw.

Mrs. Winnie Harris and Sandel are spending the holidays in Navasota.

Mrs. Hoffman plans to spend part of her time in Houston.

Mr. and Mrs. D. N. Hackworth went to Houston Saturday where Mr. Hackworth will enter the S. P. Railroad Hospital for a tonsillectomy operation. We hope him the best but so near Xmas seems to me a bad time to have a sore throat.

We are thankful the gasoline ration and all the other rations haven't done anything to our...

Daily Tribune, December 22, 1942


Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lousche of Houston visited relatives here last week end.

Mrs. M. A. Calloway and Mrs. Dorothy Valerian of Wallis visited in the F. H. Robbins home, bringing Mrs. Donahoa with them.

Mrs. Steve Hobbins was called to Louisiana last week to the bedside of her father who is very ill.

Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Jameson visited in the home of Mrs. Jameson's sister in Bay City last Monday.

Word has been received that Major Dexter Hodge has moved his mighty work from England to the Middle East. We hope him all the success and luck.

Word has been received that S/Sgt. Warren Calvin Jones has located somewhere in India reports he has plenty to eat and feels fine.

Mrs. N. O. White went to Wharton on business last Friday.

Mrs. A. L. Reed is doing fine after her tonsillectomy of the past week.

Mrs. Sandor Horvath returned home Monday after her two week stay in Victoria. She reports that Mrs. J. Horvath is home from the hospital and well on her way to recovery.

Mr. Jack Kunz of Rosenberg spent a few days here last week visiting his sister and family, Mrs. A. J. Lingnau.

Mrs. John Randolph is visiting her sister, Mrs. Ruby Stubblefield for a lengthy stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Stubblefield have been spending a few days in the home of Mrs. Ruby Stubblefield.

Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Horvath were in Bay City on business last Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Robbins visited the week end in the A. Foster home.

Mrs. Este Reed and son were business visitors in Wharton this week, one day.

Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Malone had its week end visitors Mrs. Malone's sister and husband of Houston, whose name I failed to get.

Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Gajdosik returned home after taking Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Gajdosik back to Sanitorium, Texas, where Johnnie will reenter the State Hospital. We certainly hope him better success this time.

Mrs. Menking and children were in our community visiting her daughter, Mrs. R Hannah, last Sunday. They also attended church service here Sunday.

Our revival will begin next Sunday night, July 26th. The services for that night will begin at 7 p.m. the rest of the meeting the services will begin at 8 p.m. Rev. Hooker of Newgulf Baptist Church will be the preacher.

We want to ask everyone to attend as many services as possible. We are not "inviting" you because no one owns the church, it is God's House and everyone has a standing invitation with God to enter His House any time. But we do want to be his disciples and ask you each and every one to come.

Daily Tribune, July 23, 1943

Pledger HD Club Meeting Wednesday With Mrs. Hobbins

The Pledger Home Demonstration Club met Wednesday, March 5, at the home of Mrs. Ervin Hobbins.

Mrs. T. C. Parish, conducted a lesson in Consumer Education on Soap and Coffee.

The program on corn meal enrichment was given by Mrs. E. Hobbins and Mrs. Jno. Hanson.

Plans were completed for the trip to Sugarland on March 18.

The workshop on sewing in this area will begin at 9 a. m. on March 12 at the home of Mrs. Landry in Ashwood. Bring materials and equipment and a sack lunch.

Mrs. Harry Dawdy made second high score and Mrs. F. C. Parish made first in the Bay City school on electric techniques. Both belong to P. H. D. C.

Ten members, including a new member, Mrs. Ben Towler of Van Vleck, were present. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Jack Brandes.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 13, 1958

Pledger News

The Pledger Home Demonstration Club met at the home of Mrs. Geo. Walker at Sugar Valley on Wednesday. The meeting was called to order by the president, Mrs. J. O. Sherrill and was immediately turned over to Dr. G. N. Furbeck who, assisted by Mr. Luther Bunch, gave an informative program on Mental Health. At the conclusion of the program the hostess served refreshments to the members present and the following visitors: Mrs. Preston Anderson, Mrs. C. L. Smith, Mrs. Robt. Taylor, Mabel Taylor, Mrs. Neal Gibson, Miss Deb Anderson and Mr. Luther Bunch and Dr. Furbeck.

At the business portion of the meeting, Mrs. F. C. Parish acted as Secretary Pro-Tem and read the minutes of the last meeting.

The club discussed ways to sell the vanilla for the purpose of reestablishing the Community Center and laid plans to make baskets to be filled and delivered to the New Gulf Hospital on Mother's Day.

Mrs. Harry Dawdy, Mrs. J. O. Sherrill, Mrs. A. C. McNeil, Mrs. H. H. Hall, Mrs. Geo. Walker, Mrs. M. M. Malone, Mrs. John Hanson, Mrs. F. C. Parish, Mrs. S. O. Stubblefield, Sr., and Mrs. S. M. Landry were the members present. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. A. C. McNeil on the Danciger road.

Bay City News, April 23, 1958

Pledger Home Dem. Club Meets With Mrs. Malone Wed.

Mrs. Mack Malone was hostess to the Pledger Home Demonstration Club Wednesday afternoon at her home. Those present, responded to roll call by answering the question, "For what club service did you volunteer?" Mrs. John Hanson gave a report on Consumer Education and "TV Commercials" was her subject. Mrs. Harry Dawdy gave some forecasts for 1960.

The Club will conduct food workshops at the home of Mrs. Dawdy in Sugar Valley, February 14 and 21. Casserole dishes and salads will be featured. Everyone interested, is cordially invited to attend.

Feb. 3, the club will meet with Mrs. W. A. Schott, at which time a demonstration on making an extension cord will be given by Mrs. H. H. Hall.

Following the Wednesday meeting the hostess served coffee and cake to those present: Mrs. F. C. Parish, Mrs. John Hanson, Mrs. George Walker, Mrs. Harry Dawdy, Mrs. Ervin Hobbins.

Daily Tribune, January 23, 1959

Pledger Home Dem. Club Plans For Future Activities

The Pledger Home Demonstration Cub met at the home of Mrs. W. A. Schott, Wednesday evening.

The members were reminded of the cook-workshop which will be held at the home of Mrs. Harry Dawdy in Sugar Valley on February 11 and 25. The demonstrations will be on casserole dishes and salads. The meeting will begin at 9:30 a. m., and will be open to anyone interested in participating. It was also announced that no food or utensils are to be taken to the meeting as this will be supplied.

A complete meal will be prepared to be served at the noon hour.

The president, Mrs. F. C. Parish, reported that Mrs. Duncan Home Dem. Agent, has asked for volunteers to work on various county projects. The following ladies have offered their services: Mrs. Hall; Clothing; Mrs. Parish, Food; Mrs. Hanson and Mrs. Dawdy; Health and safety: Mrs. George Walker; Interior Home Improvement: Mrs. Malone and the club voted to...

Matagorda County Tribune, February 12, 1959


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