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School-Girl Days
A Memory Book of Nellie Mae Pasal
Palacios High School
1922 - 1925


Again the old town is sending of its bravest and brightest to help swell the attendance at the centers of higher learning. C. I. A. at Denton will receive the Misses Angus McFarland, Beryl Forehand, Cora Anna Hendricks, Dessie Sullivan and Nellie Mae Pascal; the two latter being first year pupils. Misses Zalie Reaser and Beatrice Chaddock will attend business college in Houston and Miss Ruth Berger will study in Draughn's in San Antonio. Russell Feather and Harold Barr are senior students in Rice Institute, Henry Luther and Rupert Elliott will be students at Baylor U., Waco. Miss Margaret Nester will re-enter John Tarleton, Stephenville. Bruce Berger and Joe L. Deutsch, Jr., will be freshies in the Texas Dental College, Houston. Everett Skinner, Merwin Robinson and Henry Barr will do first year work in the Methodist College in Jacksonville. Leonard Waters will enter S. M. U.., Georgetown and Raymond Waters will try his fate in Shriners' college near Kerrville. Misses Jewel Smith and Ruby Chamblee will attend a college in Decatur, Texas, and Miss Mabel Kirkpatrick will go to Cleburne. Misses Wanda Gray and Mary Bolling will enter Sophomore year at Texas U.

This list may be very incomplete and if any one can add to it we will appreciate it very much.

Paper and date unknown


When the College Kids Came Home

I guess the whole gang was really united for the first tie in over a year when Aggie and Cora Anna came home. Of course no real reunion is a reunion without dances, boat sails, bathing parties, and the like, and we decided to have two weeks of it if nothing more. Most of the kids were kinda tired after their work in college, but they were not too tired for fun. Those of us who had been at home most of the summer were right in for anything also.

Besides visiting around among our friends, I suppose the first thing that really was something was the night Margaret, Liz, Aggie and I were sitting on the pavilion talking and Marg's hanky blew in the bay. Real (almost) romance developed from this for a very handsome hero (Maboline Oil dummer rescued it!) He took us all driving in his Buick coupe then - Even if the car was crowded we had a pretty good time. I did chaperoning anyway. (That was on Wednesday night.) On Thursday night Wanda, Mary and Aggie came around to the house and we all danced then went riding with Big Ben. Friday night Wanda gave us a dance at the Troy court - bushels of fun. Marg was about the only one not there. Sat. night Aggie and I went to the show then rode around in Vernon Reaser's car and talked until 2:30 a. m. Sunday things weren't right bright - rather dull no excitement - went riding with Weldon.

Monday being Labor Day Cora Anna and Aggie spent the day with me and we all dressed in overalls - chased around and made up a swimming party for that night. Didn't swim much, danced some, then came to town to get something to eat with Carlton & Rowland. After that rode around on a truck without lights - some vehicle.

Wednesday night had a boat sail. Thursday night a dance at the pavilion also one Friday night. After the dance Friday night they all came up to the house and we all drank punch (spiked - heads or heels?) and ate cake.

Saturday morning Aggie and Cora Anna had to leave town and I suppose the reunion was over - not that the town was dead or anything like that. Anyway I left for C. I. A. the other kids all left - and there will be no reunion again until Xmas when we all meet in Houston on the way home.

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