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Markham School

"Markham High"

Words and Music by Miss Jimmie Craft

To Markham High
We'll all be true
For we love our dear old school
For it's colors we'll fight, fight, fight
For the Gold and the Blue
Be loyal and true always
And stand by our school anew
And join in the song
As we sing along
Of our Old High School

We love our flag
Its Stars and Stripes
We love our Native land
We love our school
Its toils and strifes
For it we'll proudly stand
To Markham High
We'll live or die
To it we'll all be true
For it we'll strive with all our might
Our Markham school.

From 1938 Yearbook, The Mustang




Voters Of Markham And Blessing Okeh Consolidation Plans

Voters of Markham and Blessing Independent School Districts turned out in large numbers and voted for the consolidation of both districts by large majorities.

Each district held its own election and both boxes gave the proposal an overwhelming affirmative vote. The Blessing box registered 117 for and 22 against consolidation; and the Markham box reported 107 for and 51 against the measure, or a total of 224 for an 73 against the plan.

This school merger will produce one of the largest school districts in the Gulf Coast area, covering all of Commissionerís Precinct 4 and a portion of Commissionerís Precinct 3. The districts will continue to operate their own high schools as before until definite plans for one high school can be drawn.

Palacios Beacon, July 29, 1948


Invitations courtesy of Deean Griffith and Louis Kopnicky


Goodbye Old School

Photo courtesy of Louis Kopnicky

Photo courtesy of Louis Kopnicky

Photo courtesy of Louis Kopnicky


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