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Building a Canal Levee With Mules
The first rice field cultivation was achieved in much the same way--with teams and plows.

Early tractors like this Rumely were used for plowing.

Early Pumping Plant on the River

Pumps and Engines Inside the Collegeport Pumping Plant

Gulf Coast Irrigation Company Letterhead--1930
All of the independent irrigation companies were consolidated into the Gulf Coast Irrigation Company by V. L. LeTulle by 1930.

Binding Rice Into Bundles

Separator Thrashing Bundles of Rice
Worker feeds bundles hauled from shocks in the field from the wagon into the throat of the separator.
The straw and chaff piled up where the separator ran.

Rice is thrashed from the head and separated from the chaff and the rice is placed
into sacks which are sewn closed.
Sacks are loaded onto a wagon and taken to the warehouse for storage.