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The Matagorda County Tribune

Second Annual Rice Carnival Number

August 20, 1902



T. H. Thompson Milling Company

This company has one of the finest rice mills in the State and also has a large corn mill and is building a flour mill. As this is a rice country they talk rice and feed to our readers The Tribune knows them to be reliable people.

S. E. Franz, Barber

Silas is the prince of barbers. He was the first barber here and his old trade stays with him and they had lots of new customers to keep them company, and they all like Silas and are pleased with his service.

Matagorda County Pharmacy

Dr. P. E. Parker's drug store is one of the neatest in the county, and everything is new and sparkling, and his prescription clerk is far and away the handsomest one in Texas. See ad. on page 2.



Farmers Rice Mill and Storage Company

N. M. Vogelsang,

This newly incorporated company is one of great financial strength, composed of some of our best home people, and the farmers can make no mistake in dealing with them. See their handsome half page ad. Proposing to advance you money on your rice without tieing it up to a single purchaser.

Aultman-Taylor Engines and Threshers

These machines won a notable triumph in the rice fields here last year, handling wet straw and damp grain that other machines could do nothing with. Every man who has run one is their friend. See their ad.





Hatchett & Large

This is the oldest and most prominent firm of contractors and builders in the county. They have built thirty or forty houses for the Moore-Cortes Canal Company, about fifteen for the Matagorda County Rice and Irrigation Company, several for the Texas Land and Rice Company, and large warehouses for all these companies, and the LeTulle Mercantile Company. They also built an immense flume, bridge and warehouses for the Brazoria Irrigation Company in Brazoria county. They have just finished the immense mill and warehouses, 286x300 feet, of the Colorado Valley Rice Milling Company, and have designed and built more residences and business houses in Bay City and Van Vleck than we could write up in one day. Their pay roll runs from $1500 to $3000 a month. They are prompt and reliable in the execution of all contracts. See their ad.




Clark & Hawkins

On page 16 you will find a handsome half page ad of this firm, and under the Rice hotel Annex in Houston you will find the firm selling automobiles and the best gasoline engines made. In The Tribune office you can see one of their four and a half horse power engines at work, pulling all of our presses and folder at once and never feeling the load.


I. Ditch, Dry Goods Man

This young man has had a most remarkable business career. Now only 27 years old, he has been in business more than ten years  and has always been successful. Though the Galveston storm destroyed his building and goods, he went to another town and opened anew. Two years ago he came to Bay City and opened a modest store. One year ago he doubled its size and now he is about to occupy the handsome white brick corner 50x100 feet just being completed by him, where he will have a dry goods house and stock second to none on this coast. See his handsome ad. in this paper.

Wm. D. Cleveland & Sons

This is the oldest and most popular wholesale grocery and cotton house in Houston , and the longer they are in business the more popular they become. Don't' fail to read their ad, and to give them an opportunity to be nice to you.

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