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Looking NNW

Early picture of Oyster Lake Road Business at Turnerville c 1910 - 1925

1 Matagorda Bay Warehouse & Commission Company founded by F. D. Yott & C. G.Mapes with
2 railroad boxcar on the siding.
3 Store and hardware business operated by Vern Batchelder in later years.
4 Possibly A. G. Hunt blacksmith shop.
5 Collegeport Pharmacy owned by Hugo and Hattie Haisley Kundinger, moved to this location from Central Street c 1922.

Matagorda Bay Warehouse and Commission Company
F. D. Yott & C. G. Mapes, Proprietors



In 1922 Turner Rice & Irrigation Company brought in rice farmers to farm the DeMoss area land and built a business center south of Collegeport on the road now known as Oyster Lake Road, north of the railroad spur. They had  a large grocery and dry good store, a rice warehouse, A. G. Hunt's blacksmith shop, and homes for the African-American workmen. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Kundinger moved their drug store from Central Street to Turnerville, which was built on the west side of the road across from the Collegeport shipping pens. From these pens 2,200 cattle were shipped by rail each year. Soon all that was left in that area were the drug store, the lunch stand, and the Bill Fitzgerald Home for Elderly Citizens, which was destroyed by Hurrican Carla. "Miss Hattie" salvaged lumber to build a small home on the drug store site.

Historic Matagorda County, Volume I, pp 330-331

Looking South

Shipping 2200 Cattle From Collegeport, Texas - April 1926

Cowboys on the Roundup
Courtesy of the Holsworth Family Archives


Looking North

Shipping 2200 Cattle From Collegeport, Texas - April 1926

1. Railroad cars

2. Vern Batchelder store

3. Dipping Vat

4. Cattle pens

5. Barns

6. Kundinger Pharmacy

7. Collegeport School in the far distance


Photo courtesy of
Ethel Williams

Looking West


Looking West


1.  House

2. Pilkington Slough Ranch House

3. Pilkington Slough Ranch Barn

4. Warehouse

5. Vern Batchelder Store


Jack Holsworth


Photo courtesy
of Ethel Williams

Looking NNE

Aerial View of Oyster Lake Road  - 1950s
1-Collegeport Pharmacy          2-Grocery and Dry Goods Store          Remains of Cattle Shipping Pens at right
Photo courtesy of Slaughter Family

Looking North

Photo courtesy of GoogleEarth


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