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1947 Bay City PTA Cookbook Ads

Pollard School



Students at the
Pollard School

On Leaving

We hail to thee, Jeff Davis High!
The school we love so dearly,
We'll always wave thy banners high
And true to you we'll be.

Four short and happy years
We've labored in thy halls;
Our loves, our hates, our doubts, our fears,
We've met within thy walls.


Our class has strived to be the best
Of any that ever graced thee,
To set example for the rest,
Who in the future must leave thee.

And though we go from thee forever,
Go from dear Jeff Davis,
Our fondest memories cling ever,
Cling to dear Jeff Davis.

The Arrozal, 1924

The drawing by Edwin Stinnett is
from the 1923-24 annual,
The Arrozal.

Courtesy of
Matagorda County Museum


First Bay City High School Football Team - 1915

Miss Martha Moore, teacher

Miss Pearl Love, teacher

Bay City High School Class of 1938

Baccalaureate Service Picture     Methodist Church

Courtesy of VFW Post 2438 Philip H. Parker Collection, From the Estate of Ms. Mary Jo Walker

Carl Anderson

Edna Anderson

May Belle Anderson

Roy Lee Anderson

Waldena Arlitt

Billie Faye Arnold

Dick Bachman

Naomi Batts

Billie Bell

Elizabeth Berglund

Dewey Cadenhead

Katheryn Sue Campbell

Margaret Jo Cartwright

Iris Mae Catching

Harold Cherry

Charles Ducros

Elbert Doughtie

Margaret Duffy

Zina Fowle

Elmer Graham

Ruth Hagaman

Lilia Hammock

Harold Hargrove

Laura Lee Harrison

Billie Head

Robert Hill

Albert Hite

Beatrice Holub

Mary Alice Horn

Arthurene Jones

Mary Elizabeth Keller

Ernest Kappe

Elizabeth Matchett

Mary McDonald

Essie Dell Meyer

Christine Newman

John Lewis Newman

Lucy Mae Nickolson

Philip Parker

Truett Rainer

Sybil Richers

Jasper Sansing

Fern Schmersahl

Henrietta Sherrer

Eunice Marie Shivers

Allie Jay Sisk

Fisher Smith

Ruby South

Margaret Trousdale

Genevieve Verser

Mary Jo Walker

Mildred Walker

Berniece Watkins

Johnnie Wear

John Wilkinson

T. A. Williams

Robert Winston

Hazel Wolffarth

Joan Wolffarth

Bay City High School Freshmen 1936

Everett Branstetter
Nick Cocke
John H. Cummings
E. C. Dudley
Paul Engle
Vernon Harrison
Hinton Heiman
Alvin Johnson
Don Keller
W. C. Luna
Travis O'Rear
Ralph Rice
Oscar Rooth
Albert Royster
George Yeager
Douglas Skeen
Herbert McDonald
Tina Brod
Mabel Chapman
Zadie Lou Dickey
Vivian Harrison
Sarah Kogut
Felipa Olvera
Genevieve Olvera
Willie Ollie Orsak
Vivian Ready
Olive Rooth
Fay Smith
Mildred Walker
Gladys Sides
Teddy Slone
Sid Creech
Kieth Curtis
Morton Curtis
James Dodd
Earl Eidleback
Stacey Harrison
Jimmy Horn
C. B. Keener
Joseph Nolan
Billy Norton
Donald Sailor
Harvey White
Charles Ziegenhals
J. C. Lane
Consuelo Banado
Alva Lois Calloway
Mary Frank Carr
Frances Carroll
Lela Cross
Oleta Culbertson
Nroiene Davis
Margaret Denn
Lucille Falks
Helen Glenn
Eva Hale
Madeline Hayes
Winona Loos
Belva Minton
Mary Porter
Lois Purcell
Winnie Lee Purcell
Julia Maire Richers
Vada Lynne Robbins
Alice Rodgers
Helen Marie Sweeney


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