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School-Girl Days
A Memory Book of Nellie Mae Pasal
Palacios High School
1922 - 1925

P. H. S. Wins Three Loving Cups At the County Meet

Three loving cups won by Palacios High school students at the county meet in Bay City last Friday and Saturday, March 27 and 28, among them being the popular athletic loving cup, so highly prized by our students because it was given by P. H. S. graduates.

The Palacios boys were in charge of their athletic director, H. C. Lewis; the girls' tennis teams in charge of Miss Partain, director, and the girls' basket ball teams were in charge of Miss Hayes, director.

The meet was a very pretty one and every race was closely contested, and in every race Palacios had from one to three winners. They were as follows.


50 yd dash - Bruce Berger, 1st.

100 yd dash - Bruce Berger, 1st; Irvin Horton, 2nd.

220 yd dash - Bruce Berger, 1st; Irvin Horton, 4th.

440 yd dash - Emmitt Gibson, 1st; Clarence Hayes, 2nd.

884 yd dash - Glen Shuey, 3rd.

1 mile run - Howard Stapp, 1st; Weldon Sullivan, 2nd.

1 mile relay - Palacios team, 1st.

Members of the team: Glen Shuey, Clarence Hayes, Emmett Gibson, Howard Stapp.

120 high hurdles - Glen Stewart, 2nd place.

220 low hurdles - Robt. Barns, 1st; Glen Stewart, 2nd; Geo. Kufuf, 4th.

Shot Put - Emmitt Gibson, 1st

High Jump - Clyde Fox, 2nd.

Broad Jump - Glen Shury, 1st.



50 yd dash - Elliott Curtis, 2nd.

100 yd dash - Elliott Curtis, 2nd.

440 yd relay - Palacios team, 2nd.

High Jump - Elliott Curtis, 1st.

Broad Jump - Wesley Buller, 1st.

Chin Bar - Wesley Buller, 2nd.


TENNIS - Girls

Singles, Ruby Chamblee, 1st.

Doubles, Fay Greene and Nellie Mae Pasal, 1st.



Our team score was nearly four times as many points as our nearest opponent in athletics.



Charles Nester, though a junior in age, won first place in Senior Boy's Declamation.

Darwin (Buttsy) Huddleston, though shortest in stature, proved to be longest in ability as an orator, when he defeated two other boys much larger, for first place in Junior Boy's Declamation. Both boys brought back to his school a large and beautiful loving cup. Virginia Greenwood won second place in Junior Girl's Declamation.

Monday morning at chapel was a scene of recounting victories, and of much enthusiasm for our winners. On Friday night the winning contestants and teachers will probably celebrate their victories by building a bonfire on the campus and having a picnic lunch and games.

Palacios has a large number who are eligible to attend District meet at Houston April 24th and 25th. The only difficulty will be in raising funds to take all who should attend.

No paper or date.


P. H. S. Attends District Meet At Houston, Texas

Thursday morning, April 23, Palacios contestants, accompanied by H. C. Lewis, started for Houston to attend the District Meet, held at Rice Institute, on April 24th and 25th.

In track Palacios was represented by Bruce Berger in the dashes; Howard Stapp, Emmett Gibson, Glenn Shuey and Weldon Sullivan in the long races.

In tennis, girls' singles, by Ruby Chamblee; girls' doubles by Fay Greene and Nellie Mae Pasal. Boys' singles by Raymond Waters. In doubles by Bruce Berger and Raymond Waters.

In declamation we were represented by Darwin Huddleston in the Junior division and Charles Nester, senior.

The best record made by any one from Palacios was made by Darwin Huddleston, who won second place, with eight others seeking the honor. This year junior declamation ends with the
District meet.

In tennis our girls played in several preliminary contests but were eliminated before reaching the finals. Our next to best record was made by boys' doubles, Raymond and Bruce, who defeated several good teams from towns our size, and it seemed for awhile that they would defeat the team from Ball High, Galveston, as each had won one set, but finally Ball High won, only to meet defeat by Houston Central High, hence our team got third place. In track events we were hit hard by another new ruling from Austin, which caused all schools to contest with class "A" schools instead of having class "A" and "B" as formerly, and of course Central High took everything without much opposition. Had the meet been conducted as usual we would have been certain to place several men in first and second places for the state meet at Austin in May.

However, everyone did their best and our men were not the last, even if not the first to finish. The experiment was profitable and the trip worth while.

Watch announcements for base ball games and come out and help us win them.

Paper and date unknown


Will Represent Palacios Schools In County Meet

Time for the County Meet is here and the Palacios school has been busy with final preparations. Friday night at the high school auditorium the team in declamation was selected. The judges, Mrs. A. B. Pierce, and two of the teachers of the Blessing school, heard several contestants from which they made the following choice: Junior girl, Virginia Greenwood. Junior boy, Darwin Huddleston. Senior girl, Mamie Angel. Senior boy, Charles Nester.


Spelling--Junior team: Rudolph Mosier and Mary Edwards.


Sub-Junior team: Harry Echols and Billie Bert Richards.


The Track and Field Events will be contested by the following--Seniors: Bruce Berger, Howard Stapp, Jr., Emmett Gibson, Weldon Sullivan, Glenn Shuey, Irvin Horton, Clarence Haynes, George Kufus, Glenn Stewart, Paul Braden, Clyde Fox. Junior Track: Wesley Buller, Wayne Huddleston, Cecil Teller, Elliott Curtis, Coleman Clement, Sam Antony. Junior Boys Basket Ball: Wesley Buller, Wayne Huddleston, Elliott Curtis, Cecil Teller, Coleman Clement. Senior Girls Basket Ball: Edna Mae Reynolds, Julia Lee Stapp, Bessie Buffalo, Jessie Parsutt, Fay Greene, Angus McFarland. Junior Girls Basket Ball: Gussie Fox, Alice Townsend, Edna Earle Lawson, Sybil York, Jacqueline Elgin. Boys Tennis--Singles: Raymond Waters. Doubles: Raymond Waters and Bruce Berger. Girls Tennis--Singles: Ruby Chamblee. Doubles: Fay Greene and Nellie Mae Pasal. Volley Ball team: Same as Senior Girls Basket Ball. Base ball team to play after the County meet.


Paper and date unknown.

Index names: Pollard, Moreland, Stephens, Moore, Scott

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