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Savage Family History


This cemetery is located on private property in the Wadsworth area.
This information was provided by Barbara Stell Holloway.


Greenberry Savage, Father, Apr. 8, 1855 - Feb. 28, 1938
Amanda Jane Savage, Mother, Nov. 11, 1861 - Feb. 27, 1898

Infant Gilmore

Bennie Pigg

Eddie Pigg

Child Pigg (brother of Eddie)
Mr. Pigg's little boy was laid to rest in the Savage cemetery last Saturday., Weekly Visitor, Friday, October 13, 1899 [This could possibly refer to Eddie.] [Father could possibly be J. C. Pigg.]

Mr. Maye

Ella Cartwright

Julia N. Way, Mother, 1855 - 1938

Lizzie Watkins

Emma Smith

Fannie B. Fite 1876 - 1945

Luther Fite, Son, 1896 - 1899

Some of the people buried in this cemetery were neighbors of
Greenberry and Amanda Savage.
Pictures are courtesy of Betty Ryman.


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