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School-Girl Days
A Memory Book of Nellie Mae Pasal
Palacios High School
1922 - 1925

The Home Economics Girls Club


The Home Economics Girls Club was organized by Miss Bessie B. Jennings here in Palacios in 1924. Louise Partain was elected president, Oma Greene vice president and Johnnie Grant, secretary and treasurer. It was all new to us, but we readily fell into line and had regular club meetings.

Feb. 29, H. E. Girls had their style show. We were all tired to death by the time we got through parading, singing and acting silly. For all of this the show was a success. After it was over we served several hundred people in the basement.

May 6, The H. E. Girls enjoyed a picnic supper on the beach in the B. Y. P. U. grounds, Tuesday. Had a delightful time, and every[thing] in the world to eat.

Again the club was taken right up this year by Miss Frazier and new officers were elected. Ruth Lewis, president, Margaret Nester secretary and treasurer.

To start out properly we thought it best to initiate all of the new members, so on Friday night before Halloween we planned the initiation to be at Dorothy Greene's.

The fun really started when we secretly hid in different places in the large orchard and awaited the first year's as they came trembling being lead by a second yearer.

Home Economics Club Members

Margaret Nester

Jewell Smith

Ruth Berger

Reba Curtis

Johnnie Grant

Velma Sherfield

Fay Greene

Ruby Chamblee

Zulie Reaser

Eula Anthony

Beryl Forthand

Maurine Lawson

Lillian Phillips

Angus McFarland

Nellie Mae Pasal

Inez Walker

Edna Mae Reynolds

Lucille Curtis

Helen Schiekie

Mable Kirpatrick

Katherine Douglas

Katie Hammond

Ruth Lewis

Julia Lee Stapp

Dorthy Greene

Frances Lawson

Virginia Wylie

Ressie Hale

Lula Hagler

Miss Frazier (teacher)


The J. T. Club

This club was organized in 1924 and the two letters J. T. are true? symbols of every girls heart. We elected no officers. Those who spoke the loudest were those who usually did the ruling, and so we were a happy, go-lucky bunch.

No. 18, Had a party at my house, did the usual things, told jokes, danced and made candy.

Oct. 31, Was the most important for our clubs meetings. After a big dance at Liz's we all came down to my house and tried to have a slumber party. Had anything but. Told jokes, played tricks on every one all night. Also had a J. H. G. medicine show.



J. T. Club Members


Margaret Nester

Cora Anna Hendricks

Elizabeth Sisson

Zulie Reaser

Fay Green

Juanita LeCompte

Inez Walker

Estelle Elder

Angus McFarland

Nellie Mae Pasal



Activities Recorded By Nellie in Her Memory Book

June 19, 23 A bunch of us went on a wiener roast, and a hay ride combined. Got lost from our chaperone (intentionally) and went to a dance at Ashby, but got 'scared' and came back to Harriman Beach to roast our wienies.

Dec. 29 - A bunch of us girls went hiking today. We left town about 11:30 and walked five miles before stopping to cook our dinner. Had a hard time finding wood, but finally our bacon was cooked. We arrived back in foot sore and so tired.


Feb. 25,/24 Had a marshmallow roast on the B. Y. P. U. grounds.


April 1st - Nearly all high school met at the Christian Church & piled into two trucks and a car and played "hookey" for the day. We went out to Caranchua for the picnic, but instead of spreading lunch we all rustled for our selves. We had a day of it and arrived back in town, our minds now busy phantoming the punishment we were to receive.

May 6th - Had a sailing party tonight, but I'm afraid it would be impossible for me to describe it all so I'll not attempt it. Had a good time.


July 22 - Bought a lot of junk in town including a watermelon and mounting two donkies we went out and had lunch.


Aug. 12 - A hamburger fry!! Beatrice came by and told me I was invited and I lost no time in accepting. Played games, ate hamburgers and drank lemonade, which was all the excitement until Margaret and Angus decided they would roll into the bonfire which caused plenty excitement.


Aug. 18 - Had a swimming party and then supper on the beach.


Sept. 10 - Went to a kid party on the B. Y. P. U. grounds, but I didn't dress like a kid.


Dec. 7 - Had supper on the B. Y. P. U. grounds.


Dec. 11 - Helen and Angus had a birthday party.


Feb. 17 - Had a box supper at the school house and we had quite a lot of fun watching the boxes being auctioned off.

March 2 - The Juniors invited the Seniors, and we all went to Hurd's Landing. We played base ball before lunch and after wards we swang, played leap frog and did everything that makes a honest truly picnic


School was dismissed Monday in observance of Texas Independence Day, and picnics seemed to be in order. One of the most enjoyable was had by the Senior Class and several others, chaperoned by Mrs. Pearl Shuey. Autos carried the happy fun loving young people to Hurd's landing an ideal place for a picnic. A most appetizing lunch served in real picnic style put the finishing touch to a day spent enjoying nature's handiwork as well as outdoor games and contests.

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