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The third annual Interscholastic League county meet for the Negro schools was held March 6 at Booker T. Washington school, Bay City. All schools of the county were in attendance and most of the schools were represented in some phase of the league work. County demonstrator Mrs. Washington and the various clubs of the county had a most creditable exhibit of the various types of work done by the several clubs. This work was judged by the committee of ladies from the Missionary Federation of Bay City who serve as an inter-racial committee for that body: Mrs. Amos Lee, Mrs. A. D. Hensley and Mrs. Montague.


The following students were winners in the several classes.


Best bedspreads--

Peyton Creek school, first place, Emma Martin and Willie Moore.

Live Oak school, second.

Clansey Chapel, third.


Pledger first, eighth and ninth grade girls.

Clansey Chapel, third.


Clancey Chapel, Catherine Hayward, first.

El Maton, Eliza Walsey, second.

Ashwood, Z. L. Jefferson, third.



Ashwood, Jeannette King, second


Table Sets--

Lillian Jackson, first

Margie Johnson, second


Dish Towels--

Dola Mae Monroe, first.

Live Oak School, second

Willie Mae Austin, third


Health Hours--

Mabel Kennedy School, first


Wagon--Willie Henderson.



Bay City, first



Velma Jackson, first

Mollie B. Hawkins, second

Margie Ree Johnson, third


Child's Dress--

N. B. Scott, first

Margie Ree Johnson, second

Lottie Bell Boone, third


Pillow Slips--

Bessie Mae Wade, first

Willie Mae Austin, second

Margie Ree Johnson, third



Lena Weldon, second

Clansey Chapel, third


Match Box--

Arthur Baldridge, first



Lucille Weldon, second;

Ethel Brown, third.


Bloomers--Elnora Johnson,  second.


Door Stop--Elnora Johnson, second


Pot Holders--Gertrude Stanford, second; Willie Mae Austin


Pillow Top--Pearl Morgan, first


Towel--Willie Monroe, first.


When all points were counted Clansey Chapel, Blessing, won first place in the county. Pledger, second place and Peyton Creek, third in industrial work.


List of winners in regular league events:


Debate--Boys, Wendle and Lucas, Booker T. Washington school, Bay City.

                Girls, Pearl Morgan and Clemmit Petit, Booker T. Washington school.


Declamation: Class B School


W. W. Smith, Jr, first, Bay City

Dave Young, second, Sargent

Rost Lee Allen, third, Bay City


Christine Roberts, first, Bay City

Mary Louise Stewart, second

Boone, third


Rural Schools


Alberta Eaton, Mabel Kennedy School, Cedar Lane, first place

N. R. Scott, Vann, second

Carrie Lee Chester, Van Vleck, third


Catherine Spiller, Mabel Kennedy School, Cedar Lane, first place

Bennie Allen, Live Oak, second

Mellenry Baldridge, Bernard school, third


Music Memory: Booker T. Washington school, Bay City


Spelling: Mabel Kennedy school, Cedar Lane


Claire Pollard high school, Cedar Lake


Booker T. Washington school, Bay City; Mabel Kennedy, Cedar Lane and Mt. Pilgrim; Bernard School tied for first place



Naomi Boone, Sargent, first place

Vernece Boone, Sargent, second

Desceina Jenkins, Bay City, third




Boys--Pledger boys, first place

Girls--Sargent and Cedar Lane girls tied for first place


Booker Washington, Bay City, won county championship with a total of 45 points. R. Windle, George Eaton, Weldemar Bouldin, Cleo Wiggins and Johnny Hart did much towards bringing the championship to Bay City.


Rhoads of Bernard, Iron, Blessing and Ambrose of Pledger were outstanding performers for the other teams.


A. G. HILLIARD, JR., Director General


The district meet will be held at Kendleton, April 10 and 11. Let all who qualified attend the meet and win honors for Matagorda County.


The Daily Tribune, March 16, 1931

The Negro County Meet

The Negro county meet was held at Booker T. Washington school Friday and Saturday, March 18 and 19.

The day was bright and sunny with a characteristic March wind blowing. All the schools of the county were well represented and the meet was off to a grand start by 9:30 when an assembly was held in the auditorium of the school building.

The spelling, arithmetic and writing contests were held during the morning.

One of the most interesting features of the county meet was the display of industrial work from the schools of the county. This work comprised sewing, canning, cooking—there were some lovely cakes—and cabinet work. A log cabin with clapboard roof and wooden hinges to the doors made by the boys of Ashwood school, was ingenious and interesting. Several schools exhibited plow stocks, wagons and farm tools made of the native woods. Among other articles made of corn shucks was a chair with the seat of which was woven of the twisted shucks the work smoothly and neatly done by pupils of Live Oak school.

A breakfast set done in cherry with black trimmings was a very attractive exhibit from Mabel Kennedy school.

It would require too much space to describe the entire exhibit but we were impressed by this fact, in viewing the work of the schools.

If the students can compete such excellent character of work with no equipment and no funds what might they not accomplish given materials with which to work and the proper working tools. The Negro teachers of Matagorda County and the demonstration agent deserves the co-operation and the support of all who are interested in the development of industrial education in the county.

The Bay City Negro P. T. A. has done some outstanding work at the school in the improvement and the equipment of the grounds. They have placed swings and teeter boards on the grounds, planted trees and flowers and are doing their part nobly in helping the school.

During the afternoon basketball and field and track contests were held and in the evening the declamation and singing contests furnished a most entertaining evening.

The executive committee met last Saturday to complete reports and have furnished the following record of contests and winners.

Industrial Exhibit.
First—Kenolia Brown, chair; Second, Thomas Wyche, chair.

Canned Goods.
First—Julia Law; Second—Pinkie Mae Wyche, Van Vleck; Third—Lettie Allen.

Quilt Making.
Wadsworth Ranch School; Buck’s Bayou School.

Pledger; Free system school, Van Vleck; Van Vleck and Bernard schools.

Flower Making, Etc.
Wadsworth Ranch School; Van Vleck (basket).

Sewing, Pillow Cases.
Alice Mae Hawks, Pledger; Live Oak school and Wilson Creek; Clemville school.

Manual and Cabinet Work.
Mabel Kennedy school miniature wagon; Ashwood school (log cabin); Ashwood school (wagon); Ashwood school (plow); Ashwood school (grass rope)

Cake Making.
Mary E. Mims, Bay City (cocoanut cake); Pledger school (chocolate pie); Alma Davis, Bay City; Free System School, Van Vleck.

Embroidery, Handwork.
Pledger, dresser scarf; Pledger, bed spread; Bernard school; Ruby Lee Brown, luncheon set; Pearl Woolsey, luncheon set.

Clemville--Health Poster; Van Vleck—flower vase; Bay City—doll group; Mabel Kennedy school—breakfast table; Mabel Kennedy school—kitchen cabinet; Mabel Kennedy school—fruit bowl; Bay City—lampshade.

School Booth.
Wadsworth Ranch.

Literary Events

Senior: A. G. Hilliard High, Bay City, Delcenia Jenkins and Daisy Rebis [Redus?].
Sargent, Pledger, Cedar Lane.

Junior: A. G. Hilliard High, Bay City, Theresa Roberts and Martha Sauceda.
Mabel Kennedy and Cedar Lane—tie, Sargent, Pledger

Sub-junior: Markham, Pledger, Van, Sargent, Cedar Lake, and Cedar Lane, ties.

Sargent, Pondora Fletcher and Lottie Boone; A. G. Hilliard High, Bay City; Pledger.

A. G. Hilliard High, Bay City, Rosa L. Allen and Carlly Redus.

Quartette: A. G. Hilliard High, Bay City, (female), Pledger (male)

Junior Class D—Alice Mae Spiller, Cedar Lane; Mary Louise Stroman, Van Vleck; Grace Wiggins, Bernard.

Junior Class B—Mary Louise Seward, Bay City; Christene Roberts, Bay City; Martha Pettaway, Sargent.

Seniors Class B—Rosa Lee Allen, Bay City; Mollie B. Hawkins, Claire Pollard School, Cedar Lake; Alice Mae Hawkins, Pledger.

Delcina Jenkins and Daisy Revis, Bay City.

Field and Track.
50-yard dash—Bay City, first, Bay City, second.
100-yard dash—Bay City, first.
880-yard dash—Ashwood, first, Bay City, second, Bay City, third.
440-yard dash—Bay City, first; Bay City, second; Ashwood, third.
220-yard dash—Bay City, first; Bay City, second; Ashwood, third.

County championship won by Bay City.

One mile run—Ashwood, first; Bay City, second; Bay City, third.
One mile relay—Bay City, first.
100-yard dash—Clemville, first; Ashwood, second; Bay City, third.
High Jump—Pledger, first; Bay City, second; Bay City, third.
Broad Jump—Bay City, first; Bay City, second; Bay City, third.
High jump, senior—Pledger, first; Bay City, second; Bay City, third.
Broad jump, senior—Pledger, first; Bay City, second; Bay City, third.
Pole Vault—Pledger, first; Bay City, second; Bay City, third.

Bay City again wins the championship and so retains possession of the silver cup awarded the league by the Missionary Federation.

Matagorda County Tribune
, April 7, 1932

Colored School Takes First Place In County Meet

Prof. and Mrs. G. H. Sanford, with a group of students motored to Bay City Friday morning to represent Palacios in the Interscholastic County meet for the colored schools.

The weather conditions being favorable the attendance was the largest that we have had in recent years. The enthusiasm of the participants ran high.

Although the competition was much keener, the local school was victorious with 120 points toward the Championship Banner in Literary Events and Track.

Places won were:

Deforest Carter and Gloria D. King, essay writing, 1st place
Elrose Adams, Junior Declaming, 1st place
Deforest Carter, Senior Declaming, 1st place
Gloria Dean King, female solo, 1st place
Leon Hebert, male solo, 1st place
Olivia Polk and Lucy Fay Harris, junior spelling, 1st place
Gloria D. King and Leon Hebert, senior spelling, 2nd place
Liddie Irving and Bessie Mae Polk, sub junior spelling, 2nd place
Lonnie Ray Grover and Leon Hebert, arithmetic, 2nd place
Johnnie Polk, 440-yard dash, 2nd place
Lonnie Ray Grover, 220-yard low hurdle, 3rd place.

Every one came home happy, and concluded it was a day well spent filled with success, thus making it, the “End of a Perfect Day.”

All are looking forward to the District Meet to be held in Wharton, Texas, Saturday, April 3.


Palacios Beacon, March 25, 1948


Among the Negro Schools


We have completed the round of visits to the Negro schools of the county. We asked the various colored teachers to send in the names of all children making 100 per cent in attendance and 100 per cent in spelling in order that we might publish the names.


Cedar Lake school alone reported seventy children perfect in attendance.


Clemville reports 100 per cent of the enrollment making 100 per cent in attendance.


Live oak school, Mary Williams teacher, reports twelve children making 100 per cent in attendance and in spelling.


Sargent school, Carothers teacher, reports seven perfect in both attendance and in spelling.


Wilson Creek, E. L. R. Roberts teacher, four children. From that school, one girl, Lossie Cater, has not missed one day during the entire school session.


Chalmers school, Willie Mae Thompkins, reports two children, Myrtle Jones, 4th grade, and Holland Jones, 5th grade, perfect in spelling for one month.


Eight children from Van school, Cammie Craig teacher, reported perfect in attendance for one month.


Gainesmore school, Junior Clardy?, reported six children.


Mabel Kennedy school, Willie Cooper, reports six children perfect in spelling.

Matagorda County Tribune, Friday, April 10, 1925


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