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The Bay City Breeze, November 19, 1896

Bay City
Public School
began the fall and winter session of 1896-7 on Sept. 14, 1896 . The first month closed on Oct. 9th. The second month began Oct. 12th and closed Nov. 9th.

Report cards were not rendered because our printing office has been busy with election printing to print the cards. The cards will be sent out next week with the record of both months on them.

There are seven grades in the school, the lowest being designated as grade A and the next as grade B, and so on to the highest, which is grade F.

All are graded at each recitation by a scale of which 10 is perfect, 9 excellent, 8 good, 7 fair, and less than 7 is considered bad. All who average 9 or over have their names placed on the roll of honor.

[The newspaper provided the following names for each class.]

Grade F


Wm. McCamly

Florence Baxter

Dollie Rugeley

Edna Moore

Birdie Baxter

Estelle Ladd

Eva Sisk

Lulu Wallace

Alice Rugeley

Maud Hill

Lida Franz


Grade E


Ella Kuykendall

Carlysle Williams

Omega Baxter

Hettie Rowlett

Tennie Wallace

Maud Sisk

Mabel Williams

Mellie Sims

Lillian Ladd

Myrtle Franz

Ernest Bond

Ludlow Rugeley

Matt Johnson

Martha Lee

Charley Rugeley

Emily Lee

Alvin Williams

Jimmy Sisk

Albert Benedict

Bertie Hill



Grade D


Stanley Gillett

Sallie Gregory

Fred Gillett

Malcolm Rugeley

Lelia Johnson

Archie Franz

May Ladd

Oliver Franz

Joe Treat

Nettie Elliott


Grade C


Maggie Lee

Daisy Fisher

Grover Moore

Walter Gillett

Lewis McIntosh

Elmo Lee

Ed Lee

Oliver Wallace

Sankey Lee


Grade B


Nettie Austin

Florence Lee

Walter Baxter

Wells Wofford

Emma Franz

Oliver Franz

Jane Galbraith

Katie Wofford

Ella Galbraith

Bulow Johnson

Geo McIntosh


Grade A


Katie Gillett

Eula Sims

Olga Benedict

Susie Hill

Annie Hamilton

Dell Moore

Willie Wofford

Oscar Wofford

Maud Acuff

Effie Wofford

Geo Galbraith



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