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List of Teachers and Assignments


By W. T. Pollard

County Superintendent


The Matagorda County Institute is in session in Bay City. One hundred and three teachers have enrolled for the five-day session. Visiting teachers who have attended many meetings of the kind, say that they have never before known an institute in which such serious and sincere interest was manifested. This is largely due to the unusually high classes of teachers assembled here, but partly to the preparation made beforehand. The program containing detailed references to various books, was mailed out to the teachers a month before the institute convened. The adopted text book was also mailed to each teacher in the high school and the elementary sections, so that every one had the means of preparation before the opening of the convention.


Miss Euttery? of Houston has also contributed largely to the intense interest of the occasion, through her practical and inspiring section meetings. She is fully equipped for her work and is thoroughly practical in the application of the principles of primary teaching to the actual work of the teachers in the lower grades. All members of her section are delighted with the help they re receiving.


One of the remarkable features of the institute is the untiring efforts of the various superintendents, to accomplish the organization of their teachers, and to plan with them for co-operative action in attacking the problems of the upcoming season. There is a ready and a willing response to every call on the part or the teachers.


The harmony and the helpful attitude of the independent districts, toward the teachers of the country schools, is encouraging and promises a spirit of mutual helpfulness among the schools of the entire county. We are realizing that Matagorda County must not have 25 systems of public school, but one system, all of which must work co-operatively for the attainment of one common end.


Most of the schools will open Sept. 10. Let every parent plan to start the children on the first day. Each pupil has a right to an even start with all the rest.


The county library received the sum of $28.75 as the results of the two nights' benefit donated by Mr. Miller, manager of the Grand, last Monday night and Tuesday night. This was a generous gift for which the children of the county will be grateful.


Everybody is looking forward to the P. T. A. reception at Hamilton Hall Thursday night.

Examinations will be held at the court house next Friday and Saturday. Some applicants will be building to higher grades wile others will take exams for original certificates under the new law.

All schools having children needed in gathering cotton should set the beginning of their compulsory attendance period, for Nov. 1 and so notify the attendance officer.


The following is a list of the teachers enrolled in the institute:


Teachers in Palacios Independent District

Miss Linnie Wolf, superintendent.

Primary Department--

Miss Victoria Elder, first grade

Miss Lorena Ifland, second grade

Miss Irene Batchelder, third grade

Miss Eunice Traylor, fourth grade

Miss Vera Sanders, Mexican children, first, second and third grades



Miss Claire Partain, fifth grade

Mrs. John D. Bouden, sixth grade

Mrs. W. C. Gray, seventh grade


High School--

Mr. Harley Lewis, Latin and Science

Miss Nora Hayes, Spanish and History

Miss Rachel Thompkins, Home Economics

Mr. W. A. Smith, Mathematic and Bookkeeping


Blessing Independent District.

Mr. Ralph Newsom, superintendent

Miss Laura Sutton, principal

Miss Mary Luder, sixth and seventh grades

Mr. A. L. Dyer, fourth and fifth grades

Miss America Judkins, primary

Miss Dulcie Mallard.


Markham Independent District.

Mr. John Scott, superintendent

Miss Mariam Day

Miss Mary Lois Bullock


Matagorda County Common School Districts.

Sexton--Miss Audrey Thompson


Wadsworth Ranch--Miss Daisy Hale


Wadsworth--Mr. V. L. Sandlin, Miss Eva Berg, Miss Irma Pentecost


Van Vleck--Mrs. Claire F. Pollard, Miss Lura Hudson, Miss Faye Hudson


Ashwood--Miss Lilly Feuerbacher


Pledger--Miss Eva Nelson, Miss Velma Cunningham, Miss Vina Lee Barnett


Hasima--Miss Mary C. Bacon


Lukefahr--Miss Hattie Patterson


Bernard--Miss Lucille Allen


Sargent--Miss Marguerite Krause


Cedar Lane--Mr. M. F. Manley, Miss May Stevens.


Riceville--Miss Bessie Senour.


Clemville---Miss Blanche Kirk, Miss Ione Ricks, Miss Ivy Savage


Great Northern--Mr. Guy Wynn, Miss Len Maxwell


Midfield--Mr. C. P. Jones, Mrs. C. P. Jones, Miss Clara Schley, Miss Helen Ward


Turtle Bay--Miss Lillian Herman


Buckeye---Miss Shirley Harding.


El Maton--Mr. Alden Phillips.


Macek--Mr. Ervin Wolfe.


Ashby--Miss Maude Mangum, Mrs. Era Griffitts Trousdale


Citrus Grove--Miss Thelma Batchelder.


Ohio Colony--Miss Vera Tanner.


Simpsonville--Mr. Everett Roberts.


Culver--Miss Thelma Mangum.


Bay View Consolidated, Collegeport--Mr. R. E. Coffin, Miss Merle Wainner, Miss Marjorie Berger, Miss Beulah Price


Bay City Independent District

Mr. W. E. Moreland, superintendent.

Primary Department--

Miss Tenie Holmes first grade (a)

Miss Beryl Bell, first grade (b)

Miss Manie Vest, second grade (a)

Miss Pearl Love, second grade (b)

Miss Mamie Gusman, third grade (a)

Miss Marie Kennedy, third grade (b)

Miss Valera Sweeney, fourth grade (a)

Miss Edith Armstrong, fourth grade (b)



Miss Claribel Carrington, fifth grade (a)

Miss Onella Morrison, fifth grade (b)

Mrs. R. M. Wynne, sixth grade (a)

Miss Alma Ashby, sixth grade (b)

Mr. E. G. Horger, seventh grade (a)

Miss Vida Monroe, seventh grade (b)


High School--

Mr. James Luther, Science

Mrs. C. S. Eidman, Mathematics

Miss Juanita Davis, History

Miss Elsie Kothman, English

Miss Eunice Justice, Latin

Miss Louella Keye Morgan, Spanish


Buck's Bayou School--Miss Gussie Lee McLendon


Matagorda Independent District

Mr. Guy T. McBride, superintendent

Miss Bernice Baird, principal Gulf

Miss Mary C. Marrs

Miss Ida Yeager

Miss Ellie Watson

Miss Nona Laws

Miss Marjorie Dickinson

Miss Thelma Moore

Miss Nettie F. Fly

Mr. R. E. Rogers

Mr. H. Engleking, principal Matagorda

Miss A. Matilda Moseley

Miss Bertha Funk

Miss Lucille Pannill

Miss Lila Thornhill


Several celebrities have visited the institute this week. Among those present were Mr. Roy Redicheck, from the university, representing the Interscholastic League; Mr. Clark of the State Department of Education; Dr. Gates Thomas, representing S. W. Teachers' College and

Rev. Frank  A. Rhea of Gulf.


Every teacher is looking eagerly forward to the trip to Gulf next Saturday. Those who have spent several years in this county and who know the hospitality of Gulf people, are especially anxious to have the weather clear up for the occasion.


Matagorda County Tribune, September 7, 1923


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