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This cemetery is on private property in the Van Vleck area. DIRECTIONS


F.[rank] Hawkins

Born Dec. 18, 1849 - Died Feb. 25, 1901
With life and name unstained the good man dies.
[Son of J. B. Hawkins, Sr. & Ariella Adella Alston Hawkins]

In Memory of
Elmore Rugeley
Wife of Frank Hawkins

Born July 2, 1867 - Died April 4, 1896
Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

In Memory of
Edith May
Daughter of Henry L. & Lizzie Rugeley

Born Jan. 6, 1884 - Died Nov. 19, 1895
Our Loved One

Son of Henry & Lizzie Rugeley

Born Mar. 26, 1869 - Sep. 17, 1887
How many hopes he buried here.

Hawkins Family

Hawkins Family Cemetery

Original Hawkins Family Home


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