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The Matagorda County School Annual
Volume 1, 1926-27
Superintendent Clare F. Pollard

No. 1

Two white schools, one Negro.

Sexton, one-teacher, six grades, 12 pupils, nine months' term. Modern two-room building, recently painted, well-equipped, play-shed on grounds. Total attendance 1621 days.

Wadsworth Ranch, one-teacher, six grades, 14 pupils, eight months' term. Modern one-room building in good repair, well-equipped. Total attendance 739 days.

Peyton's Creek, Negro school, building owned by Mr. Wadsworth, 5 grades, 20 pupils, seven months' term, 1213 days total attendance.

No bond issue on district, 50c tax.

No. 2

Wadsworth School
, three-teacher, 10 grades, 80 pupils, nine months' term. Two-story building, three class rooms, library, cloak rooms, etc. Owns Home-Lite electric plant which furnishes lights for building. Basketball courts for older pupils, slide for younger, on playground.

Total attendance 19,889? days; 10c bond tax, 90c maintenance.

No. 3

Van Vleck, one white school consolidated from three. Five Teachers, 10 grades, 114 pupils, nine months' term. Two-story, four-room building. Two privately owned trucks transport about 60 children. Attendance 11, 482 days. We take pride in the efforts being put forth by Van Vleck to build up an accredited rural high school.

Three one-teacher Negro schools:

Free System, 7 grades, 56 pupils, seven months' term, total attendance 5017 days.

Bouldin, 6 grades, 47 pupils, 7 months' term, total attendance 4500 days.

Ashwood, 7 grades, 25 pupils, 7 months' term, total attendance 2981 days.

The district carries 8c bond tax, 92c maintenance.

No. 4

Pledger, one white school, three-teacher, 10 grades, 49 pupils, nine months' term. Comfortable three-room brick building of one story. Total attendance 4315 days.

One Negro school, two teachers, 8 grades, 7 months' term, 82 pupils, total attendance 4626 days. An attractive two-room building, well finished and furnished.

18c bond tax, 65c maintenance.

No. 5

Chalmers, one white school, attendance upon which is so small the pupils have all been transferred to Bay City schools, transportation and tuition paid. Six grades, 7 pupils. A comfortable one-room modern building, well equipped and furnished.

One Negro school, one-teacher, 5 grades, 18 pupils, 7 months' term. Wooden building, poor equipment, attendance 1636 days.

10c bond tax, 40c maintenance.

No. 6

Three white one-teacher schools.

Hasima, 5 grades, 5 pupils, 8 months' term. Neat, modern, well-equipped building, attendance 1164 days. Some excellent work done by pupils and teacher in 1925-26.

Bernard, 7 grades, 25 pupils, 8 months' term. Fair building and equipment, attendance 1832 days.

Lukefahr, 7 grades, 16 pupils, 8 months' term, attendance 2156 days. Neat, modern, two-room, well-equipped building.

Two Negro schools.

Mt. Pilgrim, two-teacher, 37 pupils, 7 grades, a Rosenwald building, well furnished and in good repair, some gardening and some industrial work done.

Live Oak, one-teacher, 55 children, 6 grades, attendance 3839 days. Progressive teacher. Some excellent industrial work done.

No bonds, 50c local maintenance tax increased to 75c for 1926-27.

No. 7

Sargent, one white school, one teacher, 20 pupils, 6 grades, 8 months' term, attendance 1788.

Two Negro schools.

Sargent, 55 pupils, two teachers, 7 grades, 8 months' term, attendance 3472 days. Building barn-like, no water on premises.

Cedar Lake, 3 teachers, 108 pupils, 8 months' term. Modern three-room building, attendance 8294 days.

No bonds, 25c tax, increased to 50c for 1926-27

No. 8

Two white schools.

Riceville, one-teacher, three grades, 3 pupils, 8 months' term, attendance 461 days. School will be transferred unless attendance improves.

Cedar Lane, three teachers, 43 pupils, 10 grades, 8 months' term, attendance 5929. Modern building, excellent equipment, Home-Lite plant, electric lights, Acme moving picture machine, science laboratory.

Four Negro Schools

Mabel Kennedy, two teachers, 8 months' term, 50 pupils, 8 grades, two-room Rosenwald building in good repair, two acres of ground, attendance 5125 days.

Gainesmore, one teacher, 5 grades, 33 pupils, 8 months' term, attendance 2880 days. No building, school holds sessions in church, poor equipment.

Van [Vann], one teacher, 30 pupils, 7 grades, 8 months' term, attendance 3028 days. Some gardening and some good industrial work done. Neat building, fairly well furnished.

Poole's Ranch, one teacher, 5 grades, 24 pupils, 8 months' term, attendance 2512 days. No building, poor equipment. School opened in an old dwelling, later was moved to a roomy barn.

No bond tax, maintenance 50c.

No 9--Clemville, two white schools.

Clemville, three teachers, 10 grades, 50 pupils, 9 months' term, attendance 6612 1/2 days. Public school lasted 145 days, due to shortage of funds, but the term was extended to nine months by public subscription through the efforts of the P. T. A. Modern three-room building, well equipped, small science laboratory, two teacherages; shed for horses, basketball courts. Always observes Arbor Day by tree planting exercises.

Northern Headquarters, two teachers, 8 grades, 20 pupils, attendance 2511 days. Modern two-room building, well equipped, teacherage, 7 1/3 months' term.

One Negro school, 7 grades, 32 pupils, 6 months' term, attendance 2436 days. Rented building, very poor; poor equipment.

Bond tax 15c, maintenance 70c, has been increased to 20c bond and 80c maintenance for 1926-27.

No. 10

Midfields, one four-teacher school, 10 grades, 110 pupils, 7 3/4 months' term, attendance 9699 days. Excellent two-story, five-room building, well equipped and in good repair, large playground and some equipment. An interested P. T. A.

Bond tax 15c, maintenance 60c, received State Aid to carry on school.

No. 12

Prairie Center, one-teacher, 7 grades, 21 pupils, attendance 1382 days, 7 months' term. A modern two-room building, well equipped and in good repair.

Bond tax 10c, maintenance 40c.

No. 13

Turtle Bay, one-teacher, 7 grades, 28 pupils, 8 months' term, 1796 days attendance. Modern two-room building, well furnished, artesian well on grounds.

Bond tax 3c, maintenance 47c.

No. 15

Ashby, white school, two teachers, 9 grades, 39 pupils, 8 months' term, attendance 3172 days. Modern two-room building, well equipped, grounds fenced.

Tax 50c. Voted $1000 bonds to build new house for Negroes.

Wilson Creek, Negro school, one-teacher, 7 grades, 28 pupils, 8 months' term, attendance 2509 days. New building for 1926-27.

No. 16

Pecan City,
no school, account no pupils. Transported one pupil to Citrus Grove.

Tax 15c.

No. 18

Citrus Grove, two teachers, 7 grades, 20 pupils, attendance 1993 days. Modern, two-room building, well equipped. 50c tax, no bonds.

No. 22

Simpsonville, modern two-room building, 3 pupils, no school in district. Pupils transported and tuition paid to Palacios. School funds low because of delinquent taxes on absentee-owner land.

Bond tax 50c, maintenance 50c, total $1.00.

No. 23

Culver, one-teacher, 6 grades, 7 pupils, 6 months' term, attendance 611 days. One-room building, good furniture, interior unfinished.

50c tax.

No. 26

Collegeport. Bay View Consolidated School, four teachers, 10 grades, 87 pupils, 7 1/2 months' term, 9859 days attendance. One truck transports 30 children. Two-story brick building with two-room basement, attractive campus.

Bond tax 25c, maintenance 75c.

We have given you the facts about the schools of the County. We are proud of the good things we are able to tell. We regret the unfavorable things.


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