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Literary Events


Declarations [Declamations]

Junior Girls, Rural, Wadsworth, Faye Senour.


Junior Boys, Rural, Ashby, Earnest Harris.


Junior Girls, Independent Districts, Bay City, Nola Mae Williams.


Junior Boys, Independent Districts, Bay City, Richard Buford.

Senior Girls, Rural, Wadsworth, Annie Doss.

Senior Boys, Rural, Markham, James Bankhead.


Senior Girls, Independent District, Bay City, Martha Langham.

Senior Boys, Independent District, Matagorda, Robert Ellis.


Music Contests, Palacios, Palacios Team.



Athletic Events


Singles, Girls, Palacios.

Singles, Boys, Bay City.

Doubles, Girls, Palacios.

Doubles, Boys, Palacios.


880-Yard Run

1. Jack Erwin, Bay City

2. Lee Duffy, Blessing

3. Stanley McCarty, Palacios

4. Eldred Ramiage, Palacios



Junior Girls, Midfields, Midfields Team.

Junior Boys, Palacios, Palacios Team.

Senior Girls, Palacios, Palacios Team.

Senior Boys, Matagorda, Matagorda Team.


One-Mile Run

1. Huddleston, Matagorda

2. Dodd, Bay City

3. Huddleston, Matagorda

4. Kuntz, Palacios



Track Events

120-Yard Low Hurdle.

1. Lemuel Walker, Palacios

2. McCarty, Palacios

3. Tom Dodd, Bay City


One-Mile Relay

Palacios won by default


100-Yard Dash

1. Beeler Lindermood, Palacios

2. Theron Robertson, Blessing

3. Wilburn Watkins, Matagorda

4. Henry Phillips, Bay City


Running Broad [Jump]

1.  Walker, Palacios

2. Stewart, Matagorda

3. Watkins

4. Dunkelburg, Palacios



50-Yard Dash

1. Russell Feather, Palacios

2. McClanahan, Palacios

3. Floyd Jackson, Palacios

4. Arthur Stewart, Matagorda



Running High Jump

1. Watkins, Matagorda

2. Duffy, Blessing

3. Blum, Bay City

4. Tatum, Palacios



220-Yard Dash.

1. Beeler Lindermood, Palacios

2. Theron Robertson, Blessing

3. Bert McClanahan, Palacios,

4. Arthur Stewart, Matagorda



12-lb. Shot Put

1. Beeler Lindermood, Palacios

2. Sandlin, Matagorda

3. Ramiage, Palacios

4. Watkins, Matagorda



440-Yard Dash

1. Lemuel Walker, Palacios

2. McCarty, Palacios

3. Bert McClanahan, Palacios

4. Jack Erwin, Bay City



Discus Throw

1. Sandlin, Matagorda

2. Ruthven, Palacios

3. Traylor, Matagorda

4. Ramiage, Palacios



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