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The following are the names of those who won perfect score pins and blue ribbons as first and second prizes offered by the Parent-Teachers Association of Bay City, and the bronze and silver medals offered by the National Bureau for the Advancement of Music:


Perfect Scores

Frances McClure

Shirley Callaway

Mike Tucker

Travis Anderson

Henry Hughes

Woodrow Noster

Sammie Lee Baker

Edna May Williams

Marie Hatchett

Leola Ryman

Frances Baker

Juanita Keener

George Schoultz

Raymon Johnson

Wanda Reba Robertson

Bernice Catchings

Freddy Gest

Geraldine Livengood

June Beaks

Bobby Wilkinson

Marjorie Hensley

Marguerite Alexander

Ruby Baker

Milton Bess

Alma Farthing

Alma Tolleson

Terese Lewis

Alma Queene Chapman

Herman Luna

Patty Glenn

Phyllis Glenn

Susana Helmecke

Margaret Britt

Maurine Thompson

Doris Taylor

Lester Calloway

Mary Marshall McClure

Jewell Rice

Lotus Brannon

Ione Stinnett

Mary Beth Jackson


Blue Ribbons

Lewis Matchett

Charles Cobb

Jeff Mangum

Cecil Nolan

Hattie Bell Hatchett

Mildred Morehead

Lucile Carr

Dorothy Baker

Ruth Tollison

Isabelle Horn

Lucile Sansing

Kenneth Gordon

Ruth Rice

Maybelle Meyer

Louis Steves

Humphrey Hancock

Harry Ellis

Billie Moore

Edna Wood

Johnnie Nolan

Martha Jane DeLano

Terressie Sutton

Bruce Freeman

Cleatis O'Rear

George Keene

Sterling Roig

Seldon Broughton

Juanita Vandiver

Albert Wadsworth

Marguerite Harris

Vivian Gann

Marvin Moore

Mary Jean Cobb

Eugene Ruse

Velma Hale

Frances Hale

Stella Johnson

Jessie Poole

Jean Poole

Marie Rice

Loretta Henderson

Hudson Castleton

Esserry Clements

Evelyn McNabb

Sammie Isaacs

Sutherland Creech

Kathleen Gann

Mildred Luna

Virginia Wilkinson

Edward Gaudet

George Edward Serrill




Miss Maurine Thompson--Silver medal of National Bureau of Music

Miss Doris Taylor--Bronze medal

Miss Tenie Holmes' room won the picture of Beethoven presented by the Wednesday Harmonie Club, while the records presented by Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Carleton went to the pupils in Miss Sweeney's, Mrs. Pierce's and ____ rooms.


Owing to a delay in getting out the blue ribbons as second scores, these were not presented the night of the finals, but will be presented Friday morning in chapel. Anyone failing to get their awards will kindly notify Mrs. Bert English, chairman of the music committee for the memory contest.

Matagorda County Tribune, May 14, 1926


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