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Matagorda County's School Begin Opening and Teacher and Pupil Get to Work.
Something of Their Resources.



The Bay City public schools upon next Monday, that is the teachers have their institute to get a few new ideas, and prepare for the campaign, under the generalship of Superintendent R. F. Scott. There is a full and well arranged program, which includes papers by many of the teachers, some doctors, and other learned people, interspersed with study periods. It no doubt it  will be a profitable session. The faculty is as follows:


R. F. Scott, superintendent

C. E. Miller, history and chemistry

A. A. Aldrich, mathematics and physics

Virginia O'Neal, English

Olga Grote, Latin and German

Mary Lue Carter, domestic economics, assistant in grammar school and school mathematics

T. L. Smith, manual training and arithmetic

Mamie Schaedel, grammar school history and reading

Allie Hazle, physiology and agriculture in the grammar school

Mary H. C. Buell, music, drawing and writing

Elizabeth Gilbert, geography

Cecile Lawrence, English

Tommie Woolsey, fourth grade

Grace Keese, fourth grade

Mamie Gusman, third grade

Lillian Moffet, third grade

Carrie Stewart, second grade

Mrs. Mary C. Scott, second grade

Miss Sutherland, first grade

Tenie Holmes, first grade.


The city scholastics number 999, which at $8 percapita from the state will furnish $7,992, and this will be handsomely supplemented by the city (or district) local maintenance tax of 50c on the $100. While the teachers are at work next week, the pupils will not enter till the following Monday.


Palacios is an independent district, and with Prof. Skinner as Superintendent, with about the same faculty as last year, expects a larger school and no doubt a better one than ever with a scholastic population of 513.


Matagorda, another independent district, has 213 scholastics, which at $8 each from the state and the local tax of 35c, will give them a fair fund for maintenance. Then Matagorda will go into a new brick building which for comfort, light and attractiveness will not be excelled in the county. The new superintendent, Prof. O. L. Bateman from Palacios will be aided by Miss Bertha Funk, Miss Bertha Boyd, Miss Lula Salley, and Miss Calie Gove.


Markham has a new superintendent in Prof. W. F. Pack, recently from East Texas. The new census gives Markham 176 scholastics.


Blessing is one of the leading independent districts, having a $14,000 brick building, and a splendid corps of teachers. The scholastics number about 200 on which they will get $8 each from the state and this supplemented by a local tax of 50c for bonds and maintenance gives them an eight months school. The faculty is as follows: L. D. Midgett principal; Miss Louella Baker, Miss Mollie Belle Moore, and Miss Edna Woodruff. The school library consists of 250 volumes, and whatever the school needs they get.


Of the common school districts Superintendent T. R. Lewis has consolidated Caney, Riceville, Buck's Bayou, Caney Switch, Cedar Lane, Gainesmore, Buckner Prairie and Sexton, into one district, with school houses at Caney, Buckner Prairie, Buck's Bayou and Gainesmore--better school houses than they would have otherwise been able to have. Much of the cost of these houses has been met out of the maintenance fund from the special tax, which tax can be voted away at any time without any bonds on their homes. The maintenance tax of 25c brings in $4,660.87 this year. These are two colored schools also in prosperous condition.


Common school district No. 2 is the Wadsworth community, with a scholastic population of 135. The 15c tax on bonds will amount to $664.88, and with the 15c tax just voted for maintenance will bring in $412.00.


No 3 is Van Vleck where there is a 3c tax for maintenance and 10c on bonds, bringing in $1666.68.


No. 4 is Pledger where there is no special tax, the school being maintained by the percapita from the state school fund.


No. 5 is Chalmers with a maintenance fund from special tax of $584.24.


Nos. 6, 7, and 8 are Hawkinsville, Sargent and Riceville consolidated with Caney.


No. 9, Northern Irrigation Co. and Clemville, with a special maintenance tax of 25cts, two schools are maintained, one at Clemville and one at the headquarters of the Irrigation Co. The tax amounts to $1,240.63.


No. 11, Midfield, has one of the best school buildings of the common school districts, built by bonds on which they are paying with a tax of 20c and this with the maintenance tax of 30c brings in a total of $2,168.16. Prof. B. B. Brown is the new principal and Mrs. ___ Mims and Miss Maud Marshall are two of the new faculty.


No. 12 is Prairie Centre, where Prof. Dyer has a good school. A special tax brings in $687.31, for maintenance, to add to their prorata of the state fund.


No. 13 is Turtle Bayou, where they have a good building and a tax of 16 cts is paying off the bonds, which with a special tax of 25c brings in $451.17, the most of which is added to the state fund for maintenance.


No. 14 is Buckeye, where another comfortable and attractive building is being paid for by a special tax of 24c for maintenance brings in $2,678.98, the greater portion going to supplement the state fund.


No. 15, Ashby and Simpsonville, have a building bond tax of 5c, and a maintenance tax of 10c, the two bringing in $626.29.


No. 16 is Collegeport pumping plant, which has no special tax, but they get a fair school out of the state apportionment of this year $8 per capita.


No. 17 is Collegeport which has a splendid brick school building for which they have a special bond tax of 25c, and then a special maintenance tax of 25c, the two taxes bringing in a total of $2, 033.20. Prof. J. A. Laslie is the new superintendent.


No. 18 is Citrus Grove, which has a new building being paid for by a tax of 8c, and with the maintenance tax of 35c brings in this year $1,011.82 giving them a good maintenance fund and, as we hear, a good school.


No. 19 is De Moss, south of Collegeport, which has a special tax which brings in $636.98.


No. 20 is the unorganized peninsular, which has no school and no tax.


No. 21 is Pheasant Switch, south of Blessing, which has a special tax bringing this year $799.30.


The total assessment for special taxes in the Common school districts above, (not including the independent districts) for this year is $23,075.08.


The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 5, 1914



The city schools closed Thursday afternoon for ten days holiday, and the teachers will have a period of respite from their labors.

Miss Carrie Stewart left for her home at Hughes Springs, in Northeast Texas.
Miss Grace Keese spends the week with her parents in Lockhart.
Miss Buel will be the guest of friends in Houston.
Miss Annie B. Sutherland goes to her home in Floresville.
Miss Cecile Lawrence spends the week in San Antonio with relatives and friends.
Miss Lou Carter goes to Elgin to enjoy Christmas dinner with homefolks.
Miss Allie Hazle has gone to spend the week with friends at San Augustine.
Miss Olga Grete goes to Castel.
Prof. A. A. Aldridge will Christmas at Crockett,
Prof. C. E. Miller with his parents at Corpus Christi, and
Prof. T. L. Smith with his host Superintendent Scott in the best town ever.

Mrs. R. E. Scott, Misses Tenie Holmes, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lillian Moffett, Mamie Gusman, Mamie Schaedel, Tommy Woolsey and Miss O'Neal will spend their holiday with their homefolks in the this city, and to each and all the News-Farmer extends wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. They deserve it.

Miss Gertrude Gilbert, principal of Bronson School in Victoria, arrived Saturday to spend two weeks with her parents, the Victoria schools closing last Friday for the holidays.

Miss Louella Baker of Blessing Schools has come to be with her mother for the joyous season.

Miss Maggie Conger from the San Antonio Schools, Miss William Conger, Miss Maudie Poole of the Wadsworth school, are also among the home-comers for a happy week with the homefolks.

Miss Lillie Miller in the Hearne school, and Miss Izoria Toups of Ashwood, Miss Lottie Ware of Cook's Island, are with homefolk.

Miss Lillie Hester, of Palacios School, is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. R. E. Scott.

Miss Bertha Harris, teaching in Brazoria county, is spending Christmas, with her sister Mrs. Chas. Tew.

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, December 25, 1914


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