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Texas Baptist Encampment 1947 Program




Bell Tower

Pavilions for Discussion Groups

The New Tabernacle

Our new tabernacle including the lights and rostrum cost over twenty thousand dollars. We do not know the exact amount at the time this is written but we think it is a little over twenty thousand.

Of this amount fifteen thousand was given by an anonymous donor. So far as we know Brother Morris Oldham is the only man who knows who the person is who gave the fifteen thousand.

We all wish to express our sincere appreciation to this donor and to all others who gave to the building fund. One other man, Mr. R. F. Roberts of Beaumont, gave a thousand dollars and there were a number of one hundred dollar gifts.

In addition to building the tabernacle we have drawn on the building fund to make several other badly needed improvements to the grounds.

The money you invested in this tabernacle will be rendering service to the cause of Christ as long as this tabernacle shall stand and as long as this encampment shall continue to function in the interest of Christianity.

Facts About the Auditorium

It is one hundred and six feet long and eighty feet wide. When you raise the sides they extend out twelve feet on either side and this makes it one hundred and four feet wide. It is twenty feet high at the sides and about thirty feet in center. It is built to withstand the gulf storms when closed and we certainly hope that it will. The iron beams will have to be painted about every two years but the roof and sides will not need this. We are in hopes that it is high enough to let the Gulf breeze blow through and keep us cool.

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