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The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 7, 1915

The teachers of the city and county met here in the high school building Monday morning, with County Superintendent W. C. Gray as conductor.

About fifty teachers are present, and there may be some others come in today. Those attending are as follows:

Bay City

Sup't R. E. Scott

A. A. Aldridge

T. L. Smith

Miss Virginia O'Neal

Miss Olga Grote

Miss Grace Keese

Miss Lou Ella Baker

Miss Julia Krause,

Miss Elizabeth Gilbert

Miss Cecil Lawrence

Miss Mary Lou Carter

Miss Carrie Stewart
Vivian Daniels

Mamie Gusman

Tenie Holmes

Lillian Moffet

Lula Bruner

Daisy Cookenboo



Sup't ____ Bateman

Miss Bertha Funk

Miss Bertha Boyd

Miss Lula Belle Sally

Calie Gove



H. L. Brown

Mrs. H. L. Brown



J. R. Laslie

Miss Eric Griffites



L. D. Midgett, principal

Mrs. Ora Moxley

Miss Edna L. Woodruff

Miss Nona Bailey

Miss Johnnie Mae Myers


Miss Maude Marshall

Miss Leofa Green



A. L. Dyer

E. B. Griffin



C. L. Shaffer

Mrs. Hellar



W. F. Pack, principal

M. B. Paris

O. Graham

Miss Grace Wilson


Citrus Grove

Elda Jacobson


Van Vleck

M. C. Jaynes


Northern Irrigation

Miss Pearl Love


Buckners Prairie

Miss Lillian LeSage



Miss Corrine Millican



Miss Lizzie Mims



Miss Belle McGlothlin



Miss Jessie Merck


Turtle Bay

T. M. Peper



Miss Ola Rainey



Miss Dora Rogers

A. C. Rogers



Miss Valenia Sweeney



Miss E. Spencer

E. R. Hunt

Miss Myrtle Benedict


El Scott

Miss Lottie Ware


El Maton

Charles Yeamans


Buck's Bayou

Miss Ida Yeager



Miss Beulah Andrews


Ohio Colony

O. G. Craibell



Mrs. R. E. Clark



Miss Leilla Driskill

B. Hill


Cedar Lane

B. Harrison


County Teachers Institute

Now in Session At the Court House and High School Sept. 4-8 Inclusive

The school teachers are with us in force this week. We have two institutes in session—city, under direction of Superintendent R. E. Scott, at the high school building, and the county institute at the court house.

The News-Farmer regrets that absence in Matagorda on Monday and part of Tuesday prevented a fuller report this week. But suffice it that there were good programs and the teachers were interested and profited by the exercises of the week. We are pleased to see familiar faces and miss several friends among them. Prof. A. L. Dyer who has taught two years at Prairie Center and had been elected Superintendent at Markham, was compelled to resign to go back to Tennessee to administer on his father’s estate, his father having recently died. Prof. Dyer is succeeded at Markham by Prof. McNeal from Denton. C. L. Bateman of Matagorda, who rather mysteriously disappeared at the last moment, is succeeded by Prof. Brown of Port O’Connor. J. W. Kirkpatrick of Collegeport succeeds Mr. Laslie who goes to Austwell. Chas. Yeamans of Citrus Grove succeeds C. O. Shafer who was elected Superintendent at Brazoria last spring.

Mrs. C. E. Damon of San Antonio, who taught a year or so at Blessing a few years ago, has been engaged by the Ashby Trustees; and the Sexton trustees secure Mrs. Mary Abercrombie from East Texas.

Midfield and Blessing have made an even exchange of School Superintendents. It was an even swap—both parties at first wanted boot, and the compromise was on even. Prof. Midgett has been superintendent of the schools at Blessing for several years, long enough to leave his impress on the seat of learning of half of the boys; and Prof. Crowder has done well at Midfield. Both are capable school men and will earn their salaries if the patrons will just stand by them.

The News-Farmer has heretofore given the new city school faculty and movements of the former teachers, and can only regret its inability to give a fill report of the institute proceedings.


The Matagorda County News and Midcoast Farmer, September 5, 1916



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