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Tidehaven Independent School District
1950 Yearbook "The Tiger"

Fifth Grade

Special thanks to Liz & Tommy Farthing and Louis Kopnicky, Jr.
for assisting with names.

If you can provide any names, please email.



Henkes, Billie Jean

Fitzgerald, Betty Lou

Havel, Tereza

McKissick, Jessie Fay

Rollins, Dora Mae

Newman, Wanda

McDonald, Ann



Williams, Ronnie

Pierce, Mike

Green, Harold

Greathouse, Clyde

Kopnicky, Louis, Jr.

Saha, Joel

McKissick,  Walter Horn

McIntosh, Billy Lewis

Sliva, Joe Glen



Henyan, J. C.

Greathouse, Clarence

Neuman,  Bobby

Dannels, Mrs. Kathryn



Kee, Marshall Neal

Skow, Lenore

Gates, Jeanette

Skow, Marilyn
Paggi, Martha

Villarreal, Emealia

Smith, Ane Marie

Sparks, Dorothy


Pratka,  Victor

Bledsoe, Maurice

Skow, Russell Dalton

Zarate, Fidencio “Phil”

Ryan, Paul Edgar

Shindler, Kenneth

McKissick, Phillip Wayne

Heller, Wilburn



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