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The weather continues dry and hot and everything is needing rain.

D. Baxter has completed his barn that he has been working on for sometime.

We have seen several families pass through our vicinity this week on their return from the bay.

We are glad to hear that Miss Mollie Wheeler, who was quite ill at her home last week, is able to be up and about again.

Watermellons are about gone, but good old peaches are here to fill their place.

W. H. Spoore robbed a bee gum last week and got forty-two pounds of sealed honey and left enough for the bees to live on the rest of the year.


Bay City Breeze, August 15, 1895


Owing to heavy rain fall last week the ground is soaked with water and the farmers are all looking forward to a big crop for 1896.

T. J. Poole took his mother to El Campo one day, last week, where she took the train for her home in Kansas City.

Some thieves have been on the creek stealing hogs from B. W. Kuykendall and W. H. Gaines, Constable Beeks was put on their track at once and succeeded in capturing them and carried them to El Campo and put them away for safe keeping.

J. W. Keller and T. J. Poole, of Trespalacios, boarded the schooner Empress last Wednesday for Port Lavaca, they will return Friday with a load of freight.

Z. T. Partain, of Demings Bridge, left for Beeville last Monday on a visit and business trip combined.

T. J. Wilkinson, who came down from Commancha county last fall and made a crop on the T. J. Poole place this year took his family to El Campo last Tuesday where they took the train for their old home. Mr. Wilkerson returned to Trespalacios to straighten up business which will take him about a week and then he will join his family at their old home in Commancha. The writer does not like to part from him, but as he must go, we share our luck with him, although it may not be much.

Bay City Breeze, December 10, 1895

Trespalacios Topics

H. W. Law, of Galveston, who has been visiting his cousin, T. J. Poole, for the past two or three weeks, left for Houston Thursday.

Miss Annie Vaught, our school teacher, has been on the sick list the past week.

The weather is still wet and sloppy, and everybody is yelling for dry weather.

"Evergreen" don't think the farmer has any kick coming on there not being a season in the ground, for the entire country is one vast lake.

Born to J. B. LeCompte and wife, a fine baby girl.

Mrs. J. E. Pierce of Deming's bridge, left for the north last week where she will spend the winter.

Crit Wheeler has accepted a position with H. E. Moore, the merchant at the Bridge.

B. L. Bronogh left last Sunday for Edna, where he will spend a few days with home folks.

J. F. Keller returned from Houston last week, and says he saw more in three days than he thought the whole world had in it.

How is your health? Every boy on the west side has a bad cold.

Success to the Breeze.


Bay City Breeze, January 23, 1896

Trespalacios Topics

Again rain prevails and stops our etiquette farmers, but as the Lord said, everything is for the best, we expect the rain was sent to give the laborers rest.

Last Sunday about 9 o'clock a norther came up and things began to look pretty squally for teh young vegetables, but now Monday night has come and everything looks as though the dainty fruit is all O. K. for another week.

B. L. Williams, of Beeville, came down last Monday to spend a few days with his brothers, Tom and W. D. Williams, of Ashby.

Mrs. Jno. Moore, of Stockdale, came Sunday on a visit to her grand children, F. M. Moore and wife.

Dr. Ed. Lunn and wife, of LaGrange, came down last Wednesday on a visit to friends and relatives at Deming's Bridge and Trespalacios. We are all glad to see the Doctor for he is one of the old time boys of this vicinity.

F. Cornelius, of Deming's Bridge, spent first part of the week in El Campo on business.

Bay City Breeze, March 19, 1896


Our farmers are flying this week, for them and they anticipate a very large harvest this fall. Evergreen hopes their anticipations will not be in vain.

Well Mr. Editor, Evergreen was not on hand last week owing to the quietness of this community there was not anything to be on hand for and we are sorry to say that this week has not bettered our condition much.

The Schooner Empress returned from Corpus Christi forepart of week with Capt. Keller, C. W. Miller, J. P. Keller, J. W. Keller, and M. T. LeCompte on board, she also had on a load of freight for T. J. Poole, our king merchant of Trespalacios.

We are sorry to note that Miss Ida Harris, of Carancahua, is on the sick list this week.

T. J. Poole is in receipt of four turnips that weighs 34 lbs. These turnips were raised on the farm of A. J. Dorsey of Cahes creek.

Bay City Breeze, March 19, 1896


     The last cold snap kinder swiveled Evergreen's leaves, but the present warm weather is bringing him out again all O. K.

     Trespalacios school opened last Tuesday under the skillful management of Miss Olivia Hensley, of San Antonio. Miss Hensley is a thorough teacher and is up to date in her profession. What more could we ask. Good schools and good roads is the true source leading to happiness and prosperity.

J. P. Pierce, of Johnson's timber, made a flying business trip to El Campo later part of last week.

D. Baxter paid his old Matagorda county friends a brief visit last week.

M. C. Park of this place received the welcome intelligence that his mother who has been quite low with pneumonia at her home at Stockdale, is recovering.

J. E. Lothrige, the alcalda of the Shropshire & Stafford ranch, accompanied by Walter Ables, of Columbus, came in to our vicinity fore part of last week and will spend a few days with us.

Road supervisors called out the road hands this week and did some much needed work. Good.

The writer fully endorses the proposition for a road tax law that was offered in the last issue of the BREEZE.

Romeo promises us an entertainment soon. Let it come.


Bay City Breeze, February 11, 1897

Trespalacios Topics.

W. E. Bell of Coulterville was in our city last week circulating among his many friends.

T. J. Poole and family returned Sunday from a two weeks visit to relatives in LaGrange. They also attended the flower and vegetable show at Houston.

M. C. Park, formerly of Ashby, came in Saturday from Stockdale. Mr. Park and Willie Keller will in the near future strike batch on the R. F. Ward place on Cash's Creek.

Mrs. Annie Good, of Cash's Creek, is visiting at Mrs. David Baxter this week.

The late freeze put the finishing touch on the top crop of cotton.

A. W. LeCompte of Bay Side was in the city Tuesday wearing his usual smile.

Prospectors continue to roll in and a goodly number of them are locating.

Once upon a time there was a little bridge, one part iron and other part plank, constructed across the Tres Palacios. When writer makes mention of teh necessary of same being painted they tell him paint it his self. This we are not able to do, but Honorable Commissioners we submit it to you. You will either have to paint it to keep the rust from eating it down or build it a new.


Bay City Breeze, December 18, 1897

Trespalacios Topics.

After a long absence I am constrained to try and write again and give the Breeze readers the news from Trespalacios, although I don't suppose they really care, but I don't propose to let our little city get too far in the rear.

Mr. T. J. Houland has disposed of his place on Cash's Creek and will leave Monday for Ft. Bend in which county he will make his future home. Mr. Houland came into our little community about a year ago and since that time has made many friends here who regret to see him leave.

The continual rains practically put a stop to hay making for the present.

In this part of the county the cotton worm is laying waste the cotton crop. There is no poison to be had, therefore, the pest is having its own way with nothing to bother it.

Monday night, last, an ice cream supper was given at the residence of Mr. T. J. Poole's. A large number of guests were present and all expressed themselves as having had a good time. We know that those parties who wrecked the benches enjoyed the party very much but we would just like to inform them that it will be a cold day in August when they enjoy another one on a special invitation.

Miss Mary Grant of Galveston is the guest of the family of Mr. Joe Pybus. Miss Grant has been quite ill for several weeks and has come into our community for the benefit of her health. We hope she may speedily recover.

Tom Poole is slightly on the sick list this week.

T. J. Poole's gin has been undergoing repairs this week. Mr. Poole said that he would be ready to start ginning in about a week or ten days if nothing prevented; that he had ordered such new repairs as were needed and as soon as it arrives everything will be in readiness.

M. V. Ellis of Caldwell county came in last week on a visit to his son-in-law, Mr. W. L. Walters. Mr. Ellis will spend a few days in our fair county.


Bay City Breeze, August 20, 1898

Trespalacios Topics

Well Mr. Editor I went over to the post office the other day and heard the people wondering what had become of Evergreen, one supposed the late drouth had killed him, others thought he had been lynched, others said he had stopped writing for the Breeze to keep out of a scrap with "Panza." You need never fear for Evergreen, like most other men he is very much afraid of a red headed woman.

Natt Holman, of La Grange, who has been spending the past four months in this city, left for his home last Thursday. During Natt's stay in this community he gained many friends, though a comparative stranger we regret to see him leave but our best wished go with him.

H. Yeamans was numbered among the sick last week.

Mrs. G. A. Duffy, of Deming's Bridge, accompanied by her father, F. Cornelius, was a pleasant guest in our city last week.

Evergreen prefers to keep on good terms with everybody and with the girls especially, but if Pansa don't stop taking the advantage of his absence and entruding upon his good nature there is going to be one of the goldarnest scraps you ever read of.

The Trespalacios gin has ginned up to date, 105 bales.

Mrs. E. W. Baxter, of Matagorda, who has been spending the summer with her son, David Baxter, left for her home Sunday.

Trespalacios is to have another nice residence in a few days which is to be erected by E. E. Dawdy just east of the iron bridge across Trespalacios. Mr. Dawdy will make us a neighbor that can well be appreciated by all who knew him.

Bay City Breeze, October 29, 1898

Trespalacios Items
By School Girl

Farmers are planting corn.

Joe and Ernest Nicholson went to Hawley Monday.

G. B. Culver, tax assessor, was in our neighborhood Wednesday.

J. S. Phillips and son John went to Cash's Creek Wednesday.

W. D. Williams and family visited at Hawley Sunday and Monday.

Several loads of cotton passed through enroute to Hawley this week.

D. Dunbar, of Ashby, was in our neighborhood Tuesday on business.

J. R. Garnett was in town Wednesday, shaking hands with acquaintances.

The dance at E. E. Dawdy's Friday night was poorly attended, owing ot the cold weather.

Mrs. J. R. Rowls and daughter Miss Sallie of Hawley, passed through here enroute to the Colorado Wednesday.

Matagorda County Tribune, February 24, 1900

Trespalacios Items
By School Girl

Hay makers are busy.

W. D. Williams hauled cotton to the gin Saturday.

Chas. Gyles of Ashby was here on business Sunday evening.

Jimmie Willard of Fayette county is visiting relatives here this week.

David Baxter went to Cash's creek Monday to cut hay for B. A Yeamans.

J. B. Lecompte and wife of Cash's Creek were patronizing the new store Saturday.

David Baxter and family visited relatives on the Carancahua one day last week.

E. E. Dawdy and family returned home Monday night after a weeks' stay in Houston.

Bud Williams of Giddings is visiting his brothers, T. J. and W. D. Williams, this week.

Ben Wheeler left for his home in Matagorda Wednesday, after being water bound on this side.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 19, 1900

Tres Palacios Items - June - December, 1903

Tres Palacios Items.
By Quien Sabe.

T. J. Poole, Jr., put up several tons of hay last week.

Willie and Esther Evans will attend the public school at Ashby this winter.

E. E. Dawdy and family and Miss Maud Melbourne went pecaning on the Colorado last week.

Miss Jessie Lea Logan returned to her home at Carancahua Sunday, after visiting relatives here for the past three weeks.

John and Ben Wheeler came over from Matagorda Saturday, bringing the Dunbar cattle from there to winter at Palacios on the wire grass.

D. A. Wheeler returned Sunday from Rock Island and other points where he had been assisting W. E. McSparran and sons to round up the T. D. Fisher stock.

Rain began falling here Monday (last night) and this morning the creek is on a six-foot rise and still rising. The earth is covered with water and it still continues to rain.

Tres Palacios public school closed Friday, after a session of two and a half months. Miss Edna Posey, the teacher, left Saturday to take charge of the school at Markham.

Matagorda County Tribune, October 28, 1904


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