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This cemetery is on private property near Ashwood. DIRECTIONS

John Rugeley Sr.


John Rugeley, Sr.
Born Jan. 12, 1792
Died June 13, 1878
Wife and Children

A. I. Rugeley
Born Sept. 19, 1816
Died Nov. 25, 1887

[Alexander Irvin]
His Wife
Elizabeth C.[lark] Rugeley
Born Sept. 3, 1818
Died July 11, 1863
Daughter of
Jason and Nancy Allen

Other burials include:

Eliza Clopton Rugeley b c 1812 (wife of John Rugeley)
Eliza Colding Rugeley Wiggins b c 1845 (daughter of John Rugeley and wife of John Wiggins)
John Wiggins
Robert Rugeley (son of John Rugeley)
Caroline Rugeley b c 1857 (last daughter of John Rugeley)

According to an obituary, Smith Rugeley (July 5, 1848 - Sept. 27, 1898) is also buried in this cemetery.


Alphonzo Irvin Rugeley

Son of John and Parthenia Rugeley
was shot while crossing the Mississippi River in a boat
near Vicksburg. He was acting as a courier bringing
gold to Texas. Yankees in a gunboat ordered
Alphonzo to surrender, but he delayed long
enough to throw the gold overboard rather
than allow it to fall into the hands of the
Union forces.


He is not buried in the Rugeley Family Cemetery.


Home of Irvin Rugeley on Caney c 1850

Cistern on the Rugeley property.


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