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Petition of Horace Yeamans for Pension

Reproduced from the holdings of the Texas State Archives
Printed in the Matagorda County Genealogical Society publication,
Oak Leaves, Vol. 8, No. 2, February 1989

To the Comptroller of the State of Texas:

The petition of Horace Yeamans for pension, under the Act of the year 1870 granting pensions to the Soldiers of the War of Independence against Mexico in the years 1835 & 1836.

I, Horace Yeamans, joined the Texas Army on the 6th day of October, 1835, as a private in Captain Bird's Company of Texas Volunteers, and served in said Company at San Antonio, and was present at the taking of the Alamo, after that I was honorably discharged from further service by Lt. T. Borden (Captain Bird, not being at the period of my discharge with his company).

In the month of April 1836, I again joined the Texas Army and entered the service of the Texas Army under Captain Bell, and the company were proceeding to join the Army under General Sam Houston, when a steamer which the company were aboard ran aground in Galveston Bay, and we were delayed from joining the army before the battle of San Jacinto.

When we received the news of the battle of San Jacinto, we were soon afterwards honorably discharged, to await our further services, which was never called for.

I have received Land Certificates from the State of Texas for these periods of service amounting to two certificates of three hundred and twenty acres each.

I am now a resident of Cash's Creek in the county of Matagorda. My age is now 59 years. I was born in July 1811 (15th day) in the state of New York, and have been a resident of the state of Texas since 1829.

Sworn to and subscribed to by me on this the 17th day of Nov. 1870.

I William Perserick [Prissick], a citizen of Matagorda County, State of Texas, do hereby certify that I have known Horace Yeamans since the year 1838 and am satisfied that his affadavit is just and true.

William Prissick
15 November 1870
Matagorda Co. State of Texas

I, Humphrey N. Gove, a resident Citizen of the state of Texas and County of Matagorda, for the last forty years, do hereby certify that I am fully satisfied that the affadavit of Horace Yeamans is just and true and that I have known him for the whole of said forty years.

Humphrey N. Gove

15 Nov 1870
Matagorda Co. State of Texas


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