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Primary Department

Mss Tenie Holmes, Principal

1st Grade--

(a) Miss Tenie Holmes, Bay City

(b) Miss Beryl Bell, Wadsworth


2nd Grade--

(a) Miss Pearl Love, Bay City

(b) Miss Maney Vest, Bay City


3rd Grade--

(a) Miss Mamie Gusman, Bay City

(b) Miss Marie Kennedy, Bay City


4th Grade--

(a) Miss Valera Sweeney, Bay City

(b) Miss Edith Armstrong, Markham


Intermediate Department

Mr. E. G. Horger, Principal

5th Grade--

(a) Miss Claribel Carrington, Caldwell

(b) Miss Onella Morrison, Gatesville


6th Grade--

(a) Miss Alma Ashby, Henderson

(b) Mrs. R. M. Wynne, Bay City


7th Grade--

(a) Mrs. E. G. Horger, Georgetown

(b) Miss Vida Monroe, Grenville


High School Department

Mr. James Luther, Principal

Science--Mr. James Luther, Palacios

History--Miss Juanita Davis, Wharton

English--Miss Marion Arnold, Killeen

Latin--Miss Eunice Justice, Huntsville

Spanish--Miss Louella Morgan, Georgetown

Mathematics--Mrs. C. S. Eidman, Bay City


Buck's Bayou School

Miss Gussie McLendon, Bay City

The assignment for grade 1b has not yet been definitely determined. Any change in assignments will be announced through the Tribune.

W. E. Moreland, Supt.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 13, 1923


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