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School-Girl Days
A Memory Book of Nellie Mae Pasal
Palacios High School

1922 - 1925

Courtesy of the family of June Christie Havel

Family of Edward Pasal

Nellie (bottom left)

My School Mates

By a Soph. (1922)


Those old school mates of mine.

Is this their presence here with me?

Or but a vain creation of a school girl's memory.

A fair illusion vision that would vanish into the air?

Dared I even touch the silence with the whisper of a prayer.

Nay let me believe in all the blended false and true.

The semblance of the old day.

The substance of the new.

The 'then' of changeless sunny days.

The "now" of shower and shine.

But with fortune ever smiling on.

Those old school mates of mine.

As one who can at evening

O'er an album all alone

And muses over the faces

Of the friends he has known

So I turned the leaves of family

Till in shadowy design

I see the smiling features

Of those old school mates of mine.

First upon this fancy

In the history written here

I see a face of an old school mate

Now a civil engineer

His fame is spread far & wide

And over land and sea

And all at once I recognize

Our old friend Henry Barr.


The next page shows a school house

And as I scan it o'er

I see a room familiar

It is the old red school house

And a face oft seen before

That will always be the same

And the teacher--we all know her

Linnie Wolf is her name.


And now I see a picture

A maid with raven curls

The boys all use to say she was the stunningest of the girls

She is now a stenographer

Whose skill and speed are real

And if you'll look you'll recognize, the features of Johnnie Grant.


On the next page is Burton Gibson,

Who has married a musician.

He is very happy for he has full filled his ambition

And now he is a poet who has nothing else to do.

Index names: Berger, Braden, Stapp, Dorris, Rogers, Greene, Nester, Smith, Gray, Hale, Hogg,
Hendricks, Hagler, Hammond, Sherfield, Curtis, Lewis, Chamblee, Grant, Baxter, Fouhand, Pasal

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