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Abstracted by Shirley L. Brown from the May 7, 1896, issue of the Bay City Breeze.
This issue is in the Newspaper Archives of the Matagorda County Museum, 2100 Ave F, Bay City, Texas.

1.   Instrumental music

2.   Introductory remarks  . . . . . . . . . .  By the Principal

3.   Prayer  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  By Mr. A. D. Hensley

4.   Opening Chorus
Swinging 'Neath the Old Apple Tree . . . By the School

5.   Recitation Little Jim  . . . . . . . . . . . . . By Miss Eva Sisk

6.   Instrumental music

7.   Cantata Taking the Dollies Out to Tea By

Eula Sims       Alvin Ladd         Katie Gillett

Susie Hill        Bertie Hill          Florence Lee

Hallie Lee       Hattie Rowlett   May Ladd

Lillian Ladd     Maud Sisk        Alma Austin

Nettie Austin   Olga Benedict   Maud Acuff
Edna Hull

8.   Instrumental music

9.   Farce Scene in a Backwoods School

  Teacher  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wm. Rugeley
John Jones . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . Stanley Gillett
Sam Walker . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ernest Bond
Bill Smith . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Sankey Lee
Jake Hicks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Treat
Joe Blobbs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Fred Gillett
Jim Barnes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Albert Benedict
 Jolomon North  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Elmo Lee

10.  Song "The Butterfly Dude" . . . . .  By Miss Lillian Ladd

11.  Tableau

12.  Recitation

The Bay City Bachelor's Auction  By Miss Estelle Ladd

13.  Cantata "Poor Old Maids"

Eula Sims         Katie Gillett        Susie Hill

Bertie Hill          Florence Lee     Hallie Lee

Hattie Rowlett   Hettie Rowlett    May Ladd

Lillian Ladd       Maud Sisk          Daisy Fisher

Olga Benedict   Maud Acuff         Edna Hull

Mellie Sims       Florence Baxter  Omega Baxter

14.  Tableau

15.  Instrumental music

16.  Mrs. Jarley's Wax Figger Show

Little Nell  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  May Ladd

George . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    W L McCamly

John . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Albert Benedict

Blue Beard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  James Gaines

                       Blue Beard's Beheaded Wives. . . . . . Estelle Ladd,

Mellie Sims, Hettie & Hattie Rowlett

Maid of Honor  . . . . . . . Miss Tennie Wallace

Capt. Kidd . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . .. Ernest Bond

Dr. Gall . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Elmo Lee

Josephus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Walter Baxter

Signorita Screechini . . . . .   Miss Pearl Treat

Wm Penn  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Wm Rugeley

Capt. Jinks  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alvin Ladd

Napoleon Bonnaparte  . . . . . . . .  Rob Baker

Sampson  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Sankey Lee

Christopher Columbus . . . . . . Stanley Gillett

Benj. Franklin . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Fred Gillett

A Modern Politician  . . . . . . . . . . . Joe Treat

17.  Tableau

18.  Instrumental music

19.  The Little Patriot's Drill

  Godess of Liberty    . . . . . . . .   Miss Mellie Sims

  Little Patriots           Joe Treat            Fred Gillett

              Stanley Gillett          Walter Gillett      Alvin Williams

Albert Benedict   Rob Baker        Walter Baxter
Stoney Baxter      Sankey Lee      Jim Sisk
Speaker Sisk       Eula Sims         Katie Gillett
Lillian Ladd           May Ladd         Bertie Hill
Susie Hill              Alvin Ladd

20.  Recitation John Maynard . . . . . . .  By Miss Lillian Ladd

21.  Instrumental music

22.  Hoop Drill By Misses

Mabel Ladd        Annie Rugeley    Shirley Rugeley

Mamie Kilbride  Lida Franz           Birdie Baxter

Pearl Treat         Alice Rugeley      Maud Hill

Estelle Ladd       Florence Baxter  Mellie Sims

Eva Sisk             Maggie Lee         Bertie Hill

Lillian Ladd        Omega Baxter     Emma Lee
Myrtle Franz


Pianist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . .   Miss Mattie Baxter

Harp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . .  Allan McNabb

Violin  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . W. C. Brown

Guitar  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Miss Mabel Ladd

Ushers  . . . . . . . . . . . . .J. K. Sayers and L. J. Gartrell 

Doorkeepers . .  J. M. Sims, G. W. Benedict, (Trustees)


  Admission, 25 cents; Children 5 to 10 years old, 10 cents; under 5, free.

  The proceeds will be used by the trustees to pay for furniture and necessary apparatus for the school. Doors open at 7:30; Curtain will rise at 8, sharp.

  The program requires about two hours time, and friends are asked to kindly be punctual, that the little ones may not be kept till they get sleepy, nor disturbed in their performance by late comers.

  The seats are elegant opera chairs, the room is large and airy, and everything will be done to secure perfect comfort.

  At the conclusion of the entertainment the ladies of the Bay City Cooking Club will give an ice cream supper at the old court house for the benefit of the new church.


School News – Bay City
Honor Roll For January

Tenth Grade—Miss Whitfield, teacher: Eula Barber, Anita Hill, Claudie Howard, Mae LaSage, Grace Moore, Francis Poole, Donie Sisk, Loula Walker. Attendance for grade 98 7-11

Ninth Grade—Miss Whitfield, teacher: Joe Wilner, Frank Bruno. Percent of attendance, 98.6

Eighth Grade—Miss Brigham, teacher: Norria Linn, Emma Schaedel, DeWitt Lee, Paul Lewis, Foster Milner, Claudie Sanborne. Per cent of attendance, 93 1-2

Seventh Grade—Miss Hightower, teacher: Cleveland Lee, Callie Bruno, Walter Winston. Per cent of attendance, 95 2-3

Sixth Grace—Miss Campbell, teacher: Norma Linn, Emma Schaedel, DeLouise Linn, Ethel Miller, Marie Terese Moore, Maudie Poole, Yetta Widodsky, Maggie Smith, Cottrell Brooks, Henry Gaedcke, Raleigh Sanborne. Per cent of attendance, 93 1-2

Fifth Grade—Miss Blair, teacher: Grace Benge, Dewey Bell, Lillie Mae Barnett, Bertha Clark, Charlie Davidson, Kizer Laurentz, Gladys Lee, Carrie Imhauser, Isabel McDonald, Izora Toups, George Sutherland, Levi Swinford, Malcom Staggs. Per cent of attendance 95 1-4

Fourth Grade—Miss Maggie Conger, teacher: Blanche Arnold, Erin Arnold, Ethel Haeckman, Jewel Morris, Madge Morris, Hattie Owens, Hamilton Savage, T. T. Riley, Lavolla Toups, John White. Per cent of attendance, 99 1-2

Fourth Grade—Miss Lillie Miller, teacher: Carrie Lee Hicks, Elmore Hawkins, Charles Burkholder, Eugenia Dantzler, Dick Gaines, Catherine Holland, Lonnie Melville, Lucile Savage. Per cent of attendance, 94 1-4

Third Grade—Miss Minnie Hutchings, teacher: Bessie Cloar, Hattie Culver, Zelma Frederick, Marie Kennedy, Larra Phillips, T. C. Cash, Geo. Conger, Donald  Moore. Per cent of attendance, 75

Third Grade—Miss Ethel Hightower, teacher: Savage Cartwright, Jim Carr, Alice Conger, Ramond Greenwood, Nina Grace, Lillie Linn, Alice Owens. Per cent of attendance, 91.

Second Grade—Miss Carrie Stewart, teacher: Leona Green, Kathryn Eidman, Clifford Davis, Birdie Anderson, Marguerite Lee Eardeem Smith, Carrie Frederick, Minnie Taylor, Carrol Morrison, Louise Poole, Sidney Wright. Per cent of attendance 88

Second Grade—Miss Gypsie Harper, teacher: Harry Clark, Frank Gartrell, Jim McKelvy, Ruell Head, Gloria Norvell, Virginia Laurentz. Per cent of attendance 88

The ninth and tenth grades were entitled to the monthly half-holiday, which is given to the room making the highest percentage on attendance.


The book was given to Callie Bruno, he having made the highest average on attendance, deportment and work, in the seventh grade.


The school is moving along nicely in every way. We are indebted to Congressman Burgess for sending a number of ornamental trees for the school grounds. The different grades have planted them. We would be glad to get a few more trees, and quite a few roses for planting. Let us make the school grounds the most beautiful spot in Bay City.

Respectfully, L. T. Frizzell, Supt.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, February 4, 1910


High School Honor Roll

Low First--Nellie Culver, Viola Parks, Willie Parks, Nola Arnold, Sidney Carr, Elizabeth Linn, Arthur Moore, Herwin Broughton, Dorothy Eidman, Parker Stinnett. Miss Mary Gates, teacher.


High First--Floyd Thompson, Carl Thompson, Clyde Cummings, David Follis, Mart McKelvey, Carlie Reid, Karl Slocum, Floyd Temple, Elbert Wilson, Orval Wainner, Ruby Anselin, Eunice Bond, Nettie Baker, Jewell Langham, Hattie Osborn, Gladys Winters, Thelma Head, Charlotte Haralson. Miss Bertha Wallace, teacher.


Low Second--Marion Gaines, Mamie Glover, Annie Lou Gartrell, Margaret Mearns, Lillian Martin, Doris Phillips, Grace Cone, Lenoir Bell, Randolph Cox, Sidney Eidman, Earl Fields, Leslie Cloar, Sam Hogans. Miss Carrie Stewart, teacher.


High Second--Merle Wainner, Ruby Winters, Violet Burkholder, Dorothy Brooks, Rosina Imhauser. Miss Carrie Salley, teacher.


Low Third--Katherine Eidman, Leona Green, Minnie Tyler, Margaret Poague, Louise Poole, Lucy Vandiver, Freda Klein, Regina Ryman, Stidam Greenwood, Louis Burkholder, Lawrence Selfridge, Johnnie Ohleson, Mack Cartwright. Miss Katherine Cookenboo, teacher.


Low Fourth--Ed Castleton, Alice Owens, John Benedict, Donald Moore, Pearl Brady, Dora Anselin, Morris Davis, Neil Holman, Annie McDonald. Miss Annie Laurie Holman, teacher.


High Fourth--Hattie Culver, Bessie Cloar, Zelma Frederic, Ethel Head, Marie Kennedy, Lillie Linn, Eddie McLendon, Bernice Milner, Gloria Norvell, Elsie Richardson, Gladys Rice, Mae Tyler, Georgie Conger, Savage Cartwright, T. C. Cash, Markham Grover, Reuben Brown. Miss Maggie Conger, teacher.


Low Fifth--Hamilton Savage, Lillie Anselin, Laviola Toups, William Holman, John White, Ray Horn. Miss Annie Laurie Holman, teacher.


High Fifth--Carrie Lee Hicks, Luther Large, Elmore Hawkins, Irene Langham, Herbert Vandiver, Minnie Mangum, Lorene Melville, Hattie Owens, Lucile Savage, Ollie Taylor, Fred Wilson, Charlotte Jones?, Annie Berle? Dodd, Lewie Brown, Charles Burkholder, Frank Gaedcke, Claud Hamill. Miss Lillie Miller, teacher.


Sixth--Ethel Sisk, Eva Anderson, Theo. Garnett, Mattie Green, Carrie Imhauser, James Preddy, Austin Castleton, Susie Fields, Frances Brown, Willie Smith, Jesse Melville, Lillie May Barnett, Betha Clark, Alfrada Smith, Iszoria Toups, Florence Reid, Callie Carrington, Lera Cloar, Louise Linn, Ethel Miller, Ida Yeager, Dean Kendall, Esker McDonald. Misses Schaedel and Dixon, teachers.


Seventh Grade--M. Campbell.


Matagorda County Tribune, February 3, 1911

Bay City Public School Board last week re-elected Superintendent R. F. Scott, and most of the faculty. Among the teachers re-elected were Miss Carrie Salley of Matagorda, for the 2nd grade, Miss Lillie Miller of Bay City sister of our Geo. Kilbride, 3rd grade; and among the few new teachers was Miss Elizabeth Gilbert of Matagorda, for the grammar grades. Bay City people are justly proud of the growth of their public schools, both in enrollment and character and high standing among the state's best. Superintendent Scott stands high among the educators of the state and is being talked of for a place in the faculty of the new Southern Methodist University of Dallas.

Matagorda News, June 6, 1913

The Close of City School

Commencement exercises of the Jeff Davis High School began Sunday with the baccalaureate sermon which was preached by Rev. J. F. Carter at the Methodist Church. The church which had been beautifully decorated by the seniors and their friends, was well filled. Rev. Carter’s subject was “The Best Place,” and his sermon very much appreciated by both class and congregation. He was assisted by Rev. L. E. Selfridge. The choir gave several numbers which were enjoyed by all. Then Mrs. Ford in her pleasing way, sang by request, “Babylon.”

On Monday evening at eight o’clock, the Methodist church was again filled with relatives and friends of the seniors to witness the graduating exercises. Mrs. V. O. Ford, at the appointed hour, commenced the processional and the class came from the choir room led by Mr. J. Lane Holman to their seats in the choir stand. The girls in their dainty white frocks never looking prettier, and the young men quite handsome pictures of promising young manhood.

The program was as follows:

Invocation – Rev. L. E. Selfridge
Salutatory – Miss Alberta Poage
Response – Mr. Esker McDonald
Piano Solo – Miss Emile Ninde
Address – Rev. L. E. Selfridge
Valedictory – Mr. Jack Pitluk
Presentation of Diplomas – Judge Gaines
Award Medals and Prizes – Rev. Selfridge

The essays and talks were bright, short and up to date, and gave pleasure to the audience. The Musical numbers, too, were very much enjoyed. Bay City is indeed proud of these young people.

Rev. Selridge’s address on “Ideals” was a very interesting one and thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Interesting talks were made by Messrs. Lee, Scott and Judge Holland after which the diplomas were presented by Judge Gaines with a few well chosen remarks to each. Then the medals and prizes were awarded.

The U. D. C. medal offered by the local chapter to the student of the graduating class writing the best essay on Secession and Its Causes, was won by Miss Alberta Poage.

The Gaines medal offered to the student in the High School making the highest grade in general scholarship, was awarded to Miss Gladys Sansing of the freshman class. Mr. James Preddy was a close second, falling only 11/100 below Miss Sansing. The mother’s club medal given to the senior ranking first was won by Miss Laurilie Moore. This is the first time the medal has been given, but will be given annually hereafter.

Miss Moore also received a scholarship in Southwestern University at Georgetown and one to the Bay City Business College.

After a few remarks by Prof. R. E. Scott, “Good-bye, Dear Old Stepstone, Good-bye” was sung by Mrs. W. H. Stinnett, Miss Woolsey, Messrs. Thompson and Milner.

The graduating class was as follows: Alberta Poage, Edith Armstrong, Jonathan Lane Holman, Jack Pitluk, Ola Anderson, Laurilie Moore, Creej? Brockman, Eleanor Jones, Neppie Branch, Ruth Jepson, Valeria Sweeny.

The members of the faculty so far as we have been able to ascertain will spend their summer vacation as follows:

Supt. R. E. Scott will teach in the Palacios Summer Normal, commencing June 15th.

Prov. O. T. Ryan will keep books for the Bay City Rice mills.

Prof. C. R. Miller will attend the summer school of the University of Colorado.

Miss Louisville Marshall, will summer in Palacios.

Miss Tenie Holmes will attend the summer school at Baylor University.

Mrs. R. E. Scott and children spend summer among relatives in Eastern Texas.

Matagorda News and Midcoast Farmer, June 12, 1914

Many School Children Are At Home.
Coming From Various Institutions for the Holiday Season.

The students who are away attending school have about all returned to feast with fathers and mothers during the holidays.

Those who have returned and the schools they attend are as follows:
Miss Dorothy Brooks, Academy of the Lady of the Lake, San Antonio.
Cottrell Brooks, A. and M. College, College Station.
Miss Eleanor Jones, School of Industrial Arts, Denton.
Pierce Gaines, Law University of Virginia.
George Sutherland, University of Texas.
Miss Lauralie Moore, Southwestern University, Georgetown.
Miss Ola Anderson, Baylor College, Belton.
Fleming Carter, Southwestern University, Georgetown.
Merlin Vogelsang, West Texas Military Academy, San Antonio.
Miss Catherine Holland, St. Mary’s Academy, Dallas.

There are perhaps others, but The Tribune has not learned their names.

Daily Tribune, December 24, 1914

Teachers Home For Christmas.

The city schools closed Thursday afternoon for ten days holiday, and the teachers will have a period of respite from their labors.

Miss Carrie Stewart left for her home at Hughes Springs, in Northeast Texas. Miss Grace Keese spends the week with her parents in Lockhart, Miss Buel will be the guest of friends in Houston. Miss Annie B. Sutherland goes to her home in Floresville. Miss Cecile Lawrence spends the week in San Antonio with relatives and friends. Miss Lou Carter goes to Elgin to enjoy Christmas dinner with homefolks. Miss Allie Hazel has gone to spend the week with friends at San Augustine. Miss Olga Grete goes to Castel. Prof. A. A. Aldridge will Xmas at Crockett, Prof. E. C. Miller with his parents at Corpus Christi, and Prof. T. L. Smith with his host Superintendent Scott in the best town ever. Mrs. R. E. Scott, Misses Tenie Holmes, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lillian Moffett, Mamie Gusman, Mamie Schaedel and Tommie Woolsey and Miss O’Neal will spend their holidays with their homefolks in this city, and to each and all the News-Farmer extends wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. They deserve it.

Miss Gertrude Gilbert, principal of Bronson School in Victoria, arrived Saturday to spend two weeks with her parents, the Victoria schools closing last Friday for the holidays.

Miss Louella Baker of Blessing Schools has come to be with her mother for the joyous season.

Miss Maggie Conger from the San Antonio Schools, Miss William Conger, Miss Maudie Poole of the Wadsworth school, are also among the home-comers for a happy week with the homefolks.

Miss Lillie Miller in the Hearne school, and Miss Iszoria Toups of Ashwood, Miss Lottie Ware of Cook’s Island, are with homefolk.

Miss Lillie Hester, of Palacios School, is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. R. E. Scott.

Miss Bertha Harris, teaching in Brazoria county, is spending Christmas with her sister Mrs. Chas. Tew.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, December 25, 1914

Bay City Public Schools

Bay City Public School will close a successful year at the end of this week. Unfortunately financial conditions caused a hurt to the school in having a number of the pupils quit three weeks before the close, but it is hoped that they will not lose their place in the order of promotion.

The commencement exercises will begin with the baccalaureate sermon at the Opera House Sunday morning, by Rev. Colby D. Hall.

The graduation class is as follows: Esker McDonald, president; Miss Jane Ninde, secretary-treasurer; Miss Kathryne Bryan Linn, class historian; Misses Estella Lucille Sutherland, Effie Florence William, Corrine Leanora Millican, Julia Antoinette Meece, Sally Louise Linn, Mary Terese Moore, Callie Carolyn Carrington, Helen Schwartz, Hazel Virginia Lewis, Lera Ethel Cloar, Yetta Wigodsky, Ethel Miller, Margaret Inez Wilson, salutatorian; Eva May Anderson, Ida May Yeager, Lucille Lenoir Magill, class poet; Orville Nettie Smith, and Messrs. Benjamin Harvey Hill, and Raleigh Sanborn, valedictorian.

On Monday evening, May 24, the class play, “A Scrap of Paper,” will be presented at the Grand Opera House.

On Tuesday evening, May 25th the graduating exercises will be held. Dr. Fincher of Houston will make the graduating address.

The class colors are green and white and the class flower, the white rose.

Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, May 21, 1915




The Board of Trustees.

W. E. Austin......Term expires 1919

Thos. H. Lewis..Term expires 1919

J. E. Simons......Term expires 1919

W. D. Wilson.....Term expires 1918

Bon H. Smith.....Term expires 1918

Joe Mangum.....Term expires 1918

A. B. Head.........Term expires 1919


Officers of the Board.

W. E. Austin.....................President

J. E. Simons...........Vice-President

Thos. H. Lewis.................Secretary

W. H. Butler............Superintendent



Finance--W. D. Wilson, chairman; Thos. H. Lewis, A. B. Head.

Rules, Regulation and Course of Study--Thos. H. Lewis, chairman; Dr. J. E. Simons, W. D. Wilson.

Building and Repairs--Bon Smith, chairman; Dr. J. E. Simons, Joe Mangum.


Board Meetings.

The regular meeting will be held on the first Tuesday of each month in Judge Austin's office at 4:15 p. m.

Special meetings will be held whenever called by the president of the board.


Teachers' Meetings.

Teachers' regular meetings will be held at the High School building, at 9 a.m. at the end of each scholastic month.

Primary, Intermediate and High School teachers and entire faculty meetings will be held at the call of the superintendent.

Regular institute will be held at Wharton, September 3 to 7, inclusive, in co-operation with the teachers of several adjoining counties and independent school districts.



School opens Monday, September 10.

Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 29.

Christmas vacation begins Saturday, December 22.

School opens after holidays, Wednesday, January 2.

Washington's Birthday, Friday, February 22.

School closes Friday, May 17.

Commencement sermon Sunday, May 19.

Commencement address and graduation exercises Monday, May 20.

Rooms opened for pupils at 8:30 a.m.


Daily Sessions.

Primary, first and second grades, 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:05 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Primary, third and fourth grades, 9 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. and 1:50 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Intermediate, 8:45 a.m. to 12:05 p.m. and 1:05 pm. to 3:20 p.m.

3:20 p.m. - 4 p.m. is reserved for literary work, study hall, conference periods with pupils, and extra laboratory work for High School students.


High School.

W. H. Butler, M. A., superintendent.

R. J. Alsup, principal, science and manual training.

C. C. Terry, mathematics.

Miss Virginia O'Neal, English.

J. A. Fry, History.

Miss Gladys Tingle, B. A., Latin and German.

Miss Stella Esry, domestic science.

Miss Viola Middlebrook, B. A., supernumerary.


Grammar School.

J. J. Fry, principal, history.

Miss Stella Esry, science, etc.

Miss Laura Bowman, reading, etc.

Miss Viva Womack, English, etc.


Primary Department.

Miss Tenie Holmes

Miss Daisy Cookenboo

Mrs. Mary B. Parris

Miss Mamie Gusman

Miss Julia Krause


Commercial Department.

R. M. Gannon, principal.



Mrs. Fannie Sisk



Mrs. Charlsie Miles.



O. E. Gleck.


Negro School.

A. J. Hilliard, principal.

Linnie McHenry.

J. W. Gafford.


City Board of Examiners.

W. H. Butler, M. A., superintendent.

R. L. Alsup, principal of High School

J. A. Fry, principal of Grammar School.


The Bay City High School is affiliated with the State University and other State colleges. It has complete laboratory, manual training and domestic science departments. It is a first-class school in every particular and ranks A 1.

The prospector who regards the schooling of his children as one of his duties in life is referred to our schools with pleasure and a consciousness of the fact that he can find no better in the State of Texas


Matagorda County Tribune, September 21, 1917

Bay City Schools

The faculty for Bay City high school for 1918-19 with their present assignment. Assignments are subject to change when the superintendent thinks best:
David R. Hibbetts, Mathematics, superintendent.
R. F. Phelps, science, principal of high school.
Miss Ina Nowlin, Spanish and Latin.
Miss Pansy Walden, English and librarian.
Miss Mabel Kenedy, history and biology.

Grammar School.
Miss Laura Bowman, English and spelling, principal.
Miss Ola Anderson, mathematics and reading.
Miss Albert Poage, geography and agriculture.
Mrs. O. E Kenedy, history and physiology.

Primary School.
Miss Daily Cookenboo, fourth grade.
Miss Mamie Gusman, third grade.
Miss Viva M. Womack, second grade.
Miss Tenie Holmes, first grade.
Miss Ivy Yancy, general assistant to the primary.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 20, 1918

Bay City Schools.

The faculty for Bay City high school for 1918-19 with their present assignment. Assignments are subject to change when the superintendent thinks best:

David R. Hibbetts, Mathematics, superintendent.
B. F. Phelps, science, principal of high school.
Miss Ina Nowlin, Spanish and Latin.
Miss Pansy Walden, English and librarian.
Miss Mabel Kennedy, history and biology.

Grammar School.
Miss Laura Bowman, English and spelling, principal.
Miss Ola Anderson, mathematics and reading.
Miss Albert Poage, geography and agriculture.
Mrs. O. E. Kenedy, history and physiology.

Primary School.
Miss Daisy Cookenboo, fourth grade.
Miss Mamie Gusman, third grade.
Miss Viva M. Womack, second grade.
Miss Tenie Holmes, first grade.
Miss Ivy Yancy, general assistant to the primary.

Matagorda County Tribune, September 28, 1918



Primary Department

Mss Tenie Holmes, Principal

1st Grade--

(a) Miss Tenie Holmes, Bay City

(b) Miss Beryl Bell, Wadsworth


2nd Grade--

(a) Miss Pearl Love, Bay City

(b) Miss Maney Vest, Bay City


3rd Grade--

(a) Miss Mamie Gusman, Bay City

(b) Miss Marie Kennedy, Bay City


4th Grade--

(a) Miss Valera Sweeney, Bay City

(b) Miss Edith Armstrong, Markham


Intermediate Department

Mr. E. G. Horger, Principal

5th Grade--

(a) Miss Claribel Carrington, Caldwell

(b) Miss Onella Morrison, Gatesville


6th Grade--

(a) Miss Alma Ashby, Henderson

(b) Mrs. R. M. Wynne, Bay City


7th Grade--

(a) Mrs. E. G. Horger, Georgetown

(b) Miss Vida Monroe, Grenville


High School Department

Mr. James Luther, Principal

Science--Mr. James Luther, Palacios

History--Miss Juanita Davis, Wharton

English--Miss Marion Arnold, Killeen

Latin--Miss Eunice Justice, Huntsville

Spanish--Miss Louella Morgan, Georgetown

Mathematics--Mrs. C. S. Eidman, Bay City


Buck's Bayou School

Miss Gussie McLendon, Bay City

The assignment for grade 1b has not yet been definitely determined. Any change in assignments will be announced through the Tribune.

W. E. Moreland, Supt.

Matagorda County Tribune, July 13, 1923

Teachers Elected


The Bay City Public Schools will open September 7th, with the following faculty:


Roy Whisenhunt.

High School Department: E. O. Hutchinson, Principal, Science; R. H. Goodwin, Coach and Science; Miss Keye Morgan, Spanish; Miss Mauldine Graham, Latin; Miss Janet Bogardus. English; Miss Theo Monihan, History; Miss Elizabeth Thompson, Mathematics.

Grammar School Department: Monroe Mayhew, Principal, Science; Mrs. R. W. Wynne, Mathematics; Miss Lillian Brown, English; Miss Syble Bass, Geography; Miss Mildred Vaughan, History; Miss Mary Laslie, Reading.

Primary Department: Miss Tenie Holmes, Principal, First Grade; Miss Onella Morrison, First Grade; Miss Peal Love, Second Grade; Miss Maney Vest, Second Grade; Miss Mamie Gusman, Third Grade; Miss Bessie Senour, Third Grade; Miss Beryl Bell, Fourth Grade; Miss Valeria Sweeney, Fourth Grade.

Mexican School : Miss Louise Walters, Principal; Miss Consuelo Herrara

Matagorda County Tribune, July 17, 1925

Class of 1926

Graduating Exercises Will Be Held at Baptist Church Thursday Evening, May 13.

The graduating exercises of the Bay City High School will be held at the Baptist Church, Thursday evening, May 13, beginning at 8 o’clock.

The following program has been arranged:

Invocation – Rev. Milton Cunningham
Anthem , “Daybreak” – Class
Salutatory, “Class Lamentation” – Annie Porter
Vocal solo, selected – Mrs. Stinett
Valedictory, “Building a Life” – Mary Elizabeth Cash
Address -  Dr. G. T. Storey
Presentation of the class – E. O. Hutcheson
Presentation of diplomas – C. A. Erickson
Presentation of scholarships – Roy Whisenhunt
Benediction – Rev. W. D. Stephens

Class Roll

James Bankhead, Marylee Bell, Pauline Blair, Pearl Branstetter, Lorraine Bruce, Jesse Lee Carr, Mary Elizabeth Cash, Lois Coffin, Esther Dienst, Rosa Dopps, Katherine Fullingim, Lucille Harrison, Savanna Hawkins, Andy Holman, Margaret Jackson, Edith Jones, Lois Lee, Mary Mallard, Crawford Mearns, Irving Miller, Beatrice Morehead, Jesse Morre, Mott Perry, Annie Porter, Bert Steves, Claude Stephens, Elizabeth Taylor, Frances Taylor, Della Mae Truitt, Billy Vest, Lofton Watson, Dale Welsby, Eugene Wilson, Helen Wood, Uri Yeamans

Matagorda County Tribune, May 5, 1926

Commencement Exercises Of Grammar School

The following boys and girls received their grammar school diplomas:

Junior Anderson, Gordon Baggs, Alice Blair, Bert Carr, Katherine Cobb, Carl Gann, Eugene Gordon, Vernon Fisher, G. P. Hardy, Alice May Harris, Jack Head, Trixie Isaac, Katherine Klein, Ted Mangum, Dick Mallard, B. F. Mock, W. A. Moore, Villa Mae Morehead, Geraldine McCay, Beal McKelvy, Manford Noster, Nantie Pier, Sam Powell, Bertha Robinson, Delmir Shaw, Brooksey Smith, Lenora Stephens, Laverne Secrest, Arley Williams, Neils Thompson

Matagorda County Tribune, May 5, 1926

Bay City Schools Open 1927-28 Term

Enrollment Exceeds Former Years; 23 Teachers on Staff.

Prof. Roy Whisenhunt and his faculty were very buoyant over the beginning of the 1927-28 school season.

The assembly hall was crowded to its capacity and the enrollment was more than it has ever been. “The senior class,” Professor Whisenhunt states, “has 45 enrolled, the largest senior class Bay City High School has ever had. “Too,” he continued, “of those 45 many are new students.”

It goes without saying that the coming year will be a great success. In the past few years Mr. Whisenhunt has made a formidable showing as executive and has always had a competent faculty with him. Below is published a list of the faculty and the respective classes. Some names are familiar as teachers of the past year.

High School—H. B. London, principal, history and general science; Miss Keye Morgan, Spanish and history; Mrs. M. J. Early, Latin and history; Mrs. R. M. Wynne, mathematics; Miss Mary Lynn Stephenson, English; Miss Addie Pearl Nicholas, history and English; Earl Meharg, coach, science.

Grammar School—S. M. Mahew, principal, history and agriculture; Miss Mary Laslie, reading; Mrs. C. A. Anderson, English; Miss Valeria Sweeney, geography; Mrs. H. B. London, history; Miss Martha Langham, mathematics.

Primary School—Miss Tenie Holmes, principal, first grade; Miss Cora Fallis, first grade; Miss Maney Vest, second grade; Mrs. Roy Whisenhunt, second grade; Miss Mamie Gusman, third grade; Miss Bessie Senour, third grade; Miss Viva Grissom, fourth grade; Miss Pearl Love, fourth grade.

Mexican School—Miss Lois Lee, upper grades; Mr. I. D. Herrera, lower grades.

Daily Tribune, September 5, 1927

Class Of ’29 Entertains Class Of ‘28

Junior-Senior Reception Carries Out May Fete Motif

It was royal this and royal that when the Junior class of the Bay City high school entertained the Senior class and the officers of the other classes of the county in their court at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Erickson last evening. The court was beautifully arranged within its moss covered walks inlaid with flowers. The orchestra platform in the corner was most gorgeously prepared. Jamie and his orchestra hiding behind the bows emitting tones of melody.

Mr. Guy Grissom, president of the Junior class, held a popularity class to elect the queen of the May. The beautiful Miss Helen Wilson received this honor and chose as her king, Mr. Maurice Reid. The coronation of the royal highness was executed by Mr. C. A. Erickson.

Mrs. Merlin Vogelsang gave two beautiful vocal numbers, accompanied by Mrs. E. J. Highley.

To the strains of the musical tones the senior girls waved the black and gold streamers of the may pole.

A very unique feature of telegram writing on the program was an enjoyment to all. The young ladies were handed telegrams with the gentlemen’s names. To this certain young man she was to write a telegram chronologically using letters in his name to form words. Miss Beulah Erickson’s telegram to Mr. Roy Whisenhunt was the winner.

Miss Margaret Carr gave two excellent readings of her own composition.

Guests serving as letters a spelling match for speed and accuracy was in order. Miss A. P. Nicholas scanned Noah’s masterpiece and had J. Jack Spurgeon and Mrs. Wynne searching in vain for vowels which weren’t there. Mrs. Wynne’s side edged out Mr. Spurgeon’s human letters on the word heterogeneous.

Miss Marjorie Barber, president of the senior class, took the opportunity at this gesture to thank the Junior class for the affair which beyond a doubt surpasses anything ever before attempted in the school circle. To show the appreciation of her class. Miss Barber passed slips around to her class members to write farewell wishes to the class of ’29. Miss Sylvia Boney dropped the wishes in the old stone well not to be opened until next year, lest they would not come true.

After a delicious salad course was served, the grand march took place, led by Mr. Guy Grissom, president of the Junior class, and Miss Marjorie Barber, president of the Senior class. Marching in line, favors were handed to the senior class.

To Miss Keye Morgan, sponsor of the junior class, belongs credit for the artistic arrangement of the affair. The Junior class is to be complimented for a reception of this character uniquely superb in its every phase.

Attending the reception were:

Jamie Preddy
N. J. Gonraulins
J. P. Magee, Jr.
Grafton Fitzgerald
Grover Coston
Glenn R. Ellis
Mary E. Laslie
Mary Jean Cobb
Virginia Wilkinson
Robert M. McBride
Margaret Erickson
Ray Beth Pegram
C. A. Erickson
Katherine Klein
E. Wesley Willenberg
Maurine Thompson
Jane Rugeley
Glendine Thompson
Z. W. DeLano
Mrs. Z. W. DeLano
Kitty Cobb
Thurman Clements
Martha Jane DeLano
Billy Jean Boney
Barbara Ray Hamill
Keye Morgan
Mrs. A. W. Wadsworth
Mrs. R. E. English
Turner English
Mrs. R. M. Wynne
R. M. Wynne
Frances Vest
John Paul Wilkinson
Maney Vest
Martha Langham
Bess B. Senour
Martha Moore
Mr. C. C. Barnett
Mrs. C. C. Barnett
Parl Hailey
Ted Davant
Lila Ruth Howard
Lois Milby
Earl White
Mrs. Vance Porter
Vance Porter
Constance Langham
Guy Grissom
Gladys Broughton
Joe Luna
Nola White
Hazel Bruce
Bessie Armstrong
Margaret Yeamans
Mildred Landrum
Frank Steves
Lillian Grissom
Margaret Carr
Beal McKelvy
May Walker
C. R. Bell, Jr.
Rosa Wilholt
Carey Smith, Jr.
Mrs. R. Q. Pegram
Laura Baker
Maurice Reed
Mrs. R. E. Baker
Robt. Baker
Matilda Loos
Douglas Shiver
Evelyn Stafford
Otis Bickham
Irby Stinnett
Edgar Johnson
Marjorie Jim Bruce
William Weathers
Lucille Haynes
Walter W. Wilkinson
Maude Martin
Dorrit Follis
Jewell Anderson
Chas. M. Amos, Jr.
Geo. Blair
Dollie May Lee
Billie Stinnett
Garland Watson
Madeline Simons
Candida Casurez
Clifford Franzen
Viva Kehrer
V. J. Kehrer
Claribel Carrington
J. J. Spurgeon
Roy Whisenhunt
Addie Pearle Nichols
Syble Bass
Mrs. Roy Whisehunt
S. M. Mahew
Frank Evans
J. W. Ingram
Mrs. A. Harris
Annie May Trousdale
John Finch
Marjorie Barber
A. Harris
Sylvia Boney
E. W. Bailey
Mrs. H. H. London
Basil London
Nellie Oliver
Richard Livengood
Nannie Belle Johnson
Carl Crenshaw
Lorena Johnson
Basil Huddleston
Lydia Little
P. G. Secrest, Jr.
Rose Porter
Terence Pollar
Mrs. Claire P. Pollard
B. J. Patterson
Lawrence Seerden
Mat Ottis
Joe Milner
Cora Follis
Earl Meharg
Mr. Early
Mrs. Early
Nawona Taylor
Sterling Woolsey
Mary Lou Capps
Tenie Holmes
Inez Moore
Chas. R. Watson
Ganell Watkins
G. P. Hardy, Jr.
Chas. LeRoy Smith, Jr.
Beulah Erickson
Banks Mangum
Nelle Jewell Harris
Oscar Michna
Laverne Secrest
Toliver Huebner
Leona Insall
Helen Wilson
Florence Clement
Otis Fortenberry
Forrest Bess
Walter Mayner
Frank Patterson
Ora Lee Shiver
Lloyd Lee
Mrs. Highley
Mrs. Vogelsang

Daily Tribune, May 2, 1928

School Closes 1927-28 Term Today

Thirty-Two Graduates Will Receive Diplomas Tonight

The Bay City High School will come to a close tonight although tomorrow marks the end of the 1927-28 term. It has been a very successful year.

Thirty-two young men and women will receive their diploma at the exercises which will be held at the Methodist church tonight. The diplomas will serve to advance them to higher institutions of learning. Many will take the advantage while others will enter business colleges or the ordinary walks of life without additional education.

Those graduating tonight are: Jewell Anderson, Pearl Bailey, Marjorie Barber, Otis Bickham, Sylvia Boney, Julie Branstetter, Marjorie Bruce, Candida Casarez, Florence Clements, Dorrit Follis, Clifford Franzen, Nelle Jewell Harris, Lila Ruth Howard, Constance Langham, Dollie Mae Lee, Wallace Matthews, Marie Martin, Walter Mayer, Oscar Michna, Lois Milby, Terence Pollard, Nellie Oliver, J. G. Secrest, Jr., Douglas Shiver, Ora Lee Shiver, C. L. Smith, Irby Stinnett, Nawona Taylor, Mae Walker, Frances Vest, Garland Watson, Helen Wilson

The program for tonight’s exercises is as follows:

Invocation – Rev. Ottis Rainer
Anthem – Class
Salutatory – P. G. Secrest, Jr.
Violin Solo – Lurline Mallard
Valedictory – Nawona Taylor
Address – Rev. Hughes
Presentation of the Class – H. B. London
Presentation of Diplomas – C. A. Erickson
Presentation of Scholarships – Roy Whisenhunt
Benediction – Rev. St. John

After “finis” will have been written for the term the teachers will leave for their various homes and the graduates, some of them, for summer schools and other pursuits for the vacation months.

Daily Tribune, May 10, 1928

Commencement Grammar School

Sixty-eight youngsters received their grammar school diplomas last night at the Methodist church at the commencement program. Sixty-eight boys and girls entering high school with a strong determination to end the next four years with the same number. The church was filled with parents and friends of those receiving their first diploma.

The program was as follows:

Invocation – Rev. P. E. Engle
Salutatory – Elvira Richers
Piano Solo – Mary B. Jackson
Class Prophecy – Arthur Harris
Valedictory – “Providence-an Apologue – Ray Beth Pegram
Vocal Solo, Selected – Ione Stinnett
Address – A. Harris
Presentation of Diplomas – C. A. Erickson
Benediction – Rev. G. T. Storey

Those receiving diplomas were: Ray Beth Pegram, Ione Stinnett, Arthur Harris, Mary Beth Jackson, Elvira Richers, Florence Mae Alexander, Harold Amos, Maude Bates, Hilma Boyd, Lloyd Bond, Carmen Boney, Roy Britt, Woodrow Branstetter, Fred Broughton, Junior Clements, Jane Clements, Margaret Clements, Thelma Creel, Mary Cleveland, Myra Combs, Duncan Corbett, Emily Davis, Joseph Ducros, Richard Dudley, Margaret Erickson, Dean Fortenberry, Joe Fryou, Edward Gaudet, Margaret Gilmore, Louise Graham, Margaret Hagaman, Elaine Harper, Lillie Hughes, Allie Mae Johnson, Frances Johnston, Ruth Jones, Evelyn Kehrer, Ray Kogutt, Lucille Lee, Mont Loving, Fulton Lowe, Odell McDonald, Beadle Moore, William Morehead, Lawrence New

Daily Tribune, May 10, 1928

School Open Today For Term

Many County Schools Will Also Begin 1929-30 Session

Bay City schools as well as a number of rural schools opened on time today for the 1929-30 session with a full complement of teachers and each school thoroughly organized.

The Bay City school has a full complement of teachers who have been assigned as follows:

High School: Firman D. Ray, principal, science; Earl L. Meharg, Director of Athletics, science; Mrs. M. J. Early, Latin and history; Mrs. Wynne, mathematics; Mrs. J. W. Ingram, Spanish and history; Rosa Wilhott, English; Fave Hightower, business administration; Addie Pearle Nicholas, history and English

Grammar School: E. O. Posey, Principal, mathematics and history; Carmine Stone, English; Martha Langham, mathematics; Inez Horne, science; Miss Pierce, reading; Miss Christenberry, subject to assignment; Lucille Frazier, physical and social science

Primary Department
Miss Tenie Holmes, Principal, first grade; Martha Moore, first grade; Mrs. E. O. Posey, second grade; Mrs. Herbert Gusman, second grade; Miss Mayme Gusman, third grade; Miss Pearl Love, fourth grade; Miss Valeria Sweeney, fourth grade

Daily Tribune, September 9, 1929

School Notes

The annual commencement exercises of the Bay City High School are to be held at the city auditorium on Thursday evening, May 22, 1930 at 8 o’clock. Clarence Wharton, a prominent Houston attorney, will deliver the address to the graduates.

The class has an enrollment of thirty-one with twenty-nine in line for graduation. The smallest graduating class in several years goes from our high school this year but on the average class has a splendid scholastic record.

Prospective candidates for graduation:

Boys: Junior Anderson, Rafe Carpenter, Victor Collins, Vernon Fisher, Robert Fondren, John Frick, Eugene Gordon, Bland Hale, G. P. Hardy, Jr., Richard Mallard, Joseph McMillan, Manford Noster, Sam Powell, Billie Stinnett, Nells Thompson, William Weathers.

Girls: Cecille Brinkley, Mamie Chambless, Kitty Cobb, Cleo Estlinbaum, Florence Fortenberry, Selina Hiltpold, Pearle Huff, Laura Caroline Luder, Irene Melbourn, Bertha McClaugherty, Nantie Pier, Laverne Secrest, Jaynice Mason.

Daily Tribune, May 6, 1930

Junior-Senior Reception Held School Auditorium

Patriotic Theme Of George Washington Bi-Centennial Beautifully Carried Out.

The most important of the high school social events of the year was the junior-senior reception at the high school auditorium last evening. The gala affair, depicting the George Washington Bi-Centennial was acclaimed by the 150 present the most elaborate ever awarded a graduating class by the undergraduates.

In the receiving line were Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mrs. Early, Milton Bess, president of the junior class; Henry Sherrer, president of the senior class; Presley Graham, president of the freshman class; Robert Wilkinson, president of the sophomore class; Miss Addie Pearle Nicholas.

Under the beautifully arched canopy of red, white and blue streamers scintillated the immense banquet table in the form of a huge “W,” furthering the bi-centennial motif. Sentinels of American flags flanked the wings of the “W” and an easel in the center of the flags was a large picture of the father of our country flooded with lights and draped in the colors of the country. Innumerable gorgeous floor baskets of red calendulas, Queen’s lace and larkspur glistened in the glow of red candles placed in blue tulle covered crystal holders accentuating the motif.

Place cards on George Washington mint cups assisted the many in finding their places. At each plate was a George Washington paper napkin and an eight-page program in red, white and blue giving pictorial accounts of various phases in Washington’s life.

Mr. C. A. Erickson acted as toastmaster. Rev. A. L. Haley asked the invocation.

Eddie Parma, of the junior class, gave a most fitting toast to the graduates which was responded by Miss Elvira Richers of the senior class.

A delicious four course dinner, prepared by the Episcopal ladies, was served by the sophomore and freshmen girls. The service girls wore beautiful colonial wigs. Throughout the dinner music in accord with the scheme was furnished by Mrs. Highley, Mrs. Serrill and Glen Ellis.

Students from the A. G. Hilliard High School offered several vocal numbers with a great finale by the chorus, “Carry Me Back to Old Virginia.”

A beautiful piano solo was rendered by Miss Terese Lewis.

Mr. E. O. Hutcheson, superintendent of the schools, gave a most inspiring talk on the “Ideal of Washington.” He spoke of his moral courage, his honesty and his reverence to God.

Miss Evelyn McNabb rendered in her charming manner a vocal selection, “Carry Me Back to Old Virginia.” She was accompanied by Mrs. M. J. Early.

Miss Joyce Gillette gave a dance solo in which she carried the guests back to the days of long ago by her graceful interpretation of the Colonial dance.

The school song was sung by the entire group.

Those enjoying this colorful and delightful affair were the seniors and junior whose names appear as they were taken from the program.

Senior Class Roll.

Harold Amos, Robert Anderson, Edward Baca, Fred Broughton, Garfield Calloway, Haynie Cartwright, Bitsy Clements, June Clements, Joseph Ducros, Margaret Erickson, Tom Ewing, Eloise Fondren, Joe Fryou, Edward Gaudet, Margaret Gilmore, Louse Graham, Winnie Lee Horne, Raleigh Huebner, Lera Hunt, Mary Beth Jackson, Evelyn Kehrer, Ray Kogutt, Pete Kogutt, Lucille Lee, Fulton Lowe, Henry Mann, Wilbur McKelvy, Beadle Moore, Alarah Morehead, Ray Beth Pegram, Exie Ratliff, Louise Rhodes, Elivra Richers, L. W. Richers, Henry Sherrer, Joseph Stone, Eleanor Sewell, Madeline Sewell, Ione Stinnett, Irby Marie Stinnett, Doris Taylor, Clara Tolsky, George Wainner, Carrie Elizabeth Weller. Glen White

Junior Class Roll

Doris Adams, Wilburn Alexander, Ethel Bell, Milton Bess, Woodrow Branstetter, Roy Britt, Hudson Castleton, Lillie Mae Chambliss, Alma Queen Chapman, Mary Jean Cobb, Odell Dickey, Ruth Dopps, Ted Doubek, Susanna Helmecke, Lura Hogden, Donald Jackson, Bert Kelley, Ivan Kelley, Walter Lowe, Terese Lewis, Jim Martin, Frances McMahon, Evelyn McNabb, Earl Mier, Freda Morehead, Laurence Newburn, Geneva Newman, Eddie Parma, Jean Poole, Jesse Poole, Sara Porter, Ruby Ruth Ratliff, Sarah E. Robertson, Jay Serrill, Hixie Sewell, Robert Lee Sisk, Odie Sweeney, Omega Sweeney, Alma Tollison, Mary Vest, Lillie Mae Weathers, Kathryn Williamson

Other guests besides the school faculty were Messrs. and Mesdames Robert Baker, Albert Wadsworth, Louis Matchett, C. A. Erickson, Vance Porter, Mr. Pegram, Mr. R. M. Wynne, Mr. Bill Ingram, Mrs. E. O. Posey, Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson, Mrs. E. H. Highley, Mrs. Geo. Serrill, Mr. and Mrs. Carey Smith, Jr., Mr. Glen Ellis,

The serving girls who were so beautifully arrayed in their Colonial costumes were Misses Frances Baker, Virginia Taulbee, Lucille Huebner, Genevieve Richers, Sallie Bell, Hollice Bailey, Nora White, Helen Margaret Loos of the freshman class and Misses Martha Jane DeLano, Helen Greenberg, Audrey Pope, Lubia Kadebsky, Geraldine Livengood, Pearl Anderson, Kitty King Corbett, Judith Gaedcke of the sophomore class.

Plans and arrangement were under the able direction of Miss Addie Pearle Nicholas, Mrs. M. J. Early and Mrs. Bill Ingram.

Daily Tribune, May 11, 1932

Members of Faculty Return After Holiday Visit

The following members of the Bay City schools faculty have returned from their enjoyable holiday visits with parents and relatives and resumed teaching today.
Coach Tom Driscoll in Houston; Assistant Coach Stanley Cernosek in Megargel; Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson in Fort Worth and Nocona; Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Posey in Hillsboro; Miss Tenie Homes in Waco; Mr. H. G. Williams in Denton; Misses Lucille Christenberry and Lucille Frazier in El Campo; Miss Neva Christian in Seguin; Miss Ella Lee Pierce in Conroe; Mrs. Bretch Taulbee in Bynum; rs. M. J. Early in Dallas and Mansfield; Miss Nan Shiffelette in Marble Falls.

Matagorda County Tribune, January 4, 1934


Prof. E. R. Alexander of A. & M. Delivers Address to Graduating Class of 1934.

Thirty-three young men and women received their diplomas from the Bay City High School last evening at the high school gymnasium. The spacious auditorium was filled with fathers, mothers, friends and schoolmates to witness the final curtain drawn on a successful career for the happy graduates.

The invocation was made by Rev. Paul E. Engle. Bob Wilkinson delivered the salutatory address. Albert Wadsworth, Jr. rendered one of his muchly-enjoyed vocal solos.

Miss Erna Kuesel, joint winner of the American Legion award, delivered an inspiring valedictory address.

The address, something different than usually delivered at commencement exercises, was delivered by Prof. E. A. Alexander of A. & M. College. The professor quoted various statistics on different stock exports from the United States and delved briefly on the possible future of the graduates.

Supt. E. O. Hutcheson awarded the diplomas to the thirty-three graduates, a list of whom appears below.

Scholarships were awarded by Prin. E. O. Posey.

Father Joseph J. Coffey gave the benediction.

Marguerite Alexander
Beth Anderson
Pearl Anderson
Tom Anderson
Martha Jane DeLano
Thomas Edward Doubek
Bruce freeman
Helen Greenberg
Doris Gordon
O. R. Hagaman, Jr.
Billy Ham
Rose Ellen Hanson
J. D. Hogden
Freddie Johnson
Lubia Kadebsky
George Richard Keene, Jr.
Erna Kuesel

Victor LeTulle
Edward Lewis
Dorothy Little
Gerald Livegood
Geraldine Livengood
Anita Nance
Dot Newburn
Cleatis O’Rear
Audrey Pape
Norris Pier, Jr.
Myra Nell Sirmons
Travis Stell
Teressie Sutton
Juanita Vandiver
Albert Wadsworth
Bernice Wainner
Bob Wilkinson

Daily Tribune, Friday, June 1, 1934

Bay City School Faculty Named

The faculty for the public schools of Bay City has been completed for the 1934-35 school year. The following have been elected to positions in the various divisions.

High School: E. O. Posey, principal, Mrs. R. M. Wynne, Mrs. M. J. Early, Mrs. Keye Ingram, Tom Driscoll, Beulah Erickson, Mary Louise Hightower, Stanley Cernosek, Nan Shifflette Jefferson Davis Grammar School: H. G. Williams, principal, Martha Langham, Lucille Frazier, Ella Lee Pierce, Robert Andrews, Lucille Christenberry, Alberta Poage

Primary Department: Miss Tenie Holmes, principal, Martha Moore, Neva Christian, Constance Langham, Laverne Cobb, Mamie Gusman, Bess B. Senour, Mrs. O. H. Gusman, Pearl Lane, Valeria Sweeney, LaVerne Secrest

Mexican School:
Mrs. Susie Copeland, Alice Blair

Colored School:
A. G. Hilliard, principal, Lennie Roberts, Grace S. Hayes, Grace Williams, Thelma Woodridge, Gus Hardeman, Nina Mae Houston, Mable Windell

Matagorda County Tribune, July 5, 1934

Juniors Entertain The Seniors With Barbecue

The junior class highly entertained the seniors of '35 with a chicken barbecue Wednesday evening at six-thirty o'clock at Jack's Place, ten miles east of Bay City.

After the guests arrived, the delicious barbecued chicken, potato salad, pickles, bread and soda water was served

At 8:30 the guests were then invited to the Franklin Theater to see the show, "George White's Scandals of 1935."

Guests of the junior class were the fifty-seven members of the senior class. President of the freshman class Carol Anderson; president of the sophomore class, Shelton Breeden; faculty, consisting of

Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Hutcheson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Early
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. Eckles
Mrs. Bretch Taulbee
Mrs. R. M. Wynne
Mr. Stanley Cernosek
Miss Van Shifflette
Miss Beulah Erickson.

Members of the school board,

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Lloyd
Mr. and Mrs. R. Q. Pegram
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wadsworth
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Vance Porter
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Matchett
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Baker
Miss Martha Jane DeLano

Matagorda County Tribune, May 9, 1935


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