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FOR THE YEAR 1926-27

The Matagorda County School Annual
Volume 1, 1926-27
Superintendent Clare F. Pollard

School Districts



No. 1

H. G. Gilmore
Mrs. Nannie Ryman
Aaron Fondon

Bay City, Texas, Route 2

No. 2

H. M. Seerden
Mrs. Irma Ryman
W. H. Mangum

Wadsworth, Texas

No. 3

C. L. Shiver
Ben Gibson

Van Vleck, Texas

No. 4

L. B. Hall
T. C. Millard
H. A. Gaither

Pledger, Texas

No. 5

Mrs. Christina Johnson
Ed Johnson

Bay City, Texas

No. 6

W. Z. Pool
T. L. Keith
G. L. Sewell

Bay City, Texas, Route 1, Box 21

No. 7

Chas. T. Freeman
Mrs. A. D. Socha
Roy Buchannon

Sargent, Texas

No. 8

G. E. Ratliff
A. Klahn

Cedar Lane, Texas

No. 8

C. H. Wiley

Wadsworth, Texas

No. 9

O. A. Ulland

Markham, Texas

No. 9

N. W. Terry
L. P. Larsen

Clemville, Texas

No. 10

W. T. Roberts
P. M. Michna
F. C. Cornelius

Midfields, Texas

No. 12

S. J. Hill
John Harrison
W. J. Powers

Palacios, Texas

No. 13

O. S. Sadler
Lloyd Frankson
M. O. Cavallin

Palacios, Texas

No 15

Mrs. Elizabeth Landers
Geo. B. McKissick
P. P. Terry

Blessing, Texas

No. 16

Palmer Robbins
Fred McC. Robbins

Matagorda, Texas

No. 16

Savage Cartwright

Bay City, Texas

No. 18

G. W. Corporon
Mrs. Lottie Johnson

Citrus Grove, Texas

No. 22

J. S. Williams
Mrs. Viola Williams

Blessing, Texas

No. 23

Mrs. Coral Kelley
B. R. Kelley

Bay City, Texas

No. 26

J. D. Evans
F. A. King
S. E. Dickinson
E. I. Chiles
H. F. Goff
Roy Nelson
Agnes Liggett

Collegeport, Texas


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