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Large Attendance--Good Program Carried Out--Interesting Addresses on Corn Growing and Canning of Vegetables, Etc.

The following is a list of the teachers of the county--all attending except the colored schools which have their separate institute, Bay City which have already held their institute, and Palacios, which, being in the midst of their examinations were excused:

Sexton School - Bay City Postoffice - Miss Mamie T. Schmid

Bucks Bayou School - Bay City Postoffice - Miss William Conger

Gee School - Bay City Postoffice - Foster Millner

Caney - Miss Rosina Montier

Caney Switch - Caney Postoffice - Miss Izora Toups

Cedar Lane - Miss Mabel Schaffer

Gainesmore - Miss Ethel Warren

Sargent - E. R. Hunt

Riceville - Wadsworth Postoffice - Miss Amy Jacobson

Wadsworth - School waiting on building just ___

Van Vleck - Mrs. W. H. Bell

Ashwood - Miss Minnie Harper

Pledger - Miss Myrtle Brewer

Chalmers - Miss Winnie D. Turner

Nor Irrig. - Markham Postoffice - Miss Nena Bailey

Clemville - Miss Nell Brown

Midfield - Mr. H. L. Brown, Mrs. H. L. Brown, Mrs. Clarence B. Goin, Miss Byrtha Harris

Blessing - Mr. L. D. Midgett, Mrs. C. E. Damon, Miss Nettie G. Harmonson, Miss Edna I. Woodruff

Prairie Center School - Palacios Postoffice - Mr. A. L. Dyer, Miss Bess Watkins

Turtle Bay - Palacios Postoffice - Miss Jennette Lewis

Buckeye - Miss Willie Mae Colbert, Miss Matie Brewer

Ashby -  Mrs. A. W. McKelvey

Collegeport - Mr. Jas. E. Booth, Mrs. Della M. Booth, Miss Lytton Booth

Citrusgrove - Miss Myrtle Benedict, Miss Ruth Snedaker, (So. End)

Pheasant Switch - Palacios Postoffice - Miss Florence Williamson

Bay City Independent School District - R. E. Scott, Supt.; O. T. Ryan, Mathematics and Manual Training;Miss Jane Webb Allsup, Domestic Economy; Miss Virginia O'Neal, English; Miss Louisville Marshall, Latin and German; C. E. Miller, History and Science.
Grammar School - R. B. Vest, Misses Mamaie Schaedel, Elizabeth Gilbert, Annie Leppard, Tommie Woosie
Primary Department - 4th, Misses Lillie Miller and Maggie Conger; 3rd, Miss Mamie Gusman and Lillie Moffett; 2nd, Misses Carrie Stewart and Carrie Salley; 1st, Misses Lula Brewer and Tenie Holmes
Supernumerary -- Miss Mary Ladd

Palacios Independent School District - H. L. B. Skinner, Supt.; Misses Lula Nix, Janie Winston, Elma D. Huffman, Lillian Hester, Reta Yockey, Bessie Belknap, Leta Bleel Cross, Mr. C. V. Snyder

Matagorda Independent School Dist. - W. H. Smith, Supt.; Misses Bertha Boyd, Bertha Funk, and Lula Belle Salley.

Markham Independent School District - F. E. Brown, Supt.; Miss Brown, Mrs. Ora Moxley, Miss Lucy Frazier


Warren Bridge - Caney P. O. - Nina James

Live Oak - Cedar Lane P. O. - Dora Brown

Mt. Pilgrim - Caney P. O. - P. Y. Henderson

Vann - Cedar Lane P. O. - C. A. Newton

Shiloh - Cedar Lane P. O. - Leyla Taylor

Van Vleck - V. L. Harris

Allenhurst - Van Vleck P. O. - Anita B. Harris

Ashwood - Harry E. Williams

Pledger - W. D. Newton, H. L. Newton

Ashwood - L. E. Kemp

Wilson Creek - Unsupplied

Bay City - A. G. Hilliard, Dorris Steen

Matagorda -  F. C. Edwards

Markham - Cornelia Worth

The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, January 16, 1914


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