Sargent Newspaper Articles


Tax Assessor J. D. Moore was a visitor to Sargent and vicinity Thursday taxing the rendition of property for another year.

Miss Effie Theus has been appointed postmistress to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Mrs. S. S. Montgomery.

School began again on the 22d of January one week late, owing to the illness of the teacher.

Mr. Karowski has removed from the Wolf farm to the Trehm property in Sargent.

S. S. Montgomery and family have moved to Bay City since the first, where they will make their future home. We regret to lose these good people from our community.

Mr. J. C. Carrington was in our country last week doing some surveying for Mr. George Sargent. He made a short call on his way to his farm.

Mr. George Sargent was a business visitor to Bay City Wednesday of last week.

Mr. Jas. W. Rugeley was down from Bay City Monday looking after his interests here.

The Walcott made two trips to Hawkinsville this week.

The postoffice has been moved from the Sargent Inn to the Theus residence, which makes it more convenient for the patrons of the office.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 23, 1914


S. S. Montgomery of Bay City, a former resident of our village, was here Monday on business returning the same day.

R. W. Persons, in charge of the county demonstration work, was here several days this week, from Bay City, getting in touch with our farmers concerning their next year's crops. He was agreeably surprised in our country and the bright prospects of our agricultural pursuits.

Mr. Karowski and family left Wednesday for Crosby, near Houston, where they will reside in the future.

Quite a crowd from Sargent and nearby people went to the beach Sunday and spent the day in a pleasure outing.

Messrs. Newport and Zgarbo went to El Campo Friday.

Messrs. Johnson and Frankie, the carpenters who have been working on the new Sargent store building, left for their home in Bay City Saturday.

A crowd of the young people of the neighborhood were entertained by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman in their new home just recently built. A most enjoyable time was had by all.

A Ford auto party came down Saturday from near Cedar Lane, to fish in Caney Creek. As to their luck, we can't say, but we know the weather was rather chilly for a camping trip.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 13, 1914


Mr. C. I. Newport and Mr. Socha went to El Campo Thursday, driving through the country.

Mr. Jas. W. Rugeley was down a few days last week on business.

Miss Effie Theus and brother, Alonzo, and E. R. Hunt called on the Newport family Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Freeman visited with Mrs. Freeman's mother, Mrs. Phillips, and family Sunday.

Mrs. Schmidt and grandson came in Saturday from Houston to visit relatives near here.

The Sargent Supply Company's new store has been completed and a new and complete stock of general merchandise will be placed next Wednesday, which will be one of the best in this section. Mr. Jas. W. Keller will have charge as heretofore.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 27, 1914


E. R. Hunt and A. L. Theus were visitors to Gainesmore Sunday of last week, visiting friends and attending preaching services. Ask them if walking is all taken up on a fifteen mile stretch.

W. J. Chambless was a business visitor to Brazoria Tuesday. He was accompanied by Mr. Lonzie Theus.

Miss Flossie Newport visited at the Theus home Sunday.

Louis Chambless went to the county seat Saturday on business.

Miss Effie Theus has received her commission as postmistress for Sargent. She is well known and well liked by everyone, and is competent to make a good officer for Uncle Sam here. The mail both in and out has increased to surprising proportions in the past two months, while the patronage is steadily increasing.

The school is progressing fine. We have six weeks more, making it close April 17. The increased enrollment and attendance has been very gratifying to both the teacher and patrons.

New goods are steadily arriving for the new store.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 13, 1914


Mrs. S. S. Montgomery of Bay City was a visitor here last week, checking in the new postmistress, Miss Effie Theus.

Mr. W. J. Chambless and brother, Lewis, were Bay City visitors last week on business.

Mr. Jas. W. Rugeley spent several days this week here, attending to some business matters.

Mr. S. S. Montgomery is tearing down his store building this week, preparatory to moving it to Freeport where he will again erect it in a different form.

C. I. Newport went to Hawkinsville Saturday.

Messrs. Rugeley and Keller have been busy this week, checking in the new stock of goods for the Sargent Supply Company's store. The stock includes a full line of general merchandise.

Mr. Lewis has moved in the Pfehrm house, thereby becoming a Sargent resident.

H. C. Hunt and C. M. Clayborn of Palacios came down to assist in tearing down the Montgomery building. They will accompany the lumber to Freeport where they will rebuild it as a residence.

Matagorda County Tribune, March 27, 1914


Mr. J. W. Walker, manager of the Sargent Supply Co., was called to his home in Midfield Tuesday, owing to the serious illness of his mother.

S. S. Montgomery was a Bay City visitor Tuesday.

Messrs. H. C. Hunt and C. M. Claybourn completed the work on Mr. Chas. Freeman's new house this week.

The Turner Hall launch of Matagorda, with Messrs. Baxter, Bedford, McNabb and Carrington on board, was tied to the Sargent wharf Wednesday.

Mr. Ford from Van Vleck has taken charge of the Sargent store in the absence of Mr. Keller.

The Sterling, Capt. Howard Stapp master, from Palacios, came in Sunday to haul the Montgomery store building to Freeport. One load was taken Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Freeman and Ed Phillips spent Sunday at the Theus home.

Messrs. H. C. Hunt, C. M. Claybourn and S. S. Montgomery left here Monday via boat for Freeport where they will do some carpenter work.

E. R. Hunt was a Bay City visitor Friday of this week.

Chas. Freeman and Steve Phillips were county capital visitors Thursday.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 3, 1914


Several parties of Sargent people spent Easter Sunday at the Gulf. Dinner was spread on the ground in the sight and hearing of surging waters. To say they had a good time but feebly expresses it. The young people spent the afternoon walking along the shore and from indications happiness came to each while strolling on the beach. Among those included in the crowd were the Chamblesses, Newports, Theus, Socha, Sterlings, J. W. Keller and E. R. Hunt.

Old Caney is becoming quite a popular thoroughfare for boats lately. Quite a number have passed Sargent, going up or down the creek.

J. E. Wheeler of Palacios was a visitor to Sargent Thursday en route to Freeport.

The Sterling of Palacios, Captain Stapp master, arrived in port Thursday and finished loading the Montgomery store building to be taken to Freeport.

E. R. Hunt returned Monday from a trip to Palacios.

W. E. McNabb, our commissioner, was here from Matagorda with his boat, en route to Hawkinsville.

Sargent Supply Company has just received a new pair of scales for their store of the latest patent and they are beauties, too.

The Mabel, of Matagorda, brought some lumber over Saturday for a new bridge.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 17, 1914


Mr. O. W. Ford went to Bay City Monday, returning Tuesday.

Mr. Ed Chambliss of Cedar Lake was in Sargent Sunday.

Mr. Ed Phillips was a visitor to the county seat Monday.

Mr. Jim Powell and brother-in-law, Mr. Duffy, and Mr. Harris of Gainesmore passed through Thursday in Mr. Powell's boat going to the Gulf.

Henry Besch was a visitor to Cedar Lake Sunday.

Mr. Will Chambliss went to Bay City Thursday on business.

Mr. J. A. Lewis left Thursday for Bay City on business.

Messrs. I. Newport and Louis Chambliss went to Brazoria Friday of last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Phillips and children left Saturday for Matagorda for a few days' visit.

Miss Flossie Newport visited Miss Effie Theus Saturday evening.

Mr. Phillips and Misses Phillips visited Mrs. H. T. Freeman Monday.

Matagorda County Tribune, June 12, 1914


Mr. J. W. Keller left Monday for Midfield.

Mr. Rugeley Serrill of Matagorda came in Monday to take charge of the Sargent Supply Company's store.

Mr. I. Newport and family left Wednesday for their new home on San Bernard.

Mr. R. W. Moore, teacher of the Sargent School, spent Thanksgiving with his parents in Bay City.

Mr. Louis Chambliss and family have moved to San Bernardo.

Mr. Steve Phillips came in from Matagorda Friday.

Matagorda County Tribune, December 11, 1914


Mrs. H. T. Freeman is in Houston this week.

Mr. Lee? Walker of Matagorda was here ____ week.

Mr. J. W. Rugeley was here from Bay City Monday.

Rev. M. M. Wolf of Palacios was here Tuesday on business.

Miss Laura Phillips is in Houston this week.

Mr. Wychlopin of El Campo is here making arrangements to make Sargent his home.

Mr. A. D. Socha was in El Campo Friday on business.

Mr. Frank Harrison went to Bay City Thursday.

Mr. H. T. Freeman was a visitor to the county seat Friday.

Mr. McDonald of Palacios transacted business here this week.

Floyd Theus went to Bay City Saturday.

Mr. R. W. Moore was a Bay City visitor Saturday.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 26, 1915


Mr. Ed Phillips was a Bay City visitor Friday and Saturday.

Mrs. Frank Harrison returned home Friday from Bay City, where she has been spending the past week with her mother, Mrs. John Smith.

Mr. Henry Serrill of Matagorda stopped at the R. W. Phillips' home Saturday night, being on his way to the Matagorda Peninsula with a drove of horses.

Mr. Bob Harrison went to Houston Saturday.

Messrs. Tom Poole, John Horn, and Joe Hogan passed through here Saturday on their way home from the Sargent ranch, where they have been vaccinating cattle.

Mr. Gus Smith of Matagorda was at his ranch Tuesday and Wednesday, looking after his cattle.

Sargent folks enjoyed a picnic and Easter egg hunt Saturday. Everybody had a good time and lots to eat. During the day we had a "baby show." The babies were rather large but they did all right. Mesdames Steve Phillips and Frank Harris were the judges. All of the babies were worthy of some mention so they were judged as follows: Effie, for her dignity; R. W., for his pleasant looks; Floyd, for his wisdom; Mildred, because she cries the most; Nellie, for her fatness; Harris, for his being so sporty; Ed., for the most kissable; Nina, for her beauty, and Longee, for the oldest looking one in the bunch.

William D. Wheeler passed through here Sunday on his way to Matagorda.

Marshall Bell of Matagorda is up here on his sloop Janet.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 9, 1915


Quite a number of people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillips Tuesday night and enjoyed a dance.

Mr. Will Chambliss went to Bay City Friday.

The farmers around here are hard at work planting their crops. Some have corn and cotton up now.

Messrs. Will Burke and Gus Smith of Matagorda came up to their ranches Thursday.

We had a nice rain Saturday night. Everyone was glad to have it on account of their farms and gardens.

Mr. R. W. Phillips has been on the sick list for the past week.

The Matagorda County Tribune, April 16, 1915


Mr. J. W. Rugeley and little son of Bay City were here on business this week.

Mrs. E. J. Phillips and daughters, Misses Laura and Olivia, returned home from Houston Friday.

Mr. R. W. Moore closed his school here Tuesday after a very successful term. He left Wednesday for his home in Portales, N. M.

Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Freeman spent Sunday with Mrs. E. H. Phillips.

Mr. J. W. Rugeley shipped four cars of cattle Monday.

A number of young people visited Mrs. F. T. Harrison Sunday.

The Matagorda County Tribune, May 14, 1915


Mr. Frank Harrison went to Bay City Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Socha were visitors to Brazoria this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fisbeck of Hawkinsville were here Tuesday.

Mr. Bob Ledbetter of Houston was here this week.

Mrs. Steve Phillips has as her house guests this week Misses Nellie, Minnie and Alice Murdock, Vera, Alice and Myra Burke and Belle Smith; Messrs. Gus Smith, Zuck Serrill and Guy Smith, all of Matagorda.

Mr. W. J. Chambliss and daughter, Miss Naomi, were Brazoria visitors this week.

Mr. Frank Harrison, Sr., and little son of Bay City came in Friday for a short visit.

Mrs. A. E. Phillips and daughters, Misses Laura and Olivia, left Saturday for Houston to make their future home.

Mrs. Steve Phillips very delightfully entertained Wednesday evening complimentary to her house party from Matagorda.

Mr. William Schmidt of Houston was here on business this week.

Mr. Lee Besch came in from El Campo Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. August Zguarba were in Brazoria Saturday.

Mr. Ed. Phillips left Saturday for Matagorda and Seadrift on business.

The Matagorda County Tribune, July 2, 1915


School closed here Friday, May 22, after a successful nine month term with a nice program for the Washington bicentennial two-hundredth birthday on Thursday night. Interesting speakings were given by Rev. Carol Ray, pastor of the Baptist Church of Palacios on Washington and Mrs. Pollard gave interesting talk for Mrs. Martyn who could not be present to give the talk herself. The speaking was on health which all enjoyed and there were seven pupils who were awarded health ribbons as follows: Sarah and Annie Martyn, Grace and Lucile Bullard, Lola Ruth Clements, Hazel Brumley, Dorothy Finney. These were three pupils who never missed a day of school all year as follows: Lola Ruth Clements, Lunch Clements and H. T. Brumley. The three seventh grade graduates were: Willie Lou Freeman, Lottie Mae Dement and R. B. Clements. Outside visitors to the program were Mesdames Pollard, Lowe and Best of Bay City; Misses Jean Martin, Maxine Price, Allie Payne, Florence Stark, Rev. Ray, Claude Ray, Harry Russell and Cecil Feller of Palacios and many other whose names we failed to get. Mrs. Mae Werlla of Gainesmore has the primary grades in school here back again for next year which is this gratifying news to her pupils and friends here. Next term of school will be her third year here which proves the trustees have chosen right as the children here love Mrs. Mae in school and on the playgrounds. Prof. Elliott Curtis of Palacios is not sure if he will be back next term, but the majority of people here are in hopes he will be back with us next term as the children were fond of him.

Mrs. Mae Werlla and her sister of Gainesmore were pleasant callers of Mrs. Jurek Friday noon.

On Thursday evening Mr. Elliott Curtis and his friend of Palacios, Rev. Ray, Claude Ray, Henry Russell and Cecil Feller, went squirrel hunting. Their luck was: Rev. Ray killed two and the rest of them were poor hunters. The Martin boys together with other went squirrel hunting Sunday morning and made what we might call a raid on them.

Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Bullard left Friday for a visit with relatives in El Campo returning home Sunday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Raif Plant of El Campo accompanied Mrs.. Ruby Aber and Claude Plant home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Plant returning to El Campo on Monday. Little Juanita Plant went with them. She will visit there.

Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Pierce and children of Blessing spent Sunday at the beach.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Estill and their daughter of Cedar Lane, were here last Wednesday evening.

C. P. Caldwell and A. D. Socha went to Houston Tuesday with a load of vegetables.

E. Plant, J. Jurek, T. Dement were shopping in Bay City Tuesday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aber and C. Plant were Sunday visitors with relatives in Blessing.

Steve Jurek and family of Ashby, spent Tuesday and Wednesday with relatives here.

Brother Shimm and wife, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Findley and daughter, were in Bay City Saturday.

Mrs. Leftin Watson of Blessing accompanied Miss Arthurine Jones here Saturday. Mrs. Watson returning the same afternoon.

Mrs. Louis Boatwright and son, Lee, and daughter, Miss Evelyn, were in Bay City Saturday.

Mrs. Chas. Martin, sons John, Bill and Ewing, attended a show in Bay City Tuesday evening while Jim attended the banquet given at the school.

Mr. Chester Socha and sisters, the Misses Oreula, Lillian, Willie Maye and Mrs. Wilmer Merritt and Miss Frankie Brumley, were Saturday visitors in Bay City.

Mrs. Bill Roberts who has been sick for several weeks is not doing so well at present. As soon as she will get her strength, she will undergo an operation and we hope it will be a successful one.

Those of here who attended the dance at Cedar Lane Saturday night were T. Dement and daughter, Miss Lottie, E. Plant, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jurek, Otto Mullens, O. Brumley, Bill Martin. Lee and Jim Boatwright, Bill Dempsey, Bill Bullard and possibly others.

Mr. and Mrs. Ladis Uher and children and Mrs. Patterson and son of Wadsworth were here Sunday attending services.

Brother Shiner and wife and Mrs. Findley and Mr. and Mrs.. Austin Phillips attended services in Wadsworth Thursday night.

C. Plant, Mrs. R. Aber and Mrs. R. Jurek were shopping in Bay City Thursday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman and daughter, Miss Willie Lou were in Bay City Thursday. They are sporting a new model Ford. Congratulations.

John and Jim Martin were in Bay City Thursday.

C. P. Caldwell and daughter, Miss Wanda, were in Houston, Friday.

T. Dement and family attended a school program in Cedar Lane Friday night.

Mr. and Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon, Miss Arthurine Jones and Mr. Roberts were in Bay City Friday evening.

J. H. Balusek and family spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives in Freydek.

Chester Socha and Miss Frankie Brumley and Mrs. Ed Phillips were Bay City visitors Saturday.

C. P. Caldwell and wife were shopping in Bay City Saturday.

John Lloyd and family of Houston, spent the week-end with relatives.

A birthday party was given at the A. D. Socha home Sunday, May 15 in honor of little Miss Willie Maye's tenth birthday. Cakes and lemonade were served for refreshments. The evening was spent in playing different games. Those present were Hazel, Wanda Jo, Faye and Jack Brumley, Billie Watson, Esther Lee Patterson, and Marie Uher of Wadsworth; Robert Lee Boatwright, Zela Mae Philips, Wanda, Nancy Ruth and Buddy Caldwell, Marguerite, Marjorie, Ruth, Ethel and Edward Phillips, Lillian, and Willie Way, Alfred Lee and Lenora Socha. At a late hour all the youngsters departed for their home wishing Willie Maye many more such happy birthdays.

Mr. A. B. Pierce of Blessing, was a business visitor here Monday.

Miss Maurine Plant returned home Sunday from El Campo where she has been attending school.

Mr. Henry Freeman had a serious accident Sunday while roping a yearling. When he threw the rope it looped around his arm causing it to break his arm. He was on a horse. We hope he will soon be able to use his arm.

Louis and Jim Boatwright and Ed Phillips were Thursday visitors to Bay City.

Miss Daisy Chambliss is employed in Houston.

Louis and Wilbur Vaclavik of Blessing were here Sunday on business and visiting friends.

C. P. Caldwell left Monday for Houston with a load of vegetables.

Will Chambless was in Houston Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. U. O'Bannon and daughter, little Van, spent Sunday with relatives here. Little Van remained for a visit with her grandparents.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 26, 1932


Ed Bailey and wife of Orange, Texas visited with his sister and family. Tom Dement and parents here last week-end. Mr. Bailey's parents returned home with them.

At this writing we are having a slow shower. The corn and truck crop needs a good soaking rain.

Those of here who were in Bay City Saturday were F. J. Balusek, Henry Aber, Jim Roberts, Floyd Theus, Emory Findley, A. D. Socha, Louis Boatwright and others.

Mr. and Mrs. Loftin Watson and Mrs. R. M. Jones and Miss Arthurine accompanied Mr. R. M. Jones as far as Rosenberg last Tuesday evening where he boarded a train for San Antonio. Mr. Jones is in a hospital there in the interest of his health. His many friends here with him well and soon able to be at home with loved ones.

Mrs. Chas. Martin and sons, Mack and Ewing left for San Antonio last Wednesday morning for a visit with relatives. Returning home Friday night. They were accompanied home by Robert and Bill who spent the last month in the training camps there. The boys were awarded medals which they won in the water. They were proud to bring the medals home with them.

Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon who several weeks ago was bit by a snake is able to be up and about at present.

Mrs. R. M. Jones and Miss Arthurine and Miss Lois Carlswell were Bay City visitors Wednesday.

Miss Isabelle Plant of El Campo is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Aber.

Miss Hilda Mocha returned to her home in Midfield after a week's visit with her sister here.

Mr. Gustafson, Amos Lee and other members of the commissioners' court were here Saturday looking over the new road which is progressing nicely.

Mr. and Mrs. Loftin Watson of Bay City and Mr. and Mrs. Ulan O'Bannon and daughter, Van of Boling, were Sunday guests of their parents here.

John L. Fox employed on the new road here spent the week-end with homefolks in Palacios.

The little day old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Mack Phillips was buried last Monday afternoon at the cemetery here. The funeral services was conducted by Brother Shim. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips have the sympathy of their relatives and friends in the loss of their infant baby.

Mr. and Mrs. O'Bannon, Mrs. R. M. Jones and Miss Arthurine, Miss Hilda Mocha, Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Jurek and Miss Irene, John L. Fox, John and Jim Martin enjoyed a party on the beach last Friday night. A lunch consisting of fried chicken, cake and ice cream was served.

Mr. and Mrs. John Jurek and their daughter, spent the week-end with relatives in Midfield. They were accompanied home by Miss Della Mocha who will spend the week here.

Mrs. R. M. Jones and Miss Arthurine were in Bay City last Friday evening.

Mr. and Mrs.. John Jurek and baby and Miss Hilda Mocha were in Bay City last Wednesday.

Daily Tribune, July 20, 1932



Our little community spent Christmas just fine. The day was beautiful. The warm sunshine was enjoyed by everyone. On Friday night the program and Christmas tree for the community was held at the schoolhouse. A nice program was given by the school children and was carried out nicely. The program beginning with a scripture reading and word prayer by Brother Shiner, followed by song, "Silent Night," by all. Next the program opened with a dialogue, guess it was entitled Christmas Crazy as that's the way it sounded and was fine, then several more plays. Then closing with bags and fruit and gifts for everyone present. The tree and schoolroom were beautifully decorated with no signs of depression from the number of gifts that were on and around the tree. We, the community, thank the local merchants and teachers for making the entertainment and program what it was and for the fruits.


Mrs. Wilma Merritt of Stratton, spent Christmas holidays here with relatives and friends.


Those enjoying Christmas dinner and spending the day with Mr. and Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon were Mr. and Mrs. U. O'Bannon and daughter of Boling, Mrs. Lofton Watson of Bay City, Mrs. R. J. Jones and Miss Arthurine and Mr. and Mrs. John Jurek and daughter. Everyone enjoyed the dinner fine.


Mr. and Mrs. Clements and children spent Christmas with relatives at Cedar Lane.


Mr. R. M. Jones and Miss Artie Mae Adkins spent the holidays with their mother and grandmother at Cordelle.


Mr. Dempsey and sons Bill and Lee and Jim Boatwright and sisters, Misses Evelyn and Robert Lee of Wadsworth came down here to attend church services.


Mr. and Mrs. Ben Baca and little son spent Christmas night with Mr. and Mrs. Jurek.


Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Karasek and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Baca and children are visiting several weeks with relatives in East Bernard.


An old slavery colored woman by name of Ludy Laws died Saturday and while holding funeral services at a church here, another colored man by name of Willis Woodland died of indigestion. The Negro was born and reared in this county and was way up in her nineties.


Mr. White of Collegeport accompanied Miss Opal Phillips home last Wednesday afternoon. Miss Phillips spent the first of the week with her sister, Mrs. Richmond of Collegeport.


Mr. and Mrs. Jake Smith of Sargent Ranch spent Christmas with relatives in Matagorda.


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Phillips and Miss Oreala Socha and John Martin were shopping in Bay City Thursday.


Mr. and Mrs. Lofton Watson came down Thursday for a short visit.


Mr. R. M. Jones returned Thursday from Dallas and Kilgore, where he went on business.


Mr. Ryan of Bay City was down Saturday on business.


Mr. R. M. Jones and daughter, Miss Arthurine, Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon, Miss Artie Mae Adkins and O. Bullard were shopping in Bay City on Thursday.


Mr. and Mrs. Troy Phillips were shopping in Bay City Tuesday.


J. F. Balusek was in Bay City and El Maton last Wednesday.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman and Miss Willie Lou were in Bay City Saturday evening.


Mrs. John Jurek was in Blessing Friday.


Mr. Plant and Mr. Dement of Cedar Lane were down here on Thursday.


Mr. R. M. Jones and Miss Artie Mae Adkins were shopping in Bay City Tuesday.


Mrs. R. M. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Jurek and baby were Thursday evening supper guests of Mr. E. Curtis.


Mr. and Mrs. L. Glayze [Glaze] of El Campo spent the holidays here with relatives. Mr. Wm. Bullard accompanied them on their return home, Monday.


Mr. Hardy was a Bay City visitor Monday.


Mrs. R. M. Jones and Miss Arthurine spent last Wednesday night at the Jurek home.


Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jurek, who were spending the last week with relatives in Ashby, returned home Tuesday.


Mr. Hubert Jasek and sister, Della and Emil Bohuslar of El Maton spent Tuesday here.

The Matagorda County Tribune, December 29, 1932




Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson, Miss Opal Phillips, Mr. C. S. Alford, Ralph Johnson and Robert Martin spent Sunday evening with Velma Merritt and Lillian Socha.


The party given by Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnson, Friday night, was enjoyed by Marvin Clements, Lillian Socha, Velma Merritt, Mac and Robert Martin, Opal Phillips, Ralph Johnson, Austin Brumbly, Bill Bullard, Juanita and C. S. Alford.


Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Freeman and daughter, Willie Lou, were visitors of Bay City Thursday, Friday night.


Mr. and Mrs. Mac Phillips, Annie and Calvin Martin were visitors of the S. A. Phillips home Sunday evening.


Mrs. S. A. Phillips has returned from a business visit in Houston.


Those who attended the dance at Froberg's Saturday night were r. and Mrs. Mac Phillips, Floria, Sarah, Annie and Calvin Martin and Ocie Bell.


Those visiting Zella Mae Phillips' home Wednesday night were Velma Merritt, Lillian Socha, Bill Martin, Mrs. C. T. Freeman and daughter, Willie Lou, C. S. Alford, Juanita Alford, T. J. and Custer, Ennis and Marvin Clements. We enjoyed ourselves by playing games.


They are fixing to improve our school ground by building some walks.


Bill Klahan, Lois Carswell, Robert Martina and Opal Phillips were Bay City visitors Wednesday night.


Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Bullard were Bay City visitors Saturday.


Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Freeman and daughter, Willie Lou, were Bay City and El Campo visitors Monday evening.


Mr. H. Johnson and son, Harry, were Bay City visitors Tuesday.


The places won by our school at the county meet were as follows: First places, 3-R contest by Juanita Alford, Rural pentathlon by Billy Bullard, Running broad jump and chinning bay by Marvin Clements. Second places: Sub-juniors spelling by Hazel Mae Brumbly and Lola Ruth Clements, primary school exhibit for rural schools, some seniors track events in rural schools by Billy Bullard. Third places 440 relay for junior boys, playground ball for girls and general school exhibit.


We are very proud of all our ribbons.


The P. T. A. held an interesting meeting last Friday afternoon. The declamations given at county meet was part of the program. It seems that we will likely get our cement walks at last. Mrs. Pollard was a guest, also Mr. Hardy of Bay City. They offered very helpful suggestions to us in planning our walks.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, March 29, 1934


Business Meeting of Sargent Home Demonstration Club

The responsibility of the farm women toward the county government was discussed by members of the Sargent Home Demonstration Club during a meeting held at the home of Mrs. E. H. Phillips, Tuesday, April 3. The president, Mrs. A. D. Socha, distributed questions concerning the government of our county to club members who are to write out answers to be read at council meeting.

The population of Matagorda County according to the census enumeration of 1930 was given showing the high proportion of tenant farmers, which is the curse of this county. A farmer who has to move every year, as most tenant farmers do, has no incentive to improve his home and no opportunity to raise an orchard or more than the most common garden vegetables.

The report of the expansion committee was read and club goals were discussed so that each member left with a much clearer idea of what was to be accomplished before achievement day.

The meeting closed with a drill on parliamentary procedure.

Only five members were present and one visitor, Mrs. Gene Watson of Palacios.

Matagorda County Tribune, April 5, 1934



Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Johnson and son, Harry, C. S. Alford, Bill and Robert Martin and Mr. A. D. Socha were Monday night visitors at the S. A. Phillips home. They enjoyed the evening by playing forty-two.


Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Colquitt and son, Harman were visitors of their daughter, Mrs. Ray Lamb and the rest of the family.


Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Slaughter of Gainesmore has the diphtheria. Hope she will recover entirely in a few days.


Mr. and Mrs. Lofton Watson, Mr. and Mrs. U. D. O'Bannon, daughter and son, Van and Robert were visitors of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon and rest of family Sunday.


Mrs. Emery Findley spent Saturday with Miss Zella Mae Phillips.


Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Freeman and daughter, Willie Lou were visitors in Bay City Saturday, also Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon, Mrs. R. M. Jones and her daughter, Authurene.


Mr. and Mrs. Mae Phillips and Colvin Martin, Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Phillips were visitors Monday in Bay City.


Miss Authurene D. Jones visited Juanita Alford Monday evening.


Mr. and Mrs. Chester Socha, and daughter, Virginia Lee and Mrs. A. D. Socha were visitors Monday in Bay City.


Mr. J. C. Roberts, Mrs. Ida Roberts and daughters, Nell and Elaine of Sargent were visitors of Palacios Sunday.


Sargent's P. T. A. meeting last time decided not to have a program at the end of school, but a picnic.


Miss Juanita Alford was a visitor of Miss Autherene Jones Thursday night.


Mr. H. D. Johnson and son, Harry, were visitors in Palacios last week.


Those who were Sunday visitors of A. D. Socha's home were Mae Martin, Juanita Alford, R. B. and Custer Clements, Ned and Ted Johnson.


We are all hoping to play baseball with Cedar Lane soon.

The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, April 19, 1934


Getting Ahead of the Mosquito


At the home of Mrs. A. D. Socha Tuesday afternoon, the members of the Sargent Home Demonstration club opened their program with a song led by Mrs. Tom Dement. Mrs. Socha, who is a bedroom demonstrator, showed mattress cover and mattress pad and gave a short lecture on arrangement of the bedroom. She also showed members an ingenious way to patch a screen. To those who had no screens, plans for screen doors and windows were explained. Patterns for hat supports, rugs and shoe racks were taken off by some of the members and some reported progress in making over their bedrooms. Those present were Mrs. A. D. Socha, Mrs. C. F. Alford, Mrs. E. H. Phillips, Mrs. Tom Dement, Miss Lottie Dement, Mrs. Walter Chambless, Mrs. Austin Phillips, Mrs. John Martin and Mrs. Chas. Martin.


The Matagorda County Tribune, Thursday, February 21, 1935


Sargent School News

The Strake Oil Company is preparing to drill for oil about eight miles down the beach from the draw bridge. The location is about two miles fro Cedar Lake, in a low swampy place. They had to build a plank road this distance of two miles from Cedar Lake to the location. All the machinery, material and men are hauled down the canal on a barge to the plank road, and from there to the rig by truck. Many of our local men and boys have found employment in laying the plank road.

Mrs. L. A. Watson of Freer, Texas, is visiting her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. O'Bannon.

The weather has been so bad for the past three weeks that very few pupils have been present. But in spite of the weather Arthurene Jones, Ruth and Marjorie Phillips have not missed a day from school this year.

Those perfect in the seventh grade spelling are: Edith Loftin, Willie Socha and James Alford.

Primary Room

The children in the first, second and third grades are working hard these days to see who can get the most valentines before Valentine Day. When they make a 100 ten times in any one subject they get a valentine, which they can give to some friend on Valentine Day. So far Max Lynn O'Bannion leads, having earned thirteen valentines.

Last month we had only two pupils in the room who came to school each day, but on several days when only five or six pupils would be expected, we were glad to see fifteen or more come.

Noble Drilling Company

The Noble Drilling Company is moving to the Sargent lease on Cedar Lake. There will be around fifteen employees and their families moving to Bay City. Anyone with any rooms or apartments to rent, please get in touch with Doubek's Texaco Filling Station or the White House Cafe.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 13, 1936


Mr. A. D. O'Bannon and N. L. Carnes were in Blessing Thursday to see Mr. Hall Pierce who is reported very low. Hall worked at the gin here during ginning as night bookkeeper and friends here hope he will soon be able to be up again.

Quite a few of the farmers here are moving out to other communities and we hope their vacancy will soon be filled with new comers.

The Brumley and Watson families left Sunday night for west Texas where they will make their home in the future. Mr. C. P. Caldwell and Mr. Chester Socha making the trip with them. Success follows them.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Aber, Claud Plant and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Colquitt and son are moving to Palacios--wishing them good luck in their new home.

C. P. Caldwell and family are stopping in Bay City Saturday.

J. F. Balusek was an El Campo visitor Saturday.

C. M. Plant, Mrs. Aber and Mrs. Goss were in El Campo Friday.

Mr. Henry Jurek and Miss Anna Mae Hejtmanek of Ashby were here Saturday on business. Mrs. John Jurek and Miss Irene accompanied them home.

Mr. A. D. O'Banon was in Blessing Sunday on business.

Mrs. R. P. Bullard was in El Campo Thursday and Friday at the bedside of his daughter-in-law who is quite ill.

Mr. and Mrs. John Jurek and her daughter and Mrs. R. M. Jones, Miss Emma Bullard, and Mr. Curtis and Bill Bullard attended the wedding dance at Midfield last Wednesday night.

Mrs. Chas. Freeman and Miss Willie Lou were shopping in Bay City Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Smith and Ed Balusek of Matagorda were here Sunday on business.

Mr. Victor Jurek and Miss Della Mocha of Ashby spent Sunday and Monday here with relatives.

Mr. Carl Roberts and Mr. A. D. O'Bannon were in Bay City on Monday on business.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dement and children were visiting in Gainesmore Sunday.

Oliver and Bill Bullard and sister, Miss Emma and Mrs. Jones attended the picnic and dance at Midfield on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Findley were in Bay City Saturday.

Mr. A. D. Socha was in Bay City on business Saturday afternoon.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 27, 1937


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