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NO. 111

APRIL 23, 1932

The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, April 19, 1932


What the Mickey Mouse Club Is And What It Means To Do For the Boys And Girls Who Join It!


THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB is an organization for boys and girls with its own officers, creed and ritual (ceremonies) etc. Regular weekly meetings will be held at 10:00 A. M. every Saturday in the form of matinee meetings at the COLONIAL THEATRE, which is launching and will sponsor the club. In addition to the special, all-different programs to be held each Saturday in the COLONIAL THEATRE, stunts, try-outs and contests will be staged and numerous other events, outings, etc., arranged for members. In short, there will be something doing all the time for Mickey and Minnie Mice as boys and girls who are members of the Mickey Mouse Club are known. Officers to be appointed temporarily at next Saturday's matinee-meeting are: Junior Chief Mickey Mouse; Chief Mickey Mouse; Junior Master of Ceremonies; Song Leader; Cheer Leader; Courier; Color Bearer and Two Sergeants-at-Arms. Regular elections will be held the first Saturday of each month thereafter. All boys and girls who secure membership application blanks (they are available now at any of the Official Mickey Mouse Stores listed below) and present same properly filled out at the COLONIAL THEATRE will, through the courtesy of the co-operating merchants or Official Mickey Mouse Stores, be admitted FREE to the first or opening Mickey Mouse Club matinee-meeting at the COLONIAL THEATRE at 10:00 A. M. next Saturday. So, boys and girls, you can see that filling out and filing a membership application blank right way, are important. Those who do not only enjoy next Saturday noon's Mickey Mouse Club matinee free but will at the following matinee, a week from next Saturday, be given their Official Mickey Mouse Club membership cards and buttons. That's all--except to once more urge you to lose no time, boys and girls, in calling at one of the Official Mickey Mouse Stores for your Mickey Mouse Club membership application Blank! These are free and will be furnished you gladly. Then be sure to fill out and bring it with you to the COLONIAL THEATRE next Saturday noon so you can enjoy the first or Opening Mickey Mouse Club matinee FREE!


Official Mickey Mouse Stores

Anderson-Rugeley Auto Co.

Bay City Bank & Trust Co.

The Tribune

W. F. Tetts, Jeweler

Matagorda Pharmacy

Taylor Bros.

Bachman's, Inc.

Coca-Cola Bottling Wks.

J. C. Penney Co.


The Daily Tribune, Tuesday, April 19, 1932


Mickey Mouse Club Creed

 "I will be a square shooter in my home, in school, on the playground, and wherever I may be. I will be truthful and honorable, and strive, always, to make myself a better and more useful little citizen. I will respect my elders and help the aged, the helpless and children smaller than myself. In short I will be a good American."


Mickey Mouse Club Yell

"Handy! Dandy!

Sweet as candy!

Happy kids are we!

Eenie! Ickie!

Minnie! Mickey!



Louise Amos c 1932
Courtesy of Louise



Mickey Mouse Club Song

Minnie's Yoo Hoo


"I'm the guy they call little Mickey Mouse.

Got a sweetie down in the chicken house

Neither fat or skinny

She's the horse's whinny

She's my little Minnie Mouse.

When it's feeding time for the animals,

And they howl and growl like the cannibals,

I just turn my heel,

To the hen house steal

And you hear me sing this song:



Oh--the old tom cat

With his meow, meow, meow,

Old houn' dog

With his bow, wow, wow,

The crow's caw, caw

And the mule's hee haw

Gosh what a racket

Like an old buzz saw!

I have listened to the cuckoo

Cuck his cuck-oo--

And I've heard the rooster

Cock his doodle doo-oo--

With the cows and the chickens

They all sound like the dickens,

When I hear my little Minnie's



"Oh the blue bird down in the cherry tree,

And the busy buzz of the bumblebee bee,

Evening bells a ringin'

Whipporwills a singin'

Well they don't mean much to me

For my heart is down in the chicken house,

Where I long to be with my Minnie Mouse,

And I'll meet her there

'Mid that fragrance rare

Sing to her this melody--



The Daily Tribune, April 28, 1932


Courtesy of Matagorda County Museum & Frances

Colonial Tribune Mickey Mouse Club
Courtesy of Matagorda County Museum



I will be a square shooter in my home, in
school, on the playgrounds, wherever I
may be.
I will be truthful and honorable and strive
always, to make myself a better and more
useful little citizen.
I will respect my elders and help the aged,
the helpless and children small than my-
In short, I will be a good American!--

Known Members

Mayor Paris Smith - First Member
Glen H. McClain - Grand  Mickey Mouse
Jacque Decoux - Master of Ceremonies

Amos, Louise

Anderson, Junior

Anderson, Roy Lee

Anderson, Travis

Arendale, Delbert

Arendale, Jeannette

Bachman, Dick

Baker, Inez

Baker, Robert, Jr. "Bobby"

Bannon, Lois Fay

Barnett, Bobby

Barnett, Georgianna

Barnett, Martha Jane

Bass, Harlan

Bates, Fred

Beddy, Wanda

Bennett, Rose Marie

Bickham, Don

Boney, Billie Jean

Britt, Billy

Brown, Eugene

Bruce, Barbara

Buster, Nelda Marie

Butter, Joe

Byars, Nina Merle

Byars, Sybil Vane

Carleton, Fred

Carr, Lucille

Carr, Thomas Thornton

Carr, Tony, Jr.

Cartwright, Homer
Cartwright, Mack

Cartwright, Onida Fay

Cates, Dena

Clark, Tilford Eugene

Clement, Billie Jean

Clement, Ricardo

Cobb, Ann

Coleman, Mary Jane

Coston, Doyle

Coston, Ida Lois

Coston, Paul

Crawford, Jackie Lee

Crumb, Evelyn Marie

Curtis, Billy

Curtis, Bobbie

Curtis, Lanell

Davant, Mary Ann

Davis, Norene

Decoux, Jack

Denn, Emmalie

Denn, Herman

DeWeese, Edward Jr.
Dickey, Charles

Dienst, Theodore
Dolen, Glendale

Dowdie, Brooks
Eidlebach, Katherine

Epstein, Lester

Epstein, Melvin

Faulkner, Dale

Fisher, Susie

Fisher, Vivian

Frances, Winnie

Glenn, Jack Harold

Greenberg, Milton

Hagaman, Dorothy

Hamill, Barbara

Hardy, John

Hardy, Sylvia Lee

Harris, Gertrude Elaine

Harrison, Mary Elizabeth

Harrison, Nellie

Hogden, Elizabeth

Hogden, James

Hogden, Mack

Hoover [Hooper], Elvin

Horn, Joan

Horn, Mary Alice

Horn, Melody

Huebner, Mary Louise

Hughes, Marjorie

Keller, Mary Elizabeth

Keller, Maurice

Kirkland, Betty Mae

Ledbetter, Lois

Ledbetter, Ruth

Ledford, Emallie

LeTulle, Burton

Lloyd, Aubrey

Long, Cathryn

Long, John Franklin

Lott, Gwendolyn

Lowe, Laddie

Luna, Fred

Luna, Martha

Lynn, Leona Irene

Mangum, Dorothy

Marquer, Alcus

Marquer, Charles

McGuirt, Pat

McKelvy, Jack Benton

Merryman, B. C.

Miller, Lois Evelyn

Moore, Virginia Moore

Morehead, Ruby

Mosley, Virginia

Nance, Horace

Nugent, Albert Reed

Parks, Marion

Perkins, Curtis
Perkins, Marvin

Peters, E. J.

Porter, Bobbie
Porter, Walton

Reid, Velma Mae

Rice, George Earl

Rice, Mary Elizabeth

Rice, Waylan
Richers, Julia Mae

Roark, Cluster

Ross, Emma May

Rugeley, Martha

Saceda, Matt

Sansing, Lucille

Sansing, Maxine Fay

Shaffer, Lawrence

Shearer, Harvey

Shearer, Huss

Sherrill, Bill

Shimer, George Dan

Shivers, Eunice

Sisk, Allie Jay

Sisk, Mary James

Smith, Derwood

Smith, Madelene

Smith, Merton

Sonka, Carl

Sonka, Henrietta

Sonka, Magdenanna

Sparks, Ethel May

Stanford, Dan Moody

Stanford, Ellen
Stanford, John Allen

Stanford, Lillie Mae

Stanford, Susie Marie

Strickland, Mary Sue

Strickland, Mittie

Sutherland, J. D.

Sweeney, Ercell

Taylor, Van Shaw

Teat, Rex

Townsend, Guy

Vanness, Kenneth

Vaughn, Ella Frances

Verser, Marion

Wagley, Oliver

Walker, Mary Jo

Watkins, Beatrice

White, Jack

Winston, Susie Marie

Wofford, Ruby

Wolffarth, Hazel

Wolstein, Daniel

Wolstein, Myron

Young, Jack

Young, Lysle


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